Doing laundry on an Indian reservation A Native American man was in my dream looking at me. I was by the reservation doing my dad's laundry, on the bottom of a barrel I found a dirty bright orange sweatshirt, it kind of freaked me out. A stranger who stares at you and makes you feel uncomfortable in a dream could be the manifestation of your mistakes and failures following you throughout waking life. You may feel that you cannot shake off the bad luck that has plagued past decisions and actions. Additionally, the strange orange sweatshirt you found in the laundry may reveal an upcoming opportunity that seems, and most likely is, too good to be true. You should be wary of cheap and easy fixes to problems that have seemed overwhelming thus far. You should look for help from those you trust and make changes slowly and deliberately.
Ironing and burning clothes I saw in my dream that I am ironing my clothes and suddenly my clothes get burnt while I was talking to my cousin I think. What does this dream mean? Dreams containing images of ironing clothes and getting them burnt is a sign of soon having a rival or competitor entering the relationship you have with someone special in your life, such as your spouse, romantic partner or lover. Symbolically, ironing things in dreams represents being able to resolve things or overcome conflicts in a peaceful way. Because you perceived yourself being unable to successfully finish the chore, it could mean that there are some turbulent times ahead when you can become drawn into petty quarrels, confrontations and even fights, possibly with the person who will be trying to meddle in your personal life.
Apocalypse during a party I am a girl. I had it in February, very vivid and detailed. I was at a party with my friends and a new guy I did not recognize. This new guy did some creative things. Suddenly, there was an Apocalypse and we were fighting police-officers and there was also smoke. I was beaten down and then I woke up in the dream!! My friends said the Apocalypse only were an illusion due to the smoke. Then this guy. We melted to one in each other eyes. He said "30 August" to me in the dream. Help me understand? Attending a party in your dream means you want to relax and have fun. The stranger at the party likely represents your desire to break your routine and meet new people in order to widen your world. He could also symbolize a hidden inclination or a repressed personality trait that you would soon discover about yourself. Similarly, the apocalypse points to a major change. Since the context of your dream seems to be referring to personal transformation, there is a possibility that you are contemplating changing your lifestyle or following another career path. The apocalypse, therefore, signifies the destruction of one area of your life and the beginning of another chapter in your personal journey. Meanwhile, the police represents authority. In the context of your dream, this means that your elders, perhaps your parents, may not approve of the life-changing decision you are about to make. This is why there is smoke in the dream scenario. It represents confusion and anxiety. While you feel the need to make this major shift in your life, the disapproval from others may be causing internal conflict and making you rethink your plans. Finally, "30 august" may not necessarily point to the exact date, but it could mean that you need to make a decision soon.
Mailing letters with someone Mailing letters. Twice went down 5 or 6 steep stairs outside to put my letters into a slot. An unknown woman stood next to me and threw her letters on the cement floor. Letters went in through the opening. I wanted to do same, but had opted for the stairs. It dawned on me that the cement floor must have moved to get her mail inside. Dreaming of mailing letters is very auspicious. You are going to have a lot of promising opportunities and blessings. Furthermore, other people in your immediate circle, such as family and friends, would also benefit from the rewards and good fortune headed your way because of your generosity. Taking the stairs to mail the letters means you need to persevere in order to reap the rewards, whereas others may have luck on their side by becoming successful even without working as much. There is no need to envy these flash in the pan personalities because consistent performance wins in the long term. And because your worked hard for your achievements, you would feel much more fulfilled and have a deeper appreciation for your accomplishments.
Walking with boyfriend and shopping I was dreaming that I am with my boyfriend roaming around in a hilly area and it's a very beautiful place. After that I did lots of shopping with my sister for green veggies and woolen clothes. I'm female. Dreaming about traveling in a hilly area shows you are having some trouble communicating with someone important to you. The fact that you were with your boyfriend in your vision indicates that you could be experiencing this with him. However, an effort to solve this misunderstanding can fix your problems. The imagery of shopping means you are about to make substantial progress in your everyday life and you will be able to resolve things which have been bothering you for a while. Seeing green vegetables and woolen clothes in your dream predicts that a period is coming up in your life filled with health and well-being.
Walking in the streets The main idea of my dream was me walking from an amusement park where all the people I know are there, to a post office to pick up a package, I made a couple stops on the way like talking to people setting up a parade, and talking to an old woman sitting on a bench by herself. The walk felt peaceful and refreshing. Compared to the part of the amusement park. This vision seems to be a reflection of your personality and temperament rather than an indication of your future prospects, although one particular symbol may allude to something on the horizon. Walking through an amusement park could reflect that you see a lot going on around you. This politics in your country may be something more akin to a circus act than a formal governing body. There could also be a lot of upheaval in your neighborhood due to different groups of people moving in and out, bringing different voices and cultures with them. You, however, know how to weather this storm. You can take care of your own business without being ruffled or swayed by blatant lies and sensationalism. In fact, picking up the package from the post office on your route could mean this tendency would help you achieve something personally important to you soon.
Someone helping to carry water Dreaming that my water is too heavy that an old friend I don't talk to had to help me carry. Meeting an old friend represents the reappearance of old issues or problems. Carrying water, on the other hand, represents triumph in the face of adversity. In essence, this vision predicts overcoming a past trouble and moving on past it. This would bring you peace of mind and great happiness.
Carrying buckets of water uphill I dreamt that I was carrying buckets of water in my both hands and I was climbing hill. I was tired when climbing the hill but one man helped me, after we finished climbing he gave me my buckets of water back and I carried them again until I get to where I need drop them. Please what is the meaning? This vision is highly auspicious and should bring you great peace of mind. Carrying water is often thought to allude to being triumphant over problems that have bothered you in reality. Climbing a hill also has positive connotations, with each step upward alluding to making steps toward fulfilling your dreams. Receiving the buckets after someone helped you could mean you would help someone else on an earlier stage of the same path you are on. For instance, if you have recently opened your own business, you may find time to mentor someone else who is considering starting their own company.
Missing a doctor's appointment Dreaming about someone having a ring worm. Not making it to my doctor's appointment by missing it one day. My coworker reminding me of my doctor's appointment. Then going in to get my blood pressure checked. The presence of all these health-related dream symbols suggests you are worried about your health. Specifically, avoiding a doctor's appointment implies that you are likely neglecting your health or living an unhealthy lifestyle. Getting your blood pressure checked means there is a major stressor in your life that could be contributing to your unhealthy lifestyle choices. The ringworm, meanwhile, alludes to someone you trust who will betray you or let you down. Perhaps this betrayal will lead you down a path of self-destruction and you are somehow denying the negative effects of this betrayal, hence your subconscious is reminding you to stop going down this path.
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