A coyote at night I dreamed i was outside closing a barn or shed door, and there was not far away a black wolf or coyote. I tried yelling to scare it, but it didn't run. I called my husband, and he yelled at it, and it started growling. I told him to run get the gun. He did, and aimed it but didn't shoot it. Then I saw my little terrier dog running toward the wolf. I saw 2 other wolves or coyotes, sort of just a blur of them. The wolf or coyote was on other side of the electric fence on our property. The shed you were closing in this dream means you need to get rid of something negative or a threat lurking in the background. If it was a wolf in the vision, then the threat is a reckless friend or family member who would knowingly spill either personal secrets or private matters which could put you in hot water. If it was a coyote, then it means there is a duplicitous person in your social circle. In front of you, they would seem meek and trustworthy, but behind your back they would attack you by spreading malicious rumors and telling lies. The good news is that your instincts have allowed you to steer clear of these people, so make sure you keep your guards up to avoid divulging compromising information to suspicious people.
Family members and sheep I dreamt I woke up and went downstairs, my boyfriend and father in law were sitting at a desk in the living room, having a meeting with an old lady dressed in white and a pure white ram. I wasn't there in person but could see everything. They then walked outside and we were joined by a man dressed as a white sheep. Everyone was happy. Starting from the beginning, moving downstairs is a symbol often associated with distancing yourself from others or from your goals in life. You may subconsciously be taking a step back from those whom you used to be close to in reality or have recently been struggling to find the passion for the hobbies and projects you love most. This is intrinsically tied to the particular individuals your boyfriend and father-in-law were conversing with. In this vision, the two individuals in white seem to be represented by the animals they were seen with, in this case, the ram and the sheep. The woman with the white ram could point to financial struggles that have put a damper on your current situation. It may even be the cause of your desire to push others away or abandon your passions. However, she also suggests your burden would be lifted by a sudden reward or incentive, perhaps by someone close to you like your family. The man dressed as a sheep may be the manifestation of your reluctance to go the extra mile to earn this reward, and so may be a caution that you would need to push yourself hard to get back where you need to be.
Shooting a grizzly bear inside the house I shot a big grizzly bear in my house to protect my family. Killing a grizzly bear signifies the end of harmful or destructive habits and behavior. This grizzly bear in your vision is actually a representation of your negative attitudes and patterns that are causing conflict in your household. Fortunately, shooting the bear means you are determined to put a stop to your wayward ways to protect your family as well as to maintain peace and harmony. You have attained self-awareness which would push you to become better for the sake of the people who love and care about you.
A heifer in labor There was a heifer in labor and was having a real hard time. I was trying to help her by talking to her and petting her. She ended up having three calves in which the last one was breech. But before the last one was born, still inside the heifer it started kicking and was causing the heifer to flop off the ground and she was in pain. I recall feeling obligated and irritated in the beginning of the dream but then turned into anxiety and worry, and at the end fear. The heifer in labor represents your journey into adulthood. You will be forced to take on a lot of difficult and challenging responsibilities despite your inexperience. Those three calves will be your accomplishments, proving to everyone that you can handle tough tasks despite your lack of expertise and guidance. Unfortunately, you will not succeed in all your ventures. The last one may fail because the previous successes will make you feel complacent and even a little arrogant. Instead of your usual way of relying on your skills and resourcefulness, you will make the mistake of growing a sense of entitlement rather than retaining your grit.
A baby wolf Catching of baby wolf in the house with my hand and when I try to take him outside my village (the baby wolf is in my hand), the baby wolf tries to bite my hand. Catching a wolf in the dream world is often an indication of upcoming conflict and disagreements with someone you know in reality. The fact that this was a baby wolf could mean you would be dealing with someone younger than you or someone you consider less than you. The baby wolf's attempt to bite you as you held it suggests you might be at risk of losing something important to you, although not being bitten during the course of the vision can be interpreted as a sign that you would not suffer greatly overall.
Frogs on the wall and a mouse I'm female. I had a dream of two frogs on my wall in my house. I had a bucket of water. I was trying to catch them and put them into the bucket of water. But they were moving up the wall. And then out of nowhere a little mouse pop out and put me off the frogs and my dream ended there. The frogs in your house suggest you are searching for ways to make your life happier. Perhaps you are trying to improve certain aspects of your financial situation or living conditions, or maybe you are focusing on personal qualities, such as practicing gratitude or trying to be more patient. In either case, the bucket of water you were attempting to use to catch these frogs alludes to the idea that you already have what you need in life. You are blessed with the essentials, the basic necessities of life, family to love and support you and a purpose to get up each day. The mouse that pops out of nowhere to distract you in the vision, then, is a warning to not forget what you have in the search of what others, like false friends and the media, say you need. Do not be tempted to waste time on things that do not matter when you already have everything at your fingertips.
Being with a family of hedgehogs I dreamt that I rescued 3 hedgehogs during the daytime (Mom, Dad and Baby). I was taking them to the rescue as I knew they were unwell being out in the daytime. But as it got to the night time, even though it never got dark I knew it was night and the hedgehogs were fine and were sitting at a dining table and they could talk and we were chatting and I was bringing them lots of fresh foods. They ordered pears to eat which I also brought for them. It was all very happy and cheery. Hedgehogs convey negative connotations as dream symbols. They are mostly associated with defensiveness and insecurity. Unfortunately, dining with the hedgehogs means you are quite proud of your sensitive nature. Instead of building up your confidence and taking criticisms well, you prefer to lash out and blame others for your shortcomings. Even when critiques come from people who genuinely care about you, you are easily offended. You tell yourself you are perfect and that people should accept you as you are, but there is also value in self-awareness and self-improvement. Learn where your strengths and weaknesses lie, so you can have a complete and objective view of who you are as a person.
A cat with paper inside I threw a knife at a cat and it cut its tail and blood splattered on my blouse, it torn my boys' clothing crying for help. We took it to the vet, the cut part of the tail had a paper which had herbs, we burnt the paper and the herbs. Injuring a cat in dreams refers to a threat to your independence as well as creative blocks. Since you were the one who cut off the cat's tail, it means you will be a hindrance to your own quest for autonomy. Your inconsistency and lack of accountability make it hard for others to entrust you with responsibility and independence. Furthermore, burning the paper with the herbs is an indication of impatience and subsequent frustration. This lack of patience is another crutch keeping you from being completely self-sufficient. Instead of following through, despite the challenges, you tend to quit when things get too tough and tedious. You need to learn how to persevere, so you can acquire the necessary life skills to succeed in the world.
Dead rodents falling from the ceiling I was in a large public building like a mall and millions of dead mice or rats fell down from the ceiling. It appeared as if water may have been the reason the ceiling collapsed (millions of rodents didn't help either, LOL!). This vision seems to be a warning about the dangers of consumerism and materialistic tendencies in reality. This is because malls are symbols commonly associated with consumption and greed, particularly for material possessions. The multitudes of rodents that fall from the collapsed ceiling represent your failings to this vice and their negative effect on your social life. This does not necessarily mean you shop a lot. It does suggest, however, that you let money and possessions make decisions that you would not have chosen otherwise. For example, perhaps you treated someone poorly because they were not dressed well, or maybe you elected not to spend time with friends or family because you would rather hang out with a television or a video game. Perhaps you need to rethink some of your actions and make decisions that would be more fulfilling in the long run.
Pigs which drowned Mother pig and piglets that drowned. A pig or piglets drowning in a dream vision suggests an overwhelming sense of shame. Some of your more unsavory traits threaten to send you spiraling down your own darkness. This is an ominous sign for you, especially since the pigs drowned in your dream. You are not strong enough to resist temptations and destructive vices from ruining you life. This is an appeal to what is left of your rational mind. You need to seek out a more balanced lifestyle before your bad decisions become irreversible to the point of self-destruction.
Saving animals from a fire Female, horses and pigs were engulfed in a fire. I only managed to save a few piglets. I heard a man in the background saying it's meant to be and another ask about if the bees were safe. Fire can convey a message about transformation and renewal. Combined with horses and pigs, this reveals your resolve to leave bad habits behind. Your hedonism and sexual proclivities are likely distracting you from realizing your full potential. You want to turn over a new leaf by ending your irresponsible ways in favor of a more disciplined lifestyle. The bees, meanwhile, suggest professionalism and drive. Once you focus on improving yourself, better work opportunities will present themselves. You would be busy attending to matters which would further your career.
A panther behind the door I opened my door to find a black panther looking at me through the storm door. It was calm and was waiting for me to invite her in the house, like it wanted to tell me something. An open door in the dream world is commonly interpreted as a symbol of mutual love between yourself and someone else in reality. Panthers, on the other hand, are signs of danger or risk. In this context, the panther waiting to enter through your door may represent the risks and doubts associated with a new romantic endeavor or the rekindling of a currently dwindling flame. In either case, the decision to move forward would be completely in your hands.
Being chased by an anaconda Group of us walking spot anaconda, being chased by it. Later it comes home but some of our help catches it and takes it far away and throws it out. Being chased by an anaconda means there is a menacing figure following you around in reality. It could be a stalker wishing to harm you because of an unhealthy obsession. Although this dream symbol could also refer to an intimidating person who is unwittingly affecting your self-confidence in negative ways. You tend to mess up when this person is around because you want their approval so badly. You need to get over your fears and insecurities so you can really show off your talent.
Husband carrying a goat My hubby was carrying a goat on his neck, but suddenly the goat wanted to fight other goats, my hubby tried stopping the goat but to no avail. Envisioning your husband carrying a goat could represent his holding of grudges and being hostile towards others around you and your family. Perhaps you are worried about him lashing out at another family member or someone he works with in reality. This is reinforced by the image of the goat suddenly attacking others despite his attempts to control it. You might worry that someone or something would provoke your husband into a rage. Furthermore, the symbol of a goat attacking others may refer to tasks he is currently working on. He may be putting his livelihood at risk if he cannot control his moods.
Protecting a white pig I am male. I had a dream that I was protecting a little white pig. Everyone in the world was trying to kill it and I was trying to save it. I even killed people who tried to hurt my pig. White pigs are normally considered harbingers of death and tragedy. Seeing one in a dream vision often means someone close to you would either pass away or go through something like a near death experience. Defending the pig to the point of killing someone does not mean you are supporting this death, rather, it points toward the aggression that this situation would spark in you. In essence, you would feel so angry, hurt or scared that you would lash out at others in an attempt to hide the pain you feel. Perhaps your subconscious is warning you to consider how your reactions affect others or warn you how reacting badly could make things worse in such a difficult, trying time.
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