Neighbor's house on fire I dreamt that my neighbor's house was on fire. A dream in which you see your neighbor's house on fire points to an expansion of your social circle. Specifically, this dream portends the possibility of gaining new friends or acquaintances. This could, in turn, lead you to experience and try new things which would greatly benefit you and them in the long run.
Falling off a ferry and befriending a boy I jumped from a ferry, I missed and started to sink, FAST, and I can see through the water giant crusty crabs and start to panic. I wasn't floating back up, heavy as cement. I found a pole the pier was attached to, I climbed up. I couldn't breathe, but I didn't die after 10+ minutes being down there. The boat was gone and I found shelter. There was a young boy, age 7, who I became close with over a few months. I saved his life from some gang members and we ran away, don't know where. And I woke up. Falling into the sea and being left behind by the boat reveal a sense of hopelessness and confusion. Being unable to float up to the surface of the water means you could become overwhelmed by emotions and sink into depression due to missed opportunities and other unfortunate circumstances. The crabs you saw as you sank further into the depths of the water reveal your tendency to dwell on negative thoughts. Alternatively, the crabs may also refer to your perseverance and grit when faced with difficulties. The young boy is the symbol of your salvation. Saving him could be tantamount to reviving your youthful spirit, enabling you to chase after your dreams again.
An enemy helping after an accident I went to the restroom and I had white pants on and my pants were stained with my menstrual blood and my enemy showed up and gave me her jacket to cover it. White pants represent your youthful spirit and immaturity, suggesting that you may have acted foolishly in the past or recently due to lack of understanding. This is supported by the image of your period staining the pants, representing your tendency to respond emotionally to other people's actions and behavior rather than thinking logically and looking at the situation from other angles. To realize your weakness and grow from this experience, the image of your enemy coming to your rescue could be seen as a recommendation from your subconscious to do something about this aspect of your personality, so that you can see things from a different perspective and repair the wrongs that have already been committed.
Finding a reason for someone's tragic accident A few years ago, someone I knew passed away because of a car accident. Last night I had a dream with that person's brother, and he said he was intoxicated when he died and he felt responsible. I don't understand why I've just had a dream about this. Is this even real? Could this be a reason for his death? Or is my mind deceiving itself? Your mind may be trying to work out the details of your acquaintance's passing, even after all these years, because you have recently thought about this person or were reminded of one of their mannerisms in waking life. This may have been subconscious and you may have been completely unaware of it at the time, but it is quite likely that some sound, smell, or image triggered a thought in the back of your mind that has brought this situation to the forefront of your mind once more. If you were unable to get closure to this situation before, it may be worthwhile to take some time to find the truth for real rather than going over and over what little information you currently hold.
Son dying in an auto accident I was driving down the road and my son kept unbuckling himself from his car seat, and I got hit by another car and my son ended up dying. Driving a car alludes to your tendency to take control not only of your own choices, but the lives of your loved ones as well. The car crash represents deep-seated fears and anxieties about losing control and putting your friends and family in harm's way. The notion about your son who keeps on unbuckling his seat belt means that no matter how much you try, there are certain inevitable circumstances that are out of your hands. They must be able to live without relying excessively on your actions and, oftentimes, the pain is part and parcel of learning through experience.
Running over grandmother in an SUV I ran over my grandmother with an SUV and broke her ribs. Running over your grandmother with an SUV in a dream alludes to conflict that exists between the two of you. She may not approve of your lifestyle in real life or the path you are taking. Her constant criticism of your choices and ideals may be getting on your nerves. As such, letting your emotions take over during one of those arguments could end up hurting her feelings. Try not to let your temper get the better of you as relationships are more important than defending your personal views.
Watching a boat with people sink Watching boats just off shore, biggest boat came in, got caught on rip, went under fast. When boat was brought up, all people were in the same position frozen in time, all dead. Witnessing a boat sink or capsize in a dream refers to a significant ending. A crisis could be looming which would cause the end of a personal or professional endeavor. The water and the rip tide alludes to inner turmoil. The whole matter may be an emotional one for you and your outbursts of anger or rage could influence the outcome of the situation. Maybe you are holding on to the past and refuse to go in the direction your life is heading. The vision may also be showing you that clinging to the past would put you at a standstill.
Fleeing the scene of a car accident I saw in my dream that I was driving a car, all over. Suddenly I hit a wall on my right, the wall squeezed the stairs, people couldn't go up or down. The owner started complaining that I have to repair her building, then I saw myself running to escape the scene although I was not worried. Dreaming of driving shows that you are in charge of your fortune, yet hitting the wall and fleeing the scene could be a reflection of your tendency to run away from responsibility. You may be the type who prefers not to be held accountable for the consequences of your actions. Furthermore, when the crash blocked people's access to the stairs, it could be a metaphor of the chaos you could cause out of careless decisions and reckless behavior. As an adult, you can no longer leave others to clean up your mess.
A plane circling above water and crashing I have had this dream a few times before, say four times total. Anyways, I'm in an airplane. A small one, for 30 people. It's flying in circles, there is reddish orange water below us. Getting closer. There are slight waves, the water is moving. I grab the last parachute. Jump, with a group of 4 people. We land on a small rock island. Watching the airplane crash into dirty, murky water. Everyone dies, most get eaten by crocodiles. I wake up after that. What does it mean? Thanks! Red is the color of passion and, in your case, could also be a reflection of your temperament. You are likely to be someone with no qualms about taking risks and going on adventures. Unfortunately, the plane crash could be an allusion to your penchant for setting high standards for yourself. Your constant need for stimulation and hunger for achievement may put not only yourself but your loved ones at risk. The crocodile could be a metaphor for your aggressive nature. You may be ignoring the needs and wants of others by forcing your own aspirations on them. Perhaps your subconscious is showing you the negative consequences of your hasty decision-making in order to encourage you to consider the input of others before making a decision.
Saving daughter-in-law from drowning Had a dream that my daughter in law drowned and I pulled her out from the bottom of water and the water was so clear! When I got out, she woke up! Dreaming about your daughter-in-law drowning has ominous connotations. It could symbolize your feelings of discontent with your current situation or the people around you. Perhaps this dissatisfaction has caused rifts between you and your loved ones. The fact that you saved your daughter-in-law represents your effort in rectifying those mistakes and trying to make amends in those damaged relationships. Make sure you focus on the positive aspects of the people around you to help you forget those feelings of negativity.
Falling in a ditch from a bicycle Dream about falling in a ditch hole with a bicycle where I am carrying two little children. A bicycle in a dream generally represents an aspect of your personality that is lively, energetic and youthful. It also symbolizes the yearning to achieve balance with work, leisure and personal obligations. As such, falling into a ditch while riding the bicycle likely reveals your inability to balance your responsibilities in the waking world. The hole, naturally, refers to difficulties and problems that would arise should you remain unable to set your priorities straight. The trouble is, your shortcomings do not only spell trouble for you, but could also impact others who depend on you.
Being hit by a roller coaster part I was standing on a moving part of a roller coaster. What I didn't know was that it was where a swinging part of the coaster was going to hit. It all started out fine. Then my friend told me to move. I couldn't move. I was flying in the air with this giant thing flying at me. Riding or standing on a roller coaster in your dream could mean that your existence has been unstable and erratic lately. The constant ups and downs are negatively affecting your sense of security, particularly the financial side. You may have a tendency to take risks without considering the consequences. As such, being sent flying through the air due to miscalculated moves reveals how everything could get seriously out of your control if you do not start taking stock of your situation and become more strategic with your decisions.
Planning to cause a car accident I purposely got into a car accident. I remember contemplating it for a few seconds, pressing on the gas and hitting this middle-aged man's car. Cars in dreams are often symbolic of our journey through life, and car accidents usually represent momentous events that cause a certain part of our lives to come to a sudden, jarring halt. In this way, your decision to cause the accident may suggest you are on a downward spiral that would culminate in either a literal or a figurative crash and burn situation. The fact that you contemplated your action first may mean there is still time to change the course of the future. If you wish to get through this trying time, you may need to seek help or advice from those older and wiser.
Falling into water while bicycling I was cycling down the road when the road ended and I fell into water where I had to swim to get out, then I woke up. Cycling or riding a bike in this dream represents your efforts to balance your personal and professional life. Hence, falling into the water portends emotional breakdown, possibly from sheer exhaustion. Fortunately, you still had the ability to swim and reach safety within the dream, which means that your current ventures, projects and other work-related responsibilities would be completed through determination and perseverance.
A helicopter burning in the sky I saw leaves enter into a small big beautiful circle formed in the sky and in the sky in cloud helicopter fully burnt without fire inside the sky, without flames, smoke but only voice of a man crying in burning. I can hear his crying and in that place where helicopter burned inside sky the leaves enter into that place. The burnt helicopter in your dream represents broken dreams. Failure and disappointment could be in your future. Perhaps you are reaching for goals beyond your grasp despite being ill-equipped to follow those lofty aspirations. Fortunately, the circle of leaves symbolizes hope in the face of adversity. It means that your personal journey would come full circle. After the crushing blow of failure, you would find opportunities for growth and obtain the prosperity you desire.
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