A black horse in the garden turning into a woman I stood at my back door and saw a big black horse in my back garden. I unlocked and opened the door to pet it. When I closed the door after several attempts, the horse opened the door. It didn't mean any harm but I remember feeling interrogated. It then walked through the door but transformed into an oldish woman with dark wavy hair. The black horse in the garden is representative of a mysterious force in your life. It attempting to enter your house and successfully doing so is in a sense you allowing something you are unfamiliar with to enter your life, though there's some fear of it, you know it's just that you are accepting change. Traditionally, horses are not allowed in your home. The transformation into a dark haired older woman is a direct relation to family. It would seem that you are going through some unexpected changes in your family life, but do not be afraid. It's important to embrace the mystery and accept the simple fact that change is an extremely important and vital experience.
Cats in an old photograph I had a dream of my two cats who have passed away in a black and white photo. There names are bast and angel. Bast was sitting, angel was standing with her tail up and hooked at the top. Both were looking to the left. The background was blurred kinda flowers. The feeling I had after was there together and happy. The black and white photo is a symbol of what once was. Your cats, clearly happy and looking after you brings you joy even after their passing. The field of flowers in the picture is your peace. Though they may be gone, they haven't left you.
Bitten by an unknown creature I got bitten hard on my right hand's index finger by some flying creature. Most likely a small bird. The index finger is supposed to represent your intelligence and wisdom. Being attacked by a flying unknown creature indicates that you may be prone to a physically harmful attack, quite possibly something that you're causing to yourself knowingly. The attack on that specific part means it's avoidable but you need to be smart and look to your past experiences for your answers.
Many dogs in one room I had this dream that there are many types of dogs in one room. Dreaming of seeing many dogs means you will live a life with beneficial outcomes. It also means you will be able to enjoy the direction your life is taking because it will be filled with ease and little or no hardships.Playing with a bunch of dogs in your dreams means you are thrifty, and your frugal nature causes you to sometimes act selfish towards other people.
White oxens running in a corridor A lot of running white oxen in a long corridor. This dream about white oxen in a small corridor is a subconscious reflection of your relationship with your friends. Recently you have been exposed to some event or circumstance where you had to prove your loyalty to them or lend them a helping hand. You tend to receive a great deal of respect and admiration from your friends because of your availability and readiness to support them whenever they need your help.
A white flying horse killing hanging bats A white flying horse killing bats that is hanging upside down from a tree. This dream can be interpreted as solving problems or issues related to people you are trying to impress or get attention of (could be work-related or personal matters) and who are likely rejecting your attempts to establish a dialogue (symbols of bats hanging upside down on a tree). The flying horse represents the way you may succeed in these trials, this communication or dialogue will take place in writing (paper or electronic). When you mention a tree in this dream, it is usually an indication of your shyness or lack of confidence (to some extent) when getting your messages across.
Handling turtles I have had a dream that I had 3 turtles in my hand and I gave 2 turtles to someone and kept 1 and I put him into an aquarium. Dreaming about turtles can be an indication of your worries and concerns related to someone who is very close to you, such as your spouse or someone you are currently dating. The vision of giving a turtle to someone signifies your possible doubts regarding this person's loyalty and devotion. Putting a turtle into an aquarium could be a sign of your desire to keep this person close to you, but be careful not to express too much jealousy or place unnecessary blame.
Snails and cats I am seeing snails in my dreams off n on since march 2014. Now I saw snails stuck to my feet, which is annoying for me although I removed them later and then I saw centipede that transform into a black cat. And I am seeing cats off and on too in my dreams. Dreaming about snails is usually considered a bad sign, it portends that you will be annoyed and bothered by people who may have evil or selfish intentions and might want to take advantage of you to fulfill their own plans. You must exercise caution and be watchful of people who are currently trying to get your attention or initiate a contact with you. Seeing a cat or having it try to follow you in your dreams is a sign of misfortune entering your life soon. However, if you got rid of the cat by scaring it off or killing it in your dream, then this means the misfortune can be decreased or even managed by you.
Giving birth to turtles I dreamed that I gave birth to many small tortoise that came out of small eggs and I was happy looking at them. Dreaming about turtles can be an indication of your worries and concerns related to someone who is very close to you, such as your spouse or someone you are currently dating. The vision of giving birth to turtles could signify your self-reassurance and trust in the other person's continual loyalty and devotion.
Turtles in a well Tortoises swimming in a well A dream about turtles is indicative of the inner qualms and uncertainties which you feel for someone with whom you are currently involved with, either your spouse or your lover. You are anxious or apprehensive regarding their current status in life, or the fact that they are involved in circumstances which put them under a great deal of emotional stress and dilemmas. These situations test the patience and endurance of your better half and because of your involvement with this person you also become a part of this stressful situation.
A tiger and snakes under the house My dream is of large snakes and tigers on a ledge under a house, just watching me as I try to clean up under this house which I believe is my home. There are blue metal steps you can climb to get into the house from underneath. All is soil under the house. There is a girlfriend with me helping to clean up. We are preparing for a dinner party that evening. Although this is a somewhat complicated dream to interpret, we would like to offer the following pieces of information which you may want to try putting together by yourself. The presence of large snakes under the house, especially those that looked menacing, could be a sign of being the subject of a stalker or being intimidated by someone. This may create some threats for you but you will be protected both by the law and by friends who are concerned about your safety. They will help ensure that nothing harms you and disrupt the peace. Seeing a tiger can be considered a positive sign, an indication of an upcoming promotion in the workplace or advancements in something you are trying to accomplish. Since you are mentioning these two symbols together, the circumstances described here could be intertwined or closely connected. Although this dream may suggest relying on others for help, it is not suggesting you should start counting on these people entirely. You must take steps to achieve your own goals and avoid shortfalls. You should rely on your own skills and resources.
A bull and a yawning jackal I saw a bull coming towards me and in one small lane he takes exit without hurting me, on the other side I saw jackal yawning. A dream of being able to avoid a bull trying to hit you is symbolic of successfully avoiding or preventing dealing with a person who dislikes you or who is trying to compete with you. The vision of a jackal yawning is an indication that there is someone in your circle of friends who is waiting to make your life complicated or bring some issues or troubles into your life.
Talking to a horse I was waiting for horse's to comeback from a long trip. To feed and provide water and I asked the stallion of the herd was it a long trip. He complained and said yes if it wasn't for this voodoo leg if mine. And he named who was doing this to him. Dreaming that you are talking to a horse could mean that you would soon be pleasantly surprised. In particular, you may be positively impressed by your own sympathetic and generous action of helping and supporting someone who is in need of help. Another aspect of your dream reinforces this interpretation. Namely, you were waiting for the arrival of a probably exhausted horse with the intention of attending to its primary needs of food and water. Such altruistic and kind gesture will go around and come around. That is, later on, you may also be surprised by seeing such action come back to benefit you. The second line of symbols in this dream refers to the long trip, the voodoo discussion and the biblical connotation of the bread. These three symbols suggest that you could have a spiritual or humanitarian drive or desire. However, there would be some obstacles over which you might have no control making your spiritual path more difficult.
Chasing a cow Chasing a cow Dreaming that you are chasing a cow could symbolize some looming danger or threat. You would only be able to prevent or avoid it by exercising some degree of caution. You would need to approach every new situations or developments with careful analysis and assessment. Alternatively, you might be trying too hard to make something happen. In both cases, you would be better off by thinking before you act on it.
Two dogs and one dying I had a dream where I had a few dogs as pets and out of those dogs two were attracted to each other. But somehow got separated. They were separated till the girl dog dies. Basically they loved each other but.got separated. What does this mean?? Experiencing a dream with dogs present is a sign of having a person close to you who might bring a lot of havoc and disorder into your life or someone with whom you might have a lot of issues in your life because of the emotional attachment. The notion of losing one of the dogs in the same dream could be a sign of upcoming hardships. It could mean you might soon face some troubles or threatening circumstances which you will have to deal with for a while.
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