Dancing and wearing a diamond ring I saw myself dancing and wearing shining big diamond rings in dream Dreaming about dancing is a favorable sign. All of the everyday issues or troubles you may have been experiencing will disappear in a short period of time. You will feel much more comfortable and at ease while communicating with the opposite sex. However, this dream can also be a warning not to go to extremes because you may end up having issues with newly acquired admirers. Seeing yourself wearing a diamond ring symbolizes that you will achieve success in all your endeavours and projects which you are trying to pursue. It could also signify favorable changes occurring in your life, maybe meeting a new acquaintance who might prove to be very important for you or achieving some of the goals you have set for yourself.
Wondering inside a castle and wearing a pink dress I am a female.. that was in a castle very high up and I travel through various parts of the castle during my dream... Also I had on a very beautiful pink dress. Dream visions about wondering around a castle or trying to find your way in its hallways is a reflection of possible karmic issues and resulting emotional angst. You could have done something wrong, in your own eyes, in the recent or remote past and it bothers you. The notion of the castle being situated at a great height signifies either the importance of these issues to you personally or they way you try to hide it from others. Wearing a pink dress in the same dream could indicate your outstanding personal traits and character seen by others, but not so good emotional state on the inside.
Being on the bus and given worms to eat I had a dream that I was in a strange house with a lot of extended family. I dreamed that they left and I had to go find some food for my self and my younger cousins. I ended up getting on a bus. I dropped one of my unlit cigarettes through a hole in the floor on the bus which prompted me to get off and look for it. I couldn't find it and then I realized I was lost. I started walking in the direction I thought was homeward. I met three Hispanic guys on the way and they gave me a Styrofoam plate of worms to eat. When I got home ate one and I grabbed another to eat but it stung me. This dream contains numerous symbols which both combine and conflict with each other, making the interpretation difficult. One image that stands out is that of getting on a bus, which is often associated with beginning new projects or going on some sort of adventure. However, because you exited the vehicle before reaching your destination, it might predict the plan either not being completed or falling short of your expectations. This is also seen in your getting lost within the dream, which can also point to not moving forward with some aspect of your life. Stagnation is likely to leave you feeling dissatisfied or unfulfilled, which is further supported by your eating of the worms but continuing to eat when you returned home as well. In summary, being unable to achieve your goals may prevent you from growing as a person or challenging yourself, which in turn may cause feelings of frustration.
Catching fish in muddy waters I dreamt of catching fish in a muddy, grassy pool. We were catching and killing the fish with our bare hands. Some of the fish I was catching I could not see where they were coming from, some were even moving up my trousers. The muddy and grassy pool where you were catching fish is a reflection of your social circle, which either includes people (most likely women) who make you feel uncomfortable and under constant pressure, or individuals whose motivations and attitude you do not fully understand. The visions of you and other people catching fish with your bare hands is symbolic of a lot of activity and communication going on inside this circle, but it is mostly meaningless and does not benefit you in any way. It could be that you are looking for a mate or romantic partner in this crowd (as depicted by the fish going up your pants), but it seems to us to be the wrong place.
Being on a wooden boat which becomes a floatie There was a man near the water and me and my grandma were holding his hand while he almost fell in the dirty water and we helped him up. Then we got on a boat and went underground while other elderly people went on a boat made out of wood like you'd see in the children's program which was about to break and I had a whole boat to myself that I steered by my moving my body. And then half way through my boat became a children's water ring that they use to not sink. I've had this dream before when I was young and now again, please let me know what it means. Water is very prominent in this vision, though the meaning differs greatly depending on the situation. Being on a boat in water implies moving through the course of your life. You do not mention any particular difficulties with this journey, suggesting things are currently calm for you, at least on the surface. Having the boat change into a water ring can be interpreted as a sign of things becoming more challenging, like having to do more work with less resources, but because you do not mention feeling troubled by this transformation in the dream, it is likely you feel confident meeting the challenges presented to you. Finally, helping the man out of the water at the beginning of your dream indicates you are a team player. This can mean you are willing to help others while making your own way, or it may suggest you are comfortable asking others for help when you need it.
Dancing as a ballerina I am a female, age 22, and I was dancing as a ballerina in another person's house, a person I know, my sister's best friend. It was filled with furniture going from room to room dancing as a ballerina by myself. You do not mention whether you are a dancer in real life or not. If you are a dancer, this dream may represent feelings of apprehension about an upcoming performance or audition. You may feel more comfortable if you practice more or talk with others about your concerns. If you are not a dancer in real life, this vision suggests you have not been utilizing your artistic talents to the best of your ability. You may be working on a project which could be made better or easier with a bit of creativity and imagination.
Riding a bicycle I always dream of riding a bicycle and I would like to know what is the meaning? Seeing yourself riding a bicycle in a dream vision represents an aspect of your personality that is lively, energetic, and youthful. You may still have a childlike sense of wonder or are persistently optimistic. This vision suggests that either these traits are dominant in your personality now or that your subconscious is trying to remind you of these qualities in case you have forgotten them. If you have forgotten or hidden this part of yourself, returning to your true nature may help you to find more balance and peace in your life.
Plowing maze in the garden I want to know what is the meaning of my dream about: I saw my self plowing maize in the garden. This dream serves as a hint that the time to prepare things in your personal life to make your dreams come true has finally arrived. If you have been making plans to undertake a project or take steps towards bettering your life, you may consider making efforts to move forward. Another interpretation source refers to visions of plowing soil as an indication of prosperity, peace of mind and happiness you are presently experiencing within your family or domestic circle.
Fetching water Dreaming about fetching water. Dreaming of fetching water is an auspicious sign which means you are soon to be triumphant over problems that have been bothering you for some time. You may suddenly find an answer that was not apparent before or learn a skill which changes the situation in your favor. You should take advantage of this success to make as much progress as you can.
Filling containers with water I found myself filling jars with water. I always dream about this repeatedly. I'm a female... Thanks. A jar being filled with water in a dream represents the skills and experience you have that help you accomplish work-related projects and personal endeavors quickly and efficiently. With this interpretation in mind, your dream vision seems to suggest you are currently working toward or should be putting more effort into improving yourself, either by learning new job skills, quitting bad habits, or doing activities that expand your horizons. By working hard at these things you can achieve success in the future.
Delivering items and unable to contact the receiver Female 30. My mother was driving me to deliver a man that I've known for years his stuff. I'm not exactly sure what the stuff is, but I had a car trunk full and I was delivering it. When I arrive he's not there, but his cousin is. I try calling him, but I misplaced my cell phone. On the ride to deliver the stuff I'm OK and at peace. I get a little worked up when I can't find my phone. This dream vision you have experienced contains notions of you being unable to share some important information you may be in possession of with those it is intended to be delivered to, you could be running out of time too. You may be in a situation when you intentionally conceal an issue or build a wall around yourself to stay safe and comfortable, but the longer you keep it to yourself, the higher the probability you will alienate yourself from people who matter and play an important part in your waking life.
Dressing up as monkeys and fighting in a cage My dream was about me and four other people who dressed up as monkeys and stayed in a cage. Later we all decided to go to a zoo. I fought with this one girl who tried to steal my boyfriend and I also fought with my boyfriend about it. Then we didn't go to the zoo and I was the last person dressed as a monkey in a cage. Monkeys in cages represent misplaced curiosity. Unfounded accusations directed at your loved ones may escalate to full-blown arguments and confrontations if you let you assumptions get the better of you. Keep yourself in check to make sure that you are not out of line with your inquisitiveness. If you undermine the trust you have given to your nearest and dearest, you could find yourself getting sucked into a jealous rage and down a wormhole of negativity. If you let emotions rule over rationality, you may end up alone and in misery.
Shaking hands with someone familiar Someone I know gave me a left-handed handshake that was very sharp and quick. Very brief left-hand shake. The brisk handshake in your dream refers to closing deals and starting something new. If you are trying to tie up loose ends in reality, then this dream means that you are about to close these chapters and move on without a lot of fanfare. On the other hand, the left hand is oftentimes associated with betrayals. Make sure everything is in order before you wrap up projects or sign agreements. Alternatively, if the individual in the dream is female, the left hand could represent feminine qualities and the handshake may mean forming a romantic bond with someone. Perhaps when you see her, there would be an instant connection.
Being a part of harvesting crowd and excited about it I had a dream where I was participating in harvesting with some people. The harvest was huge and the rice so brown and beautiful. I saw heaps and piles of farm rice in barns. At one point in the dream, one of the reapers corrected me on a grain I thought was rice. The person said "It is barley". I was so excited being a part of the festivity. I had a sickle and being a part of the process was just exciting. Prior to this dream, I had a dream where I saw a green farm. This dream of harvest and farms points to your journey towards harnessing your full potential. Typically, harvesting crops suggests a long process of planting and nurturing the seeds of your ambition before they become fully developed and ready to be reaped. You may be well on your way to career advancement if you keep steady and focused on your work. Learning the ropes as a farmer, which is part of your dream vision, means that you are willing to learn and keeping up your productivity. Perhaps you are keenly aware of the time and effort it takes to achieve your aspirations and you are more than happy to put in what it takes to get you to that point. Alternatively, this dream vision could also be telling you to work harder and be more focused in order to gain the benefits and abundance you seek.
Having troubles while taking a shower I dreamed that I was in the shower about to take a shower but I didn't. I only washed my long curly hair, but the water being removed from my hair was black. Then I got out and went some place, but then I came back and there was a line of about 3 people in front of me and I went in front to the lady and told her that I was not finished taking my shower. So she gave me a card with my name on and told me to go and take my shower and that I have been there for the 3rd time. Then I woke up. Showering in a dream represents cleansing, emotional intimacy as well as sensuality. Washing your hair, on the other hand, portends a period of great uncertainty. Perhaps showering and the conflict that took place are closely associated with each other. You could be trying to wash off certain problems and break off an undesirable bond with someone who is not good for you. Alternatively, you could be feeling unclean or ashamed of something, yet you are not fully ready to let go of this habit or possibly a guilty pleasure. This habit may be destructive, which is why the figure in the dream is adamant that you should follow through with this cleansing, which means maybe it is time to consider doing so in reality.
Participating in a masquerade ball I went to a masquerade ball at my school with an old-fashioned Japanese theme. My whole class was there and we had an instructor there to teach us how to behave. The girl who could reflect her character the best got to pick what guy to dance and spend the ball with first. The instructor chose me and I chose me with my crush. For the rest of the night we were laughing and hugging, but I always had this feeling that everything was a game. Especially the way I treated the rest of my classmates. Schools are often associated with stress in wake life and difficulty making things go smoothly. The problems you are facing in your life, then, are likely social, as a large masquerade ball suggests. Perhaps you tend to make friends easily, but have some trouble maintaining those associations in the long term. For example, you may have joined a group and met many interesting people, but over time you may have realized their hesitation to invite you out or to discuss social events with you. This can also be seen in the feeling that the event was more of a game than a real party.
Being unappreciated after performance There was some kind of trapeze that we had to perform on for an audience and I was singing and dancing for the audience and friends. I thought I was doing very well, but when I went to bow dramatically, no one clapped. I looked at my sister in the audience and she just said "I didn't like it". A trapeze carries sexual connotations. Swinging or performing on a trapeze alludes to being sexually adventurous or a yearning for a different kind of sexual experience. You could be unsatisfied with your sexual life and seeking some variety. On the other hand, the presence of your sister may lend a different interpretation to this dream. A swinging trapeze also refers to being indecisive. The movement of swinging back and forth could be a subconscious reflection of your decision-making in reality. Your sister's disapproval in the dream may be due to the fact that your tendency to be fickle-minded is causing major opportunities to slip through your hands.
Climbing stairs with other people I dreamed a while ago that I was going up a blue and white house and the guy I like was behind also going up the stairs wearing a hood and he was holding a child wearing a red jacket. What does the dream really mean? Dreaming about walking up the stairs is a good sign. Each step represents a successful achievement or a fulfilled goal. Since you are climbing upwards, the dream means that you are going through an auspicious period, filled with satisfied desires, victories or successfully completed projects and plans. The guy walking up the stairs behind you represents a part of you that could be lacking. Even with a successful lifestyle, you may still feel like something is missing. This dream reveals your yearning for a happier personal life, maybe a constant desire to establish a family of your own or improve the relationships within an existing one.
Drinking beer at a pub I was drinking beer in a pub on a wooden table (not at the counter) one cup all my friends (who had left) had drank from and there were lip prints around the edges, and the other cup was clean because I just ordered a new one. I finished the one everyone drank from and left there and then mine (which was a much larger cup). Wooden tables symbolically represent failure and defeat, while beer and other light alcoholic beverages symbolize success and victory. Therefore, dreaming about beer on a wooden table represents your triumph over the difficulties and challenges you have faced in the past. Drinking from the cups of your friends before finishing yours could point toward a desire to see their needs met first before yours are taken care of, suggesting you value your friendships and wish the best for your companions well before yourself.
Unable to communicate in a foreign language In my dream, my boyfriend and I went to an arcade in a city area where everything was written in what looked to be Farsi. We saw a man wheel over a bit crate with many candies labeled in a foreign language. They looked good, but I felt that I wouldn't be able to eat them due to their ingredients. We walked back outside and a lady stopped us. She understood us, but she spoke Farsi back to us, so we didn't understand. She would say "No, it's okay but..." And then spoke in Farsi from there. Many times. Being unable to eat candy because of the ingredients it contains could represent your inability to find reliable partners both in romantic relationships and as school or work team members. In this case, you may be far more motivated, putting in time, money and effort to make the project a success. However, talking to a woman but being unable to understand her due to a language barrier suggests that your wants and aspirations are not in line with your partner's goals. This means they likely do not care about what you want to accomplish, instead focusing on their own desires. This vision does not offer a solution, but does perhaps act as a warning to avoid individuals who do not value your happiness and success as much as your value theirs.
Being asked to distribute items in a bag I was given a bag of something. I don't know what was inside and was asked to go distribute it to people at the beach, but while going with a friend, our car stops working and while we were trying to push it to start, a lady came to me and asked for the bag, collected it and said that the mission was changed and she will be the one to go share the stuff in the bag. And in another scene I saw her sharing the stuff in the bag and I wasn't happy about it. Being asked to deliver or distribute objects of some sort could mean that you are being given new responsibilities. This could be related to a job promotion or a new project you are being asked to handle. Unfortunately, someone else may be hankering for this promotion or project and trying to take away what is supposed to be yours. This individual may be taking credit for your success and stealing the limelight from you. When the car stopped working, pointing to possible burnout or minor hiccups in your career, your competitor could likely swoop in and make himself or herself look better. It is wise to keep your cool and maintain grace under pressure.
Running around looking for something I am running to the car while it's raining and I am looking for something. Then I am running back to the house to hide under the garage. I don't remember very well, but I think people were telling me not to go to the car. Also I think I couldn't find what I was looking for. Looking for something you cannot find in a dream vision usually predicts that your efforts devoted to a certain project are not likely to have any effect. Similar to swimming against the current, this symbol suggests that no matter what you do, you cannot succeed at this particular task. However, hiding in the garage after failing at the car could be interpreted as a sign that if you change your direction or goal slightly, you could be much more successful and, consequently, happier with the situation you are in.
Packing up to leave for no reason Female. A recurring dream of packing up all my belongings. Sometimes I'm in a hurry and anxious that I can't do it in time or don't have enough space to take everything. Other times I'm doing it in a relaxed fashion. But the overwhelming feeling is of needing to get all my stuff together. Sometimes people are helping me and other times I'm alone. I pack my things in boxes and suitcases. It is never clear why I need to pack or if I'm going anywhere or moving house. I just need to gather my things. To dream of packing your things, whether for a specific or unknown reason, often alludes to an upcoming or ongoing big change in your personal journey. Gathering your belongings is a metaphor for getting yourself together in order to be better equipped in handling the consequences of this big shift. These changes may take a lot of getting used to at first, but if you have an open mind and choose to embrace them despite the initial apprehensions and inconveniences, you could turn them into opportunities and become a successful person, if you are not already one.
Women dancing around a campfire My dream is women are laughing and dancing around a campfire. Campfires are generally associated with socializing or forging personal connections. This may be a reflection of your readiness to date or at least meet new people. On the other hand, there seems to be an outsider perspective as you watch all those women laughing and dancing around the fire. Perhaps you feel disconnected and have trouble relating to the opposite sex. This lack of understanding may be preventing you from establishing meaningful connections. Hence, the vision may be encouraging you to free yourself from inhibitions and just be yourself, as symbolized by the carefree movements and behavior of the women in your dream.
Women mopping floors after a party I was in a strange house. There had been a party and I walked into a room after the party, where a group of women were mopping the floors. I asked repeatedly if I could get a broom and sweep first, but everyone ignored me. There were big dust balls everywhere. Being in a strange house after a party likely points to your feelings about your current occupation. Perhaps you are not as enthusiastic or inspired as you were when you were just starting out in your career path. The dirt on the floor represents the alienation you feel towards your job. Even though it provides you and family with a sense of security, you could be losing sight of the reasons why you enjoyed doing your job in the first place. This lack of motivation may be affecting your performance. Maybe you have been committing a lot of mistakes lately and your colleagues have to clean up the mess for you, as indicated by the women mopping the floor.
Possessions stolen at a concert I went to a concert of my favorite band, P!ATD. When I got there, I gave the staff my ticket and stuff and told them to take care of it as I go to the bathroom. When I come back, they have stolen my stuff and said that I had never given them anything. I was not allowed in to the concert but I got my stuff back. Dreaming about being to a concert signifies pleasurable and good times you have in your waking life. This dream is an indication that your life has been happy and carefree so far. However, the image of your stuff being stolen from the venue and your inability to enjoy the concert may have negative connotations. It portends that someone or a chain of events could disrupt your normally happy life. It would be better to keep yourself prepared for any upcoming difficulties which you may come across. Patience and willpower would help you weather any problems with ease.
Physical activity and apes chasing I completed 30 sit-ups. Then I ran up a red mountain when I made it to the top of the wall, there were apes that started chase me. Then I woke up from my sleep. Dreaming about doing physical activity or exercising could be a manifestation of significant stress and busy schedule in your waking life. Both the vision of running up a mountain and being on top of the wall reveal your constant striving to succeed in something important to you or to impress others by the results you want to achieve. Perhaps your ambitions and goal-driven personality traits are catching up with you even when you are asleep.
Cleaning and painting the room I am cleaning and at the same time painting the room green. Cleaning the house is often thought to predict upcoming social events happening inside your house soon. In particular, you may have unexpected company or reunite with someone you have not seen in many years. Painting the house is also a social symbol that alludes to having kind and reliable friends. Together with the image of green paint, these symbols seem to point out your thoughtful, caring nature and the reciprocating behavior of those you call friends.
Unable to control a big aircraft B-52 copilot, wearing no boots, wearing six layers of flight gloves on the right hand, took off between very narrow buildings on either side of the runway, hurried takeoff because of gunshots fired as president Bush #2 got out of his car which was in the driveway of the house we rented. When airborne, I could not control the plane. Big planes like the B-52 should be VERY stable, like driving a bus! The controls were oversized. I was like a small child sitting behind the wheel. When you dream about flying an airplane, it could mean that you are trying to pursue dreams which you have cherished for a long time now and are ready to take the next step in starting to accomplish them. However, since you describe your flying as chaotic, it could mean you may have difficult time adapting to the circumstances and that you may not be as well-prepared as you thought you were in order to pursue your heart's desires. You may need to exert more effort before undertaking tasks or projects which could turn risky for your overall stability and well-being.
Making the bed I was dreaming I was making my bed. Making your bed in a dream is often associated with the idea of everything in reality having its own place. In general, this means you are mentally and physically preparing yourself for the next stage in your life. As you subconsciously put things away and tidy your surroundings, you are coming to terms with your life thus far and considering the possibilities for your future.
Doing laundry on an Indian reservation A Native American man was in my dream looking at me. I was by the reservation doing my dad's laundry, on the bottom of a barrel I found a dirty bright orange sweatshirt, it kind of freaked me out. A stranger who stares at you and makes you feel uncomfortable in a dream could be the manifestation of your mistakes and failures following you throughout waking life. You may feel that you cannot shake off the bad luck that has plagued past decisions and actions. Additionally, the strange orange sweatshirt you found in the laundry may reveal an upcoming opportunity that seems, and most likely is, too good to be true. You should be wary of cheap and easy fixes to problems that have seemed overwhelming thus far. You should look for help from those you trust and make changes slowly and deliberately.
Ironing and burning clothes I saw in my dream that I am ironing my clothes and suddenly my clothes get burnt while I was talking to my cousin I think. What does this dream mean? Dreams containing images of ironing clothes and getting them burnt is a sign of soon having a rival or competitor entering the relationship you have with someone special in your life, such as your spouse, romantic partner or lover. Symbolically, ironing things in dreams represents being able to resolve things or overcome conflicts in a peaceful way. Because you perceived yourself being unable to successfully finish the chore, it could mean that there are some turbulent times ahead when you can become drawn into petty quarrels, confrontations and even fights, possibly with the person who will be trying to meddle in your personal life.
Apocalypse during a party I am a girl. I had it in February, very vivid and detailed. I was at a party with my friends and a new guy I did not recognize. This new guy did some creative things. Suddenly, there was an Apocalypse and we were fighting police-officers and there was also smoke. I was beaten down and then I woke up in the dream!! My friends said the Apocalypse only were an illusion due to the smoke. Then this guy. We melted to one in each other eyes. He said "30 August" to me in the dream. Help me understand? Attending a party in your dream means you want to relax and have fun. The stranger at the party likely represents your desire to break your routine and meet new people in order to widen your world. He could also symbolize a hidden inclination or a repressed personality trait that you would soon discover about yourself. Similarly, the apocalypse points to a major change. Since the context of your dream seems to be referring to personal transformation, there is a possibility that you are contemplating changing your lifestyle or following another career path. The apocalypse, therefore, signifies the destruction of one area of your life and the beginning of another chapter in your personal journey. Meanwhile, the police represents authority. In the context of your dream, this means that your elders, perhaps your parents, may not approve of the life-changing decision you are about to make. This is why there is smoke in the dream scenario. It represents confusion and anxiety. While you feel the need to make this major shift in your life, the disapproval from others may be causing internal conflict and making you rethink your plans. Finally, "30 august" may not necessarily point to the exact date, but it could mean that you need to make a decision soon.
Mailing letters with someone Mailing letters. Twice went down 5 or 6 steep stairs outside to put my letters into a slot. An unknown woman stood next to me and threw her letters on the cement floor. Letters went in through the opening. I wanted to do same, but had opted for the stairs. It dawned on me that the cement floor must have moved to get her mail inside. Dreaming of mailing letters is very auspicious. You are going to have a lot of promising opportunities and blessings. Furthermore, other people in your immediate circle, such as family and friends, would also benefit from the rewards and good fortune headed your way because of your generosity. Taking the stairs to mail the letters means you need to persevere in order to reap the rewards, whereas others may have luck on their side by becoming successful even without working as much. There is no need to envy these flash in the pan personalities because consistent performance wins in the long term. And because your worked hard for your achievements, you would feel much more fulfilled and have a deeper appreciation for your accomplishments.
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