Dogs eating someone and a restaurant I saw dogs eating someone and there was blood behind a wall. Then I saw an underground restaurant. Seeing dogs viciously attacking or even eating someone means you may have domineering or controlling family members or relatives. Parents or authority figures may be too strict to the point of scaring off friends and other acquaintances. As such, the underground restaurant reveals your desire to get away from their authoritarian ways and find support and solace in a safe environment.
Black animals attacking first but then being harmless I dreamed about black-furred foxes or wolves which were calm at first and then started attacking me. Later I killed them by throwing soil or some powder with my hands by chanting God's name very loudly. Later they were found alive and talking with me without any harmful actions. Being attacked by black wolves or foxes signifies suffering which may be your own doing. In this sense, their docile behavior in the beginning may represent your blindness to your own actions that are actually hurting you in the long run. The dirt you throw on the attacking creatures suggests the cause of your downfall is likely related to a lack of care in some areas of your life or involvement in illegal or immoral activities. You may need to ask for someone's forgiveness, as seen in the image of chanting to higher powers. The animals' return to harmless behavior at the end of the vision reveals your potential to clear up this crisis or overcome the difficulties it causes, although it may take some time, energy and effort on your part to do so.
A herd of grey cattle I saw a herd of grey cattle in my dream but forgot the rest of it. Dreaming about observing a herd of cattle, especially if the animals were perceived grazing peacefully, is symbolic of your prosperous and satisfying existence compared to other people, such as your relatives, neighbors or people you know closely. The notion of the grey color and forgetting the rest of this dream could also reveal that your income or personal wealth comes from a range of different sources and during opportune times.
Being attacked by a tiger and a lion The dream has me and my close ones about to get attacked by a tiger and a lion (sometimes both and sometimes either one) and I somehow predict that we are about to get attacked. Each time I succeed and prevent the attack, but sometimes my close ones get hurt. I have had these dreams for almost a month now, though the content can be different but the gist is same. I would like to know it's meaning. Current situation: recently graduated. Leading a hectic life with a little pressure, but a happy life overall. Dreaming about being attacked by a tiger and a lion reveals several things in your life. This could mean that you would be met with unfavorable circumstances. There are events that seem to go against you therefore causing you so much stress and pressure. Since you are a fresh graduate, you may be pressured to fulfill your dreams in life. Your dream may seem daunting especially if you are afraid to fully immerse yourself because of a lack of skills and experiences. What is positive here is your ability to dodge the attacks in your vision which tells you that you should not give up and underestimate your capacity to achieve your dreams. This is an indication that you would triumph over your deficiencies and shortcomings in life if you keep on persevering.
A polar bear and zebra A very large polar bear and zebra rose from the water, then walked in my backyard side by side. I hid in the shed, peeked through the door, the bear stopped and sniffed. He knew I was there but kept on. I felt scared. I am a female. While polar bears tend to represent marriage and strong romantic ties, zebras can be associated with friendships and your ability to cooperate effectively with others. Hiding from these animals in your dream vision suggests you are having trouble with your interpersonal relations. For example, you may be having communication issues with your friends or spouse, or you may be finding it difficult to meet the partner of your dreams. In either case, this vision could be considered a warning that if you do not face these challenges head on, you are likely to end up alone and scared. It would be wise to tackle this issue in small steps, ideally with the help of someone you can trust.
Bathing a piglet I dreamed I was bathing a piglet. Then I said where is her mother. Piglets in dreams are often interpreted as a symbol of potential wealth or prosperity. As such, bathing this small pig could predict making modest profits from an income source which you have been working on for some time. Additionally, it may reveal that small but consistent effort could lead to greater results later on. However, wondering about the mother pig could indicate wanting to wait for the easy road to prosperity, for example, winning the lottery or receiving an inheritance. Because the mother pig did not make an appearance in this vision, this symbol warns that hoping for blessings without hard work could lead to ruin or waste.
A cat and a rabbit I looked to the window sill and there was a brown rabbit holding a black and white fluffy cat by the neck in its mouth. I took the rabbit by the ears and put it in a bag to restrain it because it bit me. The rabbit then fell apart into pieces. I tried to fix it but the pieces disappeared after taking my eye off them. I then looked to the cat, who was lying on the floor. I nudged it and the cat woke up. I then picked up the cat in my arms and kissed it on the right ear, then the cat licked me on my face. Seeing a rabbit in dreams is often a symbol of good luck and fertility. Meanwhile, the white cat symbolizes bad luck and misfortune. In effect, the symbols seem to cancel each other out. The first part of your dream vision is positive enough. The rabbit has the upper hand which means you would be able to overcome whatever problems you may have at the moment. However, your luck would turn once more as illustrated by the rabbit falling into pieces. Doubt, confusion and misunderstanding would once again rule your life. Perhaps your dream vision is ultimately a reminder of how quickly things can go your way or turn against you with a single defining moment. In a sense, kissing the cat can symbolize acceptance of things that are out of your control.
A dead monkey on the side of the road I dreamed I was driving on a gravel road that I grew up on and I passed a blue-faced monkey dead on the road. I am female. The rough, rocky gravel road of your dream vision represents the bumpy start associated with new adventures or projects. The idea that this was once a road you traveled often in your childhood could mean this is related to your family or personal life. For example, you may be considering getting married, starting a family or making a big purchase. This is further supported by the image of the dead monkey. Monkeys tend to represent immaturity and poor decision-making abilities. As such, it seems you were witnessing the figurative death of old aspects of your personality that could be considered less than mature.
A turtle with a cracked shell I dreamed i was in the garden and there was a very small turtle on my plant. I picked it up and went in the house, the underside of the shell was cracked. I fed it some lettuce. I was thinking of putting it in an aquarium, I showed it to my husband and daughter. A turtle in dreams usually represents a long life, loyalty and steadfastness. So finding a small turtle in your garden likely symbolizes a trusted friend or companion who has remained loyal and trustworthy over the years. Perhaps you have not appreciated their support enough during all those times because you have become so used to the fact that you can always count on them when you need help. However, a turning point in your relationship may be happening soon. Specifically, the crack on the turtle's shell suggests upcoming conflict. This confidante may feel neglected and unimportant that they may start being dismissive and distant towards you. Maybe your subconscious is reminding you not to take anyone for granted and to nurture those who have always stayed by your side through thick and thin.
Lions surrounding near old job I was outside near my old job and I saw five lions from different directions, they were surrounding me. As king of the jungle, lions tend to be associated with strength, dignity and domination. This is why in dream visions, they tend to represent powerful leaders or the dreamer's pride, depending on the context of the vision. In the case of your dream, being outside your old job may reveal unresolved issues from your previous work. You may still be pondering whether it was wise to leave your old job. You could even be entertaining thoughts of going back to it. Although, it is also likely that an incident in the waking world has triggered memories of your old job and this has been projected into your subconscious. If so, perhaps you feel like your old company is facing tremendous competition from titans in the same industry, as illustrated by the five lions surrounding the area. A part of you that has grown attached to the people and management of the company may be thinking about helping out, maybe by becoming a consultant, in order to help maintain their competitive edge. Alternatively, if you no longer have any fondness for your old job, then perhaps this dream vision validates your decision to leave. There could be a sense of relief that you managed to jump ship before they start to sink.
Two wolves and one turning into a man I had a dream last night that I was walking to my car, I remember I had to take my daughter somewhere and I auto-started my car when I spotted two wolves in the grass, one was white and the other gray. At first I thought they were dogs but when I went to grab something to throw at them they showed their teeth, they weren't trying to attack, more like they were trying to intimidate me. I saw my best friend talking to the gray wolf that became a man image rubbing on his beard trying to seduce her. Seeing a wolf in dream visions can often be a sign of loneliness or predatory behavior on someone's part. In the context of your own dream, the appearance of those two wolves could be a metaphor of two opposing forces in your life. You may be experiencing a personal crisis and both factors are weighing heavily on you. Specifically, the grey wolf points to a romantic prospect or someone who would open you up to the possibility of meeting new people. Meanwhile, a white wolf reveals your reservations about doing something that would make you happy yet could force you to go against your principles and personal beliefs. In order to be satisfied and happy, you may have to break your own rules and be more open to new perspectives. No matter which way you choose to go, you would have to be accountable for your actions. Perhaps you need the guidance and insights of your friends to help you navigate this dilemma. Alternatively, this could just be a test of your resolve and your faith. Your subconscious could be telling you to hold your ground and focus on your priorities in order to avoid possible temptations.
A dog nipping on the ear I was in a house, it felt comfy like friends or family. A big white dog came up to me in need of first aid, as I tended him he tried to nip my ear, I then awoke to find out what it means here? Since dogs are loyal companions and touted as "man's best friend" in reality, as dream symbols they often represent family members or loved ones in general. Specifically, the big, white dog could symbolize your significant other or a close friend whom you trust wholeheartedly. White is also the color of purity, so perhaps your relationship in the waking world is similarly untarnished and beyond reproach. As such, the injured dog which tried to nip your ear may be your subconscious telling you that a loved one is in trouble. Ears are associated with listening and communication, so a misunderstanding could occur between the two of you because you are either not paying attention to the other person's needs or it could also be an act of betrayal that would have serious repercussions on your relationship.
A puppy turning into a kitten I'm a female. In my dream my husband gave me a black puppy and later in the dream it turned into a kitten. The kitten was still basically black with very faint tiger striping. The image of a black dog is a fairly ominous sign to perceive in a dream vision, as it is associated with being disappointed in or hurt by someone you love. Furthermore, envisioning that dog turning into a cat suggests that whoever hurt you could become a combatant in an even bigger issue. The idea that these were both a puppy and a kitten, however, could mean one of two things. Either the problems created by this situation would be very minor, or you would not be really surprised by this sudden revelation, perhaps because you have suspected this individual to be harboring negative feelings against you for some time.
Falling into a sinkhole with a cow A friend dreamt that while we were in a car a black and white cow passed us and fell in a sinkhole. Somehow I ended up in the sinkhole too, though I was panicked, my friend was able to get me out safely. Running into a cow means achieving unexpected success in reality. You may land your dream job or have a very profitable business venture. Unfortunately, the sinkhole means it may not be a very stable source of income, so if you do not manage your money wisely, you may end up in debt. Your spendthrift ways may quickly deplete your resources just as quickly as they are coming in. Alternatively, cows can also represent a maternal figure. In that context, perhaps your mom or a female loved one could experience depression or become prone to emotional outbursts which would also affect your mental state. The support of your friends may be the thing that would keep you from having an emotional breakdown.
In a dirty pond with alligators I was in a pond on some sort of a motorized surfboard with water all over me. The pond was dirty and I knew it and I was trying to get to land. I could sense alligators were around me though I could never see one. I knew the alligators were close and I knew the water was getting all in me and could make me sick. At the last minute I felt a gator near me and I dodged in the water. I could see land near and could almost make it. A dirty pond represents an unstable mind or turbulent emotions. Meanwhile, the alligators in the pond symbolize enemies or insincere friends who may betray you to advance their selfish interests. In trying to dodge their attacks or thwart their malicious plans, you could end up stressed and woefully disappointed in your own judgment. So falling into the pond at the end of your dream vision could mean that you could be facing an emotionally-charged period in your life. You may wallow in self-doubt or become a suspicious and a distrustful version of yourself which may not necessarily be the right option for you. As such, trying to reach land refers to your determination not to lose yourself after being betrayed.
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