A black horse in the garden turning into a woman I stood at my back door and saw a big black horse in my back garden. I unlocked and opened the door to pet it. When I closed the door after several attempts, the horse opened the door. It didn't mean any harm but I remember feeling interrogated. It then walked through the door but transformed into an oldish woman with dark wavy hair. The black horse in the garden is representative of a mysterious force in your life. It attempting to enter your house and successfully doing so is in a sense you allowing something you are unfamiliar with to enter your life, though there's some fear of it, you know it's just that you are accepting change. Traditionally, horses are not allowed in your home. The transformation into a dark haired older woman is a direct relation to family. It would seem that you are going through some unexpected changes in your family life, but do not be afraid. It's important to embrace the mystery and accept the simple fact that change is an extremely important and vital experience.
Cats in an old photograph I had a dream of my two cats who have passed away in a black and white photo. There names are bast and angel. Bast was sitting, angel was standing with her tail up and hooked at the top. Both were looking to the left. The background was blurred kinda flowers. The feeling I had after was there together and happy. The black and white photo is a symbol of what once was. Your cats, clearly happy and looking after you brings you joy even after their passing. The field of flowers in the picture is your peace. Though they may be gone, they haven't left you.
Bitten by an unknown creature I got bitten hard on my right hand's index finger by some flying creature. Most likely a small bird. The index finger is supposed to represent your intelligence and wisdom. Being attacked by a flying unknown creature indicates that you may be prone to a physically harmful attack, quite possibly something that you're causing to yourself knowingly. The attack on that specific part means it's avoidable but you need to be smart and look to your past experiences for your answers.
Many dogs in one room I had this dream that there are many types of dogs in one room. Dreaming of seeing many dogs means you will live a life with beneficial outcomes. It also means you will be able to enjoy the direction your life is taking because it will be filled with ease and little or no hardships.Playing with a bunch of dogs in your dreams means you are thrifty, and your frugal nature causes you to sometimes act selfish towards other people.
White oxens running in a corridor A lot of running white oxen in a long corridor. This dream about white oxen in a small corridor is a subconscious reflection of your relationship with your friends. Recently you have been exposed to some event or circumstance where you had to prove your loyalty to them or lend them a helping hand. You tend to receive a great deal of respect and admiration from your friends because of your availability and readiness to support them whenever they need your help.
A white flying horse killing hanging bats A white flying horse killing bats that is hanging upside down from a tree. This dream can be interpreted as solving problems or issues related to people you are trying to impress or get attention of (could be work-related or personal matters) and who are likely rejecting your attempts to establish a dialogue (symbols of bats hanging upside down on a tree). The flying horse represents the way you may succeed in these trials, this communication or dialogue will take place in writing (paper or electronic). When you mention a tree in this dream, it is usually an indication of your shyness or lack of confidence (to some extent) when getting your messages across.
Handling turtles I have had a dream that I had 3 turtles in my hand and I gave 2 turtles to someone and kept 1 and I put him into an aquarium. Dreaming about turtles can be an indication of your worries and concerns related to someone who is very close to you, such as your spouse or someone you are currently dating. The vision of giving a turtle to someone signifies your possible doubts regarding this person’s loyalty and devotion. Putting a turtle into an aquarium could be a sign of your desire to keep this person close to you, but be careful not to express too much jealousy or place unnecessary blame.
Snails and cats I am seeing snails in my dreams off n on since march 2014. Now I saw snails stuck to my feet, which is annoying for me although I removed them later and then I saw centipede that transform into a black cat. And I am seeing cats off and on too in my dreams. Dreaming about snails is usually considered a bad sign, it portends that you will be annoyed and bothered by people who may have evil or selfish intentions and might want to take advantage of you to fulfill their own plans. You must exercise caution and be watchful of people who are currently trying to get your attention or initiate a contact with you. Seeing a cat or having it try to follow you in your dreams is a sign of misfortune entering your life soon. However, if you got rid of the cat by scaring it off or killing it in your dream, then this means the misfortune can be decreased or even managed by you.
Giving birth to turtles I dreamed that I gave birth to many small tortoise that came out of small eggs and I was happy looking at them. Dreaming about turtles can be an indication of your worries and concerns related to someone who is very close to you, such as your spouse or someone you are currently dating. The vision of giving birth to turtles could signify your self-reassurance and trust in the other person’s continual loyalty and devotion.
Turtles in a well Tortoises swimming in a well A dream about turtles is indicative of the inner qualms and uncertainties which you feel for someone with whom you are currently involved with, either your spouse or your lover. You are anxious or apprehensive regarding their current status in life, or the fact that they are involved in circumstances which put them under a great deal of emotional stress and dilemmas. These situations test the patience and endurance of your better half and because of your involvement with this person you also become a part of this stressful situation.
A tiger and snakes under the house My dream is of large snakes and tigers on a ledge under a house, just watching me as I try to clean up under this house which I believe is my home. There are blue metal steps you can climb to get into the house from underneath. All is soil under the house. There is a girlfriend with me helping to clean up. We are preparing for a dinner party that evening. Although this is a somewhat complicated dream to interpret, we would like to offer the following pieces of information which you may want to try putting together by yourself. The presence of large snakes under the house, especially those that looked menacing, could be a sign of being the subject of a stalker or being intimidated by someone. This may create some threats for you but you will be protected both by the law and by friends who are concerned about your safety. They will help ensure that nothing harms you and disrupt the peace. Seeing a tiger can be considered a positive sign, an indication of an upcoming promotion in the workplace or advancements in something you are trying to accomplish. Since you are mentioning these two symbols together, the circumstances described here could be intertwined or closely connected. Although this dream may suggest relying on others for help, it is not suggesting you should start counting on these people entirely. You must take steps to achieve your own goals and avoid shortfalls. You should rely on your own skills and resources.
A bull and a yawning jackal I saw a bull coming towards me and in one small lane he takes exit without hurting me, on the other side I saw jackal yawning. A dream of being able to avoid a bull trying to hit you is symbolic of successfully avoiding or preventing dealing with a person who dislikes you or who is trying to compete with you. The vision of a jackal yawning is an indication that there is someone in your circle of friends who is waiting to make your life complicated or bring some issues or troubles into your life.
Talking to a horse I was waiting for horse's to comeback from a long trip. To feed and provide water and I asked the stallion of the herd was it a long trip. He complained and said yes if it wasn't for this voodoo leg if mine. And he named who was doing this to him. Dreaming that you are talking to a horse could mean that you would soon be pleasantly surprised. In particular, you may be positively impressed by your own sympathetic and generous action of helping and supporting someone who is in need of help. Another aspect of your dream reinforces this interpretation. Namely, you were waiting for the arrival of a probably exhausted horse with the intention of attending to its primary needs of food and water. Such altruistic and kind gesture will go around and come around. That is, later on, you may also be surprised by seeing such action come back to benefit you. The second line of symbols in this dream refers to the long trip, the voodoo discussion and the biblical connotation of the bread. These three symbols suggest that you could have a spiritual or humanitarian drive or desire. However, there would be some obstacles over which you might have no control making your spiritual path more difficult.
Chasing a cow Chasing a cow Dreaming that you are chasing a cow could symbolize some looming danger or threat. You would only be able to prevent or avoid it by exercising some degree of caution. You would need to approach every new situations or developments with careful analysis and assessment. Alternatively, you might be trying too hard to make something happen. In both cases, you would be better off by thinking before you act on it.
Two dogs and one dying I had a dream where I had a few dogs as pets and out of those dogs two were attracted to each other. But somehow got separated. They were separated till the girl dog dies. Basically they loved each other but.got separated. What does this mean?? Experiencing a dream with dogs present is a sign of having a person close to you who might bring a lot of havoc and disorder into your life or someone with whom you might have a lot of issues in your life because of the emotional attachment. The notion of losing one of the dogs in the same dream could be a sign of upcoming hardships. It could mean you might soon face some troubles or threatening circumstances which you will have to deal with for a while.
Killing a giant bright-colored snake I was dreaming having a close contact with a snake colored in bright colors. I was trying to scare this snake away but nonetheless in just came towards a place where it find something like an alligator which it cuts off it head and ate it. This was a huge snake! Dreaming about having a close contact with a snake, such as looking at it or touching it, is a warning sign. You should pay attention to new opportunities. It is a promising, auspicious vision. You should grab it right away for it may lead you to success. However, if the snake in your dream was bright in color, it could symbolize jealousy and envy. Someone or some people with whom you have a close relationship with might hold these feelings against you. This individual or individuals would do everything in their ability and power to prevent you from succeeding. They could even want to replace you. The snake’s size further translates their influence, status and resources. The larger the snake, the greater their power is. You further had a vision of an alligator eating the snake. This suggests that they are most likely going to fail in their attempts to interfere with your objectives. Some external intervention or event might occur and render their efforts ineffective.
A white friendly tiger Hello, I've been having dreams about a white tiger the last couple days. In my dreams the tiger is my friend and sometimes acts as a pet. this night we hugged each other. And last night I saw him in a forest and we walked through the forest together. What do these dreams mean? And does his white color mean anything? Thank you very much! Dream visions which involve seeing or being together with a friendly, non-aggressive tiger could symbolize your tendency to be a people pleaser. It signifies your desire to indulge your superiors. Yet, this would be the kind of attitude usually reserved for people who are either at a rank higher than yours or who happen to be eminent or popular. Alternatively, from a different perspective, this dream could mean that you have made friends with your own wild, unpleasant, fearful or negative side. Since you went alongside each other for a stroll in the forest, this could suggest that you accept this side of your personality but also use it to your benefit. The animal's white color could symbolize some unusual behavior. This attitude would not necessarily be negative or disturbing, and it would be expressed by someone younger than you. Their actions or behavior seem to be directly affecting your interests or your relationship with them. Note that every detail that you remember with such clarity, for example the color, probably has an important underlying symbolic meaning. This could reveal additional nuances.
At a graveyard, looking for mother and being chased by a brown cow I had a dream being in a graveyard and looking for my mother. But there was a brown cow and it was chasing me. Although it is not clear to us from your request whether your mother is presently deceased or alive, looking for her in this dream represents possible hardships or trials you could be going through in wake life at the moment and seeking help with. Traditionally, the symbol of deceased mother appearing in dreams signifies a promise of receiving help and support in difficult situations. The symbolic vision of a brown cow is a positive sign of having reliable old friends in waking life, such as school classmates or childhood buddies, who would always be there to help you when a complicated situation or uncertainty enters your life, and they are the ones who would be able to lend a helping hand in times when you need it.
Fish growing large and getting out of a fish tank and the reaction of family members I dreamt I was at a house and walked in the den and saw a large fish tank with a couple of large fish in it. I said to my living grandmother the fish are getting too big to be in that tank. All of a sudden one grew extremely large and flopped out of the tank. It was wiggling and gasping for breath. She was just standing over it and I screamed to go and get my ex-boyfriend to help put it back. Instead he came, looked and walked away. Angry, because I left him. So we picked it up and put it back. It started to breathe but water was low. It looked at me to help it and said get more water, and I did. A dream about watching fish swimming inside a large aquarium means that your personal position you have adopted to avoid or not to interfere with other people's issues or problems is a good strategy to deal with these particular situations. However, keeping neutrality to avoid getting involved in other people's business and personal issues they try to impose on you could be starting to take a toll on you emotionally (the symbol of the fish growing larger). Things may soon turn worrisome and annoying, but you will be successful by setting your mind straight and not responding to every small request for favors or help coming from these people. The image of a trembling and jumping fish of a large size gasping for air is also an indication of becoming admired and receiving a lot of respect and praise from people in your life for your personal integrity and ability to handle things appropriately to everyone's advantage. When you saw your ex-boyfriend ignoring your calls to put the fish back into the water, this is a sign that the two of you would never get back together again, even though one of you might be making attempts or showing willingness to give the relationship a second chance. Alternatively, the situation with your ex could be revealing that there are some obvious tensions between the two of you which sometimes remain unresolved. This is reinforced by the dream vision you had of water spilling over and the fish being on the floor. There was the need of more water for the tank. Since water partly symbolizes emotions, this could mean that sustaining positive emotions may be beneficial for you and your relationships.
People directing to a lion which attacks A dream about a boy and a lady standing and I asked where to pass and the lady said "pass here" which I did and a lion just jumped on my neck and bit me. This dream could be a subconscious manifestation of your distrust towards some people you had to deal with recently in your waking life. You could be anticipating a threat or possible malicious intent coming from these people because of their actions, behavior or attitude towards you. Being attacked and bitten by a lion in this dream signifies your fear of losing your personal freedom or being controlled by someone present in your life. This could equally apply to your material possessions or property, when somebody or some people are plotting against your financial well-being and trying to take over your independence. Your subconscious mind is sending a signal to be careful and thoroughly examine whom you can trust and which people should be steered clear of at all costs.
Playing with a friendly lion I am a female and I had a dream where I was play wrestling with a full grown lion. I was caressing and enjoying touching all the fur etc. The lion and I were conversing not sure about what. Towards the end of the dream the lion bites onto my right hand to where only my four fingers were in his mouth. He smiles, releases my hand with no harm done, and again says something to me. A loving sort of creature. This dream could be a subconscious reflection of your recent encounter with a man who presented himself to you as an intellectual, honorable and sociable person, or you could have just perceived him this way. The notions of being bitten by and talking with the lion could be indicative of your desire and eagerness to continue associating with this person in order to learn more about his character or get to know him in an intimate way. This could be the result of your fascination with this individual, however first impressions could be deceiving. If you intend to continue with your pursuits, make sure you do not get hurt along the way.
A crocodile egg hatching and feeling amazed by the creature A crocodile egg hatching. There was two of them but only one hatched. And, I saw a baby crocodile emerge from it. It looked straight at me. It was colored green with a bit of yellow stripes in between its back. But, while I was staring back at it, I realized that I didn't feel terrified even if it was a crocodile. On the contrary, I felt at ease looking at it. This dream vision of a crocodile hatching from an egg symbolizes the emergence of a new person in your waking life. You could have just gone through a situation when you had to separate, either temporarily or forever, from a person who was important to you. Based on your description of being comfortable looking at the crocodile egg hatching in this dream means that you are open and ready to welcome a new friend or acquaintance into your life. The notion of two eggs in front of you and only one successfully hatching could also mean that you already making conscious attempts to make friends or get to know someone more closely among those available. Visions of observing birth in dream interpretation usually mean the dreamer’s desire to replace recently broken, failed or ended relationships (including those which involved someone passing away) with new friends, so be open and accepting of these changes.
A black dog killing father and friend I was at the store with my family and there was this black, scary looking dog. It followed us around the store and killed my dad and friend. It also lunged at me. The dream visions you had about a hostile dog following both you and the other two other people who were with you in this dream could mean that there are actions and plans in place which are being conceived by those whom you consider your enemies or someone you do not particularly like. The black color of the dog symbolizes your upcoming disappointment following the betrayal of your best friends or trusted acquaintances you thought you could rely on when you are in need of help. These individuals may assist your enemies to make them succeed in their harmful intentions against you. The notion of the black dog killing your father and friend is also not a very promising sign. In traditional dream interpretation, it could be related to one or both of these people succumbing to illness or disease, or even departing this world soon. Being attacked by the dog in the context of the above-mentioned possible meanings serves as a warning that you could also be impacted by these unfortunate developments.
Frogs everywhere I walked into my room and saw a small frog, so I went to get my dad so he would get rid of it but he refused to help. Eventually the frog started showing up everywhere I looked. In my room I was jumping around from my bed to a chair moving away from all the frogs. There were toads and frogs and then small frogs green and brown. They would either just stay there or move around, others would come at me. I had this dream twice the same night and every time the dream ended the same. I would look down at my chest and there be a dozen little frogs on me I started screaming and shake them off. Apart from the possibility that you could have the phobia of amphibians and this fear follows you even into your dreams, there is also a chance that you have been lately overwhelmed with a series of news or developments in your personal life. Some connections you have recently established or friends you become acquainted with could be showering you with information or getting you involved in things you do not particularly like knowing or doing. If you are trying to break free from such involvement, your attempts may have been unsuccessful because you either feel (or being persuaded) you owe it to these individuals, or they could be exerting a lot of pressure on you. Sometimes, dream visions about frogs on your body could be pointing to your unhappiness about certain features of your appearance, which could be completely subjective and groundless.
Cutting piglet's legs off, kittens and someone watching My husband brought home 2 piglets and I began to cut off his feet. I felt so badly I didn't do it to the other one. Then there were 2 kittens running on the fence and my neighbor, a soccer coach, was watching me while hanging out of the window. In real life I don't care for this person. Pigs or piglets being slaughtered in a dream symbolically mean going after a favorable situation and taking advantage of it. In the context of this dream, you could have recently been offered several opportunities to choose from, one of which really interests you. This dream indicates that you could be considering applying some efforts or gathering resources you may have to pursue this opportunity and turn it around to your benefit. However, you could be sensing that you have some kind of competition taking place when you see other people wanting the same thing and interfering with your intentions. The vision of the kittens running on top of the fence symbolizes your anticipation of potential issues standing in the way of reaching the outcomes you desire.
Shooting a fox which came back and turned into a wolf I was being followed by a fox and after shooing it away a couple of times it came back to me with no fear and turned into a big grey wolf that I welcomed into my home. This dream about being followed by a fox and shooting it contains a prediction of getting involved in some fraudulent activities or questionable romantic affairs which could be associated with a high risk of being slandered or your reputation affected in a negative way. The image of a fox turning into a wolf and entering your house is a sign of upcoming confrontation or conflict with people expressing hostile attitude towards you. The grey color of the wolf you have befriended and welcomed to your dwelling could also mean having to meet with a person or people holding an important official position, such as a government representative or social worker for reasons known to you.
A white rabbit in a cupboard which keeps coming back I dreamed that my sister told me that we have rabbits so I went to see and there was a cupboard, I opened it. It was full of sleeping rabbits, but there was one big white rabbit that was awake and it seemed special, he sat there looking at me, and then I let him out of the cupboard and I was petting him. He then went off jumping and playing, I let the cupboard door open and told my sister he will be back. And yeah after a little while he just came running and jumped to his place in the cupboard. P.S. this is the second time I dream of my sister and petting a rabbit. A white rabbit in this particular dream can be interpreted as your growing belief that at this point in life you are settled with what you have or do, this could be the case for your relationship with someone or things you occupy yourself with on a daily basis. The vision of your sister showing you where the rabbits were kept means that people could be making you feel that you cannot achieve more or try new things in order to bring novelty and excitement to your life. The return of the white rabbit back to where it was in the beginning of the dream indicates that your attempts to diversify your daily routine have mostly been unsuccessful. Overall, this dream vision could be reaffirmation of your timid and shy nature or complacency which prevent you from living your life to the fullest.
Visting deceased aunt, seeing snakes and lizards and being chased by larger animals I was in my relatives house where I was alone able to see my aunty who died 3 yrs back. She was talking to me. When planning to start out from house with my aunt's son to get things for her yearly rituals I saw few black snakes, lizards, few other reptiles there near our slippers so I thought of running from there. I ran to a temple where I saw a tiger chasing, I was running to hide and people were running and coming seeing the chasing by lion and tiger. Dreams centering around or taking place in a home are usually about past relationships. Because the prominent figure in this dream was your deceased aunt, who you alone were able to talk to and interact with, it may indicate fear or apprehension at some aspect of your former relationship with her or her relationship with others, particularly with other members of your family. Being that you were then on a quest to prepare things for her rituals, this might be connected to some unresolved issues or information she had been meaning to share but had not had the chance. The imagery of reptiles, especially black ones, seems to point toward this unfinished task being negative or detrimental in some way, therefore it may be better to leave this alone and not dig up the past. On the other hand, given the ritualistic theme, this could also be related to an unexpected development regarding her religion or spiritual beliefs. As there were other people included in the dream who were following or acting as spectators, this predicts that others may have realized you are sensing her presence, although what their intentions are regarding the matter are unclear.
Six ferrets helping to make the bed I had a dream about six ferrets helping my boyfriend make his bed. Dreams associated with visions of ferrets could represent being in a compromising position or situation related to love affairs. The notion of ferrets helping your friend to make the bed signifies that this unpleasant situation could be related to private love affairs or personal relationship your friend has with someone. The number six, which you describe as the number of ferrets, in a dream represents lies and deceit which could serve as a source of these unhealthy trends within the relationship. They could originate either from a couple itself or some other people trying to interfere with and jeopardize the stability and strength of the relationship.
A white wolf in a cage A white wolf was caught in a cage by two men from the country side. One of them was waving at me to see what was in the cage, I approached the cage and a white wolf was snarling at me with its sharp teeth. This dream about seeing a caged wolf of a white color could indicate that currently you have stability and peace in your family life, work environment or pursuit of your goals. However, the image of a white wolf tells you that you could be led into accepting misinformed opinions and influence on behalf of others which could greatly interfere with the way things are going for you right now. If you want to continue living a peaceful and worry-free life you must protect yourself from people whom you don't not completely trust and prevent their attempts to sway you in the direction which contradicts the views and ideas you have established for yourself.
Coming across snake skins and being around a lion pride I was in a bush when I first saw two snake skins (no heads) hung together next to each other like clothes on a washing line. The scene immediately changed after a moment to myself walking past a pride of lions. They did not touch me or react in any way, but when after passing the pride the cubs noticed me, two or three of them started playing with me. I tried to shoo them away, but to no avail. They kept playing with me nibbling and tugging at my bottoms. Eventually one of the male lions got up and started sauntering towards me as I kept walking away from the cubs and the pride. The first vision in this dream could be a reflection of you recently being exposed to a conflict or breakup between a couple, two lovers or life partners with the details of their private life being revealed to other people, either by one of these individuals or by someone wishing to drive a wedge into this relationship and potentially destroy it. The second vision of encountering a lion family is more of a reflection of your own take on this matter, you could be trying to express your concerns or try to mend what had happened, but your beliefs and personality do not allow you to step in and act on it, even though you may feel you are obligated to for some reason. However, you keep returning to this issue in your mind because you do not see how it could be resolved otherwise.
A cat turning into a tiger and following into a hotel A cat walking towards me when it got closer to me it changed into a tiger. It acted like it wanted to play. I ran into a hotel and it followed me into the building. I ran down a hallway to warn people when I turned around it was not there. A dream about a cat moving towards you represents some action you took or words you said coming back to haunt you. This may be something you did on purpose for selfish reasons, but it could just as easily have been an accident or the result of having no other choice or options available. The cat coming closer means you are trying to forget or avoid that situation or the results thereof, but the sudden transformation into a tiger indicates that not only is it impossible to hide forever, but that avoidance is likely to exacerbate the problem. Moving into a large, more crowded area to ask for help or warn others symbolizes your desire to make up for what has been done, but the lack of interaction may be a sign that those around you do not want to get involved in your troubles or believe you need to correct this grievance on your own.
Coming across and saving a piglet I had a dream that I was at a friends lake house, everyone was outside on the boat, but I decided to go inside to use my laptop. When I went to plug in my laptop without looking I felt something furry and small. I looked, thinking it was my cat, but realized it was an infant piglet with his little foot stuck in the broken wood floor board. I saved him. And then held in my arms for a little while. Then I woke up. The image of a piglet in your dream could indicate your recent communication, most likely online (based on the image of the laptop you were using in this dream) with a friendly and sincere person, who was impressed by your personality and the way you presented yourself. The notion of the piglet's leg being stuck in the floor speaks of the lasting impression you might have left with this person. You also might have genuine interest in continuing this communication get to know this person better.
A lion swimming in a fish tank I dreamed about a huge fish tank in front of my house with a lion inside the tank swimming. Than the lion broke the fish tank and ran into the wild. I wanted to save the lion and I was happy for the lion, but scared at the same time because the lion could hurt the neighbors. This vision of a fish tank with a lion inside could serve as a hint that you may be having real difficulties in money management or a hard time controlling impulsive spending habits. Although something or someone could be holding you back, you are making conscious attempts to change these habits, as represented by the lion breaking free and running away in this dream. Some people or a person could be a real obstacle in overcoming these issues, such as your children, spouse or partner, but dreaming about this animal escaping into the wild signifies your power and ability to have control and successfully manage your personal situation.
A black wolf killing unwanted people I had a recurring dream of a black wolf killing people who try to harm me or whom I dislike. He seemed to be protecting me but never came too close to me. To have this dream of being protected by a wolf with black-colored fur could mean that lately you have been successful in warding off people who are deceitful and hostile toward you. Their intentions could be to disrupt your peaceful existence and interfere with your progress while you are working on a project or task. The notion that the wolf kept its distance could mean that you are unsure about what exactly helps you to succeed in eliminating these people's presence or influence.
Scared of an alligator and trying to shoot it I had a dream that I saw a crocodile or alligator in a pool it looked like I was in Haiti at my aunt's house. The alligator was playful having fun waving at us, but I was scared telling my aunt to look at it. Then my little cousin went by the pool and the alligator almost touched him. We yelled at him saying "Stay back!" and he got scared. My aunt went and got a gun, she was telling me to put the bullets in the gun, but I didn't know how to. I was shaking. Then the alligator got out of the pool trying to come toward us, we were scared, then we saw cops going toward the alligator and my aunt said "Go hide the gun". Both crocodiles and alligators point to having an adversary in your life. They may be a two-faced person who pretends to be your friend or someone who has been lurking in the shadows biding their time. This person is probably aiming to wreak havoc on your life, either by destroying your plans, creating obstacles to your success, or spreading malicious gossip to encourage others not to help you when you need it. This is further illustrated in the image of the gun, which points to alarm at a threat looming on the horizon. Feeling scared in this dream is a natural response to dealing with unknown people who wish to do you harm. However, the image of the alligator in water indicates having flexible approaches to deal with difficult situations. This is also shown in both the cops that come to your aunt's house, which represent physical strength, and possession of the gun, which means empowerment and confidence in handling attacks against you. This dream vision shows that when you subconsciously anticipate and fear someone to act against you, you possess all the necessary qualities to meet the challenge and come out on top.
Visiting a zoo and turtle swallowing a person I had a dream that my sister, my 6 year old nephew and myself were walking through a zoo, we stopped to look in a pond of turtles and all of a sudden a turtle jumped up, my nephew shrunk to the size of a peanut and the turtle ate him! It scared me awake. Seeing a turtle in your dream traditionally means a high likelihood that you would experience great joy, positive feelings and peace of mind as a result of some favorable occurrence in your life at the moment. Consequently, being in this uplifting state could help you handle and eventually resolve some existing issues or dark areas related to your family matters. Quite possibly, the vision of your nephew being swallowed by the turtle is a prediction of your ability to bond and build on the relationships with the other family members, relatives or children in general.
Slaughtering a cow I dreamed I had to slaughter my cow which I had for a long time. Slaughtering a cow in your dream in order to provide food for your family indicates your strong sense of responsibility towards others or your propensity to be assertive and control other people for their own good. Alternatively, if you had to slaughtering it without any particular reason or motivation to do so, it could signify your desire to express your ambitions, it can also be a sign of anger and dissatisfaction with social taboos society is placing on you.
Green lizards forming a line and causing anxiety Green lizards crawling in a row behind each other coming out of a hole in the corner of the ceiling. Lots of them. I was in the shower and I looked up, and there they were, coming out of the hole in a straight line, like soldiers. I ran out of the shower to tell my deceased father that there were lizards in the shower! He was in bed, and got up and ran into the bathroom, and then I awaken from the dream at 5:50 am. The images of green lizards forming a line in your dream foretells temptations. You could be facing a dilemma right now when you are being faced with evil temptations or prone to act in a way that could ruin your life or your reputation. Be careful after experiencing this image for danger could be lurking ahead. This vision could also refer to being privy to a secret or information that can hurt a lot of people at the same time if you come into contact with it.
A lion which could not catch the dreamer One lion could not catch me in my sleep. Having a dream about a lion unable to catch you signifies your power and ability to control other people when it comes to moving your projects or plans forward. At the same time, it could also be indicative of your manipulative or conniving approaches when you try to advance your interest or get ahead with what is important to you personally.
Protecting a turtle from a predator I was trying to protect a turtle from crocodile attacking it. Seeing yourself trying to protect a turtle in your dream indicates your strong desire, hope or need for general feeling of joy, positive experiences and peace of mind. However, something or someone could be standing in your way of achieving these states. It is not necessarily because of someone's bad intentions or something negative or sinister in its nature. The dream vision is just a reflection of your everyday efforts to stay on top of your life and enjoy every moment of it.
Hypnotized by a constrictor snake held firmly I was praying about an upcoming important event and suddenly I was holding a snake, a black boa constrictor? Not sure about spelling, but I had it clutched in my hand, it was looking right at me but I was restricting its movement. Not sure what this may of meant any ideas may be helpful. Thanks! Holding a snake in your hand foretells facing seemingly inconsequential events. You may experience situations that you think are not worth paying attention to or unimportant, making you try to just dismiss them. However, you could be hounded by these situations later on, so they may not be as irrelevant or minor as you originally thought. Having an eye contact with the snake, especially if it was menacing, could be a sign of becoming a target of a stalker or being intimidated by someone or some people. However, being able to control the snake in your dream is a promising sign. A very prominent organization or group is behind you in your current ventures or activities. They will lend assistance in whatever kind of help you need, and they will be very cooperative to ensure the success of your undertakings.
Cats on the porch A group of cats sitting on my front porch. The house is often seen as an extension of the person who owns it and is neither a positive nor a negative sign. The multiple cats, however, represent experiencing betrayal or being the victim of people lying in wait to attack or bring you down. The cats in your dream are sitting, though, which may indicate that whoever is after you is not yet ready to carry out their plans. You may have some time to find out who is behind this and take measures or actions in order to protect yourself.
Trying to save a foal but realizing it is dead I found a small horse foal which I first thought was dead, but when I held its mouth to a running tap, it was just thirsty and it recovered. I put it in a car, and later on realized that it was dead. Horses are often seen as messengers in dream visions. In this particular case, the image of a dying horse portends receiving news that greatly troubles or negatively affects you. Water is a positive symbol associated with life-giving properties. Trying to help the horse recover by providing it with water and succeeding momentarily indicates that, with some intervention, not all hope is lost. However, because you are unable to save its life in the end, your attempts to salvage this developing situation are likely in vain.
Cat family with kitten turning into a baby My dream starts in my room, I see a little injured kitten hobbling away from the snarling father. Ravens soon come for everything around me and I strike to defend them with a stick. The cat and kitten disappear. My mother tells me they may have gone someplace where it can eat in peace and I chase them from my room, back into my room and find the cat under the bed trying to feast on the injured cat, who is now my baby boy, who is injured and passing out. In my attempt to pull him free, the cat dig his claws deeper into him and cause him pain. I move closer and save my baby, the cat attacks me. Overall, this is a very dark and disturbing dream vision, it is most likely an indication of the fact that you are feeling tired, uncertain or hopeless for some reason after giving birth to a child, or at the thought of having a baby. Dreaming of seeing a cat family, such as a father cat fighting with its kitten, means you are planning or thinking about having an addition to your family, but this perspective seems to you as a hectic, worrisome and very demanding period in your waking life. The imagery of ravens circling around your room is also not a good sign, in traditional dream interpretation this vision is closely related to the dreamer sensing upcoming sickness, health issues or even a possibility of death in the family.
Riding a camel and singing I was riding a camel in a circus and singing to the animal. Then he leaned his head back warmly responding to my music. Dreams containing images of a camel taken out of their natural habitat or environment could be an indication of a carefree and seemingly enjoyable lifestyle you are living now. There could be a person in your social circle or among your friends who serves as a catalyst or driving force for you to be constantly or periodically dragged in these kinds of activities. However, you subconscious mind is questioning whether this is what you really need to be engaged in or maybe there are other, more sensible ways to express and fully enjoy yourself.
Animals showing warning signs Dreamt my pregnant cat rubbing against my face and then an angry bird swooped down flying and screeching in my face. The symbolic vision of a pregnant cat rubbing against your face in this dream means that someone close to you, such as your parents, siblings or spouse have extremely high confidence in you and they are hopeful that your recent plans or intentions you have shared with them will be very beneficial for you and bring new opportunities into your life. However, the bird flying into your face is also a reflection of your current state of mind when you are either uncertain about what your next step should be, or that these plans you have are not really feasible and you told others about having these plans and aspirations just to make them feel better and happier.
Lobsters crawling out of bags A young Asian girl brought lobsters in a bag but couldn't open them. I grabbed the two bags and tried opening them, but a lobster was crawling out one bag that I was holding under my left arm. Another lobster tried crawling out the other that I was trying to open. The lobster under my arm slowly tried to cut my neck but didn't. The girl and an old man stared at me in shock. Dream visions containing images of lobsters reveal you insecurities or reservations about your sex performance and capabilities. Perhaps you had faced some sexual advances recently and did not reciprocate. You may have felt that when someone is trying to initiate a contact with you or get your attention, there would be consequences to that. It is also possible that someone made it clear to you that they want you in a physical way, but you rejected their attempts for reasons only you can justify in your own mind.
Snake bites There was a girl that told a man to take a snake and make it bite me on the arm by holding it upside down. I saw him coming closer with the snake while I was about to climb into a car but it was to late, I couldn't close the car door quick enough so the snake bit me 4 times on my arm. Having a dream where you are bitten by a snake may serve as a warning that people who are filled with jealousy are making plans against you. They may be envious of your material possessions and seek to ruin you financially, or they may desire to have the influence and charisma you have, spreading rumors to humiliate you in front of others. The unusual positioning of the snake may indicate that these rivals are willing to do anything in their power to bring you down. You should be careful and take precautions to safeguard yourself.
A pack of wolves nearby I was standing next to a large pine tree and 4 wolves were running towards me, then by me and a fifth wolf slowly walked around and behind me as if wanting me to join them. I was afraid and threw a rock near it and it ran off. It was not angry or violent. Seeing a pine tree in your dream is an indication of your masculine appearance or the way you portray yourself in front of others. The notion of a pack of wolves seen in the same dream could be indicative of some recent experience when you interacted with or caught the attention of some peers who wanted to influence you in a bad way or tried to persuade you to do something you did not want to be a part of. The same vision could also be a sign of your unwillingness to participate in or strong aversion to doing something you have recently been assigned, such as collective project or a task involving more than one person.
A snake seen from behind and eggs hatching inside the car Hi, I dreamt that I was inside the house looking outside through the window. I saw a king cobra standing, facing the opposite side. Its back was facing me. And later I dreamt there were eggs in the my car, and they started hatching. There were lots of chicks all over my car. What does this mean? Both of these dream visions contain images of being inside some space, which is the house and the car. The first vision seems to suggest a possibility that you could be knowingly and intentionally preventing someone from taking advantage of some opportunity or a chance to succeed. The image of the snake standing and facing the opposite way is a projection of your realization that you are guarding something important and valuable to you. Similarly, you anticipate that you could yield too much of your own current success to the person or people if you let them have it, as suggested by the vision of hatching eggs. Overall, the dream is a reflection of your unwillingness to relinquish control over your current position for the good of others.
Crocodiles attacking in the backyard I was in my house with my family and we had just thrown a party, so I started sweeping. When I go to the back to sweep my backyard, the pieces of cement start to float off and break, and as I look up there is a lot of crocodiles. It wasn't a swamp, it was more dry land than water. I run and tell my dad, one started crawling to him, so I told him to get up. Then we moved and the more we tried to scare them, the more of them started coming towards us. And he told me to get against the wall and put my feet up, so I did, but my feet slipped and a crocodile snapped and bit my leg. I was scared and crying, then my dad was fighting them. Overall, this dream vision suggests that there are some obvious tensions taking place inside your family and even though things seem to be normal on the surface, there are moments of disagreements or misunderstanding which have been dominating the life inside your family. The image of crocodiles attacking you and your father is significant of emerging issues affecting your relationship with him. This dream could also predict periods of mental exhaustion or declines in his physical shape causing ups and downs in the way you two communicate and possibly issues escalating to a boiling point.
Peacocks and an elephant A male peacock is dancing beautifully and later it stands on a rope, a female peacock is standing down below the rope. An elephant is standing in the middle with its back showing. A dancing peacock, especially with its beautiful tail showing, symbolically could be indicative of your tendency to be forgetful or paying little to no attention to what's happening around you, which in turn may cause minor problems and inconveniences, especially around your household. Quite similarly, seeing only the elephant's back in this dream, means that you could be lately frustrated while communicating with other people, for example friends or members of your family, because some points you try to make are not understood or simply being ignored when you try to share them with others.
A snake eating a bird Snake eating a bird Both the image of a snake eating a bird and a bird being injured and dying are ominous signs that suggest you are about to go through a very disappointing and trying time in your life. These signs do not point to any one particular area of your life, indicating that whatever occurs is likely to be big enough to affect multiple aspects. You may want to take precautions in various dimensions of your waking life, financial, health, etc., to offset the most serious side-effects of these potentially disastrous events or circumstances.
A snake trying to get inside a child's room I dreamt about a black snake in my dream. When I spotted the snake I screamed and the snake started moving trying to get out. He went into my son's room, crawled under the bed, and went up the wall and into the air vent. Not sure what that means. Dreams that take place inside the home are often related to matters that are very personal to you. Considering the snake you saw entered your son's room, it is likely that this vision is connected to your son directly or to your relationship with him. The black color of the snake indicates that there is some unfished task or business that you may have been putting off recently. However, this vision may be a warning that bringing up the topic again or rocking the boat after it has already settled may just make matters worse. It's better to let sleeping dogs lie than to stir up trouble again.
Sister moving a giant white whale around I dreamed my family owned a huge white whale (albino) that we kept in the back yard pool. My sister would move it at the end of the day to another pool located at the other side of the house. For this, she would have to make the whale slide across the street into on coming traffic and then slide it into the other pool. Meanwhile, I am standing back being cautious of this thing wondering if my sister was safe with it. Dreaming of albino animals can be a sign of something significant happening to one of your children if you are a parent. If you are not a parent, then this dream could possibly mean that you are about to deal with some unusual behavior exhibited by your younger family members, acquaintances or relatives. Similarly, the symbolic vision of a whale is closely related to maternity and being constantly preoccupied with matters directly related to raising a child or children. Due to the fact that it was your sister moving the whale around, it is possible that she is the one presently experiencing these life situations which were captured in your subconscious visions.
Lizards in different positions The two lizards were clinging together and the other lizard coming out of the pocket. Dreams containing general images of lizards, without any specific recollections of their appearance or behavior, signify your constant thinking and philosophical journeys you are prone to have while going through certain stages in your life. The notion of the two lizards clinging together could also serve as an indication of your tendency to deeply analyze or juxtapose phenomena you encounter in your life because of your curiosity and unrelenting drive for exploration.
Sleeping lions not disturbed or agitated The last two nights I have had dreams with many sleeping lions in it. I was not anxious in my dream, but calm. I was not hiding from the lions, but was surprised they were so close and asleep, not disturbed by me or my family that was in the dream with me. They were in tree houses and in the forest, where I felt we were trying to escape something larger and more frightening than a lion (no clue as to what it was). The lions were never awake. This dream vision of encountering sleeping lions could be reflective of some act of injustice, someone's inappropriate or indecent behavior or conduct, which you have recently witnessed and were disturbed by. You could be trying to voice your concerns or resolve this situation, but your beliefs and personality do not allow you to step in and act on it, even though you may feel you are obligated to for some reason. However, you keep returning to this issue in your mind because you do not see how it could be resolved without your personal input.
Running away from wild boars Being chased by three white wild boars one after other. First two didn't see me and diverted the third boar which found me. But I ran upstairs and settled in a safe place. Dream interpretation sources refer to images of being attacked or chased by wild boars as an indication of your dissatisfaction with your sex life. It could be that your partner or partners dictate you what to do when you perform sexually or are extremely overbearing and controlling. The images of several of these animals going after you in this dream could also signify that you are in constant search of an ideal mate in order to satisfy your intimate needs.
A great deal of affection for a wolf I dreamt I was feeding a huge wolf dog treats from my hand. He was standing on his hind legs, he was huge and gray and soft. He was very familiar to me and on a leash or chain. We had a great affection for one another. When I awoke I was missing him and had teared up. It was like an old friend I really missed. He also was licking my face and hands. This dream about feeding a wolf grey in color represents your longing to start a new relationship or find a friend who would resemble someone you used to know intimately, who used to be either your close friend or romantic partner. Although there could be several reasons you do not associate with this person any more, you may have come across an individual or people who are affectionate, tender and very compatible with you. They may have already shown you their feelings toward you, so your dream visions retained and magnified these positive images related to the aspects of their personality you really like. Even though it could turn out to be something completely different from what you expect once you establish a closer relationship with this new person or these people, this vision shows that you are in a constant search for a soulmate or true friends.
Someone taking care of a horse I saw a young horse inside our compound, the horse belonged to one boy in the family. This boy was looking for his young horse because the horse left its position place, but still inside the compound near the gate. I am the one that saw it behind the gate. Horses are commonly thought of a symbolizing energy and liveliness, especially in relationships. This may even be related to pent up sexual energy which does not have an outlet at present. Seeing the horse behind a gate, however, further suggests having to control this energy or not access it for some reason. Maybe you do not currently have a romantic partner to show affection for, or your partner may not have the same level of energy or endurance you do. The little boy who owns this horse in your dream, however, represents being on the receiving end of good news. In the future you may find someone who has the same level of energy you do, or you may learn of another way to fully expend your energy, such as a new hobby.
Bull charging from behind a closed door My sister and I were being charged by a bull, but we were behind a closed door! Then I went into a different room and the bull was charging just me from behind a closed door again. But my sister was still there in the room next to me. Bulls usually represent both creative energy and passion within relationships. Being charged by the bull may, therefore, represent these qualities being hindered by you in someway, preventing them from being fully expressed in your life. Running away from an aspect of your own personality is likely to cause some internal struggle, with your innate self competing with who you are trying to be (or who others are forcing you to be). You may want to take time to carefully reflect on who you are and want to be as a person or you may lose some part of yourself before it even had a chance to develop.
A lion biting off the head Dream of a lion biting my head off in its den. Dreaming of seeing yourself being fatally attacked by a lion means you will not be able to counteract the actions and behavior of your current enemies, competitors or adversaries. The image of your head being bitten off in this dream could be indicative of the fact that you are not giving enough thought and careful consideration to how handle these situations properly, or you could be underestimating your abilities and talents, which prevents you from achieving the results you want to get.
Killing a snake while at the parents' house Saw a very fast moving snake within the boundary wall, but outside the rooms of my parental house, being killed into pieces by a peacock. Then the head part of that snake being smashed by me and then I move my fingers in the snake blood. This dream vision of being threatened by a snake but helped with an outside influence is symbolic of your current efforts and determination to solve some important issues you could be going through at the moment. These difficulties or problems are most likely home-bound, as the image of the parents' house suggests. The blood you had on your fingers is a warning to be careful and watch you every step if trouble does arise, since snake blood is very uncommon to be exposed to, while dreaming or in reality.
Being followed by a grizzly bear and trying to protect animals I dreamt I saw a black bear and then it was a grizzly bear lurking in the shadows, and I did everything I could to protect my animals and myself in order to escape from it. I woke up before I knew for sure, but I thought I was able to pack up and get away before it attacked us. Bears, in general, predict that a strong enemy or rival has risen and is determined to take you on in a fight. They might already be making plans against you, trying to find your weaknesses or turn your friends against you. Attempting to protect your animals from this creature also suggests being taken advantage of, indicating that a direct attack may occur. However, successfully avoiding the bear in the vision represents successfully avoiding conflict and negative repercussions in real life, meaning your competitors are likely to be unsuccessful in their endeavors. You may want to remain vigilant for any suspicious activity and take precautions to defend yourself if need be.
Goat meat There were pieces of meat of a goat. When combined together, the symbols of the goat and meat have a fairly negative connotation. Dreaming of goats symbolizes your behavior toward others that comes across as rude or in poor taste. The people around you, friends, colleagues, etc., may be a bit put off by your antics. Imagining pieces of meat predicts going through a period of sadness due to rejection or separation from others. By making people feel uncomfortable, you may find yourself alienated from the group unless you make an effort to behave in a more socially acceptable, appropriate manner.
Being told about a bear in a dumpster Someone close to me told me that there was a bear in the dumpster. I said that I just dreamt about you telling me about this bear in the dumpster. While we were walking away. Though I never saw the bear, she showed me where the bear was. Symbolically, sighting of a bear represents strong rivalry and competition with you being involved. It could be related to something you are currently trying to accomplish, but could also be developing inside your social interactions and even romantic affairs. Based on the context of the dream you had, someone is trying to challenge you or make you feel uncomfortable, either as a direct competitor or someone acting on your competitor's behalf, but you seem to be ignoring these first signs of trouble. Your subconscious mind could be sensing the arrival of people interfering with your plans and intentions and is sending you strong signals to be on the lookout.
Animals around and inside the house behaving strangely Greetings. I had two dreams. In the first, a dog outside my back gate was viciously barking, next it was inside the compound, there was a small cat which it killed. It's like the cat was willing to die. Then I woke. Next dream.Three fat cats come racing towards me when I enter a house, it's like they are trying to attack, but can't. Also two small birds are on the floor. One pretends to be dead and the other is drinking water from the flooded floor. The cats don't seem to be able to attack the birds, although I'm worried they will, and when I try to pick the birds, they vanished. The first dream, seeing a dog kill a cat, predicts having good luck in business or being a savvy businessperson. You may make some especially profitable deals or utilize your negotiation prowess to get what you and your company want. You may also receive some especially positive news related to business endeavors. The second vision, however, has a slightly more sinister interpretation. The cats that race forward and attempt to attack you suggest you may have a rival, either within your company or a competitor, who is willing to do whatever it takes to make your life more difficult and push their agenda. They are likely to be extremely aggressive and cunning, using these skills to bully others so they get their way. Being able to avoid these attacks, or at least being unaffected by them, represents the same in wake life, meaning you have the skills and experience to overcome these challenges.
Husky puppies needing attention My husband and I were sitting talking, he was on one bed, I was on another. The room door was open. Suddenly, three husky wolf pups come in, none of the pups go to my husband, they came straight to me... They were almost playful but they had to have all of my attention. They were all over me licking and pawing at me. This dream has two symbols with almost exact meanings. Imagining yourself in one bed and your husband in another suggests you may be feeling some stress or strain in your relationship with him. Perhaps you have had a disagreement which has pushed you to the edge or there may be outside pressures, such as financial obligations, which have put a wedge between you. This sign is opposed with the image of the husky pups, which symbolize loyalty and devotion. While you may have differences of opinions or varying ways of tackling problems, your husband has your back as much as you have his.
A bear peeking through a window A bear was looking at me in the window trying to tell me something. Seeing a bear in a dream vision can have different meanings depending on your situation. On one hand, this bear may be trying to communicate the rise of a competitor in your place of work. If someone has recently joined your team or switched to your department, you may want to be cautious of their intentions. Another interpretation points toward finding the solution to a problem that has been troubling you for some time. If you can remember any details about the bear's movements or actions, it may help you find the answers you seek.
A lion with a purple mane I was either walking or driving when I came upon a lion with a purple mane. The lion was non-threatening and appeared to be tame. It had the usual coloring of a lion except for the purple mane. Movement in a dream, specifically driving, represents the journey of your life, moving from one phase to another. You may currently be going through a period of growth or are about to embark on a new adventure. On this particular journey, however, you might receive some special guidance as symbolized by the lion. Lions predict being watched over by some higher power or authority, either physical or spiritual. This is also supported by the color purple you saw in the lion's mane which is often associated with royalty. While it is unlikely that the person who helps you is literally a king or queen, they may exhibit kingly traits which you might want to emulate.
A fat yellow cow attacking I dream of a yellow fat cow with horn trying to attack me while I was on the floor. I tried to stop the cow with one of my legs. Dreaming of a fat cow with a horn indicates you have a lot of pent up creative energy that is trying to escape. Trying to stop the cow from attacking you may mean that you feel too busy or stressed to give into these urges, but it might be worth your time and effort to utilize this creative energy. This could be done, for instance, through crafting and selling products online or displaying completed works of art in a gallery.
Taming wild pigs and trying to ride them There were several (6-8) wild pigs. I was with my three new friends trying to control by riding on those uncontrollable, dangerous pigs. I caught one pig by its neck and controlled it and rode on it successfully. In real life I am a 100% vegetarian. Please interpret this dream for me. There are two main opposing symbols in this dream. The first sign, the wild pigs, indicates becoming the target of other people's cruel words and behavior. Some people whom you once considered friends may turn against you or other people you did not know too well may begin to spread unflattering rumors and gossip. However, this part of your dream is juxtaposed to the image of you successfully riding one of the pigs, which suggests that your true friends and family have your back and would stand by you if called upon to do so.
Animals trying to follow into the house I was in a big house filled with my cousin's relatives. There were little kittens coming in from outside. Also, a dog began to come for me on the front porch, so I ran inside and he was scratching at the door, but looked evil and behind him there were beautiful black jaguars. Dreaming about trying to find a refuge or hiding from animals following or chasing you indicates your internal struggle with your instincts and desires you tend to exhibit in situations which may inadvertently harm you. This dream warns you about taking some precautionary measures before things get out of control. The exotic animals, such as black jaguars you noticed in the same dream, could also mean that your most secret desires and wants will never come true, no matter how hard you try.
Letting a cat from outside and onto the bed My dream was of a cat meowing and trying to get into my house. I took the cat in and sat on my bed with the cat stroking it. Hearing a cat meowing for your attention in your dream is a sign of dishonesty. It means you have an untrustworthy friend who is about to confront you and create a lot of misfortune and emotional hurt in your life. Similarly, having a cat lying on the bed with you is bad luck. It indicates that you would experience a series of unfavorable and unfortunate events which would affect your career, project, business or relationship in a negative way. You would try to minimize the damage or take control of the situation, hoping that it would soon pass, but the odds are most likely going to be against you.
A monkey killing a cat Out in the front yard, a monkey was going to kill my cat. I could not stop it. The children could not hear me yell in a sick voice. Monkey and cat are behind some wood, so l could not see what was going on. The cat came out and I saw her die? Aggressive monkeys in a dream is a reflection of your own edgy personality and propensity to succumb to unnecessary conflicts, quarrels and disagreements, most likely within your own household. You could be in a state of being tired, irritated or fed up with daily routines and responsibilities, so you are becoming increasingly snappy and overwhelmed with too many things taking place right in front of your eyes. The vision of the cat dying as a result of the attack may as well point to the possibility of suffering an emotional breakdown or putting someone close to you down, even though you would not have any intentions to cause such a turmoil in the first place.
Chased by a dog in grandmother's house When I was younger, I used to have recurring dreams of being in my grandmother's house. There would be a small dog in the house and every time I would go into one of the rooms, it would be there and chase me. All I remember about it is feeling scared of the dog chasing me. The dream was the same every time. Can you tell me what this dream might mean and why it was a repeating dream? Thank you! Being chased in a dream by anyone or anything is a reflection of things that never found a proper closure. You may have been tormented by the memories of the past or you may have ended up in a situation when you had to leave a place or location which bears a special meaning and significance to you. It is also possible that you have found a safer ground to overcome pains and hurts of the past, but do not feel you are quite there yet.
Fighting with a leopard I was fighting with a wild cat, leopard type of animal. It never hurt me as I was able to fend it off the whole time. Dreaming of coming into contact with a wild cat and not being hurt during the encounter is symbolic of your efforts to express yourself gone bad. You could be trying to find a way to express yourself, but you lack the skills or talents to prevent you from excelling and prevailing in your waking life.
Coming across an injured cat I dreamed about a cat that looked like he was ran over by a car, his one leg was dislocated and full of blood. I picked him up and... woke up. Cats are usually harbingers of misfortune, heralding the arrival of hard times and bad luck. A dead cat further points toward the rise of evil in your life or the temptation to do wrong things. While you may abstain from breaking the law or most moral codes, picking up the cat suggests you may give into your dark desires unless you practice extreme self-control or ask others to help you.
Being offered to buy a small horse in a box Hi, I recently dreamt that I was in an old apartment and a woman was in my old room with a box. Inside the box was a small black horse or foal she was trying to sell me. I initially made a payment towards the horse with a receipt she showed me, but an additional $20 was needed to keep the process going. I realized I didn't have the money, pushed the box with the horse back towards her. I'm a female, please interpret for me? The old apartment you found yourself in suggests that you need to reconcile with someone from your past, either someone you hurt or someone who has hurt you. Forgiveness, whether you were the one at fault, can help begin the healing process and help both of you move on. This might be important for your future because the old woman symbolically represents upcoming difficulties in your life. This person may be helpful in getting through whatever challenges you face. Finally, the image of the horse you are trying to buy predicts being fooled or lied to, leading to the loss of money and face. Whatever happens to you, it is likely to hit you in the pocketbook as well as the heart. You may want to be cautious with your money and only trust the advice of those who truly have your interests in mind.
Chased by a snake which actually needed help Chased by a snake, but turns out the snake was trying to ask for help. It was panting, tongue out and thirsty. Offered water and the snake drank. These are two contradicting symbols, but both visions of having a close contact with the snake and offering it water tell you to open your mind because there is a chance that a great opportunity is coming your way. It could be high time to look around for chances to succeed or take first steps toward accomplishing a goal or making a dream come true. If you remain indolent, someone else could grab and make use of it to their advantage. This possibility is strongly supported by the imagery of the thirsty snake looking for your help in the dream.
Witnessing a horse giving birth to a foal I had a dream that I was visiting a barn with my boyfriend and young son. I look in one of the stalls and there's a large brown mare that had just given birth to a beautiful little brown foal! I was so happy and excited. Then I woke up. Just as a mare cares for her young offspring, so does this dream portend domestic bliss and serenity in your household. Specifically, this usually means having success with domestic chores, like cooking and cleaning, and maintaining a happy, stable atmosphere at home for the benefit of your boyfriend and child. You are likely to be especially content and satisfied during this period, knowing that everything is taken care of to the best of your ability.
Husband carrying a crocodile My husband was carrying a crocodile and walking pass a window and was calling my kids to show them the crocodile. Crocodiles are usually symbolic of lies and deceit originating from someone you trust or someone who is physically close to you. Because your husband is carrying it, this may indicate he has been hiding something from you or not telling you the complete truth. Additionally, his calling of the kids suggests they may be in on it too. This vision gives no indication as to the nature of what is being hidden (i.e. if it is positive, negative, a surprise, etc.), but it may be wise to exercise some caution and take what is said with a grain of salt, unless you are absolutely sure they have good intentions.
Swallowing a mouse and feeling it moving I was in the store with my mom and I ate a mouse in one gulp and felt it moving in my stomach. The center of your dream is the act of eating a mouse. It is a sign of fortune that could happen soon, either as a financial gain or another opportunity. You could and are likely to encounter many obstacles on the road to self-fulfillment, as evidenced by the context of shopping, in which nothing seems "certain" or "guaranteed". Yet, the central act, swallowing the mouse, clearly states that better days are ahead of you, likely as a succession of opportunities which will help you thrive. Still, your immediate plans or calls for action have to be carefully examined when these opportunities and gains become apparent. Your wisdom is the only thing which can help you make the right choice that could lead you towards the things you desire.
Having to take care of a sick piglet and seeing improvements I had a dream that there was a bag full of a lot of piglets and one of them I had to pick out to care for and the one that was mine ended up being the one in the worst condition. It was almost dying and disgusting, lying in green goo. I was more bit of taking care of this piglet because of religious reasons more than anything that I grew up in. I found it very gross but the one tiny little chance I gave to the pig, it quickly came to life began to talk, became happy and I loved it, even turned human and dressed almost beautiful and it called me "mama", just like I told it to call me. This dream is filled with a number of opposing symbols, making it difficult to come to a concise interpretation. It starts on a negative note, as a sickly, dying pig represents experiencing financial hardship. This means you may be struggling at the moment or that, while you are able to cover your basics, you may be falling behind in saving for your future or investing in yourself. Caring for this piglet out of obligation indicates you may be unwillingly doing what you have to do because other people (your parents, supervisors, etc.) expect it of you. However, your choice of this piglet can also indicate becoming satisfied with your life, either because you have risen higher or because you have found a better way to manage what you currently have. In either case, seeing the pig's health improve and then watching it transform into a human predicts an upcoming situation where you must rely on the help and kindness of those in higher places, either to get out of financial trouble or to rise to a better position in life.
A snake suddenly appearing under feet Dreamed that all of a sudden there was a snake under my feet. He was a dark snake. I woke up screaming, because I was so afraid. The sudden appearance of a snake under your feet and your natural reaction to it reveals that you may nurture unfounded fears, including a complex of not being appreciated enough by other people or making others think that your efforts are destined to fail. Such perception of yourself is completely unfounded and does not merit your true abilities. Having an open mind and accepting new opportunities seems to be the road to take in order to change your perspective on life. Despite the endless opportunities you see in your waking life, you may be reluctant to check if any of them could be your lucky chance.
Friendly and not so cows while being chased by soldiers Dreaming of calm water up to my shoulder inside a small house. I opened the front red door to the house and saw a squad of military men that are armed with weapons waiting on a very important person to come, and then seen a cow running towards me aggressively, and I closed the door in fear. I thought "How am I going to get to the other door with all this water I'm in?". I finally walked through the calm water, I was in to the other door and there was another cow waiting for me there. I felt that the cow wasn't aggressive, so I came out the water and the cow came along behind me. This vision has a number of complicated symbols, but there are a few features of importance. The first is finding yourself in a house filled with water, which is symbolic of good and evil forces around you battling for supremacy. You may have felt the pull of one side or another when presented with a choice or an opportunity recently. This may be related to food or sustenance, as cows are often associated with bountiful surplus and prosperity. In this case, then, sharing your riches with others may be the moral obligation you felt drawn to and your desire to provide for and protect your family's interests are the selfish, immoral feelings. This vision is possibly a warning or lesson that there is no right answer. Giving may leave your family vulnerable, but not helping others does not satisfy our desire to be good people. You should weigh the pros and cons of each option carefully before making a decision.
Being thrown across the room by a large dog I dreamt that I was at a friend's house and there were approximately 7 dogs in the living room. When I approached the largest dog (mastiff) to say hello, he picked me up and threw me across the room. Your dream points to a personal lack of altruism and even some sort of frugality that sometimes makes your selfish towards other people. The dog in your dream guarded your friend from what some of the people near you see as possibly deceitful nature. This is a warning sign that a change of heart is required and that people may start to distance themselves from you, perhaps in an orchestrated manner. A careful review of your interpersonal relations is long overdue.
A cow tied to the roof Seen a young fat cow been tied up the roof, struggling to be free. Seeing a fat cow in a dream is an auspicious sign that points toward receiving some well-deserved success and recognition. The rewards you reap from your labor should not be a surprise to you because you have likely been working hard with this goal in mind for a long time. However, seeing the cow tied to the roof indicates there may be at least one more hurdle that is preventing you from attaining your earthly glory. To overcome this, you may need to make one final effort toward your goals, working harder than ever before to put this last piece in its place.
Being attacked by feral wolves I keep having recurring nightmares that feral wolves are chasing me. It's not always the same location, situation or people, but in every dream wolves are trying to attack me and nobody feels threatened or sees them, but me. Everyone seems so calm when they see them or don't believe they're there if they don't see them. Wolves are often connected to the psyche, representing self-confidence or self-efficacy. Seeing wolves attack you, then, can be interpreted as a sign of being your own worst enemy, meaning your lack of confidence or shyness could actually be hurting you. Others may be unaware of the crippling effects of your inner voice, either because you do not reveal your weakness to others or because they are not paying attention. In either case, it may be wise to share your true feelings and insecurities with a trusted person, such as a parent, friend, or professional, who can help you make sense of and outgrow them.
Being attacked by an alligator and no one helping I had a dream that an alligator attacked me and was eating my hands while my mother stood by helpless. An alligator which attacks you in this dream can be interpreted as a sign of upcoming obstacles or difficulties you are about to face. The symbolic representation of your mauled hands indicates there is little or nothing you can do to avoid these troubles, meaning having to deal with the situation as best as you can when you come to it. Your mother, in this case, represents the people in your life who care for you and, while they hate to see you struggle, can do little but be mere observers of your efforts to do your best to reach solid ground again.
Riding on a horse inside a house Sitting on a horse inside my house. Sitting on a horse inside your house is often indicative of receiving an important written correspondence. In wake life, this image is often reminiscent of the Pony Express, representing the exchange of information via writing. The sender is likely someone you are very familiar with, either a family member or business associate, whose words or messages bear enough importance for you to ignore.
Snakes and scorpions I dream about beautiful white snakes and green snakes and a scorpion. I say I will send the scorpion to the pawnshop and anyhow snakes later on. Scorpions often signify vengeance, betrayal or that you may be under another person's control. It could be that you have a friend or friends who are not such good friends as you think they are. The white snake indicates that you may soon discover some unpleasant information, this news is not likely to benefit you, in fact, it could have the opposite effect. Green snakes usually mean parties where there is a lot of alcohol involved. It could be a warning that you tend to associate with people who abuse alcohol or may be prone to excessive alcohol consumption yourself.
Giraffes coming into town I saw many giraffes coming in the town in trucks. Yellow beautiful stripped giraffes. Giraffes can show that you have not yet fully explored the potential that you have inside. They can signify hope, but also, sometimes, danger. If the giraffe or giraffes were looking directly at you, it means that your inner self is going to make bad decisions or do exceptionally good things. Generally, if the giraffes are looking to the right, it is positive and to the left, negative, maybe danger is ahead. The appearance of a truck reinforces the giraffe image, as it also signifies that you have some emotional baggage that may need to be jettisoned.
Helping an injured horse In Germany these people were forcing this white horse to pull something with only three legs, they had the back leg tied up so it could not use it. Later on in the dream I found the same horse laying in the mud, its one back leg was all messed up. I walked up to it to comfort it and it tried to stand up. I tried to keep it from moving and then I woke up. White horses often represent two interconnected events. First, they indicate that you have recently acted in a way that hurts or belittles someone, upsetting them deeply. As a result, this person has likely complained, either formally or informally, about you, causing some gossip and ill rumors. However, despite being in the wrong from the beginning, it is more likely that the other person is to suffer from their criticism rather than you who acted poorly and started this mess. Whether you straighten things out and apologize is unlikely to change the situation, but may temper some of the feelings of animosity between you and the person you may have offended.
Surrounded by grey and white wolves Surrounded by big beautiful grey and white wolves in the late evening. They were not hostile nor was I afraid, neither them nor I made a sound. It's the second time in over a year that I've had this dream. Grey and white wolves around you in your dream could signify that you may be acting or making decisions based on false beliefs. Someone may have told you something which is not true, and you accepted this information as valid and meaningful. You may need to reconsider your ways of communicating with others, especially when their advice or other type of input has no merit or plays against you afterwards. The fact that in your dream the wolves were not threatening at all indicates that these changes are doable and do not require a lot of effort on your part.
A dying dog I keep having a dream about a sick dog which has no eyes and the spot is growing where his face is necrotizing and he is laying in the driveway of a family member. Dreaming about a sickly dog that is missing an eye indicates you rely on others for help and advice but do not show appreciation or gratitude for their assistance. Your tendency to use people without reciprocating or thanking them properly could cause some friction to build up, meaning there is likely to be some conflict or disagreement between you and the people who may have helped you in the past. This could be directly related to the relative you saw in this vision or to your family in general.
Bears attacking Seeing two small black bears attack two young girls, the next night was about a black bear lying on the road. I thought it was dead and then it started moving. It was wearing red pants and I wasn't afraid of it. Black bears are usually interpreted as a sign of declining health or of medical conditions worsening. This is also supported by the image of the bear attacking the young girls, which suggests being overcome by ailments or physical impairments. Envisioning a black bear in the middle of the road could predict receiving or needing the help of your relatives to get through this difficult time. Their love and support are likely vital in keeping your spirits up and motivating you to keep fighting.
Wolves falling on the car from the sky I'm a female and I dreamed I was driving and there were dozens of grey wolves falling from the sky all around me, but they didn't hurt me. One hit the front windshield and just bounced off without damaging the car. Driving in a car is often seen as the symbolic representation of your journey through life. If the road was smooth and straight, it could indicate a peaceful existence at the moment. If, however, the road was bumpy and had many twists and turns, it could suggest experiencing troubles or disappointment. Grey wolves are often interpreted as a sign of someone getting involved in your love life, like a matchmaker or a well-meaning relative. This could be a positive sign leading to an encounter with your soul mate, but given the number of wolves, it may also predict many people prying into your private affairs, which could be annoying or tiresome.
Puppies getting out of the cage and biting on the hand I had a dream where I was in a room. There were two black dogs in a cage in the room. I'm scared of dogs in the physical, so my first reaction in the dream was fear. I was scared of them coming out. They barked like I was a stranger and then one made it out of the cage and the other followed. They came up to me and I discovered they were puppies. I could feel familiar people around and heard myself calling out to them to call their dogs to order, but no one answered. I then reached out to pick one and it bit my fingers and trapped them in its mouth. Then someone came and took the dog from my hand. This is rather a surprising dream in a sense that it starts out fairly positive but quickly becomes bad. The big dogs you see in the cage represent your ability to overcome the challenges and obstacles life places in your path. When the dogs get out, it shows the success coming toward you and entering your life, making you feel happy and confident in your abilities. However, this is juxtaposed by the sound of barking, which predicts receiving bad news. Within the context of this dream, it may seem like you have successfully moved forward, but someone is telling you that you have not won or that your quest remains incomplete. This situation is likely to leave you feeling confused and irritated, which is symbolized by the dog bite you had to endure.
A gorilla tying a lion A gorilla was tying a lion with a rope. A gorilla can represent a difficult personal struggle, sometimes involving false friends or business partners, while seeing a lion in your dreams could indicate that you're being aided or directed by forces beyond your comprehension. Seeing a gorilla tie a rope around a lion's neck, in this case, suggests that the lion is being tamed, meaning you may have an opportunity to take control of the situation for your own benefit and come out victorious.
Getting closer with a beautiful horse A young beautiful rust-colored horse. Running free, yet open to my call. Coming on my call to put our heads together and meet eye to eye. Horses in a dream usually symbolize energy, and the rust color of this horse's fur can be connected to actions triggered by emotions. Therefore, there are two possible interpretations for this vision. If you are normally an energetic and happy person, you are well-positioned to act in such a manner, although you should be careful not to rely on your emotions in all cases. If you have been feeling sad and down for some reason recently, this dream could be a sign that things are starting to look up for you.
A squid in a fish tank I dreamed of a squid in a fish tank, I think it was white. Dreams about observing sea life in a fish tank could predict experiencing a short decline in business or work-related activities you are presently involved in. Possible reasons for such a slow-down could include needing time to relax, spending more time with family members, friends or people you care about. The white color of the creature signifies that this short break would not disrupt your everyday routines or ability to earn income.
Dealing with an otter and platypus I dreamt that I was going out to my back lanai and found a mummified baby otter. I went to pick it up to discard it and out of nowhere a platypus appeared on my lanai trying to take it from me, so I dropped the baby otter, but the platypus kept coming after me. I was trying to knock on the glass door to get help but no one came. Then the dream shifted. Although there is no precise interpretation for the combination of the animals you were dealing with in this dream, in general, dreams containing images of exotic, unusual or rarely encountered animals contain a prediction that your most secret desires and wants you may have at the moment do not have a great chance to come true or materialize. The vision of the platypus by itself reveals that you tend to depend on other people's decisions and rather be a follower than a leader, which is also supported by the notion of needing to get help to no avail in this dream.
A yellow snake in the corner of the room A yellow cobra upright in the corner was hovering over me when I awaken, then it moved back to the corner of my bedroom and just looked towards me and then slowly disappeared. Seeing a yellow or bronze-colored snake nearby in your dream could be an indication of existing feelings of jealousy directed at you. Someone in your social circle could be envious of your success or recent accomplishments. This person may be determined to do everything in his or her ability to compete with you and possibly take your place. Regardless of whether you already identified their presence or only suspect possible rivalry, you need to be more vigilant and attentive to maintain your current position.
Fighting with a bear and winning My friend had a dream of me, fighting a bear he said, the bear had me by the neck as I attacked it with a "bear claw attack" lol. As he broke the fight up, I stood up and said "I'm good, let's go again". He said me and the bear where the same height and both me and the bear were brutally injured, but the bear ran. Seeing you fighting with a bear experienced in a dream by others reflects your behavior when faced with rivals or competitors. Witnessing you being determined to continue the fight could be pointing to your tendency to provoke conflicts and challenge other people to direct confrontation even though their original intentions are not a real threat or menace to you. Overall, this dream could be revealing how your friends see you in real life and if they are not happy with these aspects of your personality, it could ultimately put your friendship with them at risk.
Horses in a lake There were horses in a lake and they started running around in a circle creating a whirlpool that kept rising higher and higher. The images in this vision are fairly straightforward, but the interpretation could have dual meaning. Horses, especially those that are running, represent your energy in life. In this case, they show an abundance of energy which creates a whirlpool. The whirlpool, however, represents rising challenges in your life which make it difficult to make progress. This dream, then, has two possible meanings. If you tend to have trouble focusing your energy in wake life, this could be a sign that you are working against yourself. If you have felt tired and listless lately, it could predict an increase in energy which gives you the strength to overcome the obstacles in your path.
A monkey stealing a knife Dreamt a monkey climbing off a tree and took my knife, so I told its young one to get me my knife and in exchange I would give the young one good food. It agreed. Having your knife stolen by a monkey suggests that the rivals at your place of work or personal business competitors may be growing bolder in their moves against you. This could mean direct efforts to sabotage your current plans and position, or it could predict gossip and bullying becoming more pronounced. In either case, the knife itself represents material loss and disappointment, meaning you are unlikely to get out of this conflict unscathed. However, your cunning in getting the monkey's offspring to do your bidding may indicate that you have the ability to turn this situation around and gain the upper hand.
Trying to ride an elephant submerged in water An elephant is submerged in water and I want to ride on it, but cannot mount it. Seeing an elephant in the water points to upcoming problems and challenges in your everyday life. If you let these situations get out of control, they could end up making you more anxious and preoccupied as things escalate. On the bright side, it is unlikely that these issues will last too long. Just show perseverance and you might just come out on the other side stronger than when it all started.
A dog protecting from an unpleasant man I was walking down a grassy field, with a couple dogs walking around me, I couldn't see them, then I saw a man from behind, he looked like an ex from years ago, not a nice man. I only saw him from behind and he was walking towards a wooded forest and I was following him for some reason with the dogs. Then all of a sudden one of the dogs jumped on me and pushed me to the ground and held its paw on my chest to hold me down, lovingly looked at me and then started barking and growling at the man as he kept walking and his pace quickened and he disappeared into the woods. Walking through a grassy field in a dream vision is often indicative of being in a good place in your life, meaning you are happy and well-off financially. This is likely due to your thrifty, prudent nature. You are not wasteful nor do you take people or things for granted. This happy scene is threatened, however, by the man you thought you recognized. The dog, which knocks you down and protects you, represents your internal desire to not return to previous times of sadness and hardship (likely brought about by others). If you have recently been invited to some event to rekindle the past or have had someone suggest going back to an old way of doing things, you may want to stick with what works for you.
A cow munching on the hand A cow with a big sharp horns came towards me, I was scared, but it was wanting my hand in her mouth, she raised her mouth making sure I am not hurt by horns, as if trying to tell me something, took my palm in her mouth and I could feel teeth, but softly touching my palms, I was still scared. Then I felt teeth hurting my palm, I got more scared and I tried to pull my hand out, but it won't open its mouth and then I started hitting its neck and mouth, which opened and I took my hand out. Cows are considered holy in some cultures. Their appearance in dreams symbolizes prosperity, ample food, as well as feelings of love and affection towards a maternal or authority figure. Your hand pertains to your personal will while the palm represents your fate. Being scared of the cow biting your hand indicates your fear of losing control of your own life. The notion that the cow avoids hurting you directly with its horns suggests a gentler way of persuading you to enter into an arrangement which could possibly have major repercussions in your future, and seeing it sinking its teeth on your palm signify a shift of influence and power from you to the other party. While you manage to extricate your hand from the mouth of the cow, hitting its neck and mouth could mean getting your way or regaining your freedom at the cost of hurting someone or damaging something precious.
A friendly lion entering the house I had a dream where I was given a gift by someone I don't know, as I was taking it, inside my house a lion appeared in the door and removed it from my palm. As I was crying and running away, the lion came after me and hugged me telling me to stop crying and told me that it was my friend and was not to harm me, then I woke up. What can be the interpretation please? Receiving a gift in a dream vision pertains to anticipation of a reward or credit for your hard work and industry, whether it is true or you just think you need to be rewarded. The lion in this vision represents both positive and negative traits you have, which could either help you get ahead or pull you down. The final outcome, such as success or failure, depends on whichever aspect of your personality dominates you at the moment. On the one hand, the lion's strength and power can give you a leg up in life. On the other hand, if you let the selfish and domineering aspects take the reins, it could be detrimental to your success.
Shooting animals which got into a part of the house I dreamt my girlfriend and I were in the living room watching TV when we heard a loud noise. When I checked to see what it was, I saw that the sliding door to the sun room had been left open and there were two black panthers and a black wolf inside. I ran outside and around the house and closed the sliding door locking them in the sun room and then told my girlfriend to grab the gun which I then stuck through a cracked open window to the sun room and killed all three. I didn't really feel fearful that I remember. I just remember seeing the animals and knowing what needed to be done. The color black in a dream usually means bad omen. The juxtaposition of the sun room to the darkness of the animal invaders coupled with your protective instinct could mean that you might encounter troublesome people in your life who would try to threaten your peaceful existence or relationships. The panthers exemplify devious friends or acquaintances who might take advantage of your good will. The wolf, on the other hand, characterizes someone who is antagonistic, aggressive, and cunning. Killing the animals suggests overpowering your enemies and detractors. Notably, killing a wolf representing betrayal, could also be tied to the revelation of secrets. This vision is telling you to take a stand and be decisive whilst being calm and calculating to thwart anyone planning to take advantage of you or your family members.
A mouse eating another one A mouse eating another mouse. One mouse was still alive at the time, and not moving. The dominant mouse had no fear when I saw it eating the other. Mice are often symbolically linked with experiencing difficulties and troubles in wake life. Much like a rodent infestation is an inconvenience for a household, so does this symbol represent unpleasant developments in the near future. The image of one mouse eating another, however, is more telling. It suggests an "out of the frying pan and into the fire" type of situation in which your efforts to fix one problem land you in even hotter water. While it may be difficult to resist the urge to fiddle with things that are not going your way, you are likely better off waiting for the bad times to pass lest you make an even bigger mess.
Frogs multiplying inside the house Small frogs jumping into my home, I welcomed them telling all not to be afraid. Then they got bigger and started multiplying. I became afraid and asked all around to help me get rid of them and we then cleared them all. Despite the feeling of fear, dreaming of frogs inside your home is actually a positive sign. The jumping and multiplying frogs in your living quarters indicate a period of peace and happiness. This favorable time may be marked by certain personal and professional achievements which would bring you much joy and contentment. The fear may be coming from your anxiety that things are happening too fast and too soon. In order to fully take advantage of the coming opportunities, you need to become prepared to handle them.
A close encounter with a black bear while camping I was traveling North and came to a place to camp. I was cooking fish on a campfire, when a black bear walked on two legs and sat with me. I shared my food with him and then went to sleep. When I awoke, he was gone and had left a dead rabbit behind. A piece of paper was tied to the rabbit with his paw print on it. This dream vision of coming into contact with a black bear while camping and sharing your food with the animal is symbolic of a new awakening in your life. You may have carried the burden of guilt over past actions for a long time which ate at you from the inside until you felt empty and hollow. However, as you come to terms with what has passed and focus your energy on creating a brighter future, you experience this vision which represents an emotional, mental, and possibly spiritual coming of age. During this period of growth and maturity, you can look back at what had occurred in the past and take steps to not only make amends, but also to prevent the same situation from happening again.
Calves grazing in an abandoned city Had a dream about black and white spotted calves grazing separately in what was like an abandoned city. Each calf was by itself grazing peacefully. There was a total of nine calves, but all were by themselves. Black and white calves grazing peacefully in this dream are a sign of an upcoming opportunity to make more money or to get some bonus for extra services provided. This could be an unexpected assignment at work or perhaps tips from some type of service-related job. In either case, you should be careful about how far you push yourself to make a few extra bucks. The number nine indicates mental fatigue and stress brought on by extra work, and the abandoned state of the city suggests being left alone and helpless, so maybe you should put your health and sanity before monetary gains.
Falling off a cliff and surrounded by wolves I am running from something, then I fall off a cliff and stay in a fetal position while I hear wolves surrounding me, but they just snarl and sniff, never harm me. I've had this dream for 16 years now. Just curious on what that means? To fully understand this vision, we need to look at the signs in reverse order. Being surrounded by and hearing wolves suggests you sense the presence of people around you who you think can do you harm. These are likely in the form of fake friends who are "wolves in sheep's clothing." This is preceded by falling off of a cliff, which indicates constant anticipation of some terrible events befalling you, possibly as a result of bullying or hateful gossip by your "friends." You may have realized this situation is a possibility, which is seen in the image of you running from something perceived to be a threat. You recognize the need for change and understand the importance of getting out of this predicament, but cannot pull yourself together to make it happen, thus causing the dream to keep occurring.
Killing mice I caught multiple gray mice in a white bowl and tried to smother them with my hands. One of them looked at me the whole time. Killing multiple gray mice suggests triumph over your rivals. You might assume a coveted position or receive incentives over your colleagues. In addition, there is an element of jealousy or scheming from your competitors as manifested by the gaze of one mouse. Maybe someone is fixating on you and analyzing your every move. Capitalizing on your capabilities and hard work could give you a leg up from other contenders.
Frightened by a walrus A large walrus with big teeth and a hairy mustache, it was frightening. Dreaming about a walrus which is large and frightening suggests you have a lack of self-control both over your actions and thoughts. You probably get worked up over small things easily and have fears which are blown out of proportion. You may need to spend more time and energy forcing yourself to be rational in the face of things that aggravate and scare you, though the results are likely to improve your quality of life and your interpersonal relationships.
A monkey befriending son I was riding on a scooter and had food hidden beneath fabric in the back of the electric scooter. I stopped and got off and my son began walking up to a tree full of monkeys and went straight to this big grayish monkey. I was worried, but he just sat in his lap and monkey put his arm around my son and stared at me. I was not afraid, but firmly pointed to him and to myself to let monkey know it was my child. I felt a deeper understanding for the monkey because as a mother myself, we understood each other. Riding a scooter in your dream suggests that you are navigating your way through life guided by your intuition rather than emotion. There is a balance of being carefree and cautious in how you are raising your child. The bump in the road materializes in the appearance of the tree full of monkeys, an omen of an illness. There is a possibility that you or someone very close to you may succumb to an ailment. Your calm demeanor in the vision indicates your fortitude in the face of impending trials. Finally, depending on the disposition of the monkeys, this epiphany could similarly be an assurance that throughout your difficulties, you will find yourself in the company of positive people who will provide humor and optimism when you need them the most.
Being chased by black bears I was floating in the river and then someone yelled my name and told me I was on my own. I looked up and there was a black bear swimming towards me. I tried to swim away, but then stopped because there was nothing I could do. When I stopped, the bear stopped, then I got to land and then ran and when I looked behind me, there were hundreds of black bears running towards me and I found a group of people to help me, but they just stood around and watched all the bears running by. Floating peacefully down a river suggests you are generally a positive person who looks on the bright side of life. You also tend to have good luck, mostly because your attitude keeps you from giving up before you get what you want. However, the image of the black bear coming towards you indicates an upcoming illness which may blindside you completely. Seeing multiple bears could predict something quite serious that may require hospitalization or long-term recovery. You should keep a watch for changes in your body and try to maintain the positive energy which has already served you so well thus far.
A close encounter with a black bear I was driving down the road on to a bridge... I felt as though I should go back home, but for some reason I thought it was to deep to go back. Then I felt I needed to get out of the vehicle... I climbed on top of a building and the water was almost as high as the building... I started to call for help and that only called a big black bear... He stared towards me and that is when my fiance woke me up. I'm 15 weeks pregnant... The bear was all black with brown nose.... Help!!! Thanks a lot... Dreaming about driving across a bridge symbolically represents life transitions. Given your relatively recent pregnancy, it likely refers to upcoming motherhood and the changes it brings to all aspects of your situation until now. Your desire to turn back and get out of the car (preventing movement down the road) indicates some fear or hesitation about the path ahead, which is understandable in this situation. In fact, your instincts regarding this are probably spot on, as the black bear which comes towards you represents the onset of health problems, either for you or your child. It might be wise to follow your heart and get a check up from the doctor if things do not feel right.
Petting a horse that came by the house I seen a loose horse roaming around the outside of my house. I was inside my house and looking out the window. I tapped on the window when the horse started to pass and it got startled, then noticed it was me and turned around and came back towards me. It then stuck its head into the window to be pet. I pet it, but then started to walk away to have somebody come look. The horse kept trying to stretch its neck out further and further to keep up with me walking away. Horses generally imply strength and power. The horse in your dream was friendly, hence portends good luck in your career and in your personal life. Horses also represent raw, physical energy as well as sexuality. Perhaps you are now just trying to control certain urges or tame your rebellious nature. The context and the surroundings of the dream are also important in the interpretation of your dream. The horse inside your home, even sticking its head into your window, indicates a fairly important message, a possible written notification, coming from a close kin, business acquaintance or a friend. This context in relation to the symbol of the horse seems to suggest the possibility of good news enabling you to gain momentum, some traction in a business venture or personal pursuit on your way to being more in control of your life. Curbing your impulsiveness is key to the window of opportunity coming your way.
Chasing after a rabbit Someone had a dream twice about me pursuing a rabbit for eating my vegetables. But I wasn't able to get the rabbit after 5 hours of chasing after it. When I was tired, the rabbit then sat down and mocked at me with its nose. In the 2nd dream I sustained injuries while chasing after the rabbit. Please what does this dream mean? Running after or chasing a rabbit in dreams points to trivial or annoying hindrances to the development or progress at work or in your personal life. Rabbits typically represent good luck, success and power. On a more personal note, they symbolize fertility, warmth and intimacy. It is possible that you are seeking some sort of fulfillment, whether romantically or professionally. This sense of accomplishment perhaps evades you at the moment, but your persistence and motivation keep you on track in pursuing your goal. However, this vision cautions you from being too aggressive and single-minded, as your efforts could end up backfiring. Practice prudence in your plans lest things get out of hand.
Cows in an abandoned house attacking Male, 25 years. Last night I saw a dream. It is an old broken room without the roof. The doors are broken and there are holes 1-2 feet large in the walls. I saw there was a cow with its newly-born baby. Someone told me that a mother cow will attack anyone who tries to harm its baby. I move forward, there is another room in the same condition, but the cow in this room just attacked without caring for its offspring and looking angry and tried to break through the wall to attack me. The old, broken house you saw in your vision, complete with cracks and a missing roof, indicates changes in your life that are not for the better. For example, you may find that you have to move house, not because you want to, but because some outside forces are prompting this change. This sign can also represent sickness and death within the family or a close circle of friends. The second sign further supports this notion. While a cow and calf normally represent fortune and luck, the angry disposition and attack point toward internal frustration at your situation, meaning wealth and opportunity are just beyond your grasp, but you are powerless to get it at the moment.
A fox eating a racoon alive In my dream, I saw a fox running, not too hurried, but just going a way. From this fox, under its belly, I saw another tail, which I thought looked like the tail of a stray cat we have here. Then I saw a raccoon chasing the fox, and attacking its belly. The raccoon kept tearing at the fox's belly, ripping its flesh open to reveal a smaller raccoon, still alive inside that the fox had eaten. The other raccoon had saved it. What does this mean? It feels significant. I am female. Foxes, just as in wake life, are often associated with lies and deceit. This vision then of a racoon inside a fox could indicate that, in order to cover one lie, another must be told. This means that the liar (either you or someone you have the opportunity to observe on a fairly regular basis) may find themselves almost exposed leading to another lie to cover up the tracks of the first. Whether or not the liar learns from this situation and gives up such a way of behaving or not is unclear, but the fact that the animal which was eaten was still alive may indicate that this is far from over.
A dog jumping over a fence Someone made the dog jump over a fence, but the dog gets hurt. A dog in the context of a dream embodies characteristics such as loyalty, generosity and being protective. The fence can be interpreted to have a positive or negative meaning depending on the situation experienced in a dream. On a positive note, fences serve as protection from external dangers and a need for privacy. The negative connotations include barriers, obstacles or confinement. Jumping over the fence could be indicative of a desire to break free from the confines of a situation or a relationship. Your instincts for self-preservation may be kicking in from feeling trapped in an unhealthy pattern of behavior or partnership. But freedom comes at a cost and it is unlikely to come out of it unscathed. Whether or not it is worth the risk is up to you.
Killing a pregnant crab There was a pregnant crab hiding in the drain pipe of my basin. And the only way I could get it out was by killing it, so it wouldn't pinch me. But it struggled to die. I think I eventually got it out, but it was half alive. I knew this cos it was still trying to pinch my hands. Crabs in dreams represent determination and stubbornness. They could also reflect clingy behavior and a futile attempt to hang on to something or someone. The pregnant crab in your dream alludes to a downward spiral, when improper behavior is giving way to more complications and putting you in a compromising situation. Alternatively, a destructive relationship may be becoming more burdensome and it would be easier to cut ties rather than drag it out to your detriment. The drain, meanwhile, implies release and removal of undesirable aspects of your life. As such, your subconscious is telling you to do away with the things that are obstructing your path to personal development. Cleaning up your act and your life by letting go of certain things, behavior and connections won't be easy, especially for those with a strong hold on you, however, your will and resolve could get you back on course.
Attacked by wolves on the street I was at my grandparent's house, I left to go to work and saw wolves gathered across the street trying to get into a house. They didn't notice me, so I kept going. However, upon arrival to my grandparents' house, they did notice me and three of the six were attacking me. I was screaming, my grandparents raced onto the front porch, and I was being killed. Being attacked by wolves with a fatal outcome in this dream is an ominous sign which indicates unnecessary suffering caused by your inability to stand up for yourself or be open in front of others. You may think that others do not think badly of your shyness, as seen in the wolves initial ignorance of your presence, but the truth is that many people in your life think you are either reticent because you do not care or because you think you are too good for them. To remedy this situation, you may have to make special efforts to express your feelings clearly and kindly engage others to communicate their thoughts and opinions.
Being attacked by dogs and dying There were two black dogs above me looking down at me with their master who was standing there looking at me. Then, he let them go and they attacked me by biting my neck and I knew in my dream that this killed me. The symbol of a black dog or dogs in dreams is commonly viewed as a negative omen. Seeing one or more of these animals attacking you often portends a falling out with someone close to you. A friend or confidant may soon betray your trust and gravely disappoint you. The fact that the dogs' owner was a male could be a hint about the identity of whoever may end up causing trouble for you.
A sick dying dog covered in blood Dreamed about a random sick dog was lying near my car whimpering, covered in blood. Dog's fur was all pink (stained from blood). What does this mean? Death? Dogs in dreams, just like their nickname "man's best friend" implies, could indicate the presence of someone in your life to whom you feel you owe some sort or loyalty. You may not actually get along with or even like this person, but something seems to prevent you from severing the bond between the two of you, whether it is blood, a common activity or a shared experience. However, seeing a dog dying from an unseen cause suggests that something may come between you two which would end the relationship quickly and without any pain for either side, possibly causing you to feel relief and satisfaction.
Being surrounded by red wolves while walking I was walking with a wagon and walked up on three red wolves. The alpha howled and then they tan up to me growling and gnashing, but never attacked me. The alpha came up from the back and went for my wagon which contained two pit bulls and my two children. I then woke up. The wolf as a symbol in a dream refers to predatory individuals lurking in your life. The pit bull represents your protective and defensive side. It is possible that you are feeling threatened by the presence or suspicion of a competitor or a stranger in your social circle. Your survival instinct is kicking in as manifested in this dream. Keep your eyes peeled for people who may be trying to take advantage of you.
Rabbits with cat faces spreading fleas around It was black rabbits, small ones, like 3 or 4. They came into my house and cats were there too, but the fleas jumped off the black rabbits and started attacking and biting me. I was scared and didn't want to go back to my house. Also the rabbits had cat-looking faces, but rabbit bodies. Black rabbits in this dream symbolize growing disappointment in your own behavior and actions, particularly in your interactions with others. You may have had a shorter fuse when dealing with co-workers or those who rely on you for guidance, making your irritable and susceptible to bouts of anger not proportional to the event that caused them. You may also fear that your lack of kindness and compassion may put you at risk for being the subject of gossip, as it is likely that others have noticed how you treat those under you. You may want to find ways to be more personable and try to get ahold of your temper when dealing with others.
Playing with a young rabbit Playing with a baby rabbit. Playing with a baby rabbit represents a subconscious desire to have a lot of children. Some part of you that you may not want to recognize wishes to enjoy a life filled with children's laughter. The joy of a big family is something that calls to you in this vision.
A fox and dogs in cages I dreamt of a fox in a cage that was open. I tried calling it out, however it remained still. There were cages beside it with dogs in it. The cages were locked except for the fox's cage. Dreaming about foxes and dogs seems to indicate that you are about to play a dangerous game of truth and lies with enemies. Dogs tend to be associated with humans, so having dogs in a locked cage suggests the presence of rivals or enemies whom you seek to defeat and make impotent by limiting their movements. The open fox cage may represent the unleashing of your full ability to manipulate a situation to your advantage, especially by utilizing tricks and lies to get your way.
Family member attacked by a wolf I dreamed that my children's father was attacked by a vicious grey wolf behind my house after he left my house. Wolves in dreams represent strength, survival and pride. To dream that your children's father was attacked by a wolf alludes to your expectations of his responsibilities towards your children. Alternatively, you could also be concerned that he is unable to effectively perform his duties as a father due to his other commitments or problems he may be dealing with. The dream is reminding you to remain open-minded regarding each other's parental responsibilities, especially when they could affect the children's well-being.
Cows being roasted outside by men Cows were being put into an outside brick oven. They both had horns. The bottom cow was red, the other black cow was put on top of the red one. Men were adding coal to heat the fire hotter. And other men were pouring water on the cows. Red cows symbolically represent fire, and seeing one in a dream vision suggests being near a fire or a victim of arson in the future. Black cows also have a negative connotation, pointing toward physical discomfort, the onset of disease, and sometimes even death. In your vision, however, the cows were being cajoled into an oven for roasting, which indicates avoiding the negative consequences foretold.
Cats with tails up What does it mean to have cats in your dream with their tail straight up? When a cat's tail is straight up, it is a sign of confidence. Hence, if you dream of a cat in this stance, it refers to a healthy self-esteem and a sense of independence. You may be feeling secure about your present status at work or in your personal life. Alternatively, the cat could symbolize a catty or cunning person in your social circle. It is likely that this individual has an attitude of entitlement and evokes feelings or frustration and annoyance in you.
Not able to escape from tiger attack I am chased by a tiger and it catches me and begins to bite and maul me, but I am moving in slow motion, but the tiger is at normal speed. Tigers are generally considered an ill omen, and being attacked by an aggressive tiger in a dream vision is often associated with the idea of negative energy in your life. More specifically, not only does this vision suggest bad vibes and the stress which accompany this kind of existence, but it also predicts soon becoming isolated from others who are not going through such a difficult situation themselves. Your failure to outrun or escape the tiger further indicates the severity of this issue and your inability to overcome it any time soon.
Mother cat with kittens Hi! I dreamed about a blind, white kitten being chased away by its mother, also a white cat. There was another kitten, which the mother was keeping with herself. I saved the blind one and it cuddled up to me readily. I dreamed of it happening on the terrace of my apartment complex really late at night and my mother and two dogs were with me. None of the cats were aggressive towards me or my mum and dogs. I'd be grateful if you could help. I don't usually see such dreams. Thank you! Kittens refer to transition. Being chased away by its white cat mother is her way of encouraging the kitten to become more independent. On the other hand, it could also be a sign of rejection. Perhaps someone close to you is in the process of emancipation and getting ready to face adult life's problems and responsibilities. This person's lack of support from the family may push his or her into your direction to ask for help. Welcoming the kitten in your embrace refers to your generosity and desire to help out people in need. Perhaps your family's good will may soon come in handy.
A small brown dog coughing I dreamt about a small brown dog coughing outside my dinning room window. What does it mean? This dream represents an ominous portent. Seeing a brown dog outside your house predicts the possibility of being invited to engage in illegal activities. Should you accept such an invitation, things could spiral out of control making you wish you had not gotten involved in the first place.
A white otter Otter. White otter. Seeing a white otter is often considered the manifestation of negative feelings toward other people, specifically being envious of or coveting what does not belong to you. This situation can only turn out badly should you continue to pursue your desires blindly instead of finding more productive ways to spend your time.
Being in a boat and then chased by a dog My dream starts out in a boat with me, my 2 brothers and some random person and everyone around us in other boats are dead. Then we get to a house and they put us to hide in a bath tub. Then we come out of the tub and we see a dog and we go outside and it starts to chase us. While running, I hold on to my brothers and the dog was getting close. I think the dog was a husky. This vision seems to be the manifestation of the opposition you face in wake life on your journey to find out who you are, where you come from, and where you are meant to go. The first symbol, being in a boat, suggests you are looking for answers to life's most important and meaningful questions, but have yet to learn the answers to the questions you seek. Hiding in a bathtub, however, suggests you have had no luck in your endeavors, most likely because the people you need to ask are not around or the sources of knowledge you need are unattainable. This is followed by the image of the dog chasing you which, unfortunately, seems to predict further opposition should you continue searching. You may have to be extremely persistent, diligent and creative to get to the bottom of this situation.
Mules on a mountain slope A herd of dark-colored mules running up a steep green mountain. Mules are generally positive signs to see in dream visions, as they represent hard work and perseverance, especially under pressure. In this case, the mules seem to represent you, meaning you do your best to be productive and helpful in most circumstances. The steepness of the mountain may seem like a bad sign, but you probably like a challenge. The green color of the mountain points toward hard-earned victory and a tendency to get things done no matter the odds.
Wolves devouring real-life enemies In my dream wolves totally devoured the flesh off one person, ate out the entire throat of another, and partially ate out the throat of the other person. These three people live under the same roof as I do, and are enemies who recently hurt me. I had this dream after the fact. This dream depicting wolves attacking and killing people you know in wake life, particularly those who have hurt and disappointed you, is a negative sign often thought to be the manifestation of your darkest feelings at this time. The wolves themselves point toward disappointment and regret over the time and energy that was wasted on these individuals, so your subconscious is probably trying to get revenge for their deeds to you, even there is not much you can do at this point, as you probably realize.
Someone being chased by a buffalo A buffalo chasing someone. Seeing someone being chased by a buffalo is a representation of your own inner struggle. You may have some tendencies or traits that tend to get you into trouble. You may also be repressing these traits of your personality to fit in better with friends, coworkers or family. This, in turn, could be causing you some undue stress.
Being overpowered by an unfriendly dog A dog holding me real hard and he is not letting me go. If I move he gets mad. Dogs in dreams symbolize loyalty and protection. Someone close to you, possibly a confidant, may be becoming a little too overbearing and controlling. The strong hold on you is a sign of great dependency and unwillingness to share you with other people. Alternatively, this could also signify betrayal. If the person you trust suddenly gets hurt for some reason, he or she could end up breaking your trust. Hence, tread carefully in dealing with friends who may be a little too close for comfort. If you allow this person to overstep the boundary, they could soon start feeling entitled to your attention and affection.
Feeding fish with fish and buying birds I have been having the same kind of dream for past two days. Earlier I saw that I am feeding small fishes in a pond and the feed is also a fish. Then I saw an ill hen and love birds in a cage at my grandfather's home. Also, the same day, I saw my father in extreme stress. Next day, I saw that I went to shopping for birds but didn't buy any, so the shopkeeper asked me to see some more upstairs, but there I saw some birds alive in a plastic bag and a snake trying to kill them, but eventually it was killed by the shopkeeper. The combination of symbols encountered in your dream points to several personal issues. Feeding fish to fishes in a pond alludes to your competitive spirit. The fishes are your opponents and you are playing them for fools. The scenes involving a hen at your grandfather's home and your father in extreme stress points to familial problems. There could be a part of you missing and yearning the love and affection from your loved ones. For the second dream, birds symbolize freedom as well as aspirations. Maybe a snake, an individual who appear as a threat, is smothering you, holding you back from spreading your wings and realizing your potential. Your subconscious is telling you to take take charge of all your issues, be the shop keeper and keep the animals - your personal demons, in place to put your existence in proper order.
A gazelle and a friendly lion in a pool Noticed what appeared to be the body of a gazelle in a deep pool of water, a lion appeared and came out of the pool and followed me. Others were less concerned and he approached me and I was able to pat him. He was as calm as a golden retriever! Observing an image of a gazelle in the pool is akin to looking into your consciousness and seeing the possibility of something still undiscovered within you. Gazelles typically symbolize gracefulness, beauty and love. The appearance of the lion after the gazelle's manifestation refers to a romantic prospect. Your vision alludes to the possibility of meeting a potential partner if you learn to channel the gazelle within you. Perhaps this individual is already present in your life, otherwise one of you may soon make this encounter possible. Like a tame lion, this prospect may appear aloof at first, but you would be able to bring out their softer side.
Being chased by various animals Hey, I had dreams of animals chasing me, sometimes goats, sometimes bulls and sometimes lions. I saw these dreams repeatedly. Please interpret. Finding yourself being chased by several kinds of animals in your dream predicts periods of great joy and happiness ahead of you. If these creatures were drawn or attracted to you for some reason, it is symbolic of blessings which are about to come your way. Alternatively, if you feared the animals in this dream, then you are either running away from your desires or suppressing anger in the real world.
Trying to fight with a hyena Sitting at a picnic table with April, who was eating a sandwich. What looked like a dog ran by with something in its mouth. I went to investigate and found a hyena eating a small boy wearing a blue shirt (6-9) on the road. I started yelling at it and someone yelled "It will see you before it hears you", so I picked up a stick and threw it at the hyena and it charged me, so I went to kick it like a football. Hyenas are known for the sound they make which comes across as mocking laughter. Due to this salient characteristic of this animal, they have come to represent greedy and cunning personalities in the dream world. There could be someone in your life who is acting like a freeloader or worse, taking credit for your hard work. This individual may be in your inner circle, hence he or she can secretly take advantage of your trust and generosity. The boy eaten by the hyena symbolizes the more innocent and naive side of yourself. In the context of your dream, the wicked figure in your social circle is in fact playing you for a fool. This dream vision is your subconscious alerting you about certain individuals who are out to get you and bring you down. Keep your guard up and your wits about you.
Black goats entering the house I saw a dream where I saw two to three blacks goats entering my home from our other home. I tried to stop them and send them back, but I can't do that. The most importantly, when goats enter the home, it was a bit a dark inside the home. Dreams that center around the idea of goats entering your home are often considered negative in nature. Usually, they are indicative of your personal tendency to put people off or rub them the wrong way. This means your behavior or words may make others uncomfortable or even angry. The darkness you noticed could suggest a darkness within you that others recognize when you interact with them. You may want to be more careful in your daily communication.
Being bitten by a cat Bitten by a cat Being bitten by a cat means that you need to be aware of those around you who may have the potential to be liars and manipulators. You may also have to watch out for those who will betray other people present in your life and make things miserable for them and you if you do not manage to find out who these traitors are.
Monkeys and coworkers together I had a dream about two monkeys. Not sure what one monkey was doing. He was just being silly, I think. The other monkey was rubbing my feet. As he was rubbing my feet, he was showing/baring his teeth to others, I think my boss. My boss was there with me and he and I and another coworker were just being silly and joking around. What does this mean? Monkeys are symbolically associated with immaturity, so the connection between the monkeys playing and your co-workers joking around is fairly strong. In this case, the monkey showing hostility toward your boss, in conjunction with the previous sign, could be an indicator of poor work ethic (also applicable to your boss, as he or she could represent the work situation as a whole). On its own, this vision does not seem to predict negative or positive consequences of your current behavior, although it may be wise to consider reevaluating your work-related activities and methods to avoid potential problems.
A grizzly bear attacking I have been constantly having this dream about a large grizzly bear that roams around my neighborhood and it keeps attacking my friends and loved ones. It seems that whenever someone tries to run from it, it attacks. I have not yet been attacked, nor am I ever afraid in the dreams, but it is definitely very eerie. Whenever it attacks it is very brutally. This recurring dream of an aggressive grizzly bear incessantly hunting down your friends and loved ones but never coming after you could be considered a subconscious representation of certain concerns you may have. You may be too worried about or preoccupied with receiving immediate gains, whether at work or when studying. Simply put, patience may not be one of your strongest qualities. You should think of the bigger picture and what can be accomplished in the long run.
Avoiding stepping on frogs in the driveway I was walking into a house with my fiance and we were in the driveway, it was damp and drizzling and I had to hop over with great effort over a frog and then I noted that there were also a lot of little tiny frogs following the larger frog, maybe 20 and it was very important for me to not step on them. Frogs, on their own, tend to be associated with coming of age or going through some sort of transformation, either internally or superficially. This is likely because of their similar change from tadpole to full-grown amphibian. Your instinct not to step on them, then, is spot on and very important because doing so could lead to bad outcomes in the next stage of your life. This seems to be the manifestation of your shift from single to married life, meaning you should be careful about making small mistakes which could negatively affect your upcoming nuptials.
A family of white bears outside the house I saw white bear family sitting outside my house, male, female and their cub are sitting together and loving each other, seems like a happy family and I saw them from inside my room and tried to take their picture. White bears, such as polar bears, are symbolically linked with the idea of love and a happy marriage. This interpretation is further enhanced by the image of the cub. Your desire to photograph them and enjoy their familial happiness suggests you desire similar situation in your own life, meaning you want to get married and start a family soon or you want to work on and improve your relationship with your partner and children if you already have them.
Being attacked by a pack of black wolves I was with people I enjoyed being with outside. I stumbled away from the group where there were two large pine trees and I noticed there were three big black wolves. The leader darted from the farthest tree to the closest, followed by the two other wolves. They possessed ill intent to attack the people I was with, but the leader realized I was there alone and attacked. He ripped flesh from my right arm with his teeth, but I fought back just as much, the second wolf was coming to help. Someone pulled my left arm and saved me. This dream where you are attacked by black wolves signifies suffering which may be your own doing. The pine trees in the background represent your masculinity and the facade you put on to emphasize your strength, resilience and virility. In connection to the black wolves, it seems like you may be dishonest in the way you portray yourself in the eyes of your peers. The group of wolves therefore alludes to the unacknowledged side of you or parts of you that you have not fully discovered yet. Fighting these wolves reveals your struggle to deny or suppress who you really are.
Trying to catch a cow which has gotten away In my dream I was walking with a cow that a red handkerchief was the only tie on the cow's neck. When suddenly I released the tie and let the cow ran. And I just kept chasing the cow. And in that time somewhere out there came a man whom I don't know, he helped me chase the cow and he also declared he can't catch the cow. Cows are symbolic of food and in this vision seem to indicate that your current situation is lacking nothing in terms of necessities. While you may be comfortable, the challenge is in not becoming too comfortable that you take your blessings for granted or treat others poorly. This can be seen in your action of removing the red handkerchief from around the cow's neck. As red is the color of strong emotions, "letting loose" could predict an emotional outbreak which could damage your reliance on someone who currently provides most of your livelihood, such as an older relative or your parents. This conflict could literally cause all your wealth and prosperity to evaporate overnight, leading to a life of destitution and misery.
Frightened by a husky dog on the deck I was sitting on a deck writing, my leg was dangling out between a wooden divider and the floor. I tried to get up with difficulty as space seem to be too narrow. Then I saw a ferocious black husky walking towards me and lay down beside me. I am telling myself to stay calm. I could feel the roughness of its hair. To dream that you are sitting on a deck while writing means that you are trying to understand yourself. This scenario in your dream suggests an attempt to untangle certain aspects of yourself that you may not be fully grasping. The appearance of the black husky which proceeds to lie down next to you symbolizes loyalty. This dream vision conveys the message that in getting to know yourself better, somewhere in the waking world you could encounter an individual with whom you will forge a lasting friendship built on trust and loyalty. This individual's devotion to you, whether platonic or romantic, is beyond reproach. You need only to look beneath the surface in order to drop your guard and form a lasting bond.
Donkeys giving birth I was dreaming seeing donkeys passing in front of me, all of a sudden I saw the first donkey giving birth then the second one and the third one, all giving birth at the same time. In the same dream I saw other donkeys grazing on the green pastures and they were looking beautiful and smooth. Donkeys, as they do in wake life, usually represent obstinate, stubborn people, most likely members of your own family. Watching these donkeys give birth, then, predicts upcoming domestic bliss when these individuals (like siblings or kids) finally give in and become more pacified and manageable. Their more compliant nature should improve the quality of your interactions with them as well as help the household run more smoothly.
Being held down in bed by a black dog My wife dreamed that she was lying on a bed and suddenly a very big black dog came from nowhere and held her tight around her stomach. She was feeling the hard grip around her stomach even after waking up. Black dogs are highly ominous symbols in dream visions usually associated with a loss of faith in a once close friend. This means your wife may soon realize one of her friends does not care about her as much as she cares about them. This is likely to become more clear when your wife sees how her friend tends to disappear when troublesome situations arise, but reappear when it seems beneficial to them.
Animals' reaction to tree trimming I was watching a male trimming down some tree branches and suddenly a cat appeared sitting atop a tree branch up high. The cat was calm and not bothered by the noise and I nudged him off the branch, so he wouldn't be hurt by the male trimming the trees. Then suddenly the male started trimming another tree where there where two hawk nests with one baby in each nest and then suddenly two grown hawks flew down to a fence and waited on the other two hawks to take babies and all flew away. Branches of a tree represent connections and associations with others. The man trimming down tree branches in your dream points to an influential figure in the real world who may be controlling your actions and decisions in forging friendships. Perhaps this man (or a woman) is manipulating you to cut down some ties for your own well-being. Maybe he or she thinks that these other bonds that you have could drain the resources which may be reserved for your close kin. Perhaps this person means well by trying to protect you from catty personalities and predators looking to take advantage of you.
Circus animals dead on the road side I was driving with my younger sister and we passed a large deer (possibly a moose) dead in the road and her babies were around her. Shortly down the street we saw people helping a mother lion and her cubs on the side of the road. Just before waking up I saw many other circus animals and their babies (I can't remember which animals now) all injured on the side of the road and people everywhere stopping to help while I continued to drive through it all. Driving is a symbol often associated with the progression of events during the course of a life journey. Oftentimes the emotions experienced or the images seen while driving reflect the dreamer's state of mind. In this case, seeing multiple dead animals on the side of the road as you pass suggests a pessimistic outlook on your life and the future, meaning you have little passion or interest in the present and a dim perspective on what is to come. Your lack of desire to help the injured or deceased animals could further represent a lack of motivation to change your situation to improve it or to interact with people who could make you feel better.
A giant squid A giant squid with bright white beaming eyes swimming in a cloudy bright blue sky. Squids, particularly those that caught your attention in a dream, represent minor setbacks in both work and domestic affairs. The cause of the trouble is probably related to needing more personal time to recuperate, as too much focus on work not only hurts your relationship with family members, but also increases work-related stress which affects job performance. Noticing the eyes, then, suggests you are ready to tackle this problem head on and devote as much time and effort to yourself and your loved ones as you do for your job.
A horse protecting from a pack of dogs In my dream there was a pack of dogs chasing me when suddenly a horse saw me and started protecting me from them. When it was galloping away, a dog, pit bull, jumped and bit me, plenty of times. The horse and I then got to my house, but the dogs wouldn't let me enter, they kept blocking the door. Being attacked by a pack of dogs in your dream is a bad sign. It means you could either encounter negative forces or experience a great deal of misunderstanding and negativity. These events could make your life less fulfilling or even unbearable. The horse which protected you from the dogs is a symbol of strength and power. You need to dig deep and muster enough courage to face these troubles head on, otherwise they could take away your sense of security and comfort.
Tigers within a dream and in real life I had a dream that I saw a tiger from a distance chasing down another animal. Couldn't tell if it was a mountain lion or an antelope or a deer, but it was a tan-colored animal. I never crossed paths with the tiger, just witnessed it from afar. Earlier that day in real life, I was looking at a piece of jewelry. It was small tiger pendant. I showed the jeweler my Detroit Tigers tattoo as well. Tigers represent power and assertion. You could be eyeing a higher position at work or currently negotiating a deal. The tiger chasing down another animal represents your motivation in pursuit of your aspirations. It could also represent your leadership qualities. Perhaps your subconscious is encouraging you to assume a leadership position. Alternatively, the animal being pursued by the tiger may be a representation of a romantic prospect in reality. Witnessing this scenario from afar plays out your desire to pursue a relationship with this individual.
An albino racoon I dreamed about finding an albino female raccoon. She startled me at first, but quickly became friendly and I loved her and took her home. She was young, about 6-7 months old. Your dream of an albino raccoon alludes to a shifting dynamics in the relationship with an unmarried female acquaintance in the waking world. An albino animal typically symbolizes unusual behavior marked by purity of intentions. This female figure could be showing generosity and good will towards you, which could exists in the form of monetary or other types of favors. These favors may trigger suspicions regarding her motive, especially since raccoons are known to be deceptive creatures. However, let your instincts and gut feeling guide you in your dealings with her. Try to find out the truth behind her motivations.
Being stalked by a grizzly bear Everywhere I go, I catch the attention of a grizzly! Regardless if I am in a car, walking the street or in the house! The grizzly would find where I am regardless of who or what it has to go through to get me. It has tried to snatch the car door off, it has tried trapping me, and it has tried to knock the doors down I hide behind! But I have not been physically attacked by one. Just haunted. And I usually wake up before the worst could happen. Bears generally represent strong enemies or rivals determined to take you on in a fight. The grizzly in your dream, following you around, may mean that rivals are already making plans against you, trying to find your weaknesses or turning your friends against you. As it appears in your dream, your detractors seem intent on getting you backed up in a corner. Perhaps you are feeling bullied or trapped in reality. You may want to remain vigilant for any suspicious activity and take precautions to defend yourself if needed.
A horse drinking water A horse was drinking water from my both hands together... Clear water. This vision is highly auspicious for current and future business endeavors. A horse which drinks water from your hands represents the efficient and stable set-up of your work environment, a place and system which lends itself well to growth and prosperity both for you and the company or people working with you. Noticing that the water was particularly clear predicts being able to achieve your work-related goals by taking advantage of this situation.
Bitten by a cougar Some rock-looking cougar biting me. A dream in which you see a cougar biting you means that you may soon find yourself falling victim to the underhand actions of your rivals and competitors. Furthermore, if you envisioned yourself being unable to protect yourself from being bitten in the dream, it is likely you would not be able to counteract or prevent these dishonest schemes against you from succeeding.
A brown horse with a white saddle Please interpret my dream. I dreamt it was evening and there was a dark brown horse with white saddle, it was standing next to the pool in the condominium where I live. Seeing a dark brown horse standing close to your residence portends a powerful epiphany. You may have embarked on an enterprise, relationship or project of some kind and could soon find yourself having a sudden realization about its future. It is unclear what you could soon realize about this particular endeavor, but it would likely cause you to make a change or shift as to how you handle or participate in it.
A husky dog in an unfamiliar house I was in a house I did not recognize. I walked in a room and saw what I thought was a wolf. After a closer look I realized it was a Siberian husky dog. Maybe 2 yrs old, gray and white mix fur. I petted him on the head and said hello. I rubbed him down to his neck. He seemed to be cool, calm and collective. There was no one else around at that time. And I wondered how did this dog get in here. He was very friendly. Then I woke up. Finding yourself in a strange, unknown house represents a possibility of meeting a mysterious stranger who is special and quirky. This individual's unique qualities are likely to pique your interest and, as a result, make you invest a lot of time and effort into the budding friendship. Your initial fear of the dog, when you thought it was a wolf, means that others may not be as welcoming of this person as you are, meaning your new friend could fall victim to bullying or exclusion by others. However, overcoming your fear and petting the big dog represents being able to solve this problem together and eventually getting along with everyone.
A sick cat beaten by grandfather My grandpa tried to get a cat out from his dresser and when he got the cat, he started to punch it. I screamed and cried, but he told me it was fine. I then ran with the cat outside where two guys told me my cat was sick. It had purple smoke around it, and he had to shoot its stomach, when he did the cat was okay. Cats are feisty and independent animals, often mistaken as being snooty. The cat in the dream could represent a facet of your personality that is free-spirited and candid. Your elders may be a bit put off by your candidness, mistaking it for rudeness. This miscommunication and generation gap could potentially get you in trouble. A little understanding between you and the aggrieved party is needed to avoid further conflicts. Your pride could take a beating in the process, however there are far worse things in the world than a hurt ego.
Animals fighting on a highway I was walking down a two-lane highway and a wolf came out of the woods on my left side with a mouth full of money, and across the highway a big black bear came running out of the woods and across the highway and jumped the wolf and I screamed loud long and hard. The presence of a wolf in a dream vision often represents someone appearing in your wake life who could threaten your existence or the security and happiness of those around you. Often, it is thought to stand for someone you work with, usually a co-worker or a member of a local council. The money in its mouth is also quite telling, suggesting this person is after money, either yours or the organization's profits. The black bear which comes out of nowhere to attack the wolf, then, is your own realization about the nature of the problem and your conscious attempts to stop this person from going through with their malicious plans. While outright violence is not the answer, alerting the appropriate authorities or curtailing their efforts can yield similar positive results.
Wolves and cows chasing It starts with me running away, but I can't see myself. Then I enter my house escaping the bear or bears, they were brown and then some pretty good-conditioned cows start chasing the bears up the steps and then they try to go down, but the gold cow chased it back up. Escaping a bear or bears in your dream suggests that one of your romantic encounters could take place in a very unusual or unsuitable place. This interesting tryst could give you a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. However, the cows in your vision, symbolizing nurturing qualities, may be referring to influential women in your social circle. These women, possibly including your mother, could disapprove or frown upon a romantic prospect you are about to engage with. They may make it uncomfortable for you if and when you introduce your special someone to them.
Rabbits of different sizes I see my father pointing at the cute bunnies or rabbits falling on the ceiling... I also saw a snake crawling on the floor and a lizard passing by... Can you help me interpret my dreams? I saw 3 regular-sized bunnies and then a family of bunnies: 2 little ones, 2 regular-sized and a medium-size bunny. Dreaming about a family of rabbits symbolically represents both the children present in your family (either your own or belonging to your relative) and your ability or interest to care for them. You may have a calling to spend time with children or simply to love and protect them. The snake represents your fear, possibly about having the responsibility for these young lives who depend on and look up to you, while the lizard suggests you are slowly learning more and more about yourself and the nature of your current situation little by little, easing some of the worry you may have and giving you confidence.
Lizards mating A dream about two lizards mating or having sex. Seeing two lizards mating in your dream could be considered a warning. This dream symbolizes the possibility of being attacked by your enemies or rivals. People at work or in your social circle may be scheming against you and could be readying themselves to strike in the near future. Keep an eye out for anyone acting particularly suspicious and you may be able to avoid such troubles.
A monkey with a blowtorch A monkey is chasing me around with a blowtorch, I am running from him and trying to hide behind rocks. Being chased by a monkey in your dream could point to detractors at work. Someone may be advancing his cause at your expense, trying to provoke you into committing a mistake so that you would look bad. On the other hand, it is also possible that the monkey represents your playful and childish side. This immaturity could be detrimental to your professional advancement. The blowtorch the monkey is holding symbolizes the damage that could be done to your reputation if you do not shape up and become more responsible.
A finger bitten by a strange animal I dreamed an animal bit my middle finger, I couldn't see the face of the animal, but it looked like a big rat, but it wasn't. Seeing a strange animal bite your middle finger and being unable to identify it represents a big surprise in your future. There may certain circumstances that would lead to a big revelation or discovery which would end up shocking and surprising you. The nature of this surprise is unclear, but it would have a strong impact on you.
Newborn mice in the house I saw a large number of newborn mice in my kitchen. And many of them are already dead, many of them are still alive. And I am trying to put them out of my house. What does it mean? An infestation of mice in your household experienced in a dream is a highly ominous sign associated with evil and darkness rising around you. Often these forces work their dark magic on your goals or dreams. In particular, it is important for you to take time to carefully watch those around you. If you are too focused on the prize, you may miss the onset of someone's interference in your endeavors.
An orange dragon and cattle in the sky I saw that I am standing and suddenly saw an orange-color dragon image in the clear night sky and it was causing no harm and I was making a wish on seeing it and was happy. I too saw a large herd of cattle all healthy ones are moving. Please interpret my dream and let me know its meaning. Dreaming about an image of a dragon is an auspicious sign predicting that your existing troubles and hardships are about to end, paving the way for new exciting opportunities and fresh beginnings. This is the reprieve you have been waiting for. If you have been struggling in the waking world, the suffering would soon come to an end. Likewise, the healthy cattle in your dream alludes to prosperity and wealth. You could be getting close to achieving your goals.
Protecting family from rabid wolves My parents, brother and I lived in a town near the ocean that would occasionally board up windows and deadbolt doors to prepare for rabid wolves that would come out at night to hunt. We also were encouraged to wear neutral clothing so we'd be less visible to the wolves. Toward the end of the dream, I realized that we'd left a window open on the top floor and when I ran up the stairs to close it, I heard the sound of wolves entering and moving toward my family who didn't have any idea. Wolves are strong and aggressive creatures as depicted in your dream. Securing your house to make sure they do not get inside reflects fears and apprehensions towards some external influences or forces aimed at negatively impacting your family's peaceful existence. As such, these animals may be a representation of harmful habits or even menacing individuals who could hurt not only you, but also other members of your immediate family. It is something that could threaten your family's ties and integrity. Perhaps this sneaky threat that comes prowling at night is someone's addiction going undetected or a damning secret being kept by one of your loved ones.
A monkey playing with itself A small female monkey fornicating itself. A masturbating female monkey reveals growing dissatisfaction. Your inner child and youthful aspirations may be starting to fade or dim. Through this dream, your subconscious is highlighting a latent desire to break free and be impulsive. Perhaps you are feeling limited or restricted in your current situation, and as such, sometimes you may want to just channel your mischievous side and be spontaneous without having to think about the consequences of your actions.
A lizard getting inside the body I dreamt of a lizard burying itself into my body and I squeezed it out and it ran away and hid. The scenario in your dream in which a lizard is trying to bury itself into your body represents a cold-blooded individual trying to ingratiate his or her way into your circle of trust. It is a warning that you would be attacked by your enemies, be confronted by your rivals at work or in your personal life, or have a possible confrontation with competitors. So beware of those people who have the propensity to inflict any harm to you. Fortunately, squeezing the lizard out means that being assertive and vigilant could throw off malicious figures in the waking world.
Two seals in a swimming pool Me and my boyfriend are at my hairdresser's house which is supposed to be around the beach or ocean (in my dream). Everything is going good, we get into her pool, we are all horsing around when I feel something behind me, it's a seal and there are two of them and one that is bigger and meaner (I knew it was dangerous). So my boyfriend gets all of us out of the water and gets us elevated, but he decides that he is going to help the seal (which I took to be like a leopard seal) and he's fighting with it. Being at a hairdresser's house in your dream reveals your readiness for change. The type of change you are looking forward to has something to do with social status, as symbolized by the seals in your vision. Perhaps you and your boyfriend have been talking about your future in the real world, hoping for some career advancement or financial gain. As such, seeing your boyfriend grappling and fighting with the seal refers to his efforts to compete with others in order to gain a level of success befitting his hard work, ambitions and diligence. The vision is foretelling greater and better things ahead for the both of you, individually and as a couple.
A fight between a fox and lizard Hello, I've had a dream where I was petting a white fox and a lizard went by us and fox suddenly attacked the lizard and I was trying to protect the fox by attacking the same lizard. The dream was placed in my childhood neighborhood and was really vivid. Could you please tell me what it means, since I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet. Thanks. :) The white fox and lizard in your dream represent two influential figures in your life. The neighborhood gives a bit of a clue regarding the identity of these two individuals. Dreaming of childhood places typically means that you are feeling nostalgic and remembering a simpler and idealized period of your youth. Consider the characteristics of the animals. A white fox symbolizes a well-meaning figure who tends to use charm and wit to manipulate or gain the trust of others. Meanwhile, the lizard represents someone cold and calculating. Perhaps they refer to your parents and how you view each of them, or they could be individuals you look up to. Either way, you could be feeling protective of the fox and demonizing the lizard, yet you know deep down that they both had a big impact on your development and social skills.
A rat chewing through a dress Hello, my wife had a dream where a rat was chewing on her one particular blue dress and left it with many holes. Please what does this mean? This vision could be a sign that your wife is about to find some much-needed inner peace in the near future. A blue dress is often symbolic of emotional turmoil or stress. Just as blue is a soft color often associated with feelings, so does this symbol represent strong emotional distress which she can feel and you can see in waking life. However, seeing this dress eaten by rats predicts making breakthroughs with this trauma, suggesting that the holes in the dress at the end of the vision show how much progress she can make. Therefore, the more holes she saw, the happier she is likely to become.
A possum out of a box I was going through some boxes full of stuff. It all looked like junk. My granddaughter was there, she is six. One of the boxes started shaking. I thought my cat was in there. That is when the black rat came out of the box, heading right towards me. Then it changed into a possum. The possum was covered in hundreds of babies. It came directly at me. I was a little scared, but more curious than threatened by her actions. It chased my granddaughter and she screamed and ran from it. I was amazed. The boxes in your dream suggest long-forgotten memories or personal baggage you have been carrying around for a long time. The rat that came out of the box alludes to dirty little secrets. A past mistake or regrettable actions may be coming back to haunt you. This is a secret that could potentially affect your loved ones. The transformation of the rat to a possum, however, points to aspects of this long-held secret that may be new to you. Perhaps you need to look into your past for lessons to be learned or information that could shed some light about yourself and your loved ones.
A lizard cut with scissors Gecko cut into pieces with scissors. Dreaming about a lizard that has been cut by a pair of scissors could represent your internal determination to restore or improve your reputation within your social circle or community. While this could be a good sign which depicts your drive and perseverance, it would be wise to carefully consider which path (or paths) you take to do so. Otherwise, you may change your reputation in a way you did not intend or expect.
A giraffe preventing from planting a tree I had a dream that I was planting a lemon tree. Just as I got it planted, a giraffe came by and plucked it up as a whole and moved it. I planted it again and again, and the giraffe would pull it up and move it every time. Planting trees is a highly symbolic image to see in a dream vision. It is often tied to the idea of increasing your wealth or becoming financially-independent. Specifically, it points to finding new income, usually in the form of property or inheritance, though it can also include new revenue streams from business and commerce. However, the notion about a giraffe interfering with the growth of your tree could signify the presence of a person or hindrance which prevents your endeavors from becoming fruitful. Until you are able to remove this counteracting force, your wealth cannot take root and grow.
An indifferent white tiger I was walking into the woods, it was snowing and I saw a white beautiful tiger standing far but straight in the direction I was going and I went to the white tiger. I started to pet the tiger, hug it and scrub my face on the white tiger's face and that moment I felt so great because it seemed like I felt in love with it, but the white tiger didn't pay attention to me. It was looking like its face was angry and with its blue eyes. It was only looking straight and didn't move its eyes, not even a bit. Walking through the woods while it is snowing points to loneliness and isolation. Stroking the white tiger or running your fingers through its fur reveals a tendency to be passive. You may have a habit of pleasing people for fear of being rejected. This vision alludes to your desire to indulge your superiors. However, this kind of attitude would not serve you well in the long run. Confidence and assertiveness earns the respect of others, not submissiveness and people-pleasing.
A lizard with a broken back An injured lizard with a back-side fracture and there was blood, waking slowly. Seeing an injured lizard in a dream could be interpreted as a warning. Certain issues regarding the physical aspects of your current relationship may arise in the near future. These problems may be sexual in nature, most likely regarding either your partner's or your inability to perform satisfactory during intimate moments. Whatever the case may end up being, having an open line of communication with your significant other is always the best answer.
People slaughtering an elephant Hi, please help me with this dream. I dreamt I witnessed a group of men tying an elephant with a rope and slaughtering its body, stripping it from all its flesh and only leaving bones behind. The head was not touched because they wanted to make it suffer longer and it was still alive fighting for its life. I was very upset with them and begged them to stop and shouted out they were merciless, they replied back and said the elephant deserved it because it did something terrible to them. Seeing a dead elephant in your dream vision is a highly ominous warning and should be heeded with caution. The elephant's suffering and dying suggest that your internal balance has been suffering recently. For example, you may be focusing on your career at the expense of your familial relations or vice versa. This could lead to some serious outcomes creating a period of your life filled with unhappiness. The fact that it was not you but a group of strange men who committed this heinous act could reflect the lack of control you have over the situation, meaning another individual or group could be negatively affecting the balance you need. In order to rectify this situation, you need to either assert your will over your destiny or cut those who have power over you out of your life completely.
A lion by the lakeside I was out for a walk on a path which I have never seen, to the left was a large calm clear lake, I could see nice homes that looked over the lake. Suddenly I saw a large lion and heard it roaring loudly as it ran down the path and jumped into the lake, it seemed frightened, it did not notice me. I just stayed on the path watching it. I was not scared but felt alone and lost. It was twilight time. This vision is highly auspicious and predicts much success for you in the future. Taking a walk in a dream vision usually signifies finishing a project or task well, usually with results that are better than expected. This, combined with the image of lake, suggest that your efforts on this endeavor could lead to many more lucrative opportunities. If this is work-related, for example, your successful completion of one duty may lead to a promotion or control of a special project. The lion that roars and runs into the water represents further achievement in this new position, possibly leading to even more opportunities.
A chameleon in general Dreaming about a chameleon. Just as in waking life, chameleons in dreams are tied to the idea of someone in your life shifting and altering themselves in order to gain your trust. This tricky, conniving individual is likely after something only you can provide, ranging from money to valuable information. It may not be readily apparent to you now who this man or woman is, so it would be wise to avoid being too liberal with your trust and only help those who you are sure honest in their intentions or actions toward you.
An old person killing a dog An old man killing a black wiener dog. This vision is highly ominous and predicts events in your life going from bad to worse. More specifically, a small black dog is often thought to represent becoming involved in something illegal or immoral, possibly related to scamming or hurting others. This would likely start out as something small and harmless at first, like petty theft, but can quickly spiral out of control. Watching an old man kill the dog could represent either your group members turning on you or the retaliation of those you sought to harm.
A black rabbit on the bed I opened the back door and saw something running, which I at first thought was a mouse, but when I went into the room, there was a black rabbit sitting next to me on the bed. I only realized it was a black rabbit by its ears. The rabbit was very calm and that's about it what I can recall. Opening a door in a dream vision is synonymous with welcoming positive energy and goodness into your life. This often leads to improvements in relationships, such as more affection and generosity, and even implies meeting new people, such as potential friends, partners, and mentors, into your world. However, the black rabbit that darts inside may suggest that leaving yourself completely open could result in some disappointment. You may not be totally satisfied with the way you are able to interact with everyone, causing some frustration and disillusionment in the process.
Punching a white bear White mother bear with cubs... I scared the bear at first, the bear came after me slowly... Ran into room in a house... Bear got her head through the door... Punched the bear in the nose... Woke up. White bears are often happy symbols synonymous with happy marriages and fulfilling relationships. However, the bear in your vision seems to symbolize more of a desire than an actual situation for you. Scaring the bear could show how fragile the connections between you and a lover (or potential partner) are, while punching the bear in the nose could be the manifestation of your own fears about letting someone get too close to you. Until you work out your issues with love affairs, it may be very difficult to form a strong connection with someone.
Small frogs coming out of the nose I dreamed that tiny frogs were jumping out of my right nostril. The tiny frogs that plague your dream and appear to be coming out of your nose could be representative of an upcoming personal transformation. You may soon find yourself undergoing a significant change, both in the physical and spiritual sense. You may soon discover something about yourself you may not have even thought was there to begin with. This epiphany could, in turn, start a chain reaction in your life.
Animals transforming from one to another A monkey dressed up. After I hit it, it turned into a small white horse with a tall tail and after I hit the horse, it turned into a big black snake with a red spotted skin. Dreaming about a consequence of events when animals are morphing and changing right before your eyes is not a good sign. You could soon be facing a major disagreement with someone you hold dear, such as a lover, parent or close friend. The imagery of this dream warns you to take down the facades and false impressions about the people you are about to confront in order to resolve things quickly and painlessly.
In a pool with large frogs I dreamt I was in a pool with loads of large frogs and as I was swimming towards them I was glad they moved out of my way and was wondering why they were there and so many of them. Pools and other large bodies of water often represent soon having access to a number of exciting and interesting opportunities. This is combined with the image of the frogs which is also a promising sign, especially for those who are searching for love. It means success and fulfillment in your personal life. Together, these visions suggest you could find yourself surrounded by multiple suitors in the future, each of them offering unique opportunities for you to explore.
Trying to treat an injured monkey I was offering to treat a monkey that was injured, was presenting my certification as a doctor. In a few seconds, the certification was misplaced. Dreaming about an injured monkey that you intended to treat could represent an ill omen. It is possible that you may fall to some sort of affliction or injury in the near future. This could equally be applied to someone very close to you. If you feel there could be something wrong developing, do not hesitate to get a second opinion, either from someone whom you can trust or from a professional.
Riding a fox I had a dream that I was riding a fox. What does this mean? A fox in this dream symbolizes cunning and resourcefulness. Dreaming about riding a fox means that you have mastered the art of ingenuity. Things would definitely take a turn for the better. You may feel that things are going your way because you have acted wisely and used the right tactics to get whatever you desire. Be prepared to embrace good tidings because you have been astute and making the right decisions.
Buying bunnies and protecting them from rain I had a dream that I was in a nice public place, it was me and my mum and my brother in this dream. I saw this young man with lots of grey rabbits, different shades. And I went over to ask if I could have a rabbit? And the man said "Sure, yeah, they are $10s each. So me, mum and brother all got one. Mine was a very nice one, light-grey color. We could only keep them for an hour since we couldn't keep them permanently. Then it started to rain and get cold, so we opened our umbrellas to protect them and keep them warm. Rabbits are considered a good omen. When you see rabbits in your dream it signifies happy tidings. It could be something to do with an increase in your income or allowance, or things falling into place, when you receive good news after waiting for a while. On the other hand, nurturing or caring for rabbits to protect them from the rain can symbolize your desire to look after younger children and ensure their happiness, safety and well-being. The fact that you could only look after them for a short time in this dream signifies that although you do love taking care of children, you may not be allowed to look after them as much as you want to.
Slaughtered animals on a truck I dreamt of three slaughtered animals. They were on the back of a truck and I had forgotten they were there. One man took them and said to me they were about to go off and he took them. One was a dog. A dream of slaughtered animals with no apparent reason or motivation behind it signifies your desire to express your ambitions. Additionally, it can also be a sign of anger and dissatisfaction with social taboos society is placing on you. The slaughtered dog represents your seeming disdain for loyalty. Perhaps you tend to place your ambitions above loyalty when it comes to time to choose.
Attacked by animals in the bathroom I was chased by a tiger into my bathroom by a tiger and then my bathroom fell off a cliff. When it hit the ground it turned into a a barricade and I jumped out the window and a racoon ran through the door and jumped attacking my face. The tiger chasing you represents your own ambitious side and aggressive nature. Meanwhile, the bathroom alludes to a necessity to flush out negative attitude and aspects which could be detrimental to your character. You may be gunning for a leadership position, so you are exercising a lot of assertiveness and zeal. Those actions, however, could turn some people off. As such, the raccoon that attacked you may be interpreted in two ways. It could be that you may turn to deception as a way to gain power or it may point to other cunning personalities bent on snatching away those opportunities you are eyeing.
Large bats inside the house My dream had many parts, but what stuck with me most is that at some point, I was in my apartment and there were bats everywhere.They were large, too. It's the first time I've ever had this dream, but I'm really confused. Being nocturnal animals, bats are often associated with darkness. As such, seeing bats inside your apartment in the dream alludes to negative vibes and issues taking place in your dwelling. Perhaps you are encountering problems within your residence and you need to relocate in order to avoid getting too entangled in those developing issues. On the other hand, the apartment itself may be a metaphor of your own mindset and the bats are destructive habits and attitudes developing out of your own negative thoughts and emotions. You may need to look inside yourself to root out the origin of your problems.
Lions mating Two male lions mating with one female lion. A dream about lions signifies your ability to exert control and power on other people. The notion that you saw lions mating may point towards a physical intimacy or relationship where you might have an upper hand. In other words, you may be currently in a liaison where your significant other could be providing you with opportunities to have more authority when it comes to physical intimacies or be able to control them in some other way.
Able to control an intruder wolf I was outside of a house and my mom was asleep inside, I saw a big black wolf, so I yelled to my mom, the wolf was able to grab a hold of my hand. I didn't feel any pain from its bite and was able to make the wolf let go, I held it about closed shut with my hand like a dog. I quickly got up went inside to wake up my mom, we tried to find a place to hide in the house, the wolf pushed through the door and followed, as it came towards us I looked into its grey eyes and said sit! And it sat. Dreaming about your mother being inside the house has positive connotations. It is symbolic of all good things coming your way. Perhaps a project which you have started would become a success or you may reap financial gains from recent investments. However, the presence of a wolf in the same dream is symbolic of a money-hungry person who may try to create problems for you financially. This person could start following you ceaselessly trying to get what is rightfully yours, yet you have the ability to resist and prevent this from happening, just the way you ordered the wolf to do your bidding in the dream.
A stray cat trying to get inside the house Trying to get rid of a stray cat, my husband keeps letting it back in the house. It is a buff-colored hairless cat. And it keeps gravitating toward me, even though I dislike cats. A cat which is trying to enter your house without permission could be interpreted as a sign of dishonesty. The closeness the cat desires with you may further predict experiencing negative outcomes because of lies coming from others or omissions on your own part. Because it was your husband who let the cat inside, it is possible he is the one with a secret. However, his intentions may be pure, so it would be unwise to confront him outright or accuse him of anything without proof.
Neighbors killing cats I dreamed that I went to a flat next to mine to complain about their four cats. When they answered the door I saw four women and four cats. They argued and I told them I would report them. When I went back later again the four women were still there but I saw a smallish suitcase with three of the cats laid out next to each other on their backs dead and them busy with the other cat still trying to put it in the case to bury them. The killing of cats in your dream vision seems to represent your growing boldness in acts which border on being immoral or illegal. Others may be calling you out on your change in behavior, as is represented by the women who have the cats. The scene of observing the cats dead, then, suggests that your friends and family may stage an intervention, as they know the real you would never be involved in such terrible behavior or deeds. It is more likely the influence of untrue friends and peer pressure, which is causing you to act this way.
A lion getting inside the house I am at my village, but it is like it is contained with a fence. I jump over the fence and I see this dog that walks around and a male lion 20 meters behind it. I go in the house, we got there locking the door. But a female lion on its two legs walks through the locked door and comes toward me and after approaching me starts scratching me with its big nails like playing, but I tell the animal to stop because it hurts me very much. Fences can have positive or negative connotations depending on the situation experienced in the dream. On a positive note, fences often serve as protection. On the other hand, fences can also represent barriers, obstacles or confinement. Jumping over the fence could be indicative of a desire to break free from the confines of a relationship which is crushing you beneath its weight. The dog, in the context of this dream, embodies characteristics such as loyalty and generosity, meaning you may be reticent to leave some of those associated with your past behind. However, the image of the lion suggests those individuals may be part of the problem, controlling your actions and limiting your choices. It would be wise to make a clean break and leave these men or women behind.
Small dogs with ticks At a home and there are three small toy poodles that appear, one black the other light tan or white. They run up to me and as I'm walking they follow me playfully but aggressive at my feet. The black one latching on. I literally pried it off but it reattached. Then I felt a bite, I look and see ticks. Finally get away from the dogs and see a child with ticks on her. I get angry with the owners and ask why no one saw this and why are they acting as if it's normal. Dogs which follow you and nip at your heels often represent the ill effects that certain activities may have on your health. In some cases, they suggest habits, like smoking or poor diet choices, may soon limit your physical capabilities. The more obvious interpretation points toward getting involved in tasks beyond your skill level or without proper training, which could lead to injury. The ticks on both you and the child predict that, no matter the medical problem you face, it would have serious implications for both your quality of life and the well-being of those who may rely on you for assistance.
A cow and a bear fighting I dreamed that I was on the top of a cliff looking at a cow and a bear from a distance. It looks like they were fighting and somehow the cow slips and I saw it falling all the way down, it tried to hang onto something but later fell to its death. The same thing with the bear. Not soon after I saw them in these big shelves almost like little coffins and I started seeing that they sort of "glitched" and it looked like they started turning into something else. Weird dream I know but I'm just curious! Cliffs often connote difficulties in the real world. In that context, the cow and the bear represent two aspects of yourself that appear whenever you are faced with challenges. The cow represents your nurturing side and the desire to shield your loved ones from the negative circumstances surrounding the problems you face. The bear signals rivalry and competition accompanying your life every step of the way. It can also signify being successful and provide best solutions for problems and issues you may encounter. It is a question of balancing personal and professional goals when faced with precarious situations. Allowing ambitions to take over would result in losing your sense of self and personal integrity.
Protecting black and white rabbits Last night I saw so many rabbits in my dream, they were in large numbers in green fields and I was protecting them from death. Do not remember enough from how I was protecting them. And one more thing, in the dream I was also checking if they were white or brown, but from far they looked like white and going to their nest I found broad lines of brown feathers also. Then after saving them I went to my auntie's house also in my dream. Rabbits in dreams symbolize luck and fertility. Therefore, seeing a multitude of rabbits in a lush landscape signifies an abundance of blessings about to happen in the waking world. Or perhaps you are already enjoying this fortune in reality and your efforts to protect them from death reveals your anxieties about losing your wealth or current social status. Alternatively, the rabbits could also hint at your secret desire towards someone. These feelings could stem from your intent to become intimate with this person or trying to get to know this individual better in order to eventually start an actual relationship.
Being bitten by a large bat I had a dream that my son and I were somewhere, not familiar to me. Something kept flying over his head and when he finally swatted it, it turned out to be a bat. He was able to open its wing and it was black and pretty big in size. It then bit him, I was very scared and tried to help him and then it bit me. I woke up shortly after that, very scared and I actually felt the bite as if it was real. I've been trying to look up the meaning, but have not been able to find out what it means to bit. Bat bites in dream world symbolize the onset of bad habits, addictions or hiding secrets from the loved ones. Based on the recollections and images from your dream, it seems that you are subconsciously suspecting your son succumbing to some abnormal or alerting routines or activities. It could also be just your protective instincts engaging when you witness the aspects of his behavior that make you feel uneasy and concerned. The notion of your son opening the bat's wings could simply tell you that he has a mindset different from yours or is interested in things you would consider inappropriate or vile, and to rid yourself of these worries, you would need to sort things out for yourself or follow through with your parental responsibilities.
Wolves coming from a fenced yard Alone walking down a dark street when I came up on a yard with a broken fence, that drew me to it and when I touch the fence a wolf came out to attack me. I tried to stick my hand out to show him I mean him no harm but it did not work. Then the second one and the third one the same thing happened. I remember thinking I didn't want to hurt them, then their owner came out called them back inside. I said "I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt them" and she says "How do I know you weren't trying to rob me?" Then I woke up. To dream of encroaching or attempting to trespass on someone's property points to your tendency to impose yourself on others. Perhaps you often find yourself needing attention or support from your social circle and this clingy characteristic is putting people off. As a result, the wolves attacking you in this dream signify unnecessary suffering you may be experiencing because of your insecurities or shyness. Perhaps instead of looking to others for self-esteem and validation, you may need to become more confident about your own talents and abilities.
A cat dying in the arms I had a dream my cat had this spear on the side of his neck and that he was dying. I picked him up in my arms with an X-ray sheet that was on him. As I touched him, I could see his bones were cracking, as he was dying. The dying cat in your dream vision seems to allude to some regrets you may hold over actions from your past. The cat itself may be connected with relationships or sexual matters, so it is possible that you may be feeling embarrassed over some aspect of previous flings which has recently become public knowledge. It may be wise to lay low until those who enjoy gossip have some other story to feed on.
A dog biting cat's head A dog was biting a cat's head I could see the dog's teeth down inside the cat's head. Dreams about witnessing a fight between pets is a manifestation of your struggle to resolve some existing conflict or misunderstanding. If you envisioned these animals as your own pets, it could be indicative of you standing in the midst of some major argument happening inside your relationship with someone close to you. If you were just a random observer of the act, it could serve as a hint to stay away from being embroiled in disputes or confrontations which are about to unfold in the near future.
Cow dung on the ground I dreamt of a land full of dry cow dung. Cows, as animals, are often associated with bountiful harvest and having plenty of food. Feces is another positive symbol which is often connected with the idea of money and wealth. These two images combined seem to suggest making profit from some sort of agricultural activity or food-based company. If you have an idea for a restaurant or are thinking about investing in such an endeavor, now may be the good time to do it.
A friendly lioness eating meat I dreamt of a female lion walking up and down in my house and it took meat from my hands and my brother's hands. The lioness placed meat on the ground to eat. The lion was friendly yet pensive. This vision has two opposing images paired together. The idea that the lioness is gentle or friendly suggests you have difficulty expressing yourself and, as a result, struggle to exert authority in certain situations. Seeing the lioness eating meat alludes to your power to sway others with words or grand ideas. You may have been, until now, in a position that prevented you from being in control or sharing equally with others at the table. Now, however, it seems you have a chance to show those around you what you are capable of.
Wolves attacking in a log cabin I was in a cabin in the woods with my dad and wolves came out of the woods and ate the ham I had on the counter. Then they started growling at me and my dad. They attacked my dad, then they were growling at me. I put my hand out and they stopped. Wolves in a dream are often connected to the dreamer's psyche, representing self-confidence or self-efficacy. As such, seeing wolves attack you and your dad can be taken as a sign of being your own worst enemy, meaning your lack of confidence or shyness could actually end up hurting you and your loved ones. It may be wise to share your true feelings and insecurities with a trusted person, such as a parent, friend or professional, who can help you make sense of and outgrow them.
Walking with a monkey and giving it to a coworker Dreamt about walking with a monkey along a road, it then decided not to go further. I believe I then met a colleague whom I passed the monkey over to, and asked him to take it back to base. Monkeys in dreams are often interpreted as symbols of foolishness or bad behavior, especially when connected with work situations or colleagues, like in this vision. Because this monkey was walking with you, it seems that you currently have a hold on some desire to cause mischief. However, passing the monkey off to your co-worker not only suggests you are about to do something inappropriate, but also that you would try to encourage others to join you. This could lead to disastrous results if you or someone else is caught in the act.
Untouched by a pack of grey wolves After a loud trumpet sound, came a pack of grey wolves with fiery red eyes, dashed into the room when we are chatting, it went to hunt its prey by smelling the human presence. My stomach was very filled and I heard a voice telling me not to be afraid as these wolves can only smell human whose stomach is not filled. A few wolves walk passed me and really didn't detect my presence. I am safe. Wolves are often a symbol of growing negative energy around you. In the dream world, wolves chasing their prey represent challenges and obstacles which you may face in your endeavors. The fact that these wolves arrived after you heard a loud trumpet suggests this is a warning or an indication of the troubled times to come. Since the wolf did not attack you, it can be presumed that any difficulties which do come your way would not have a great impact. However, these troubles may still affect those in your immediate circle, so you should stay on high alert and watch out for those close to you.
A tiger and puppies inside the house I stabbed a tiger in the head in my house, it didn't die and my 12-year old son came and got the tiger as it was like his pet stopping me from hurting it and let it outside. Then I turn and see he has some great Dane puppies laying beside the couch. The different ways you and your son treated the tiger in your dream reveal your attitude towards power and leadership. For you, stabbing the tiger's head could be an indication of your desire to control your temper. On the other hand, it could also mean that you have given up on your ambitions. Meanwhile, your son is just beginning to cultivate his dreams and his desire to be successful has not yet been affected in any negative way. As such, the dream vision may be reminding you to revisit your goals and be inspired by the idealism of your son. After all, the puppies in the dream may hint towards ideas that have long been brewing in your mind.
Chased by a dog and hiding in a cradle I was running from a dog and I ran to my grandmothers house that was abandoned. I climbed a ladder that leads to the attic and I went into the window and I got in this cradle that was hanging from the ceiling. Dreaming about being chased by a dog or any other animal is an indication of some unfinished business in your waking life. Perhaps it's a sign of things which never culminated, probably a past relationship, the memories of which still come back to haunt you. It may even pertain to your feelings regarding those who may once have been close to you, perhaps someone from your immediate family. The notion that you tried to hide inside a cradle points towards your subconscious desire to escape from all this pain and go back to the simple life you led as a child. The best thing you could do is evaluate your life and try to deal with these uneasy feelings.
Eaten by a shark while swimming When I was little, I used to dream about my family and me swimming in my grandad's pool and then being eaten by a shark, and I would be the only one left. Your dream vision suggests that you could be unaware of things happening around you, which may lead you to pandemonium. It could be working against your peaceful everyday life or anything that may be otherwise considered a source of happiness. Fortunately, swimming is a positive sign which conveys you have reliable and trustworthy friends who always offer help and support whenever you need and ask for it. It would be wise to rely on these friends during difficult times because you seem to be the type of person who is frightened to be left on your own.
A white horse inside the house This was actually dreamt by my grandmother who is nearly 70 years old. A few days back she saw in her dream that a white large horse is roaming around inside her house. She was trying really hard to get it out of her house but she was unable to do so. The horse, however, went away after some time. She also dreamt of her late mother. My grandma was asking for help, but she wasn't even replying. After some time she (her mother) asked her what happened. When she explained, she didn't show much interest to it. Here I would like to mention that my grandma is quite pious. White horses in dreams can be interpreted as symbols of innocence, courtship, wealth, even chastity. In the case of your grandmother's dream, finding the white horse roaming inside her house reveals her possible preoccupation with issues of morality and decency. There may have been temptations or opportunities to misbehave, yet her upbringing and values may be preventing her from doing something questionable. On the other hand, her deeply ingrained values may also be preventing her from accepting or opening her mind to modern beliefs and perspectives. She could be leaning heavily on her mother's teachings and old-fashioned behavior to make sense of the world, yet those are no longer helping her understand the status quo, especially the younger generation.
Someone cutting a horse with a knife I had a dream about a horse. The horse was eating, someone said got cut near the kidney to make the horse feel better. Someone started to cut the horse with a big knife, the horse just continued to eat with no pain and blood was gushing out. After a while the horse laying down and relaxed, not in pain at all. Please let me know what this means. Thank you. Dreaming about a horse eating its food has a mixed symbolism. While horses generally represent good tidings, the image of an injured horse somehow gives off a negative vibe. Seeing someone injuring the horse in the dream should be considered a forewarning of gloom and darkness. Perhaps your endeavors might not be as successful as you expected. Somehow, the horse feeling no pain could mean that these problems might cause you little grief. However being alert and aware of events around you or pertaining to you could help ward off any future unpleasantness.
Watching after a rabbit in a library I went into this huge library. Saw a bunch of old co-workers. One had a few animals with him and he asked me to watch his rabbit for him, while he finished what he was doing. It got loose and I had to chase it around and every time I picked it up, it bit me. So, I ended up wearing winter gloves to help the situation. Finally my friend came back, so I put the bunny in his pet stroller thing. And then I left as well and walked out on to a college campus-like atmosphere, that's been in my dreams. The library speaks of your personal journey and a continuous learning as you grow. It is your mind's repository for all the knowledge gleaned from your collective experience as you continue to face different situations. The rabbit you chase around in this dream, which you eventually catch, is an allusion to potentially trivial and annoying problems or issues that are interfering with the progress and success of your professional as well as personal life. There is also a sense of nostalgia which maybe reflects your own inability to fully accept and let go of the past. Perhaps there are loose ends you have yet to tie up and only when those are dealt with can you fully move on with your life.
Playing with different types of animals I was dreaming of running and playing with 3 whites ponies and two bay or chestnut horses. I stopped and saw a male African lion sitting in the tree line. Then the lion started walking and pounced on something. Then I was sitting on the ground playing and petting a cougar. The ponies in your dream represent your playful nature, while the horses could be referring to your sensuality. This dream vision may have something to do with personal transformation and a need for maturity. In that respect, the African lion depicts an individual in the waking world who is carefully watching your actions and behavior, perhaps with the intent of straightening your ways. Maybe the lion is telling you to curb your self-indulgent habits and move towards more productive pursuits. Lastly, the cougar could be a woman. It could allude to a female figure in your life, like an older sibling or family member, who would be responsible for helping you during this personal transformation.
Running from a shootout and abandoned cows I had a dream that I was in a shootout, I don't remember where, but me and this old guy ran away from it to go find help and we came upon an old cow farm, where everything had been abandoned even the cows. But as we leave to see no one was there, the cows started to run through the course like they know what to do on there own. And me and the old guy are standing on the game while they run through, then I wake up. I had this dream twice, why though? Envisioning yourself caught in a shootout is indicative of soon going through a predicament in real life. It suggests an event wherein you may find yourself under fire over certain actions or decisions. The old cow farm and cows running around further support this notion, suggesting possible major changes in your life which are not for the better. While cows normally represent fortune and luck, cows running away from you could point to the lack of control over this upcoming situation or being powerless to do much about it, which is further magnified by the imagery of you just standing there at the end of this dream.
Attacked by a pack of lions I was hanging out with the girl I like at a house party and she left me alone so I left. When I left, I was attacked by a pack of lions in the middle of a city and I died. Envisioning yourself at a party reflects your desire to have more fun and be more at ease. However, it seems you are concentrating too much on personal responsibilities which, as a result, prevents you from fully enjoying yourself even on the rare occasions that you do go out and celebrate. Dying in this dream suggests a future decline in health that could prevent you from following your usual routine. Perhaps these health issues are rooted in your stress from the duties you have and your notion that having fun and a carefree lifestyle has no purpose. It would be wise to remember that it is possible to have fun without losing sight of your goals and obligations.
Hiding in a building from a bear attack I had a dream about a bear trying to get us, we hid in our cars, then three of us went into a building, on my way out of the building I noticed stacks of newspapers, so I grabbed about two or three of the different local newspapers, but I heard a man scream like "Hey!" So I put them down because I knew I had to pass this man on the way out of the building, when I did get out the building the man from the window started talking about the bear, and I was telling him where we seen the bear at. Trying to escape or hide from a bear in a dream is a reflection of your tendency to avoid confrontation. Whenever you run into trouble or have a conflict with someone, you would probably rather feign ignorance or refuse to acknowledge the situation. In connection to that, the newspaper refers to insight and solutions to problems. As such, perhaps this dream is telling you that you have the capability to resolve issues by owning up to your mistakes and listening to the other party's arguments or feelings. In doing so, the act of telling the man in your vision a crucial piece of information about the bear is akin to growing in self-awareness and realizing you have the capability to be the bigger person during combative circumstances.
A rat on the blanket I dreamed of a rat that was in my bed while I was asleep. When I opened my eyes, the rat was right in front of me. I was hoping to see my BF, but no he wasn't there. I cover my face with a blanket and the rat was biting the blanket. Trying to bite me. Dreaming about a rat in your bedroom could be symbolic of upcoming brawls and arguments which you may have with your co-workers or people in your everyday life. This is further reinforced by the image of the rat trying to attack you. It could mean that you may soon be surrounded by certain individuals who will make things difficult for you in waking life. The fact that you thought of your boyfriend when it happened denotes the trust you have in him to get you out of sticky situations. However, you can avoid any sort of unpleasantness by keeping a cool head and let bygones be bygones. Indulging in petty fights would only prove to make things more difficult for you.
Hiding from a bear in neighbors' house I was picking from a berry patch across from my house (it's really just a sand dune), and a brown bear appeared, so I went inside and it started attacking my neighbors' dogs, so I yelled to them, but they couldn't hear me or see the bear. I grabbed their dogs and took them into my neighbors' house. That's when the bear broke down the door, so I ran upstairs into a loft that doesn't actually exist in real life. Up in the loft I found a package with my name on it. It was the GoPro I had ordered. When you dream about being chased by a bear, it usually portends falling ill or becoming injured. Given that the bear followed you and attacked your neighbor's dogs as well, it can be surmised that this sickness or accident would affect those around you in addition to yourself. Successfully escaping this attack can allude to being able to overcome this inconvenient health problem in a short period of time. However, finding a package with your name on it at the end of the vision suggests that not only may you be to blame for these troubles, but that others may shun you for bringing misfortune to them even after everyone has healed or recovered. It would be wise to avoid getting near others if you have caught some disease or, in the case of an accident, to not involve others in any risky activities.
A pig being roasted but alive A pig being roasted on an open fire but was alive and very indifferent to what was going on. Then it was standing and very much alive, the pig was fat and healthy-looking. Pigs in dreams are generally associated with filth and greed. As such, seeing a pig being roasted alive in your dream may symbolize your personal transformation. You are likely working on your flaws and shortcomings in your desire to become the best version of yourself. Of course, if in fact your associations with pigs are positive, then the fat and healthy-looking swine may be a representation of your misconception about someone. First impressions are usually not accurate and the vision may be urging you to look beyond the surface before formulating erroneous judgments.
A dog on the roof and a cat running through the house A black and white dog sitting near a chimney on my house roof. I am playing an oboe. A cat runs through the house. I discover it came in through a new plate window which had a small hole in it disguised with a piece of transparent sheet. The black and white dog reveals your levelheaded and pragmatic nature. You tend to be cautious in making decisions and choosing your path in this world, whether it is related to your career or your personal space. This tendency to play it safe, however, is about to be tested as indicated in this vision. The cat that entered your house through the window symbolizes a feisty personality who is about to cause chaos in your organized existence. Perhaps it would send you reeling into the unknown, then again maybe this individual is meant to teach you a thing or two about living your life to the fullest.
Exotic animals around the house Standing in a large field behind a home I think I used to live in. I look to the left and off in the distance is a tiger walking. I'm not sure it has seen me, as it is dusk. As I begin to walk to my house I notice a cheetah running right at me. As it intersects me, it does nothing and disappears. As I walk up on the the back deck of the house I notice a leopard walking from high to left about 70 feet away. I go inside and warn young children to stay away from the door. A dream in which you find yourself in a large field suggests clearness and openness of mind. It suggests that you accept people and circumstances at face value, and you refrain from making harsh judgement immediately. Encountering ferocious animals such as tigers, cheetahs and leopards in a dream shows that you would soon be put in a situation wherein you know that showing fear and alarm would only bring about more problems. In order to get through this challenging period you would have to maintain your open and clear mind to figure things out. Warning the children to stay away from the door represents your ability to solve this problem by yourself with these qualities you possess.
A white rat and baby spiders I was at home headed to the back yard because for some reason there was a white rat that my mother didn't seem to be frightened of. I was taking it out still alive, once I took it out while trying to close the back door the rat was trying to come back in. There were baby spiders flying around and a bunch landed on me right before I closed the door. That's all I remember, thanks. In a dream, seeing a white rat represents duplicity in those around you. It suggests that someone you associate with is not who they appear to be. They may be lying about their true lifestyle, character or intentions, preventing you from seeing the whole picture. This symbol is further reinforced by the image of baby spiders because spiders are good at spinning webs of lies. You should be careful how much information you share with those you do not know well. If left undetected for too long, these individuals would continue to manipulate you and cause issues in your life.
Elephants with and without trunks In my dream I saw 5 elephants waking in the yard, two of them were walking in front without elephant trunks, while the three at the back had the trunk. I chased them away and they walked away nicely outside the yard. Outside the yard there was a big elephant crying by a tree. Encountering a group of elephants in a dream conveys a very positive message. Elephants are often associated with wisdom, well-being and balance. Thus, the dream could foretell a period of wealth and prosperity in regards to your current interests, activities or business goals. Furthermore, the elephant's trunk, usually taken as a phallic symbol, refers to power and masculinity. Seeing some elephants with trunks and some without means that your good fortune may reveal some unsavory characteristics, like pride and greed. While the vision suggests you could expect many great things, it also cautions you about abusing your authority.
Animals inside a paper bag Well, I was in a familiar setting, but I don't really remember where, anyway - this lady gave me a brown paper bag, was telling me that I needed to transfer the things in it to a new paper bag everyday. I looked in the bag and there was a yellow snake, a rat and a cat in it. I closed the bag immediately, and was scared to move them. I was putting it off, and was carrying that bag around with me in my purse. I remember thinking that it was weird because they are all each other's predators. The brown paper bag you carry around represents your personal baggage. Inside it are burdensome concerns and negative emotions. Specifically, the yellow snake symbolizes feelings of jealousy and fear that society is trying to take away all that you deem important. Furthermore, the rat represents your greed and guilt, while the cat refers to deceit and betrayal. All these issues may stem from your insecurities. Hence, transferring these animals to a new paper bag every day alludes to the necessity of self-awareness and regular self-reflection in order to keep negative thoughts in check and self-destructive ideas at bay.
Saving a drowning calf I saw a calf standing on a platform across from me with other calves. It started to fall asleep and fell off of the platform. I immediately dove into the dark water and grabbed onto the calf. We sank immediately. Falling faster and faster. I had to choose to hold onto the calf and accept death which I was not afraid of, it was strangely comforting. I remembered my family and immediately saw tons of large beings standing in the waters reaching for me. I let go of the calf and began to swim up own. Dreaming about calves signifies the arrival of good tidings in your life. It is a clear indication that things are going to turn in your favor. You would be in a position to help people and would provide that help willingly. This is further reinforced by the image of you rushing ahead to save the drowning calf. Saving anything or anyone from drowning is a sign of you being obliging towards those who may be in need of assistance. You would provide the necessary expertise to someone whose fortune might be dwindling. The fact that you were not afraid of drowning implies that you have full confidence in your abilities. The large beings are actually your own capabilities which help you overcome any fears and allow you to regain your confidence in yourself once again.
Saving a calf stuck in a pit I am a Hindu girl. We consider cow as divine mother. I was walking and saw a calf stuck in a pit struggling to come out. I saw the calf's parents trying to help the calf out. As I was looking at them, I felt that my feet have touched the ox. I backed off feeling bad about that. But the ox stood up and was asking for my help to get the calf out of the pit. I was approaching the pit to help out. This dream vision seems to reflect your religion and personal character rather than predict any future events. Seeing a calf is generally an auspicious symbol associated with good fortune and happiness. Noticing that the calf was stuck represents your commitment to maintaining good behavior both when times are plentiful and when you are experiencing hardships. Approaching the calf to help it at the end of the dream further shows your kind and generous nature. Even as your own circumstances improve, you never forget about those who could still be suffering.
A green lizard by the riverside I dreamed there was a light-skinned man taking me to a riverside. When we alighted from the vehicle, l looked up and saw a very big green lizard high in the tree above my head. Funny how the man was looking at it but was pretending not to see it. I didn't bother to go with him... I ran away instead. Being taken to a riverside is likely an allusion to other people's expectations. There may be instances in the real world when you are forced to comply with rules, such as at your workplace. The man may be a representation of an authority figure, perhaps a mentor type, with whom others typically seek out for advice or guidance. Meanwhile, the green lizard alludes to your motivations and unique perspectives. Perhaps you are being underestimated by a superior or such individual may be refusing to acknowledge your capabilities and the value of your contributions.
Swallowing a snail I dreamt my friend and I were cleaning out the slime from a bowl of snails with alum (what we use to clean snails in Nigeria). I then tried to chew off something from the snail, before I knew it I swallowed the snail whole with the alum in it. I immediately woke up with a feeling in my throat. Cleaning up the slime from the snails represents your concerted efforts in keeping an untrustworthy individual at bay. Someone could be exhibiting suspicious or objectionable behavior around you and you are trying to push away any unwanted advances. On the other hand, snails can represent your slow and steady progress towards your dreams. In that case, getting rid of the slime may reflect your desire to speed up your progress. However, the haste and urgency could set you up for failure, possibly even putting your health at risk. Some things take time and consistent effort to be achieved.
Dogs running free in traffic I was driving down the road with a friend. Two happy house dogs running on the road with oncoming traffic, as we went down the road we saw many dogs along the road that were injured from being hit. Driving in the dream world is usually associated with movement or progress in your waking life, either professional or personal growth. The dogs, being loyal companions, likely represent family and close friends. Given those symbols, your dream vision may be telling you that on your way to achieving your goals, you may end up losing sight of your loved ones. Focusing on your own needs and ambitions could lead you to neglect their well-being, hence putting a significant strain on your relationships.
Running from wolves with a baby Wolves were chasing me and I had a baby in my hands. I tried to hand the baby to someone but they wouldn't take it. Then a voice appeared and said "Sometimes you have to forgive yourself", and right after it said that the wolf died, and I stopped running. Being chased by a pack of wolves in the dream world alludes to the possible emergence of an influential enemy who could cause a lot of damage to your career. Alternatively, wolves can symbolize self-destructive habits, addictions or unhealthy obsessions. Your dangerous fixations could be threatening your well-being, as symbolized by the baby you were carrying in the dream. Shielding the baby from harm reveals your attempts to find a solution to a difficult situation you are embroiled in. It is also indicative of your fears that others would find out about your weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
Multi-colored dogs trying to attack At an unknown house get together and there were three dogs, one black, one white and one that was black and brown. All three were trying to attack and owner was trying to hold them back. My special one was with me and they didn't bother him, and he went on through but the dogs were jumping and trying to bite me. Then I felt something on my back and thought it was a dog that was biting, but it was a little boy. I woke up then. Dreaming of aggressive or angry dogs means that you could be betrayed by a trusted friend or colleague in the real world. The black, white and brown colors of the dogs represent the various faces of the traitor. White may be a facade of loyalty and kindness so he or she would gain your trust. Black represents the dark sides and aspects of your fake friend or ally scheming against you. Meanwhile, the brown dog could be a metaphor for ambition, perhaps this is the reason for you being betrayed soon. Finally, the little boy represents your stronger sides of character you possess to counteract any moves to discredit you when you need to be more assertive and strong-willed.
A cat and a cobra killing each other I was living in an apartment with my cat, and my friend lived downstairs. We would go and visit, but my friend's neighbor had a 20-foot cobra living outside his door. It was always very aggressive and my cat, a Norwegian Forest Cat, was always protectively aggressive back. One day the cat was bitten by the cobra, but the vet managed to save its life. However, the cat and cobra fought a second time and they killed each other. I was sobbing over my cat's death and livid at the cobra. Living with a cat in the dream world likely reflects your independence and self-reliance. Perhaps you tend to be spontaneous and enjoy living in the moment. Meanwhile, the gigantic cobra guarding your friend's door could imply a huge rift between you two in reality. You may have a misunderstanding that leads to a confrontation that could hurt both of your feelings. Alternatively, the cat and the cobra may represent opposing sexes, as the cat may signify femininity in opposition to the masculine attributes associated with the cobra. If you are in fact male and female, then the conflict may stem from gender issues or sexually-related concerns, especially if one or both of you harbor feelings for the other.
An elephant giving birth to more elephants I dream of an elephant giving birth to multiple elephants in a pool of water. Elephants in water are often associated with negativity surrounding you in wake life. As difficulties arise throughout the day, you may become more irritable and ungracious. While this by itself is not uncommon, you may take it to an extreme, as seeing the elephant give birth in the water multiple times could point toward strained relations between you and those you must interact with on a daily basis. It seems that you could be taking your frustration out on others instead of positively channeling it into productive endeavors. This vision may be a warning to watch your words and actions with others, and to work on fixing problems versus just complaining about them.
A herd of sheep A herd of sheep dream meaning? Dreaming about a herd of sheep has positive connotations. It symbolizes the arrival of good tidings leading to prosperity in your personal as well as professional life. A herd of sheep also represents abundance of things, it is an indication that every venture which you undertake would turn out successful and rewarding in many ways. The bounties which would be bestowed upon you, however, is majorly the result of your hard work, determination and effort you are willing to devote to your projects.
Healing a sick dog In my dream I saw a sick dog being healed by us. What does it mean? Dreaming of a sick or dying dog usually refers to interpersonal conflicts and disagreements. Since dogs are associated with ideals such as loyalty and protection, they are typically symbols of family and trusted individuals in your social circle. The sickness afflicting the dog in the dream points to ideological differences or misunderstandings that are threatening to sever your bond with a friend or loved one. However, perhaps due to the experiences you both shared and the history you have together, you are motivated to patch things up with this individual or people as indicated by your efforts to heal the dog.
Two horses standing on a rock I saw two horses, standing on an elevated rock in front of me. They are both calm, looking at me innocently like could feel my feelings. They are both just a few feet above me. One of them is a white horse and the second is a dark brown horse with a slight reddish shade. I just swayed my hand towards them and suddenly they were both in reins held by me. Even in reins they did not struggle to get away from me, instead they both jumped down from the rock by themselves and stood on my either side. First of all, the elevated rock is a symbol of your dream of achieving a stable future for yourself and your loved ones. The brown horse represents the brilliant idea that would propel you closer to your dreams. Perhaps an innovative strategy or a unique business venture would soon be funded that may become a lucrative source of income. On the other hand, the white horse poses a problem to your endeavors. Someone could file a complaint against you or oppose your moves towards implementing your plans. Achieving your goals is not without challenges but, as illustrated in your dream, you hold the reins of your life and it is within your power to steer your life in the direction you want it to go.
Animals in the flooded yard I walked to my living room and opened the living room door, opened it and saw all of my dogs that have passed away waiting for me. Then, the yard flooded and was full of prehistoric fish. There was a huge crocodile. I swam to a boat and opened the captains door, inside was nothing but blackness and emptiness. All the water drained into the opening of the door and I with it. Then i woke up. I am female. Coming home and realizing all your dogs are dead points to severed ties with close friends or relatives in reality. Unresolved issues could pile upon little misunderstandings, leading to the deterioration of certain social connections and to their eventual dissolution. In the wake of this travesty, you could meet someone who would make this situation worse. The crocodile represents former friends or allies who would deceive or dupe you. In addition to this, it could mean that your enemies would actively try to put obstacles in your way in order to keep you from completing your tasks or projects.
A turtle exploding In my dream a turtle was exploding. Not one huge explosion, but shattering in pieces, one piece after another. Turtles are dream symbols associated with longevity, stability and security. As such, seeing a turtle blow up or explode in a dream vision carries a negative message. You may soon face tremendous challenges which would slowly chip away your financial resources and sense of comfort. The unfortunate events may be work-related or even a possible breakdown of personal relationships. Alternatively, the shattering of the turtle into pieces may be a metaphor for your shaken-up worldview. Events in the waking world may be so unexpected and disappointing that you would begin to question your personal values and beliefs.
Chased by a gorilla I'm in the dark warehouse being chased by a giant gorilla and I have to find a key to get out, but the floor keeps collapsing out from under me. The warehouse in your dream could represent your repressed thoughts and emotions. In particular, the giant gorilla chasing you refers to your primal instincts and sexual urges. You could be suppressing your desires for propriety's sake or out of fear of being judged and it is making your restless. The collapsing floor could mean that you are having troubles managing your emotions and needs to a point when you would eventually give in or lose control over your actions.
A wolf on a football field In my dream I was at a kid football game, then a big wolf ran over to where the people were, then after that it turned into a big cat. Then it asked who likes cats, one walked up and got killed, then a group ran and died than I ran alone and saw someone that saw the group all at once. Watching a football game may represent a situation in waking life where you are privy to some nefarious dealings around you. For example, you may know someone who is cheating on their partner or partaking in illegal activities. While you may feel safe because you are not directly involved, the presence of the wolf in the dream suggests your inaction may not serve you well for much longer. This means that others could condemn you for being complacent with these actions and not doing anything to stop them. Your own conscience could be filled with guilt and regret for some time after this incident takes place.
Giving bread to puppies I was giving chapati (flat bread) to two puppies. Feeding puppies in the dream world often means people consider you to be very reliable, self-sufficient and goal-focused in waking life. Your friends, family and peers probably have much respect and admiration for you because of these personal character traits. You are also likely a good role model for those younger than yourself as feeding puppies in a dream is usually symbolic of outstanding mentorship abilities.
A white owl and white puppy I saw a white owl in my dream sitting on my head and then I suddenly saw a white puppy with many bites on it, but not sure if it was attacked by the owl. A white owl in the dream world usually represents a well-respected or wise individual. The white puppy, on the other hand, could be a metaphor for friendship. Thus, the notion that the owl could have attacked the puppy probably means that you would encounter some social injustice in the waking world. Perhaps influential and powerful personalities would use their authority to smear your and your friend's credibility. Alternatively, the puppy could symbolize your naive and carefree nature. In that case, the white owl's aggression towards the puppy represents growing maturity and personal development you may have been experiencing lately.
Calves with bangles I saw a cow giving birth to baby cows and each baby had red, green and silver bangles in their hands. Seeing a cow give birth and observing the mother with the babies suggests all your current difficulties and struggles would eventually bring you prosperity and happiness. The different colored bangles represent different aspects of your changing personality as it happens, meaning red for passion, green for prosperity, and silver for happy relationships. You are likely to find great comfort and satisfaction in the future.
Animals chasing after a big cat I'm a female. I saw a huge animal, huge cat maybe, when it got up was when I realized it was praying. I saw other huge animals running after it. Lastly a dinosaur running after it, which was just a skeleton of a dinosaur and while running I saw it broke into pieces and fell down and disappeared. The huge cat in your dream may be a representation of your creativity and independent nature. The animals chasing after the cat represent your primal instincts and carefree personality. Meanwhile, the dinosaur represents old-fashioned beliefs and traditional values. The notion of praying is indicative of your search for wisdom and guidance. You may be feeling torn between pursuing your passions and following the traditional path already available to you. Based on your dream, you may be more inclined to value your freedom above everything else.
Frogs coming out from under skin I was going to a football game with my husband and a friend and a child, but I never got in because out of nowhere my hand had a slit and frogs were coming out, and through my whole dream frogs kept coming out, but at the end they were colorful frogs. In general, this vision seems to suggest that you have recently been disappointed by the actions, words or behavior of those around you. As a dream symbol, frogs are associated with someone you care about acting in a way that hurts or offends you. Seeing frogs coming out of your body, then, may point to your negative reaction to such a scenario. The perpetrator could be either your husband, a friend or even a group of people. It may be high time to communicate your unhappiness with them directly instead of ignoring them or giving them attitude when they do something wrong.
Snakes and a mountain lion I dreamt about my friend, he's passed about 3 months ago, that there was a bunch of snakes in here trying to kill him in my bedroom and then he did a mountain lion came in just make it right about the mountain lion but then the mountain lion killed him. Both the snakes and the mountain lion represent threats in the waking world. The nature of this threat is unclear. However, in relation to your deceased friend, your mind could be warning you against your own demons. Perhaps his death has made you angry and pessimistic about the world. This could be making you lash out on unsuspecting friends and family members. You may need to address personal issues that came bubbling up after his death, otherwise you could become susceptible to self-destructive behavior.
Looking for kittens Dreamed of meowing kittens but couldn't find them anywhere. I searched around alleys till I got to a dangerous weird-looking ocean bridge alley that was somewhat connected. My dream ended there and I never found the meowing kittens. Interested to know what my dream is telling me. Hope you can interpret for me. Appreciated. Thanks. Hearing kittens meowing in the distance could be a representation of your search for independence and personal fulfillment. Meanwhile, the ocean bridge alludes to your social connections. As such, your vision suggests that your journey towards independence involves getting to know some shady characters who could either change your perspective on life or ultimately derail you from your original path. It seems like losing your way is part of finding out who you really are at the core. Perhaps your inability to find the kittens also alludes to a loss of innocence and naivete in the process.
Freeing caged animals in a relative's house It was night time, it was raining heavily and I was with other unknown people. We entered a private property and I saw many caged animals. We freed them all, but one I saw was an owl, a huge owl and I was scared to open the cage, but I did and then ran all the way back home where I saw my deceased grandma talking to my ex mother-in-law who is causing me a lot of grief in my waking life. In the dream I knew it was her property that we entered. Rain in dreams often suggests sadness, though on occasion it can also be interpreted as forgiveness. Due to the presence of the caged owl, the latter interpretation could be more appropriate in your case. Owls symbolize wisdom and insight, so freeing the owl from its cage is indicative of enlightenment and rational thinking. For so long, you may have been taken by your emotions, but if you let logic and rationality rule, you could maybe find it in yourself to understand where your former mother-in-law is coming from. In seeing things from her perspective, you may be able to find a way to patch things up. Similarly, your deceased grandmother represents experience and wisdom. Those are the traits required to help heal the misunderstanding or disagreements between you and your ex mother-in-law.
A large cat wanting a sandwich I was walking home in the dark holding a sandwich that was cut in half. There was a large orange cat, possibly a mountain lion, about 100 feet in front of me. He started charging towards me. I threw one half of my sandwich and the cat went and ate it (that's what he wanted). The cat then came to me and sat in front of me, purred, and let me pet him. I gave him the other half of my sandwich and then he jumped on me and loved me and gave me kisses. Sandwiches tend to represent both things in the physical world and things that are beyond our perception. You may be more sensitive than most to the ebb and flow of the cosmic energy that surrounds us. This symbol is followed by the image of the large cat and your ability to tame the cat by feeding it. This suggests you have the power to succeed or positively influence the outcome of decisions in your life. It is possible that your penchant for reading the air or between the lines may give you a one up on your competitors. This vision, then, seems to be a reflection of the special gifts you possess and possibly a guide for how you may use that power in the future.
Monkeys in a room Three monkeys were kept in a room of a house. One jumped onto me and I held him a few seconds. Later I opened the room's door and they have disappeared. I was a guest in that house looking for them. Finding monkeys inside a room in the dream world alludes to suppressed parts of your personality. Perhaps these monkeys represent your playful and carefree side and their disappearance points to an ongoing personal transformation. You may be projecting a more mature and responsible demeanor as part of being an adult. It could also mean that you are struggling to find inspiration or having difficulty getting your creative juices going. Alternatively, as you are merely a guest of this house, the dream may be telling you to keep your wits about you especially when dealing with unfamiliar territory. There could be deceitful individuals lurking about, searching for ways to use you for their selfish interests.
Father fighting with a bear My daughter had a dream she was to her parent's home and a bear came and we ran in the house and tried to lock the door and the door just wouldn't lock. So her father fought the bear and they fought all the way into the woods. When her father came out of the woods he fell on the floor and her brother wanted to go get that bear, but her father told them to have patience, because everything would be alright. Being threatened by a bear and subsequently pursuing this bear in the dream world alludes to a toxic relationship in reality. Your daughter could be dealing with a domineering presence in her life, controlling her every move and suppressing her natural instincts. Perhaps the advice of her father means that she needs to bide her time before she can gain the freedom she desires. While she could be feeling trapped and limited at the moment, she can use this time to grow and mature in order to have a fighting chance at victory when she decides to fight back or at least assert herself.
A donkey in the backyard I dreamt that I was a young child and I looked outside my house and on my property was a donkey standing there. I asked my brother to come to the window to look at the donkey. Seeing yourself as a child suggests that some of your words or behavior in waking life may be inappropriate or ill-advised. You could be annoying the people around you or making them feel uncomfortable. However, looking at a donkey through a window may reveal that you do not think your shortcomings come close to other people's in your life. The donkey could be the manifestation of people you consider to be vile, headstrong or unpleasant to deal with. Together, these symbols show how you favor pointing out other people's problems rather than being accountable for your own. If you want to improve your relationships with those around you, you may need to start considering the effects of your words and actions more.
Traveling by riding on a horse I was riding a horse, then stopped at this lady's house to stay the night. I was traveling somewhere. I made sure I securely tied my horse to the tree pretty close to the other horse that was outside her house. I then went to get on my horse the next day, and made it all the way to my house, and my mom had told me that it wasn't my horse. I had a vision of the horse I had now "stolen", eating my horse. Later another dog was eating my dog at some lady's house. I watched the video of it in my dream. Horses are strong and powerful animals often associated with wildness and independent spirit. Perhaps losing your horse as a result of it being eaten by another horse in your dream depicts your upcoming personal transformation. You could be on the verge of becoming less dependent on others and feeling more comfortable in your own skin. The part of the dream with the vision of a dog consuming your own dog may be a reference to a dog-eat-dog world. This means that you would have to undergo a lot of difficulties which would probably disillusion you and this would trigger the transformation you would inevitably go through.
Protecting family from lions In my dream, suddenly the world is filled with strange things and it is dark and then animals like lions and lionesses are on the lose and are attacking everyone and I am trying to protect my family from them while wondering what is happening in the world. I just about shut the door in time to keep them out. But I am feeling like they might find another way and I am worried. Dreaming about encountering unfamiliar things in the darkness has negative connotations. It portends a period of worsening health. The lions and lionesses that you saw may represent the difficulties associated with this period. The notion of you trying to shield your family from them is a reflection of your desire to keep your loved ones away from these troubles and your ability to shut the door at the right time signifies your success in defying all those odds against you. It would be helpful to keep tabs on any emerging health issues and visit a physician for a complete check-up to rule out any health problems.
Bears falling out of the sky Momma bear and cub falling out of the sky. Dreaming of a bear with its cubs usually alludes to wealth and prosperity. There could be lucrative investments in the future or material possessions you stand to gain. The image of the bears falling from the sky means that these blessings and opportunities are about to come you way. This could be the positive turn of events you have been looking for after experiencing consecutive disappointments in the waking world.
A cat chasing a lizard I am a male and I had a dream that a cat chased down and killed a green lizard. Dreaming that a cat kills a lizard alludes to your triumph over an adversary. Cats are often associated with independence and cunning behavior, while lizards are viewed as cold and calculating. Hence, the death of the lizard symbolizes your determination and ability to assert yourself during trying times. Perhaps you would soon undergo some trials that test your strength of character. Alternatively, these animals may represent two sides of your personality. Maybe you are more inclined to follow a path of creativity rather than a traditional or stable one.
Dogs chasing after a moose A big group of Dobermans chasing a mother and a calf moose wrapped in a barb wire in my yard, then fighting with me and my 2 Shepherds. We win, then I'm about to fight with the woman owner. I'm male. Dream ends. The group of dogs chasing the moose and her offspring could represent a scandalous event getting blown wildly out of proportion. As a third party observing this affair, you may recognize that the instigators are causing much pain and embarrassment to their target. You are likely upset on behalf of the victim and rightly so. However, should you choose to insert yourself into this situation, the image of those vicious dogs fighting yours could mean you would become the new target.
Worrying about cows in a field I had a dream about me and my son were in this room, some lady was asking us questions and all I seemed to be worried about was the cows lying down in the field because there was a lightning. Seeing a herd of cows lying down in a field reveals your yearning to be a member of a community. You may be thinking about bringing your son into a group where he would thrive. The symbol of lightning alludes to quick and significant events, which means you may be planning on making some major changes in your current situation. Perhaps you are thinking about moving to a new home, getting a new job or introducing your son to a better social environment. Whichever is the case, your decisions would have lasting effects on your family's life.
A black wolf attacking other wolves There is a black wolf in the background, the wolf never harms me nor is it friendly, we always make eye contact and acknowledge each other. It is always in the background. In one dream there is a pack of wolves and then the black wolf comes and the pack fears the black wolf, the black wolf ends up biting the neck off of one of the regular-colored wolves and it is so vivid in my dream. I can see and hear every detail of the neck being bitten off. The black wolf represents some force in your life that is helping you overcome challenges and avoid the traps set by your competitors. This can be seen in both the wolf's aloofness and in its obvious power. You likely do not know who or what is helping you gain superiority over your peers. While you may be aware of the presence because of the outcomes, the reason and method are a mystery. However, it may not be as important to know as you think. Your curiosity may be strong, but whoever or whatever is helping you probably has an agenda that only you can fulfill. It would be unwise to force them to reveal their identity unless they want to.
A mountain lion on the back A mountain lion climbed on my back while I was walking my dog. It dug its claws into my shoulders very lightly but did not attack. I took it inside the house and it got off my back and roamed around the house without attacking. Mountain lions represent real-world threats and aggression, but they can also symbolize pride. In your dream scenario, both interpretations could be applicable. The mountain lion on your back means your are probably prone to emotional outbursts and have a lot of pride. Carrying the animal around and even bringing it home means you value your principles and ability to assert your dominance. Too much pride, however, can isolate and perhaps even distance you from your loved ones.
Animals while being in a park I am female. I dreamed I was in a park somewhere with a pet guinea pig that I was holding like a baby. I had the choice to walk a dog or a bear on a hike, for some reason I picked the bear, I put the guinea pig down then the bear and I started walking, then we were running together. I felt a little scared at first but then not so much. After running for awhile the leash broke and the bear ran off. Then I woke up. Dreaming about walking in a park while carrying a guinea pig suggests a period of transition in which you would have to make important decisions to determine where your path is headed. The guinea pig represents the duties and responsibilities you would need to consider in making those decisions. The choice between a dog or a bear, meanwhile, reflects your conflicted feelings over choosing between domesticity and independence. On one hand, there is an opportunity for you to settle down and grow some roots. However, there is likely a part of you that is not yet ready to let go of your freedom. In choosing the bear, you could be allowing yourself to go astray and derail important plans or goals.
A mouse on a white wall I was looking up at a white wall and a mouse just appears, then it just starts walking across the wall. My gender is female. The white wall you envisioned could represent a boost in social status you are about to receive. You may have been recommended for an award or promotion or applied for such recognition yourself. You are likely to get this incentive and the admiration and support that come with it. However, the mouse walking across the wall is a warning that someone may double-cross you because of your achievements. You may have a secret enemy who is jealous of your sudden rise and wants to sabotage your future efforts.
Killing frogs which are giving birth I'm waking up and I went into my living room, and some of my furniture wasn't there. There was a small frog, and when it inhaled, It grew bigger, like twice its size. Then it started to leap, and when it leaped it left behind a baby frog, then it leaped again and left behind another baby frog from it. I ran in my room to grab the Raid and sprayed the last baby frog (I was scared), but it died right away. The big frog bit me, I sprayed the last two frogs, then they died, so I swept them out of the house. Frogs in dreams generally suggest existing issues in romantic affairs. As such, you may experience heartaches, even a heartbreak, due to unrequited love or a hurtful encounter with the object of your affection. Furthermore, the smaller frogs point to the negative effects or lingering pain that you would feel long after the unsavory incident. Perhaps getting hurt would lead to your inability to commit yourself to someone for fear of getting disappointed once again. Meanwhile, the missing furniture in your living room represents more focus due to fewer obstacles in your way. At the same time, gaining focus could come at the price of isolating yourself from your loved ones and becoming too absorbed in trying to solve your personal issues or concerns.
A cat eating a bird A cat eating a bird and leaving the head on the bed. Dream imagery of a cat killing and eating a bird could point to missing an important opportunity or chance to succeed. The symbol of bed in the context of this dream could also mean that these losses or failures could be related to your private life, such as romantic affairs or things you usually try to keep to yourself. The bird's head on the bed is symbolic of lingering regrets and frustration you would be left with following this unfortunate experience.
Men killing a brown horse I was riding a brown horse. I tied it in a place. Two men with their dogs came and attacked me and killed the horse. The brown horse in your dream vision alludes to your willpower and determination. It could be a symbol for your resolve to become accomplished and successful in your chosen path or current endeavors. However, the men with their dogs may refer to an influential enemy who would strive to bring you down. The dogs, symbolizing loyalty and protection, represent your enemy's allies in the plot to discredit or demotivate you. Perhaps you need to be more careful in dealing with suspicious characters.
A dog clawing a new dress Hi, I was walking and came across four stray dogs that were indifferent but one were happy to see me. It jumped up at me for pats but it was clawing my new dress, so I was trying to make it stop by saying "No, sit". I remember pointing at the other dogs and they would snarl at me and want to bite my finger. When I woke, my initial feeling or thought was that my new sundress was ruined. Dogs in dreams are commonly associated with the people we know and communicate with on a daily basis. Therefore, the image of one dog that was happy to see you while the rest of the group seemed indifferent suggests you have some good friends in reality but a number of enemies or rivals as well. Your efforts to control the dog that liked you may reveal your desire to impose your will on others, possibly explaining why there is only one friendly dog. Your ruined sundress at the end of the vision may predict conflict, most likely with someone you consider a friend. Even though they like you and treat you well, their lack of malleability is frustrating for you, making this the cause of your troubles. Until you learn to stop pushing your agenda on others, you may have trouble developing strong, meaningful relationships.
Tiny kittens and a red spider I had three very tiny kittens in a box. They fell out of the box. They were so tiny I couldn't find them. Then I found one, but a tiny red spider was taking it away. I was gonna kill the spider and get kitten but I didn't. When my brother came to me I told him I lost the kittens and he said "Don't worry about it". Kittens in dreams can represent tiny obstacles, but they can also symbolize childlike curiosity and innocence. In your case, the presence of the red spider may make both interpretations applicable. The red spider could be an overbearing individual or a cunning and manipulative loved one trying to control your actions and decision-making. This individual who clearly has a significant influence on you may try to undermine your free will and independent spirit. Perhaps he or she thinks that a little discipline would allow you to grow into the best version of yourself. This could just be an obstacle in your relation with this person because although you may disagree on certain things, you do share the goal of self-improvement.
A turtle losing its shell A tortoise or turtle losing his shell because I hadn't boxed him up properly. I kept feeling fear by letting him be free that I was gonna lose him or he would get hurt. I'd ask angels before sleeping to come in my dreams with advice I needed. But I really don't understand. Thank you. Turtles are normally thought to represent happiness and positive energy in your life. Your fears about him losing his shell or getting lost are understandable, as this represents your concern over how to maintain your present situation. Your efforts to ask the angels for help suggest the happiness is slipping from your grasp faster than you can create it. There could be someone in your life who has become or is about to get ill, possibly with a life-threatening disease or sickness. You may need to find ways to look for the good in life rather than focusing on the bad.
A white dog that looked like a lion I dreamed about a very hyper white big dog, but inoffensive. The dog looked little like a lion and was attacking anybody that said something about him but didn't hurt them. White dogs are symbols associated with promising relationships, so seeing one in a dream vision may predict establishing a new romantic connection or point toward improvements in your current relationship with someone. The dog's behavior may allude to the excitement you would feel or the amount of attention you would receive from the other party. Given other people's reaction to this dog in the vision, it is more likely that the personality of the individual you connect with would be energetic and outgoing.
Walking with rabbits and a dog A spiritualist said he could see me walking through a field, white rabbits and black rabbits running around me and a white little dog walking beside me. The dog would be my pet that passed away. A white rabbit in the dream world suggests devotion. Those white rabbits represent loyal friends and family looking out for your well-being and rooting for your success. Meanwhile, the black rabbits symbolize your cynicism and pessimistic attitude. This is the dark side of your personality which could potentially alienate your loved ones if you do not learn to control it. Finally, a white dog usually points to a romantic partner who would bring out the best in you. Your partnership would be mutually beneficial so long as you take good care of each other.
Saving a cat from panthers Saving a cat from a full-size and a baby panther. Cats generally represent creativity, curiosity and independence. So trying to save a cat from panthers represents your efforts at preserving your freedom and independent spirit. Panthers are symbols of danger, which means you may have to keep an eye out for lurking threats and possible enemies. Alternatively, a panther when combined with another cat species can be a metaphor for a similar power dynamic in reality. This means that the panthers may be supervisors, bosses or anyone who wields more power and influence than you do.
A mouse in the car while driving I grab a mouse that is bothering my wife in our car and throw it out the window while we're driving only to have an owl bring it back to me. Dream visions involving an owl carrying a mouse symbolize a breach of confidence. It could be related to the relationship with your wife when she has started to suspect you could be hiding something important from her. Given the notion of you throwing the mouse out the car window, you may be avoiding openly discussing these matters or that these episodic signs of her distrust are becoming more pronounced. Since driving in a car with someone in dreams represents our journey through life with that person, the vision could be urging you to properly address these issues before they escalate to something regrettable down the line.
Shooting animals while building a house I'm male, rebuilding a house with my father by the sea, people are looking at the house have seen wolves, I have a 2 handguns and a crossbow, crossbow never loaded. Wolf attacks a worker, but I hand my father a gun and we shoot the wolf dead, but right after an amphibious bear-type creature attacks my father and bites his leg, I shoot it in the head but it isn't stopping the bear, but I manage to kill it and my father has minimum injury. I tell people viewing the house, who ignore me. Later I shoot the bear creature with a crossbow from afar. The crossbow in your dream is an allusion to your goals as well as the progress of your efforts towards achieving those goals. This concept is also illustrated in the rebuilding of your house. You may have faced failures or disappointments in the past and you want to start chasing after your dreams again. However, you may have to face further obstacles along the way as represented by the wolves and the bear. These difficulties may slow down your progress and may even make you question whether your dreams are worth pursuing. Fortunately, killing the bear means you would be able to defeat your rivals and successfully resolve the problems that could derail you from your path. Likewise, the wolf refers to partners or coworkers who may sabotage your efforts because of their recklessness. So it may be in your best interest to be on guard for possible betrayals and deception.
Being attacked by a frog It was a negative feeling dream. I had huge bites and welts on my right elbow that continued to swell larger and larger. Then a green, wet frog jumped in my right palm and bit me. It hurt and I grabbed it and pulled until it tore away and threw it. I looked down to see an open wound in my palm that was deep and bleeding. I thought I would need stitches, but decided to run it under cold water and shower. When I ran it under water there was no pain. I am female. I would consider it a nightmare. A wounded elbow refers to your inability to perform adequately during certain situations. It can be a symbol for intimacy issues or social anxiety in general. Either way, the green frog that jumped on to your palm alludes to a passing encounter or a minor incident that could happen sometime in your future. Because it is merely a fleeting moment, you may not think much about it. However, the wound it left on your palm means that the encounter would have a lasting impression or mark. An individual who figures in that fateful moment could turn into a significant or influential personality in your life. Good or bad, this chance encounter would ultimately trigger a significant transformation in you.
Licked by a dog while in a rickshaw I dreamed that when I was sitting in a rickshaw, suddenly a black huge dog came and started to lick me. I was trying to avoid it, but it kept licking me and I felt he wanted to lick my upper body by undressing me. Being pulled in a rickshaw can be interpreted positively, as it often refers to gaining the admiration and respect of those around you. In some cases, this can refer to prestige earned in a particular field, such as what you are currently studying or your career, however, it can also mean you would become famous or popular in the wider community. In either case, the black dog is an ominous symbol which represents losing your respect for someone you were once close to, like a long-time friend or companion. You may learn that someone you thought cared for you is actually using you. Perhaps this would become more apparent with your rise in prestige, as this person may try to take advantage of your popularity for their own gains.
Chased by a gorilla while by ruins I'm in China. There are ancient ruins around. I'm running in circles around a courtyard. There is a big gorilla chasing me. And then it grabs me. I'm male. Finding yourself running about the ancient ruins of China may reveal that you are about to go through a period of self-discovery. You may finally have time to learn about your personality and mindset. In a sense, the ruins represent parts of you that are integral to your tendencies, habits and beliefs but have not yet been fully explored or even recognized. This is followed by the image of the gorilla chasing you, a symbol closely associated with primal instincts, particularly those that are sexual in nature. By learning more about yourself you could become more aware and conscious of your desires, leading to a more defined and fulfilling sexual identity in the future.
A flea on a dog I have a friendly white dog sitting on my lap and one black flea is jumping all over him. I try to catch the flea but can't, the dog isn't concerned about the flea, the dog is happy. Dreaming about a friendly dog sitting on your lap signifies the presence of faithful and loving individuals in your life. These are the people who care for you deeply and are concerned about your well-being. However, the flea represents an individual who might be trying their best to bring shame upon you. The notion of the dog not being bothered by the flea symbolizes that the love of those close to you would remain unflinching despite whatever they may hear about you. This unwavering trust in your abilities would help you overcome any kinds of problems.
A dog stuck between two doors I live in a Georgian-style farmhouse and in the window over the front door there is a dog in the window. The front half of the dog is outside and the rear half is inside. There is a sliver of meat that looks like sliced ham that you get in a deli, in between the two panes of glass. I can move the rear part of the dog, which results in the other two parts moving in totally opposite random directions. The dog is alive, seems happy there is no blood or gore. It's a recurring nightmare. Windows in dreams generally refer to new opportunities as well as the dreamer's outlook, while dogs symbolize loyalty and protection. Perhaps the dog in the window of your house in the dream refers to a family member who is conflicted about grabbing an opportunity or settling down. The opportunity presents a promising picture for the future, but it would take him or her away from the family and home in general. In addition, the meat in between the window panes represents obstacles. No matter which choice this individual makes, there would be downsides as well as upsides to it. Maybe this vision also shows your apprehensions about being away from your loved ones. Perhaps you are likewise conflicted about supporting the dreams of others over your preference of having them around.
Bonding with a dog from an abandoned house I look at an old abandoned house. Junk in the garden, windows dark and black. Dark atmosphere. I feel evil lurks inside, preparing for some malevolent thing to emerge. Not lucid, but feel desire to face the dark window. A dog appears at the window, bounds towards me. I stand my ground. The dog jumps up, hugs me. I feel its fur and feel love. We communicate telepathically about something. I feel a great bond. I notice a small flea from the dog. I want to help it get rid of the fleas. Dreaming about an abandoned house has negative connotations because it predicts coming across an individual who would break your trust. It may be someone very close to you as well, such as a longtime friend or family member. On the other hand, being visited by a friendly dog that shows love towards you signifies the presence of a faithful and loving person in your life. This is someone who cares about you deeply. The flea on the dog's fur could represent the very person who broke your trust in the first place. Despite their evil presence, you can rest assured that the ones who love and care for you would always be there to offer you their full support whenever you might require it.
Chasing a mouse with a broom I'm a female, 56 years old. My dream was about a mouse and gray in color, he climbed on a broom handle. I remember the dark beady eyes, chasing it with a broom to obstacles. I believe it to be my daughter's apartment, it went into the fireplace and I remember moving a screen that folded in three sections. I remember poking the broom trying to get the mouse. A gray mouse in the dream world typically symbolizes stability, but could also be interpreted as stagnation. If the latter interpretation is more appropriate for your current concerns, then chasing the mouse may be an indication of discontent. Since this mouse was seen at your daughter's apartment, it may be a representation of her current mindset. Perhaps in a bid to squash her boredom or being misunderstood, she may be engaging in inappropriate or risky behavior. She could be playing with fire which could tarnish her reputation. However, if she is able to channel her passion into something more productive, perhaps her restlessness could lead to progress in both her personal and professional spheres.
Interacting with a frog and killing it Being in a construction site and saving a frog. Then making that frog sentient with a liquid I created in an egg carton. Once the frog could talk, he defied me and would no longer soak in the liquid that would keep him alive. In a rage, I hit him in the back with the carton, accidentally killing him. I felt horribly ashamed. The dream ended with me staring down at my hands and seeing the strange reddish orange liquid dripping off of them since I had used the carton to hit the frog, the liquid was also gone. Construction sites in dreams usually represent work in progress in reality. This means that there is likely something you have been working on in the background while you deal with your daily life. The frog that you tried to save which later talked may represent the changes you see taking place in your life, most likely those you assume are for the better. However, the frog's defiance and lack of respect could predict these changes taking on a life of their own and becoming strange and foreign to you. Killing the frog and scrutinizing your hands afterwards reveals your conscientious nature. You are a born problem-solver and probably searching for a way to get your situation back on track. The reddish orange color on your hands could reveal that your passion sometimes gets the best of you, leading to instances where you lose your cool instead of relying on your intellect to get what you want.
Big lizards eating small ones Good morning, I am a woman in my mid 30s with a husband and kids. So, I had a dream that I saw plenty of lizards crawling out of our bags and things, and they were marching out all at once, I looked dazed wondering how we could have harbored such great number of lizards. But then all coming together they marched out of the house. When those lizards got out, bigger lizards came and ate them up. The bigger lizards were like the size of a dinosaur. They attacked the smaller lizards and ate them up. Lizards in the dream world allude to enemies in reality. These are usually cold-blooded personalities with no conscience which make them formidable rivals. Meanwhile, bags typically represent your health, wealth and general well-being. In the context of your dream vision, the lizards crawling or marching out of your bags and possessions likely mean you have probably been supporting or coddling people who are taking advantage of your generosity. Perhaps they are not just leeching off your finances but also damaging your emotional well-being. In addition, the part at the end when bigger lizards preyed on the smaller ones indicates the adverse effects of them being too dependent on you. Sometimes it may be better to show some tough love to prepare those around you for the challenges they may face in the real world.
Killing a sheep with a knife Killing a sheep using a knife. I am a female. Slaughtering a sheep in the dream world alludes to health issues. You may be working too much and neglecting your health in the process. In addition, the knife you used to kill the sheep symbolizes cutthroat rivals and competitors trying to find your weakness so they can use it to take you down. Perhaps this pressure to excel in your waking reality is causing your physical and psychological well-being to deteriorate. You may need to reassess your priorities and learn how to manage the delicate work-life balance.
Being bitten by a small dog A small white Jack Russell. Brown patch on his eye. Biting my right hand. My hand is in his mouth with his teeth closing on my hand but do not break the skin. I'm screaming trying to pull my hand out and there's a person telling me to stop, he won't bite but I'm not really listening. Dreaming about being bitten by a dog has negative connotations. It signifies that you would face trying circumstances which could lead to difficulties and problems with your significant other. These conflicts could also be related to your workplace. Since dogs generally represent friendship and love, an aggressive canine indicates certain hostilities which are developing behind your back. Consider it a forewarning and beware of malicious individuals who are out to create obstacles in your path.
Multi-headed and normal calves I dreamt of four calves, of which three had multiple heads and one was normal. All healthy, the normal and multiple-head one were sucking milk from the mother cow hoisted up on a high table. The other two multi-head calves were standing down and playing. More commonly, a calf symbolizes wealth and prosperity in the dream world. However, a calf with multiple heads may be indicative of petty problems which could potentially become a major headache. Perhaps those multi-headed calves are the problems you must overcome in order to attain your goals. They may be slackers at your place of work or seemingly negligible concerns which could snowball into a crisis. While those individuals or issues may initially appear harmless, leaving them unchecked could eventually hurt your future success. Watch out for warning signs, whether they be at home or in the workplace, so you will not have to deal with a major problem down the line.
Puppies licking feet Two friendly dogs were licking my feet. I wanted them to stop after awhile, but they were playful and would not stop. They were licking and wagging their tails. I believe they were puppies. Being licked on the feet means you are in a position of power. Meanwhile, dogs oftentimes symbolize family members and close friends. So, in the context of your dream, there is a likelihood that your loved ones or friends would seek your advice regarding a problem or an important decision they are currently or soon would be facing. These personalities are fiercely loyal to you and value your opinions. Your subconscious may be reminding you to be responsible with whatever advice you give because of these people who depend on you.
A scary dog licking the face Dreamt that a big scary dog came around to my childhood home and was licking my face. Dreaming about being scared of a dog portends victories and overcoming obstacles. It's an indication that you would muster the courage to face your adversaries. Despite feeling anxious and unsure about your next move in the beginning, you would be successful in defeating your enemies. The notion of the dog being friendly and licking your face has positive connotations. It symbolizes the presence of individuals who are loyal to you and would be happy for your triumphs. Be confident and take things in your stride because eventually you would rise above your weaknesses.
Blood from a slaughtered cow I dream someone asking me to slaughter a cow, then when I cut three times, the blood came heavily like rain and it spilled all over me. Slaughtering a cow could signify your desire to express your ambitions. It is possible there is an opportunity you wish to take advantage of, and other people noticing your efforts would make you happy. This symbol can also be a sign of anger and dissatisfaction with social taboos society is placing on you. The idea that someone asked you to do this could reveal the presence of peer pressure, suggesting either your ambition or anger is not entirely your own. The blood that spills over you at the end of the vision could predict receiving important and unexpected news, although whether this would be the trigger to your actions or a response to them is unclear.
A cat suckling its kittens I dreamed one (tabby) female cat with kitties while suckling her kitties. They were in behind of my house and I saw them and I wanted to shoot this scene with a camera. Dreaming of kittens is usually a reference to a period of transition. The tabby cat likely represents a mother figure or your guardian in reality who provides you with the support you need, whether financial or emotional. While you may be dependent on this individual at the moment, the time when you have to be more on your own may be closer than you think. Perhaps this is the reason why you wanted to capture the scene in a photograph, as a last attempt to preserve your memories of this carefree existence. Soon enough, you would have to find your own way in the world.
Attacked by a lion in the jungle Running through a jungle and chased by a lion, but each time it got close to me it was kicked aside by someone or something. I couldn't see until I reached at the end of the jungle without it touching me. Running through the jungle in a dream is a highly ominous symbol that suggests negative energy is surrounding you. In some cases, this refers to your body itself, meaning you could be facing health issues or negative effects on your physical welfare. It can, however, refer more broadly to enemies or competitors wishing evil upon you. The lion that chases you supports this interpretation, further revealing that you could expect to go through some difficult, trying times that would need immediate attention from you in order to be resolved.
White wolves chasing down the road I was walking down a road with huge fenced-in woods on both sides. I noticed two white bears yawning by a tree and a white dog, then I tried to take a picture and realized on both sides of the fence they were white wolves and started to come at me trying to get over the fence. So I kept running down the road to get away, then I woke up. Walking down a road in a dream is usually a positive sign, it could reveal forthcoming success. An activity which involves a great deal of dedication, time and effort would create outcomes that will evoke feelings of fulfillment and happiness. However, being attacked by wolves is a negative sign and shows that there may be situations which will hinder your ability to stand up for yourself or be open and sincere with others around you. Some people in your waking life may think that you do not care or that you are too good for them when they observe the way you act. You may need to begin expressing your intentions more clearly and engage others to see the good behind your reasoning.
Horses by a fence and bitten by one I climbed over a fence and saw a group of beautiful palomino horses tied to a fence. Then I saw a young one which became aggressive and wouldn't let me pass through. Then a really small horse started to bite my hand and wouldn't stop. I would like to know what this represents please? Fences in dreams convey both positive and negative messages. Fences are often associated with protection from harm and privacy. They can also be seen as barriers, obstacles or confinement. In the context of your dream, the former interpretation may be more applicable because of the presence of an aggressive horse. Jumping or climbing over a fence denotes risky behavior, while an aggressive horse typically points to possible accidents during travels. Hence, your subconscious may be telling you to take extra care and control your impulsive tendencies, especially outside of your home, in order to avoid harmful incidents.
Being attacked by ferrets Attacked by ferrets. Being attacked by ferrets is often interpreted as a sign that the dreamer is about to be hurt and attacked on all sides. First, this vision suggests the presence of a chronic illness or some developing health problem as a result of poor habits. These issues would cause both physical pain and also eat away at your confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, this symbol suggests others would criticize you for this condition or spread rumors about the source and cause of your issues. Seeing friends become enemies would likely further dampen your spirits, making the road to recovery even more difficult and challenging.
A vicious black dog attacking everyone around I had a dream about a black Rottweiler attacking me. It bit me several times, but I finally called it and it killed the guy who kept sticking it on me. The dog hurt several of my friends and the people who had the dog are people I used to know. Seeing yourself or someone you know being attacked and wounded by a vicious dog is a sign of tragedy. It means you may soon face a serious disease or lingering illness, and it can also mean a close friend or relative passing away. As for the dog bites, witnessing yourself or someone you know experience a dog bite is a sign of confusion. It could predict soon being involved in conflicts and unable to maintain an open communication with your significant other or business partners.
Chased by a bear into a house I'm a woman and I dreamt that I was with a girl and I think I was leading her because she never said anything, but did everything I did. We were on motorcycles on a trail in the woods being chased by a bear. We got to a building and started going down many flights of stairs until we got to the bottom and the exit door was locked and the bear was behind us. The motorcycles in your dream reveal your desire to be a little more adventurous and spontaneous. This thrill-seeking tendency could put you in situations you have not experienced before. In particular, running away or escaping a bear suggests the likelihood of finding romantic prospects under very unusual or uncharacteristic circumstances. On the positive side, this could give you a lot of pleasure and satisfaction, but there could also be some regret involved depending on your priorities. Alternatively, your vision may be an allusion to avoiding or escaping confrontations in reality. There may be personal issues or problems which you are trying to ignore.
Befriending a white monkey There were several monkeys outside my home seen from windows. One of them was a very calm white monkey. Even the face was white. And I was holding both his hands for very long sitting on my bed very comfortably. I felt as if I am with someone very mature and peaceful. Seeing a white monkey in your dream is an auspicious sign to behold, as it usually symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It is possible that this dream vision means you would soon come across a lucrative career opportunity, receive a promising job offer or get a promotion at your current place of work. The tides are finally turning in your favor, so it is important to make the most of the opportunities coming your way. This may include increasing the amount of money you put into savings, bettering the condition of your living space or getting involved with investing.
Slaughtering a white cow Slaughtering a white cow. A white cow embodies kindness and selfless acts. In the context of your dream, slaughtering this white cow could reveal your anger and frustration about people's expectations towards you. Perhaps others see you as a meek, nurturing and domesticated character which is not how you see yourself. You may have grown tired of always giving your time and effort to others without getting anything in return. In that sense, the killing of the cow alludes to transformation. A fire has been ignited inside of you and you are now ready to pursue your passions instead of succumbing to peer pressure.
A mongoose in the bathroom On entering the bathroom I saw a long thing moving. I thought a snake was there, but it was not a snake. I opened the door and ordered my servant to bring a stick, meanwhile that thing climbs up to a little window. Then I noticed it was a long mongoose. It was trying to escape, but a person outside was whispering "Hashhh!". It returned, but kept itself in the window and was trying to go out again. The bathroom in your dream refers to an unfortunate incident about to happen in the near future. The presence of the mongoose means that the nature of this incident is embarrassing or humiliating. A mongoose is also often associated with sexuality, so perhaps the awkward and regrettable situation may occur due to your efforts to deal with sexual or intimacy issues. Since the mongoose was trying to escape the bathroom, this means that the sensitive situation may end up spreading to your social circle if you do not manage to deal with it properly. Perhaps you may want to confront your personal issues before others get involved and things get out of hand. After all, prevention is better than damage control.
An alligator on top of a building I saw my lover, I think she's my twin flame. She was playing with an alligator on the top of a high building. The alligator tried to attack me and I was afraid. Then she told me what to do to escape the animal and when I did what she told me to do the alligator ran away. An alligator is a symbol of an enemy. In that sense, you lover's playful treatment of the alligator may be a projection of your admiration for her. Specifically, you may view her as someone who has a strong character and an uncanny ability to outwit her adversaries. In that sense, you may be looking to her for advice on how to deal with an enemy. Alternatively, the way to neutralize your foe may be by knowing your self-worth and your true value, as symbolized by your lover's advice in the dream. The building means that the enemy you have in mind may be a colleague or a competitor trying to take opportunities away from you.
Buying kittens I was staying with a friend and went to a pet store and found three unique kittens. One was white with the word "Gods" on the side of it. Another was white with black hearts and it said "Love" on its side. The one that I chose was brown and red and excessively loving. I am later sitting with my friend who I am staying with and find out that I have bought all three kittens unknowingly. Kittens generally symbolize little annoyances and petty problems. As such, buying kittens can reveal your tendency to take lost individuals under you wing or help out troubled characters. All three kittens refer to different types of personalities you could meet sometime soon and who would become integrated into your social circle. The white kitten in particular means that one of them could betray your trust. The kitten with the red fur, meanwhile, refers to someone who may try to steal your significant other from you. Finally, the black and white kitten is the one who would stay true to you.
Being bitten by a pig A pig head was trapped in a container and when I put my leg in, the pig tried to bite me, but I was struggling to bring my leg out for the pig not to bite me, but the pig finally bit me. When you dream about trying to evade or escape from an animal attacking you, such as the pig you envisioned in your dream, it could mean you are currently facing an internal struggle with your innermost instincts or uncontrollable desires which could expose you to situations that can become potentially harmful to you. In that sense, the dream can actually act as a warning for you to take some precautionary measures and adjust your behavior or motivations before you subject yourself to unnecessary risk or things get completely out of control.
Hunting for lizards to eat them I am a woman. In my dream we are sitting in our old house where we haven't lived for many years, next to us is a pile of rocks which have always been there since I remember and there have always been lizards in it. My mother asks me to help her in hunting for lizards, which we are going to eat whether this is because we don't have food or simply because we suddenly relish lizards, I do not know. I am disgusted at first, but soon I start grabbing lizards around me (there seem to be so many). Seeing a place you used to live at in the dream world is often the mind's way of going back to place where you once felt safe and content. It also represents a simpler time in life, free of worries and troubles. The reason you are mentally returning to this previous location is likely related to the image of the lizards. Lizards, as symbols, can be associated with a number of different possibilities. On one hand, you may be fighting off or trying to avoid the attacks of your enemies and competitors. This could be a great cause of stress in your daily existence. The idea of wanting to catch and eat the lizards may also point toward troubles with your love life or reputation. No matter the source of your troubles, your mind is searching for a space to be relaxed and to ponder the situation at hand.
Killing a bunny with a knife I was sitting on my front steps, a light fog hanging low to the ground was present. I looked down to see a fox and a bunny sitting at my feet. I reached over and grabbed a knife and stabbed at the fox. I then heard an inhuman scream. Lifting up the weighted knife, I saw the bunny dangling from it, the knife in its back legs. It was limp and dead, yet the screaming continued. Looking downward, i saw an even smaller bunny sitting there, crying. The presence of fog in your dream reveals a troubled mind. There are pressing issues you need to handle, but you are not seeing things clearly. Specifically, trying to stab or kill a fox means you are trying to get rid of little annoyances at work or at home, but your tactics are not that effective. A fox could also symbolize rivals or competitors, which means your inability to outwit them is making you feel frustrated. Finally, the dead bunny symbolizes a loss of innocence. In trying to thwart your rivals, you may end up losing your optimism and enthusiasm. Perhaps winning over or outsmarting your foes should not be the end goal of your plans, especially if it means losing yourself in the process. The upcoming Easter holiday could also be related to the bunny symbol in your vision. Maybe the upcoming season is making you evaluate your motivations and create a fresh start for yourself.
A chihuahua with fangs An emaciated chihuahua dog with a very large head and fangs like a snake tries to devour my healthy chihuahua dog. When you dream about animals turning into monsters, it could mean that you are filled with unreasonable or unsupported fears which could originate from a lack of self-control or excessive amount of obstacles or needs. Meanwhile, the notion of your own dog being in peril could indicate that this situation is forcing you to seek other people's advice and guidance, but you do not show your appreciation to them or are not willing to reciprocate their kindness. This could prove problematic in the long-run as it can lead to potential conflicts.
Licked by a cat A cat kissed me (licked), was an overall friendly, a good mood dream. Dreamed more, just remember the cat. Female. Thank you. Although your dream vision seemed to have been rather pleasant, a cat being friendly towards you is not always a good sign as far as symbols go. In fact, playing with a cat in a dream could mean that someone from your inner circle whom you once trusted could become dishonest and eventually capable of betraying your trust. This seemingly pleasant dream could therefore portend mistrust and conflicts in your future.
Being attacked by a whale I dreamed of witnessing a whale eating up a little girl who happened to be standing by the water. I screamed for help and no one came to help that girl. A little while later this whale jumps out of the water to bite my left foot. I managed to stuff a pillow into its mouth and the whale released its grip of my foot. I remember being very careful and concerned when I saw the whale in the water before it started to attack the little girl and myself. The image of a whale in a dream often refers to a huge burden. It could be a big business project that you are handling or a relationship that is a causing a lot of complications. In your case, the latter interpretation may be more applicable. The little girl may represent your innocence and playful nature. She may also symbolize your potential for growth. As such, being devoured by the whale suggests that someone with a lot of power and influence may be stifling your creativity and spontaneity. Similarly, the bite to your foot reveals limitations or threats to your freedom and independence. On the negative side, the whale could be a controlling personality in your reality that is squashing your dreams. On the other hand, it is also possible that the same person may just be encouraging you to be a little less hasty with your decisions and little more practical. It all depends on your current mindset and priorities.
Herding elephants I dreamed having three elephants in front of me, it was like I was gathering them. Elephants seen or encountered in a dream are symbolic of wisdom, well-being and balance. So, the notion that you were gathering them in your dream could mean you are about to experience some major improvements regarding your current projects, but you should remind yourself to be constantly focused and seek the advice of friends and family when necessary to make sure nothing gets out of hand. Overall, this vision could be a very positive omen for your future.
A hyena and lion in the kitchen A hyena and a lion sitting in my kitchen and I take out some meat out of the fridge. Then the hyena bites me but I hit it and it runs off. Then I feed the lion and the lion was there the whole time with the hyena. Female. The location of this vision in your kitchen could predict that you would soon find yourself in some difficult, troubling situations. You may discover inconveniences caused by others in reality. The source of your troubles may be related to the image of the hyena, a symbol commonly associated with someone who is taking advantage of you in reality, like a co-worker taking credit for your hard work or a friend who is always freeloading food and a place to stay. The presence of the lion further suggests you are under this individual's influence for one reason or another. Feeding the lion, then, may mean you are not ready to get out from under their thumb or that you do not have the means or ambition to do so yet.
Chased to be killed by horses I'm being chased by a dark horse and the horse is trying to kill me. A few months ago, I was being chased by a pale dusty cream-colored horse, and it was trying to kill me. I am female. The horses in your dream could symbolize a sort of primal, instinctive behavior inherent to animals which could be clouding your judgment and may therefore be a sign that you are not thinking clearly while making major decisions. You could be prone to reckless behavior that could be detrimental not only to yourself, but also those you are close to you, eventually getting you into serious trouble in the waking world. This dream could be a call for you to fight your irrationality and try to think clearly about the issues affecting you or your loved ones.
A friendly lioness I dreamt about a lioness living in a farm house, free to roam. I wasn't scared only got nervous when it got playful with my arm, then awoke to a scream. Dreaming about interacting with a lioness could mean that you have some sort of difficulty expressing yourself, because a lioness could symbolize strength and resilience. The notion that you only got scared when it tried to play with your arm could mean you feel like you cannot handle direct confrontations with people, so you prefer to hide your true feelings or opinions from others, while at the same time you could be longing for more power and stronger character.
A wild animal in the forest smiling Male. In the forest, a skunk, badger in color but body more boar-like type of animal ran out of the bushes. Then stares and smiles at me. Dreaming about a wild animal looking at you could reveal some strong instincts buried deep inside you. You may wish you did not react in such a way, but you probably have little control over it. You may feel like your emotions or latent desires get the best of you when you would rather be more controlled or disciplined. The animal smiling at you could mean that you cannot avoid reacting this way and, therefore, should try to make allowances for this behavior rather that getting upset at yourself.
A horse head through the window A horse walked up to my open window and stuck its head way inside to check me out as if to say hello. Horses are usually a symbol of energy and sexual prowess, so a horse walking up to your open window could mean that there is someone in your waking life who has such characteristics and who is interested in making contact with you. This could be a co-worker, a friend, even a stranger, but certainly someone whom you have noticed before and who has inspired such feelings or desires within you. The notion that the window was open could mean you could be already available for his or her advances.
A white deer running I saw a white deer with antlers running. Seeing a running deer in a dream could have different meanings depending on the person who has dreamed it. In case you are a single woman, it could mean that you would soon find a suitable match for yourself, someone whom you could even marry. In the case of women who are already married, having such a vision is related to the possibility of finding a lover, most likely as an adulterous affair. Finally, if you are a male, married or not, seeing a deer with antlers could mean that you may start having disagreements with your partner, whether it is due to jealousy, suspicion or rumors.
Collecting frogs in a purse I am a 52-year old woman. I dreamt about small cute frogs I gathered on the green grass. I put 3-4 green frogs in my blue purse. I felt happy doing this, and the frogs also seemed happy to let me take them and be put in the purse. Frogs are usually a symbol for a period of transformation, both internally and externally. The frogs you collected in your dream and then put inside your purse could mean a set of changes you are undergoing, with which you are happy and that could significantly improve your life. Since the frogs also seemed to be happy, the process of change itself probably will not be painful or confusing, but rather an emancipation of sorts.
A horse in bed I dreamed that I was in the house I grew up in when I was a child and there was a horse sleeping in my bed. Dreaming about seeing a horse inside your house is symbolic of soon receiving some new information from a close acquaintance or friend. The notion of finding the horse sleeping in your bed could also indicate that this news could be related to some intimate details or sensitive information you want to keep to yourself. Perhaps your romantic affair with someone could turn sour or the person you are interested in meeting or dating will reject you for reasons soon to be revealed to you.
A dead squirrel in a cage So my dream was about that I was with my mom and dad, they are divorced in real life and don't live together anymore. But they were both in my dream with my little brother and boyfriend. My parents were going to pick up something at this house so my bf was driving my brother was riding shotgun and my parents and I were in the back seat. We got to the place and I got down with my parents, my bf and brother stayed in the car. We went into a house of a young couple and I saw they had a baby squirrel in a cage box with a big lock. They told me that they were selling it if I was interested to buy it. I told them that I wanted to show my bf, so I went out of the house to the car i showed my bf and brother. I told my bf if I should buy it? In real life I been telling him if he wants to adopt a animal with me. Anyways, he got the cage and looked at it, I don't remember if he said anything but then gave it back, but right before I looked down at the baby squirrel in the cage I heard my mom calling me back. I told her I was coming back I then looked down at the cage to see it was dead. I was in shocked because it was alive when I had it, but suddenly dead after my bf gave it back. What does that mean? This dream vision does seem to be related to your desire to adopt a pet in reality. The first symbol in this vision, your parents being together despite being separated in reality, could reveal your lifestyle and choices you make. In particular, this symbol reflects your own sincerity and honesty when dealing with others. However, wanting to adopt the squirrel in this dream may also indicate the presence of someone who does not prioritize or even cares about your well-being. This can be seen both in the caged nature of the squirrel and its death while it was being handled by your boyfriend. Perhaps you subconsciously feel that there is some barrier between you two or that he is being distant for some reason. In essence, this vision is probably a message from your subconscious asking you to consider what would happen if you really chose to adopt an animal together. While you might try to rationalize it as a way of solidifying your connection to him, you may wind up having to shoulder the responsibility all by yourself if things turn out poorly.
A sick and hungry monkey I'm a male and I had dream that a sick and hungry monkey enters my room. Please, I don't understand, thank you. Monkeys in dreams are usually ominous signs that you could become unwell in the near future. Since the monkey that entered your room was sick and hungry, it could mean that you may soon suffer from a similar condition unless you start paying more attention to your health and well-being. It could also mean someone close to you is about to become ill, so you should check up on your friends and family members to see how they are doing.
Vicious dogs attacking through a fence Walking by a fence on the sidewalk at night. There were two white wolfish-looking dogs behind the fence that started growling and baring their teeth, so I hit the fence with my foot to scare them. They became more vicious and somehow clawed my leg against the outside of the fence. I then used my left arm to pull my leg away and then they clawed through the fence again and bit my arm trying to drag it through the fence. So I finally managed to pull free by cutting my pants with some scissors. Dogs in dreams generally refer to family members and loved ones because of their loyalty and tendency to be fiercely protective of their owners. Meanwhile, fences allude to protection and privacy. In the context of your dream, the dogs could be a reference to the loved ones of someone in your social circle, perhaps a colleague or a friend. Their aggression could be a result of your closeness to this individual or developing relations. Perhaps this individual's friends and family are suspicious of your motives and intentions, hence they are wary of readily welcoming you into the inner circle. You can either prove that you have good intentions or distance yourself from this individual before things can get out of hand.
A fearful scene involving animals Female. A horse rearing up in my mom's house and I was scared it would harm my 12-year old son. Me and son went out, I then stood behind an owl who was bigger than me, it had bitten the head off a duck an was holding it in its claws. I felt fearful. Horses are usually a symbol of excessive energy, so your dream could mean that you could be fearful that the rushes of adrenaline you may have been feeling for whatever reason could be interfering with routines you and those around you normally have. The owl in your dream symbolizes wisdom, subconsciously admonishing you about such erratic or thoughtless behavior, and painting a picture of possible complications or undesirable outcomes using the duck's head, warning about what can happen if you do not regain full control of your waking life.
Finding rabbits in mud On my travel while walking I found two rabbits in mud. I thought at first they were kittens but I realized they were rabbits when I got them. I got the two rabbits from the mud and took them with me and cleaned them. One is white and the other is kinda dotted grey and white. I did not feed them and brought them with me from my muddy travel walking. When I was sitting, they were on my lap. Seeing rabbits in a dream is a good omen. It suggests an overall improvement in your current living conditions and a significant boost in your material assets. The mud likely represents a tricky or difficult situation which you would fortunately be able to overcome with great success. This experience would give you the wisdom and confidence in order to pursue your goals and passions. Any obstacles or failures you may experience would open up bigger and better opportunities for you. As long as you remain motivated and optimistic, by carrying the luck of the rabbits around, your hard work and perseverance would bear fruit soon enough.
A lion chasing husband My husband was sitting in his car in our driveway. I looked out the window and saw the silhouette of a lion on our dark lawn. I called to tell him what I saw. He slowly started to our door but the lion noticed and gave a chase. He made it inside and closed the door with inches to spare. Being chased by an aggressive lion in a dream reveals pride and a domineering personality. In the context of your dream, perhaps the lion chasing your husband reveals his tendency to use and abuse his position or power at work or at home. Meanwhile, since the home symbolizes a safe haven in a dream, it means you and the rest of the family are needed in order to keep him grounded and self-aware. If he does not contain his own ego or temper, then there is a possibility that his bad habits could affect the household and the entire family.
Saving a dog from wild animals I am a girl. Last night I had a dream. A white dog who is chased by a bear and a lion. And I was worried about the dog, then I brought him home. Dogs, because of their loyalty and protective nature, often symbolize family and loved ones in dreams. The dog in your dream being chased by a bear and a lion may contain an indication that someone near and dear to your heart is currently or could soon be in trouble in the waking world. There may be rivals or bullies taking advantage of his or her weakness and it would be up to you to protect this individual from getting hurt. This vision shows your kind and nurturing side. Whenever someone you love is in need, you are one of the first ones to come to their aide.
A ghost elephant killing people 24, Female. A detailed dream where I was an observer. A "ghost" elephant was stalking a woman who turned out to be the bride at a destination wedding at a manor house with a mountain, forest and plains. Another couple was killed by the elephant, the groom's neck was snapped by its trunk and the bride was trampled. The dream ended when the waiter called the first woman to tell her she wasn't crazy and she and her fiance are in a lot of danger. It wasn't scary to me, I was a silent observer. This vision seems to be both predicting good fortune and warning you about the pitfalls that come from success. First, the setting of a destination wedding reveals two things. One is that you would achieve your goals and become successful, and the other is that your relationships with others, particularly romantic partners, would improve. The violent ghost elephant, however, suggests some well-connected and influential individuals in your sphere may not like your sudden rise to fame and fortune and may retaliate by creating obstacles or busywork for you. Your calm demeanor throughout the vision could reflect your ability to persevere in the face of these challenges and eventually overcome them through your shrewd acumen.
A mouse trapped in a leg A mouse trapped in my calf leg, left leg. Dreaming about a mouse could mean that you would soon be the victim of bad luck. Because you mentioned the mouse was trapped in your left leg, it could mean your bad luck would be related to your mobility or your health, meaning it could be something that keeps you from leading a normal life. It might also refer to some act of betrayal by someone close to you or household issues, such as budgeting or child discipline.
Pigs in a garden I recently had a dream that I had a beautiful corn garden and two pigs, one is big and the other is small. I took them out of their pen to take a picture of them and the larger pig ate the smaller one. I am female, please help. Pigs have the unfortunate reputation of being associated with indulgence and negative traits such as greed and selfishness. These associations hold true even in dreams. The corn garden may be a metaphor for your personal wealth or the assets you have amassed from working all these years. Meanwhile, the two pigs likely represent two individuals in your own social circle who you feel are too self-interested and greedy. They may be putting your finances in disarray as they keep on feeding their extravagances. In that sense, it would appear that the bigger pig serves as the bad influence for the smaller pig. It may be in your best interest to ensure that a loved one does not succumb to the excesses of the individual whom they may hold in high esteem. Perhaps it is up to you to guide him or her in finding better role models.
Dogs eating someone and a restaurant I saw dogs eating someone and there was blood behind a wall. Then I saw an underground restaurant. Seeing dogs viciously attacking or even eating someone means you may have domineering or controlling family members or relatives. Parents or authority figures may be too strict to the point of scaring off friends and other acquaintances. As such, the underground restaurant reveals your desire to get away from their authoritarian ways and find support and solace in a safe environment.
Black animals attacking first but then being harmless I dreamed about black-furred foxes or wolves which were calm at first and then started attacking me. Later I killed them by throwing soil or some powder with my hands by chanting God's name very loudly. Later they were found alive and talking with me without any harmful actions. Being attacked by black wolves or foxes signifies suffering which may be your own doing. In this sense, their docile behavior in the beginning may represent your blindness to your own actions that are actually hurting you in the long run. The dirt you throw on the attacking creatures suggests the cause of your downfall is likely related to a lack of care in some areas of your life or involvement in illegal or immoral activities. You may need to ask for someone's forgiveness, as seen in the image of chanting to higher powers. The animals' return to harmless behavior at the end of the vision reveals your potential to clear up this crisis or overcome the difficulties it causes, although it may take some time, energy and effort on your part to do so.
A herd of grey cattle I saw a herd of grey cattle in my dream but forgot the rest of it. Dreaming about observing a herd of cattle, especially if the animals were perceived grazing peacefully, is symbolic of your prosperous and satisfying existence compared to other people, such as your relatives, neighbors or people you know closely. The notion of the grey color and forgetting the rest of this dream could also reveal that your income or personal wealth comes from a range of different sources and during opportune times.
Being attacked by a tiger and a lion The dream has me and my close ones about to get attacked by a tiger and a lion (sometimes both and sometimes either one) and I somehow predict that we are about to get attacked. Each time I succeed and prevent the attack, but sometimes my close ones get hurt. I have had these dreams for almost a month now, though the content can be different but the gist is same. I would like to know it's meaning. Current situation: recently graduated. Leading a hectic life with a little pressure, but a happy life overall. Dreaming about being attacked by a tiger and a lion reveals several things in your life. This could mean that you would be met with unfavorable circumstances. There are events that seem to go against you therefore causing you so much stress and pressure. Since you are a fresh graduate, you may be pressured to fulfill your dreams in life. Your dream may seem daunting especially if you are afraid to fully immerse yourself because of a lack of skills and experiences. What is positive here is your ability to dodge the attacks in your vision which tells you that you should not give up and underestimate your capacity to achieve your dreams. This is an indication that you would triumph over your deficiencies and shortcomings in life if you keep on persevering.
A polar bear and zebra A very large polar bear and zebra rose from the water, then walked in my backyard side by side. I hid in the shed, peeked through the door, the bear stopped and sniffed. He knew I was there but kept on. I felt scared. I am a female. While polar bears tend to represent marriage and strong romantic ties, zebras can be associated with friendships and your ability to cooperate effectively with others. Hiding from these animals in your dream vision suggests you are having trouble with your interpersonal relations. For example, you may be having communication issues with your friends or spouse, or you may be finding it difficult to meet the partner of your dreams. In either case, this vision could be considered a warning that if you do not face these challenges head on, you are likely to end up alone and scared. It would be wise to tackle this issue in small steps, ideally with the help of someone you can trust.
Bathing a piglet I dreamed I was bathing a piglet. Then I said where is her mother. Piglets in dreams are often interpreted as a symbol of potential wealth or prosperity. As such, bathing this small pig could predict making modest profits from an income source which you have been working on for some time. Additionally, it may reveal that small but consistent effort could lead to greater results later on. However, wondering about the mother pig could indicate wanting to wait for the easy road to prosperity, for example, winning the lottery or receiving an inheritance. Because the mother pig did not make an appearance in this vision, this symbol warns that hoping for blessings without hard work could lead to ruin or waste.
A cat and a rabbit I looked to the window sill and there was a brown rabbit holding a black and white fluffy cat by the neck in its mouth. I took the rabbit by the ears and put it in a bag to restrain it because it bit me. The rabbit then fell apart into pieces. I tried to fix it but the pieces disappeared after taking my eye off them. I then looked to the cat, who was lying on the floor. I nudged it and the cat woke up. I then picked up the cat in my arms and kissed it on the right ear, then the cat licked me on my face. Seeing a rabbit in dreams is often a symbol of good luck and fertility. Meanwhile, the white cat symbolizes bad luck and misfortune. In effect, the symbols seem to cancel each other out. The first part of your dream vision is positive enough. The rabbit has the upper hand which means you would be able to overcome whatever problems you may have at the moment. However, your luck would turn once more as illustrated by the rabbit falling into pieces. Doubt, confusion and misunderstanding would once again rule your life. Perhaps your dream vision is ultimately a reminder of how quickly things can go your way or turn against you with a single defining moment. In a sense, kissing the cat can symbolize acceptance of things that are out of your control.
A dead monkey on the side of the road I dreamed I was driving on a gravel road that I grew up on and I passed a blue-faced monkey dead on the road. I am female. The rough, rocky gravel road of your dream vision represents the bumpy start associated with new adventures or projects. The idea that this was once a road you traveled often in your childhood could mean this is related to your family or personal life. For example, you may be considering getting married, starting a family or making a big purchase. This is further supported by the image of the dead monkey. Monkeys tend to represent immaturity and poor decision-making abilities. As such, it seems you were witnessing the figurative death of old aspects of your personality that could be considered less than mature.
A turtle with a cracked shell I dreamed i was in the garden and there was a very small turtle on my plant. I picked it up and went in the house, the underside of the shell was cracked. I fed it some lettuce. I was thinking of putting it in an aquarium, I showed it to my husband and daughter. A turtle in dreams usually represents a long life, loyalty and steadfastness. So finding a small turtle in your garden likely symbolizes a trusted friend or companion who has remained loyal and trustworthy over the years. Perhaps you have not appreciated their support enough during all those times because you have become so used to the fact that you can always count on them when you need help. However, a turning point in your relationship may be happening soon. Specifically, the crack on the turtle's shell suggests upcoming conflict. This confidante may feel neglected and unimportant that they may start being dismissive and distant towards you. Maybe your subconscious is reminding you not to take anyone for granted and to nurture those who have always stayed by your side through thick and thin.
Lions surrounding near old job I was outside near my old job and I saw five lions from different directions, they were surrounding me. As king of the jungle, lions tend to be associated with strength, dignity and domination. This is why in dream visions, they tend to represent powerful leaders or the dreamer's pride, depending on the context of the vision. In the case of your dream, being outside your old job may reveal unresolved issues from your previous work. You may still be pondering whether it was wise to leave your old job. You could even be entertaining thoughts of going back to it. Although, it is also likely that an incident in the waking world has triggered memories of your old job and this has been projected into your subconscious. If so, perhaps you feel like your old company is facing tremendous competition from titans in the same industry, as illustrated by the five lions surrounding the area. A part of you that has grown attached to the people and management of the company may be thinking about helping out, maybe by becoming a consultant, in order to help maintain their competitive edge. Alternatively, if you no longer have any fondness for your old job, then perhaps this dream vision validates your decision to leave. There could be a sense of relief that you managed to jump ship before they start to sink.
Two wolves and one turning into a man I had a dream last night that I was walking to my car, I remember I had to take my daughter somewhere and I auto-started my car when I spotted two wolves in the grass, one was white and the other gray. At first I thought they were dogs but when I went to grab something to throw at them they showed their teeth, they weren't trying to attack, more like they were trying to intimidate me. I saw my best friend talking to the gray wolf that became a man image rubbing on his beard trying to seduce her. Seeing a wolf in dream visions can often be a sign of loneliness or predatory behavior on someone's part. In the context of your own dream, the appearance of those two wolves could be a metaphor of two opposing forces in your life. You may be experiencing a personal crisis and both factors are weighing heavily on you. Specifically, the grey wolf points to a romantic prospect or someone who would open you up to the possibility of meeting new people. Meanwhile, a white wolf reveals your reservations about doing something that would make you happy yet could force you to go against your principles and personal beliefs. In order to be satisfied and happy, you may have to break your own rules and be more open to new perspectives. No matter which way you choose to go, you would have to be accountable for your actions. Perhaps you need the guidance and insights of your friends to help you navigate this dilemma. Alternatively, this could just be a test of your resolve and your faith. Your subconscious could be telling you to hold your ground and focus on your priorities in order to avoid possible temptations.
A dog nipping on the ear I was in a house, it felt comfy like friends or family. A big white dog came up to me in need of first aid, as I tended him he tried to nip my ear, I then awoke to find out what it means here? Since dogs are loyal companions and touted as "man's best friend" in reality, as dream symbols they often represent family members or loved ones in general. Specifically, the big, white dog could symbolize your significant other or a close friend whom you trust wholeheartedly. White is also the color of purity, so perhaps your relationship in the waking world is similarly untarnished and beyond reproach. As such, the injured dog which tried to nip your ear may be your subconscious telling you that a loved one is in trouble. Ears are associated with listening and communication, so a misunderstanding could occur between the two of you because you are either not paying attention to the other person's needs or it could also be an act of betrayal that would have serious repercussions on your relationship.
A puppy turning into a kitten I'm a female. In my dream my husband gave me a black puppy and later in the dream it turned into a kitten. The kitten was still basically black with very faint tiger striping. The image of a black dog is a fairly ominous sign to perceive in a dream vision, as it is associated with being disappointed in or hurt by someone you love. Furthermore, envisioning that dog turning into a cat suggests that whoever hurt you could become a combatant in an even bigger issue. The idea that these were both a puppy and a kitten, however, could mean one of two things. Either the problems created by this situation would be very minor, or you would not be really surprised by this sudden revelation, perhaps because you have suspected this individual to be harboring negative feelings against you for some time.
Falling into a sinkhole with a cow A friend dreamt that while we were in a car a black and white cow passed us and fell in a sinkhole. Somehow I ended up in the sinkhole too, though I was panicked, my friend was able to get me out safely. Running into a cow means achieving unexpected success in reality. You may land your dream job or have a very profitable business venture. Unfortunately, the sinkhole means it may not be a very stable source of income, so if you do not manage your money wisely, you may end up in debt. Your spendthrift ways may quickly deplete your resources just as quickly as they are coming in. Alternatively, cows can also represent a maternal figure. In that context, perhaps your mom or a female loved one could experience depression or become prone to emotional outbursts which would also affect your mental state. The support of your friends may be the thing that would keep you from having an emotional breakdown.
In a dirty pond with alligators I was in a pond on some sort of a motorized surfboard with water all over me. The pond was dirty and I knew it and I was trying to get to land. I could sense alligators were around me though I could never see one. I knew the alligators were close and I knew the water was getting all in me and could make me sick. At the last minute I felt a gator near me and I dodged in the water. I could see land near and could almost make it. A dirty pond represents an unstable mind or turbulent emotions. Meanwhile, the alligators in the pond symbolize enemies or insincere friends who may betray you to advance their selfish interests. In trying to dodge their attacks or thwart their malicious plans, you could end up stressed and woefully disappointed in your own judgment. So falling into the pond at the end of your dream vision could mean that you could be facing an emotionally-charged period in your life. You may wallow in self-doubt or become a suspicious and a distrustful version of yourself which may not necessarily be the right option for you. As such, trying to reach land refers to your determination not to lose yourself after being betrayed.
Someone cooking alligators Dream meaning of seeing two very small alligators, someone was cooking them. They were around 4-5 inches long, being cooked. I also dreamed of houses being built in unsafe, tide coming in part of beach. Beautiful, new homes, built where water would be. Cooking an alligator may refer to getting rid of bad habits or darker personality traits. Seeing someone else cook them, therefore, could mean you see others improving their lives and desire to do the same, or it suggests that someone in your life is trying to get you to give up something that is not adding value to your life. In either case, the beautiful houses built on unstable ground reflect your hesitations regarding stepping into this new life. Everything would be different from before, as giving up some habits may require you to change where you live or who you interact with. Whether or not you can overcome these concerns and become who you are meant to be, however, are completely up to you.
Sprayed by a skunk I'm female. In my dream I was sprayed by a skunk but it didn't make me smell like anything. Dreaming about encountering a skunk contains a prediction of meeting with a person from your past, someone you have not communicated with in a long time and may have forgotten about now. At the same time, being sprayed by the animal and not smelling the secretion means that this person does not have any special significance personally for you and upon their reappearance it would be the last time you meet up and communicate.
Family bathing with black cats My dream was that me and my childhood family all lived in the same house, but we all decided to part ways because my stepdad tried to sleep with my sister who is his daughter. Moving out me and my parents and siblings. Four black cats inside a tub of water because they had fleas and my oldest sister intentions were to give them a bath, so her and her daughter got into the tub with the four cats and the black cats were under water and seemed at ease with my sister and her daughter being in the tub with them. Then there were three black cats sitting outside the tub just watching to see what was going on inside the tub so that's a total of several black cats. Four inside the tub of water and three outside the tub. Please tell me what this dream means because i don't understand, thank you. The beginning of the vision, when you were living with your family and moved out due to your step-father's actions, does not actually represent conflict within the family, rather, it points toward a desire to separate yourself from the rest of your family because of ideological, religious or political differences. Perhaps there is some relative who does not see things the way you do, making you feel uncomfortable around them. The black cats each represent some opposing argument or idea presented by your counterpart. Therefore, envisioning your sister trying to wash the cats with your daughter could represent one of two things. If either of them are the one who has a different opinion than you, it suggests they recognize your potential conflict and wish to water down some of their opinions in order to maintain the important connection you share. Alternatively, if they feel the same way you do, it may mean they want to help you control your own feelings so that you do not accidentally alienate someone important to you.
Dogs turning into skunks I dreamed I was outside with my dog. I noticed there were several other dogs playing nearby. Then I noticed one of the dogs was really a skunk. It wasn't doing nothing, but was with the dogs. I picked up my dog, and walked away from the skunk. Then I dreamed of seeing 3 small skunks in a skillet. Like someone was going to cook them. The presence of dogs in a dream vision, particularly your own, can be interpreted as a positive symbol. In this case, it seems to suggest that you are currently enjoying the direction your life is heading, or you would soon find that the outcomes of your plans would be beneficial to your overall quality of life. The presence of a skunk within the group of dogs represents the presence of someone from your past who could be helpful during this period of time. However, seeing the three small skunks in the skillet at the end of this vision may mean you would throw some friends under the bus or neglect your relationship with some other individuals in order to make this happen. You would have to choose what is more important to you, either the individuals who would be key to improving your future lifestyle or your loyalty to those who have supported you thus far.
Pig's blood I saw a pig running wild and its mouth was cut by someone and later it was beheaded and the blood splashed on the man's face. Dreaming of a pig being slaughtered is typically a positive sign, especially if it is to be eaten at a feast or a dinner. It may symbolize profitable ventures or successful business transactions. Specifically, the beheading of a pig can mean overcoming greed and hedonism. You may become more disciplined and responsible when it comes to your finances. The pig's blood may also represent a certain sacrifice. Perhaps in order to achieve stability in your life, you need to give up a few luxuries or rein in your spending habits.
Baby frogs being born in the closet Hi. I am a 32 years old man. I had a dream that in one of my bedrooms under a closet cabinet there were a lot of baby frogs being produced, but I couldn't find how they are being born. I had this dream two times. Please let me know what it means. Thanks Roy. The baby frogs in your dream vision could be a reference to tiny changes or an unexpected turn of events. In addition, a cabinet often signifies secrets or hidden aspects of yourself. The combination of those two dream symbols means that you may discover certain skills or characteristics you possess which would take you by surprise. They can be positive, negative or both. Perhaps an event or encounter could trigger or unravel these previously unknown or hidden parts of you. Fortunately, it would likely occur in tiny chunks or small incidents which would give you enough time to adjust and understand yourself better.
A frog in the kitchen sink I brought a frog in the kitchen to wash it off and it went down the garbage disposal. I was watching for it to come out so I wouldn't chop it up when I ran the disposal. Later in the dream it hadn't come out and I was tired of waiting for it and didn't care if it got chopped up if it was that stupid. A frog as a dream symbol is often associated with change and transformation. It can also represent a romantic prospect, someone you may already know whom you would develop feelings for. Given those associations, perhaps this means that a loved one may experience a downward spiral or get involved in questionable activities that would negatively affect your existing or future relationship. No matter how much you care for this person, it may not be reciprocated or they may not value your affection. This neglect may ultimately lead to your separation.
A skunk in a small room In a small windowless empty room, a skunk is moving around. Then another skunks is being put up its butt. A room with no windows usually refers to depression. Like the characteristics of the room in your dream vision, perhaps you feel like there is no way out of your situation. You may feel stuck, abandoned and empty inside. The skunk may provide insight on why you feel alone and hopeless. A skunk as a dream symbol often alludes to an abrasive personality, particularly short temper or a tendency to lash out with little provocation. Maybe you are not very attuned to other people's feelings or you have low self-awareness, so you tend to offend others with your behavior.
A snake going into vagina A snake crawled into my vagina and laid eggs, when it was coming out I cut it in half because it started going back in. The other half came out and died. Dreaming that a snake has entered your vagina may refer to becoming more comfortable with or interested in exploring your sexuality. Whether you are just beginning your sexual journey or coming to terms with who you are and what you truly want out of a sexual relationship, this symbol points towards self-reflection and sexual awakening. However, the snake itself and the eggs it lays represents the sowing of seeds of conflict. Perhaps your discoveries will make your current partner uncomfortable or you may feel some incompatibility with your religious or moral beliefs. In either case, take your time when you are exploring these new emotions and desires, so that you do not alienate someone close to you or make rash decisions that hurt you in the long run.
Dead cats on the road Dead cats all over road, had to drive over them to go down the road, lots of, I guess, dead cats on roadway. A dead cat symbolizes a loss of freedom and independence. Hence, the presence of dead cats on the road you are driving on can be an indication of setbacks to your personal goals. Lots of people, both your peers or people in power, could try to limit your freedom and autonomy so you would fit their expectations or standards. However, driving over those dead cats may reveal your stubborn personality. Even when your bosses, supervisors or society itself would try to stifle your self-determination or block your path, you continue to persevere and stay on course. On the other hand, this could also suggest that in your desire to achieve your goals no matter the cost, you may end up stepping on other people's rights or freedom. Your subconscious could be showing you that a strong drive can have both good and bad repercussions, so you need to think carefully about your actions.
A cellar full of cats At a friend's house going down to the cellar to see her new kitchen. The room is full of cats, I chase the cats out of her house. Going down into a friend's cellar can be interpreted as a metaphor for delving deep into the psyche of your friend. In a sense, your subconscious is rooting around your memories and past interactions with the individual to try and figure out something that is bothering it. This is likely because you suspect, at least subconsciously, that your friend is acting strange. Perhaps you are worried they are growing apart from you or may sabotage, back-stab or otherwise hurt you in the future. The cats you see represent those possibilities, but chasing the cats out of your friend's house means you desire to save the friendship at all costs. It may be time for a heart to heart with her so that you can both share your concerns for the present and hopes for the future.
Being chased by a hyena and other animals My dream was about an African woman who came to my house and told me to come with her. We arrived at a vacant lot and I was then chased by a black panther, a pack of wolves, a pack of dogs, a pack of hyenas. Other people were running from the animals as well. The hyena was directly behind me making that funny laughing sound which woke me up laughing at the dream. To dream of being led into a vacant lot means you are looking for a space to breathe. Too much activity could be going on both in your workplace, the neighborhood and inside your own home that you wish to distance yourself from all the chaos in order to think clearly. As a whole, the pack of wolves, dogs, hyenas and black panther represent danger all around you. These are generally thieves and robbers who pose a threat to your peaceful existence. In particular, a hyena signifies an individual who would mock you in reality because of your paranoia or inability to cope with stressful situations. Unscrupulous people who sense your fear would be emboldened to take advantage of you. The more you feed your fear and distrust in people, the more you are actually attracting trouble and conflict.
Cats behind a door Somewhere, I opened a small white door near the floor, first cat white, then 2 other cats, black, another color, just stared very nicely at me, did not move. I just closed the door, all I remember. The small white door represents what your emotional state allows into your life. In a sense, it is the barrier between you and the world beyond. As such, when you open the door you put yourself in contact with situations and sensations that reflect your mental state or feelings. The white cat represents self-doubt and misfortune, while the two black cats that follow it may be the manifestation of enemies in reality. If you allowed these cats to pass through the door, you could be allowing your darker thoughts to take control of your present. However, if you closed the door on these cats and did not allow them to pass through, you would likely gain control over your emotions and hopefully find a way to a happier state of being.
A crocodile blocking the path and a silver coin I am a female that had this dream - crossing a road and stopped towards the end as there was a small crocodile on the path that then proceeds to slide into the river to the right. Once it left I threw a small silver coin onto the path - words that I heard during this was "You threw the coin after seeing a crocodile to bring good luck". Crossing a road means you are putting yourself in harm's way. The presence of the crocodile in your dream means someone in your social circle is going to betray you. This individual is someone you trust which would make the betrayal even more painful. The more you open up to this person, the more ammunition you are giving them to eventually take advantage of you. The silver coin has a similar dream interpretation because it signifies conflict involving your family or loved ones. You could lose a friend or become estranged by your family because of this big disagreement.
Playing with a tiger I saw a tiger in my dream and I was playing with him? Playing with a tiger signifies your natural leadership capabilities. While others may cower when faced with the responsibility of leading others or taking charge, you look at it as a challenge and an exciting opportunity to use your skills. Tigers can also symbolize power which means you have an uncanny ability to connect with influential and powerful personalities. You can use your instincts to further your own career, especially since this vision portends an upcoming meeting or encounter with someone who could open doors or provide rare opportunities for you.
A lioness and goats A lioness resting and her cubs playing calmly and goats grazing by their side peacefully behind my village home and I'm sitting on a cot looking them surprised and trying to hold a human child. The image of a lioness and her cubs represents your nurturing side. You are very protective of your friends and loved ones, especially your own children or children entrusted to your care. This dream vision also reveals your ability to provide for your family because of the presence of grazing goats. It means you have a secure and stable source of income. It may not be the most fun or exciting line of work, but it gives you the financial capability to pay for the needs of your family. You can rest easy knowing your future is safe and you have a peaceful place to come home to.
An angry elephant killing people An angry elephant running and chasing people, at times killing other people also. Once or twice in a month I get this dream. What does it actually mean? Dreaming of an angry or aggressive elephant means a powerful or influential individual is giving you a lot of problems. It is a recurring symbol in your dreams because you do not know how to handle this person and manage the challenges brought upon you. You are afraid of confronting this person because you probably feel inadequate or powerless during your encounters. However, it looks like you are stressed out by all the hindrances, inconveniences and obstacles in your way because of this particular personality, so your subconscious is encouraging you to face your fears and become more assertive. This way, you can resolve the source of your anxieties once and for all.
Interacting with a white wolf I was patting a beautiful white wolf, it was friendly and gentle-natured. It seemed to be smiling. I was calm, relaxed. The dream seemed so peaceful. Traditionally, the image of a white wolf in dreams is closely associated with false beliefs or clouded perspectives regarding a particular subject or a way of living. Based on the general happy and laid-back atmosphere of your dream, you could be ignoring some important issue or remain opposed to an aspect of your life which other people around you follow strictly and without a question in their mind. Even if you feel comfortable in your own skin at the moment, these circumstances could soon change, for example because of ageing or meeting new people, which would force you to re-evaluate your convictions and adhere to a more established and commonly-accepted set of beliefs.
Receiving a bat as a gift Hello! I'm a 24 y/o girl. I dreamt that my best friend (also a girl) gave me a baby bat as a gift and I accepted it openly and kept it as a pet. What does it mean? As a dream symbol, bats represent conflict, severing ties or ending a relationship with someone close to you. Receiving a baby bat from your best friend then could be interpreted in two possible ways. On one hand, she could be slowly drifting away from you because she has found some other interests or opportunities to establish new connections. On the other hand, she could be knowingly or inadvertently sabotaging certain aspects of your relationship with her which soon will result in both of you going your separate paths.
A shark swallowing son Hi, a dream that a shark ate my son but he walked into water before I could save him, the shark just swallowed him. I was so upset. A shark devouring its prey usually signifies a choice that you will have to make between love and your career aspirations. In your case, your son's demise reveals your ambitious nature. Unfortunately, in trying to realize your dreams and achieve your full potential, you could end up sacrificing quality time with your family. There are probably instances when family members, including your son, are undergoing challenges and struggling with personal issues, yet you would not notice because you are too focused on making a living and supporting them.
In the boat with a puma I was on a small boat and I saw an island to the right and to the left. I saw this puma on a barge and he offered to help me. When we arrived, there was a forest but then this train and railroad showed up. I asked the puma to take me back, so he did after he drank from the solid wooden backside of the boat. He put me on the small boat and said goodbye. I then sailed away from him and the island. Being on a small boat is normally related to problem solving or conflict resolution in the dream world. It means you are currently or soon to be on a journey of self-improvement or on a quest to right a wrong. The islands that lie on either side of you represent tranquility, but a peace that has yet to be attained because of some troubles currently affecting your life. The source of your troubles is seen in the image of the puma, as large, wild cats are closely associated with interpersonal relations and possible disagreements between you and others. It is possible that you have not let your best qualities shine through during an argument or that you revealed a bit more of your bad side than you initially intended. No matter the case, your adventure with the puma and his swallowing of the boat before sending you off could be interpreted as a sign that your troubles would take care of themselves with little effort or inconvenience on your part.
Driving by dead animals I’m a 46-year old woman. Recently, I’ve had this recurring dream 4-5 times in the last month. Must be trying to tell me something... It starts with me driving down a familiar road, on my way to work maybe? I pass a dead bison on the road, then another one, then an ostrich, sometimes a giraffe, lion, elephant, different zoo-type animals, all dead in the middle of the road. The middle animals are sometimes different, but it always begins with a bison and ends with a huge yellow anaconda-type snake. Driving down the road in the dream world is commonly thought to be the symbolic representation of your journey through life. While seeing a bunch of dead animals could be rather scary or off-putting, this vision seems to be speaking of your victory over past difficulties rather than a harbinger of misfortune. For example, the bison is an animal associated with internal struggle and getting into trouble, however, a dead bison could mean that you have overcome self-doubt and have a good idea of who you are and where you are going in life. Similarly, the yellow anaconda represents an aggressive, possibly jealous stalker who is out to get you, but a dead anaconda could suggest you have either thrown this person off your scent or even turned an enemy into a friend. This is all a testament to your natural ability to overcome roadblocks and do your best in whatever situation you are in at the time.
Chasing an orange fox I had a dream about a former lover giving a presentation in a lecture hall, during the presentation I remember chasing an orange fox, for some reason I felt like the fox was her pet and that I had helped raise it. When I caught the fox, the fox curled up to me and seemed at ease. I looked up at my former lover and she smiled at me. A lecture hall, as in a school setting, represents a busy or stressful lifestyle or work routine. On the other hand, the image of a fox in dreams often points to deceit or cheating. Based on these symbolic visions, you could be experiencing some burnout or fatigue at the moment and subconsciously seeking relief and a more relaxed daily existence. You could also be blaming your ex lover for your current situation or work-related issues, possibly because she did not provide enough support or did not listen to your concerns when you were still together. Cuddling the fox also means you tend to forgive others for the lack of attention or support on their part and depend on your own resourcefulness and wits to navigate through your life.
A wolf in the basement I dreamed my cat opened a basement door that was ajar. I went to close the door and saw a wolf had been trapped down there and was waiting on the stairs, growling, looking at me. I left the basement door open, walked across the room to open an outside door so the wolf had a way out. I had to trust the wolf would not attack me, my cat or my dogs. It was growling the whole time. When I opened the outside door, I saw a wild cat run out as well as the wolf. I woke up feeling relieved. Your cat represents your curiosity, so watching your cat open the basement door means you are interested in exploring your subconscious. You could have buried memories, repressed experiences and unresolved issues lurking in the corners of your mind which are negatively affecting your current relationships as well as hindering your personal growth. Meanwhile, a growling or snarling wolf represents upcoming clashes with your enemies which means you could be partly to blame for their hostility. It is possible that you are unaware of actions and behavior that others deem offensive, so a keen sense of self-awareness and introspection are needed to patch things up with your enemies. Once you deal with your personal issues, your other problem areas would be resolved as illustrated by the escape of both the wild cat and the wolf.
Being greeted by dogs in a room I had a dream where I opened a door to a house and 4 dogs greeted me. I said where is the preparation for a meal. A large stairway and a long hallway along side of it, a living room on the right side with another room along side that room. I never saw the second story. To see many or several dogs in a room means you are going to enjoy a period of prosperity and success. You would not have to suffer a lot of setbacks and success would come fairly easily for you. Of course family, friends and relatives would play a big role in your achievements especially, because a dog is often meant to symbolize family or loyal friends in dreams. As for the meal, this serves as a reminder for you to set aside petty problems or minor issues and focus on important matters instead. The long hallway implies your journey to personal success and financial security is about to begin.
Killed by a deer A recurring dream where I am paralyzed, and a large male deer is repeatedly stabbing me with his antlers and breaking them off in my body. Lots of vividly red blood. This vision contains a number of ominous symbols and should be considered an important message about things happening in your waking life. The first symbol, paralysis, suggests you are under the influence of someone powerful who does not necessarily have your best interests at heart. This could be a boss or supervisor who is working you hard for their own benefit, but it could also be a parent forcing you down a path you do not to wish to follow or a friend making you feel guilty if you do not do what they want to do. The deer that stabbed you with its antlers indicates hardship and ongoing conflict you have with this individual, which often results in fights and verbal disagreements over and over again. The large amount of blood you lost in this vision sheds light on your emotional state during this period, as this dream symbol is associated with feelings of despair. You may need to learn how to avoid getting involved in conflict by consulting a professional or by sharing your concerns with someone you trust to listen to your side of the story in reality, so that you can feel heard and understood.
A cat killing a rabbit A cat killed my rabbit. A cat killing a rabbit portends your defeat and your enemy's triumph. Your potential for success would be thwarted by a rival who seeks to be more successful than you. Cats usually represent a feminine energy, so expect this rival to be female. Your defeat could be in terms of romance, perhaps when a certain girl you know steals a potential mate from you, or it could also be career-related as a promotion or recognition get snatched from you by this scheming person.
A leopard of blue color A light blue leopard running around. This vision sheds light on your way of thinking and how it would affect your future endeavors. A leopard, by itself, is the manifestation of a strong will. It shows that you, the dreamer, have some big dreams and passions that you could attain when the time is right. The particular light blue shade of this leopard is also an auspicious sign, as it points toward luck and good fortune. It means you would have little trouble achieving the goals you have set for yourself. In a sense, this vision represents making your own luck by working hard and doing things your way.
Being held by a bear I was walking with my best friend from childhood (no longer friends) when we came to a split in the road, we started up the stairs and there were 2 bears standing, gentle but possessive. The friend disappeared but the bear took me by the arm gently with his mouth holding the arm. No one was interested in helping me, the friend, police, husband. The spouse enters the apartment and takes a nap. I enter the apartment and the bear gently tried to stop me, but let me go. When I looked out, one bear was lying down sobbing and the other was solemn. Being again with a friend you no longer associate with suggests you have been comparing your progress in life to those around you. In a sense, your subconscious has chosen an individual you know little about at present to represent the possibilities that could have been yours had you done something different with your life. This reflection is not at all surprising because it seems you may once again be on the cusp of change. The forked path means you would need to make a decision soon, and the stairs leading up could indicate a major step up in the world in a literal sense. A new business venture, job or source of income could indeed raise you up and greatly affect your lifestyle for the better. While the prospect of wealth and prosperity excites you, it also may make you wonder what you are giving up to achieve it. The bears that were present and guiding you are a sign of potential loss. In this case, it could be loss of your current living space, special relationships or free time for a hobby you love. The key thing to do at this point, then, is to consider the pros and cons of each potential path and decide what you would be willing to give up to attain true happiness.
A lion as a pet I took a lion from a zoo for a pet and took it home. Keeping a lion as a pet means you would earn the respect and favor of a powerful and influential personality. This person would be able to open doors of opportunities and give you breaks because of their fondness for you. Alternatively, this can also mean that you have complete control over your primitive urges and aggression. Your maturity has allowed you to tame some of your more destructive tendencies and this will let you grow and thrive in your chosen field.
A coyote at night I dreamed i was outside closing a barn or shed door, and there was not far away a black wolf or coyote. I tried yelling to scare it, but it didn't run. I called my husband, and he yelled at it, and it started growling. I told him to run get the gun. He did, and aimed it but didn't shoot it. Then I saw my little terrier dog running toward the wolf. I saw 2 other wolves or coyotes, sort of just a blur of them. The wolf or coyote was on other side of the electric fence on our property. The shed you were closing in this dream means you need to get rid of something negative or a threat lurking in the background. If it was a wolf in the vision, then the threat is a reckless friend or family member who would knowingly spill either personal secrets or private matters which could put you in hot water. If it was a coyote, then it means there is a duplicitous person in your social circle. In front of you, they would seem meek and trustworthy, but behind your back they would attack you by spreading malicious rumors and telling lies. The good news is that your instincts have allowed you to steer clear of these people, so make sure you keep your guards up to avoid divulging compromising information to suspicious people.
Family members and sheep I dreamt I woke up and went downstairs, my boyfriend and father in law were sitting at a desk in the living room, having a meeting with an old lady dressed in white and a pure white ram. I wasn’t there in person but could see everything. They then walked outside and we were joined by a man dressed as a white sheep. Everyone was happy. Starting from the beginning, moving downstairs is a symbol often associated with distancing yourself from others or from your goals in life. You may subconsciously be taking a step back from those whom you used to be close to in reality or have recently been struggling to find the passion for the hobbies and projects you love most. This is intrinsically tied to the particular individuals your boyfriend and father-in-law were conversing with. In this vision, the two individuals in white seem to be represented by the animals they were seen with, in this case, the ram and the sheep. The woman with the white ram could point to financial struggles that have put a damper on your current situation. It may even be the cause of your desire to push others away or abandon your passions. However, she also suggests your burden would be lifted by a sudden reward or incentive, perhaps by someone close to you like your family. The man dressed as a sheep may be the manifestation of your reluctance to go the extra mile to earn this reward, and so may be a caution that you would need to push yourself hard to get back where you need to be.
Shooting a grizzly bear inside the house I shot a big grizzly bear in my house to protect my family. Killing a grizzly bear signifies the end of harmful or destructive habits and behavior. This grizzly bear in your vision is actually a representation of your negative attitudes and patterns that are causing conflict in your household. Fortunately, shooting the bear means you are determined to put a stop to your wayward ways to protect your family as well as to maintain peace and harmony. You have attained self-awareness which would push you to become better for the sake of the people who love and care about you.
A heifer in labor There was a heifer in labor and was having a real hard time. I was trying to help her by talking to her and petting her. She ended up having three calves in which the last one was breech. But before the last one was born, still inside the heifer it started kicking and was causing the heifer to flop off the ground and she was in pain. I recall feeling obligated and irritated in the beginning of the dream but then turned into anxiety and worry, and at the end fear. The heifer in labor represents your journey into adulthood. You will be forced to take on a lot of difficult and challenging responsibilities despite your inexperience. Those three calves will be your accomplishments, proving to everyone that you can handle tough tasks despite your lack of expertise and guidance. Unfortunately, you will not succeed in all your ventures. The last one may fail because the previous successes will make you feel complacent and even a little arrogant. Instead of your usual way of relying on your skills and resourcefulness, you will make the mistake of growing a sense of entitlement rather than retaining your grit.
A baby wolf Catching of baby wolf in the house with my hand and when I try to take him outside my village (the baby wolf is in my hand), the baby wolf tries to bite my hand. Catching a wolf in the dream world is often an indication of upcoming conflict and disagreements with someone you know in reality. The fact that this was a baby wolf could mean you would be dealing with someone younger than you or someone you consider less than you. The baby wolf’s attempt to bite you as you held it suggests you might be at risk of losing something important to you, although not being bitten during the course of the vision can be interpreted as a sign that you would not suffer greatly overall.
Frogs on the wall and a mouse I'm female. I had a dream of two frogs on my wall in my house. I had a bucket of water. I was trying to catch them and put them into the bucket of water. But they were moving up the wall. And then out of nowhere a little mouse pop out and put me off the frogs and my dream ended there. The frogs in your house suggest you are searching for ways to make your life happier. Perhaps you are trying to improve certain aspects of your financial situation or living conditions, or maybe you are focusing on personal qualities, such as practicing gratitude or trying to be more patient. In either case, the bucket of water you were attempting to use to catch these frogs alludes to the idea that you already have what you need in life. You are blessed with the essentials, the basic necessities of life, family to love and support you and a purpose to get up each day. The mouse that pops out of nowhere to distract you in the vision, then, is a warning to not forget what you have in the search of what others, like false friends and the media, say you need. Do not be tempted to waste time on things that do not matter when you already have everything at your fingertips.
Being with a family of hedgehogs I dreamt that I rescued 3 hedgehogs during the daytime (Mom, Dad and Baby). I was taking them to the rescue as I knew they were unwell being out in the daytime. But as it got to the night time, even though it never got dark I knew it was night and the hedgehogs were fine and were sitting at a dining table and they could talk and we were chatting and I was bringing them lots of fresh foods. They ordered pears to eat which I also brought for them. It was all very happy and cheery. Hedgehogs convey negative connotations as dream symbols. They are mostly associated with defensiveness and insecurity. Unfortunately, dining with the hedgehogs means you are quite proud of your sensitive nature. Instead of building up your confidence and taking criticisms well, you prefer to lash out and blame others for your shortcomings. Even when critiques come from people who genuinely care about you, you are easily offended. You tell yourself you are perfect and that people should accept you as you are, but there is also value in self-awareness and self-improvement. Learn where your strengths and weaknesses lie, so you can have a complete and objective view of who you are as a person.
A cat with paper inside I threw a knife at a cat and it cut its tail and blood splattered on my blouse, it torn my boys' clothing crying for help. We took it to the vet, the cut part of the tail had a paper which had herbs, we burnt the paper and the herbs. Injuring a cat in dreams refers to a threat to your independence as well as creative blocks. Since you were the one who cut off the cat's tail, it means you will be a hindrance to your own quest for autonomy. Your inconsistency and lack of accountability make it hard for others to entrust you with responsibility and independence. Furthermore, burning the paper with the herbs is an indication of impatience and subsequent frustration. This lack of patience is another crutch keeping you from being completely self-sufficient. Instead of following through, despite the challenges, you tend to quit when things get too tough and tedious. You need to learn how to persevere, so you can acquire the necessary life skills to succeed in the world.
Dead rodents falling from the ceiling I was in a large public building like a mall and millions of dead mice or rats fell down from the ceiling. It appeared as if water may have been the reason the ceiling collapsed (millions of rodents didn't help either, LOL!). This vision seems to be a warning about the dangers of consumerism and materialistic tendencies in reality. This is because malls are symbols commonly associated with consumption and greed, particularly for material possessions. The multitudes of rodents that fall from the collapsed ceiling represent your failings to this vice and their negative effect on your social life. This does not necessarily mean you shop a lot. It does suggest, however, that you let money and possessions make decisions that you would not have chosen otherwise. For example, perhaps you treated someone poorly because they were not dressed well, or maybe you elected not to spend time with friends or family because you would rather hang out with a television or a video game. Perhaps you need to rethink some of your actions and make decisions that would be more fulfilling in the long run.
Pigs which drowned Mother pig and piglets that drowned. A pig or piglets drowning in a dream vision suggests an overwhelming sense of shame. Some of your more unsavory traits threaten to send you spiraling down your own darkness. This is an ominous sign for you, especially since the pigs drowned in your dream. You are not strong enough to resist temptations and destructive vices from ruining you life. This is an appeal to what is left of your rational mind. You need to seek out a more balanced lifestyle before your bad decisions become irreversible to the point of self-destruction.
Saving animals from a fire Female, horses and pigs were engulfed in a fire. I only managed to save a few piglets. I heard a man in the background saying it's meant to be and another ask about if the bees were safe. Fire can convey a message about transformation and renewal. Combined with horses and pigs, this reveals your resolve to leave bad habits behind. Your hedonism and sexual proclivities are likely distracting you from realizing your full potential. You want to turn over a new leaf by ending your irresponsible ways in favor of a more disciplined lifestyle. The bees, meanwhile, suggest professionalism and drive. Once you focus on improving yourself, better work opportunities will present themselves. You would be busy attending to matters which would further your career.
A panther behind the door I opened my door to find a black panther looking at me through the storm door. It was calm and was waiting for me to invite her in the house, like it wanted to tell me something. An open door in the dream world is commonly interpreted as a symbol of mutual love between yourself and someone else in reality. Panthers, on the other hand, are signs of danger or risk. In this context, the panther waiting to enter through your door may represent the risks and doubts associated with a new romantic endeavor or the rekindling of a currently dwindling flame. In either case, the decision to move forward would be completely in your hands.
Being chased by an anaconda Group of us walking spot anaconda, being chased by it. Later it comes home but some of our help catches it and takes it far away and throws it out. Being chased by an anaconda means there is a menacing figure following you around in reality. It could be a stalker wishing to harm you because of an unhealthy obsession. Although this dream symbol could also refer to an intimidating person who is unwittingly affecting your self-confidence in negative ways. You tend to mess up when this person is around because you want their approval so badly. You need to get over your fears and insecurities so you can really show off your talent.
Husband carrying a goat My hubby was carrying a goat on his neck, but suddenly the goat wanted to fight other goats, my hubby tried stopping the goat but to no avail. Envisioning your husband carrying a goat could represent his holding of grudges and being hostile towards others around you and your family. Perhaps you are worried about him lashing out at another family member or someone he works with in reality. This is reinforced by the image of the goat suddenly attacking others despite his attempts to control it. You might worry that someone or something would provoke your husband into a rage. Furthermore, the symbol of a goat attacking others may refer to tasks he is currently working on. He may be putting his livelihood at risk if he cannot control his moods.
Protecting a white pig I am male. I had a dream that I was protecting a little white pig. Everyone in the world was trying to kill it and I was trying to save it. I even killed people who tried to hurt my pig. White pigs are normally considered harbingers of death and tragedy. Seeing one in a dream vision often means someone close to you would either pass away or go through something like a near death experience. Defending the pig to the point of killing someone does not mean you are supporting this death, rather, it points toward the aggression that this situation would spark in you. In essence, you would feel so angry, hurt or scared that you would lash out at others in an attempt to hide the pain you feel. Perhaps your subconscious is warning you to consider how your reactions affect others or warn you how reacting badly could make things worse in such a difficult, trying time.
A tiger and lion by a swimming pool I saw a friend in a pool with clear blue waters freaked out because a tiger was up close to him but the tiger had a chain around its neck, while still looking at the event I jumped inside the pool and my friend pointed at me to look behind and I saw a lion up close but with a chain around its neck. This vision speaks much of your current accomplishments as well as what you could accomplish in the near future should you put your mind to it. The friend in the pool of clear blue water that you later join represents the body of your present accomplishments. The water hides nothing, and it reveals all that you have sacrificed to get where you are in life. Possibly your friend helped you on this path or represents someone who mentored you along the way. The chained tiger and lion shed light on your future potential. While tigers and lions by themselves generally refer to negative possibilities, the idea that they were chained in this vision suggests you have things under control and can wield them to your advantage. If you unleash your full energy, you could be on a path to greatness.
Black foxes attacking I'm a woman, I dreamt about talking to black foxes and fighting them as they attacked, to save a treasure in my hand. The symbol of treasure in the dream world is not as auspicious as it might seem on the surface. It is an image associated with wealth that is less obvious than a pile of money or gold. For example, the treasure in your hand may refer to an underutilized skill in your arsenal. Perhaps you currently work at a job that does not allow you to showcase your true talents, or maybe you are putting a lot of time and energy into a skill you do not actually enjoy. This is combined with the ill omen of the black fox, a symbol indicative of pointless endeavors and wasted resources. You may be trying to justify your current attitude based on the job market or future trends, but ignoring your heart's true desires and your own abilities could lead to ruin in the end if you are not careful.
Chased by grey wolves I dreamed I was outside somewhere away from home. I saw 3 wolves a distance away, but close enough they made me scared. I ran to my car to get inside and lock the door so they couldn't get me. There was snow on the ground, as I was running, they were running toward me. I made it to my car. Gray wolves, at least 3. I am not close to my older siblings anymore, some are actually hard to deal with. The snow on the ground in your vision sets the scene, and it indicates gloominess or despondency, most likely due to some separation from someone important to you. You mention not being close to your older siblings, so perhaps your subconscious recognizes the family that is missing from your life. This is supported by the image of the wolves. When the wolves were farther off, they suggested being negatively influenced by someone near to you in reality. As they follow you to your car and surround you, however, the interpretation changes, suggesting you are possibly believing the lies being fed to you by these unscrupulous individuals. It is possible your subconscious is trying to remind you that you cannot fill in the holes left by your siblings with just anyone. You either need to reconnect with your relatives or find friends who are more concerned for your well-being.
Buying a cat for girlfriend My girlfriend says I was trying to buy her a cat, and I was asking how to feed it. This vision suggests there is some bad energy around your girlfriend in reality, as cats are generally considered bad luck in the dream realm. Perhaps she is even inviting this negativity into her life by interacting with those who suck the joy out of life or maintaining bad habits, such as a poor diet or smoking. That she envisioned you asking about how to feed the cat may reveal that she sees you as someone who could pull her out of this funk, although she may initially be indignant or hurt by the prodding to adopt a better lifestyle. In the end, though, she would appreciate your concern for her health and well-being, which would surely help both of you as a couple.
A pack of foxes and a dog I was driving and it was hard to control my car so I stopped at this house. As soon as I got out I saw 2 foxes around the property then when I got close I saw 2 other foxes, they ran away in unison acting like a wolf pack. When I turned around I saw a black and orange dog, probably a rottweiler. It bit me and then the owner of the house came out with another dog. She told her dog to let me go and it did. She apologized then let me leave. Cars are generally thought to represent our lives in the dream realm, so having difficulty controlling a vehicle is often synonymous with aspects of your life being beyond your control. This is supported by the other images in your vision. The presence of foxes reveals there are those near you in reality who are not as honest as they pretend to be. These cunning individuals may be on the verge of starting some serious problems for you. This could be amplified because there were two pairs of two foxes in this vision. In dreams, the symbol of two suggests gossip or rumors circulating about you, so perhaps the unfaithful friends around you are planning on ruining your reputation by revealing a secret of yours. This culminates in the image of being bitten by a dog, a symbol associated with confusion due to anticipation of conflict. This dream is warning that, should the worst happen, it would be best to explain the truth as quickly as possible lest those who do not know better jump to the wrong conclusion.
A lion protecting from dogs A lion lied beside me and I petted it, the lion defended me from a pack of dogs. A lion that lies beside you is a sign of trouble brewing on the horizon. Specifically, this symbol references a recent act of injustice you saw in reality, like a worker being unfairly berated or a marginalized person being harassed, but that you did nothing to stop or interfere in. The dog attack is another negative omen associated with misunderstanding and conflict. It seems that your actions or lack thereof would cause some trouble for you, even if you think there was nothing you could do at the time. Perhaps you would need to make amends for the situation by donating time, money or resources to a cause that helps others.
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