A child falling and ending up in a coma My boyfriend's daughter fell off a stage while in his care. And was then in hospital in a coma. A dream in which you witness a child falling, more specifically, somebody you know like your boyfriend's daughter, could have some negative connotations for people close to you. It portends the possibility of a colleague's or a friend's child falling ill to a sickness or an affliction in the near future. You may be able to be of some assistance or provide moral support during such trying times should you choose to.
A bus after an accident being locked up in a hangar A bus full of people tipped over, onlookers were silent and backed away. I was watching this with my 2 girls wondering if I should help. Then a door to the depot closed with the bus inside, a "Closed" sign was put up at the door. Witnessing a bus accident in your dream alludes to your sense of responsibility. The feeling that you are responsible for the well-being of the group inside the bus possibly represents existing concerns related to friends, family or colleagues. Maybe you are presently in charge of a project and have been experiencing the weight of your duties lately, which made this scenario manifest in the dream. Your hesitation and the bystanders around you reveals your reservations in fully committing to your role. However, deep inside you know that you need to step up for the greater good.
Drowning in a creek after an accident Wrecked into a flooded creek but escaped through a back window that happened to be open. I woke up gasping for air like I'd been drowning. Please help because for some reason it really scared me and I've not been able to forget it. Thank you. Bodies of water seen in dreams typically reveal your emotional state. The creek in your dream reflects the flow of your mental and spiritual energies. As such, trying to escape the flooded creek suggests emotional upheaval and spiritual exhaustion. Perhaps your faith is being shaken or certain moral issues are causing this turbulence within you. Escaping through a back window alludes to a new perspective or fresh outlook. To sort out your troubles, you may need to find an alternative path.
Being saved from a building on fire My ex-boyfriend saving me from a burning building. He was in the dream along with the guy I used to like. After getting out of the building, everyone was rushed to hospital with severe burn wounds and at the hospital doctors found out that I had cancer. What does it mean? Being saved from a burning building is an auspicious symbol associated with the idea of overcoming some difficulty or obstacle that stands in your way to success. Despite this positive connotation, being rushed to the hospital in the same dream suggests you have some fears, at least subconsciously, that something is not right or that something is about to go terribly wrong. Your instinct is likely spot on, as getting cancer in a dream vision is not a sign to be taken lightly. It means you may get some terrible illness, including cancer, which may be difficult to cure without early detection and aggressive intervention.
Falling out of a plane without the seat belt on In my dream I'm flying in a biplane with 2 or 3 seats. I don't know the pilot, but if there is a third seat, my husband is in it. I'm always in the second seat. My seat belt will not work, but the pilot rolls the plane anyway, so that it is upside down, and I fall out. This vision has a very clear interpretation, but should be regarded as a warning as well in regards to any future plans you could be making currently. Taking a flight by itself is an ominous sign which predicts failure and the misfortune that follows. The cause of this disappointing event can be seen in your broken seat belt, which suggests you are spreading yourself too thin. Because you cannot fully dedicate yourself to each of the goals you have set for yourself, you are likely to have great difficulty accomplishing any of them.
Attacked by a snake while at a water park I dreamed I was at an aquarium water park and I was riding a bike through it site-seeing and as I was approaching a glass bridge, a strange looking snake jumped out of the water and bit me on my upper right thigh. The bike you ride through the aquarium in this dream is a manifestation of your youthfulness, light heart and the predominance of your instincts over common sense, suggesting that you rely on irrational emotions to guide your everyday actions and decisions. The snake that jumps out of the water represents the people who know you well enough to take advantage of your kindness and compassion toward them. You may need to pay more attention to the way you act and be more careful with your generosity, as it could become a great disadvantage for your own life in the near future.
Scenes of drowning on a beach and on a ship My son was in the waves' edge at sea and he was under water but breathing first, but when I tried to save him, it was like he was stuck, so three attempts. Then I pulled him free, he coughed up water, but he was OK. Then a new dream, I was in a pool on a ship under decks and I was with someone, do not no who. We heard it crash, then we were trapped inside the ship sinking. I knew I was going to drown, I could see the water rising up past windows, then I woke up. These dreams happened one after another, what do they mean? The first vision, watching your son drown, can be given a fairly literal interpretation. It is likely that you, as his mother and caretaker, recognize, at least subconsciously, that something is not quite right with him. He may be developing some illness or having difficulty getting along with someone he knows. You were able to save him, so it is likely that you can set things straight and get him back to his normal self. The second vision is slightly more complicated. Being trapped in a sinking ship in the second vision represents your internal fears as a parent, the constant worrying about if you are making the right choices or if you are setting a good example. In truth, your lack of self-confidence is probably the main issue keeping you back from being the best parent you can be.
Slipping and falling on a mountain I have had this dream for YEARS and I have no idea what this means. I am climbing a mountain, but then my foot slips on a rock and I begin to fall. Then I jerk awake. This recurring dream of climbing a mountain and falling on the way represents a fork in the road for your career. Falling from the mountain slope could be interpreted as a strong possibility of finding a better occupation. Something that could make your life more fulfilling and enriching could be just around the corner if you just dare to look for it.
Son disappearing following a road accident I dreamt of my 3-year old son. He was hit by a truck in front of me. I ran to look, but there was nobody or blood, only his shoes. I cried so much. All I wanted was his body, so that I bury him a descent burial. I cried so much that I was calling the truck driver to give me my son's body. Accidents in dreams often represent mistakes or injury. The injury need not be physical, it could also be psychological in nature. Your son's involvement in the accident and his subsequent disappearance in the dream may be a reflection of your anxieties regarding your son's safety. Maybe you feel apprehensive in raising your son for fear of making mistakes and inadvertently putting him in harm's way.
People getting hurt in a fire during graduation My dream was about me walking to my college graduation. Then a fire appears around me in the arena. Yet, it doesn't hurt me, but hurt those who try to help me. I saw someone get burned and I run vowing revenge for an unknown reason. I saw someone holding a book and smiling evilly. Graduation symbolizes success and achievements. You may be close to achieving your goals and successfully entering a higher level in your aspirations. The fire that surrounds you, burning those who try to save or help you, refers to your inner fire and passion. The new phase in your personal journey may lead to an internal transformation arising from your drive and motivations. While these fiery characteristics may lead to your ultimate success, your loved ones could end up getting neglected or possibly hurt in your desire to chase your dreams. You may end up sacrificing them for the sake of your personal ambitions. The one holding the book could be that part of you willing to shove off anyone who gets in the way of your success. This vision cautions you against being blinded by worldly ambitions.
Hit by a transport truck Had a dream several years ago, the only thing I remember is looking up and the grill of a big transfer truck about to collide head on with me. There was no escaping it. I died. I knew I wouldn't survive, but that was it. I had it more than once. Death in dreams actually means the opposite in reality. Your own death points to a long and happy journey ahead. It also alludes to a transitional phase in your current life, either spiritual or personal growth. On the other hand, getting hit by a truck and dying in the process can also represent feelings of being overwhelmed by your workload. The scenario in this recurring dream could mean that you tend to take on more responsibility than you can handle. If you are unable to manage personal and professional commitments, you could end up running yourself to the ground.
A lover stuck in an elevator I pulled my lover out of an elevator. His arm was stuck while I was outside the elevator and he was inside. He pulled his arm back in and I got the elevator to open and when it opened, he was hanging upside down with only his head sticking from the ceiling. I pulled him out and laid him down with his head on my lap playing with his hair until he felt better. People who are stuck in elevators are normally thought to be on their way to participating in illegal or immoral activities. Because your lover's arm was still outside the elevator doors, it could suggest that you see the danger he is in and have some hope of saving him from his self-destructive behavior. This is supported by the image of you caring for him until he felt better at the end of the vision, a sign commonly associated with the idea of learning more about someone than you wanted. In this case, while you love him, your partner's susceptibility to bad or risky behavior may come as a shock.
A road accident caused by a trailer I dreamt we were in a personal car, me and my husband, suddenly we saw a trailer coming as we were about to join the highway, we feared about the trailer and my husband crossed the highway quickly to other side. And as he was trying to control the vehicle, there was a deep slope where our vehicle rolled several times. We managed to come out safely. Traveling in a car represents your journey in life. The recollection from the dream about your husband driving the vehicle means that you allow him to make most of the decisions, steering your family in the right direction in the process. The accident you experienced represents troubles and conflicts you go through together as partners. Surviving this car accident means that you would be able to overcome and resolve any confrontations or issues which may appear in the future to test your marriage and commitment.
Hitting a pedestrian with a car I'm driving and in the shoulder, facing toward me, is a car broken down. In front of the car, looking under the hood, is one of the greeters from Walmart. He is an elderly Asian man with a cane. Such a nice man. He always bows. Anyway, as I am approaching the car, he doesn't look and steps out into my lane. I, of course, hit him. Which is when I wake up horrified. Any ideas? The broken down car in your dream represents looming problems or upcoming bad news that would take you by surprise. The man in the dream may not be directly referring to the real-world version of him. Perhaps he is merely a representation of blue-collar workers or maybe familiar personalities in your day-to-day routines. Hitting this person with your car suggests past trespasses you have made against someone to push forward your personal agendas. It may have been done unwittingly or without due consideration of the consequences. Oftentimes we forget to think about the repercussions of our actions when we are motivated by self-interest. Nevertheless, you could be taken back to resolve this transgression.
Helpless while drowning on a water slide At the water park with sister and mother, there was a big new water slide, wanted to go on but decided to eat first. In a restaurant and my chair went up through this tunnel and appeared out front of the slide and then back, then it went down into this underwater filter thing, before it sealed, I yelled "Press the button!", a little bit of air space. I banged on the top and yelled "Press the button!" continuously, no one was helping me, it kept filling, I knew I was going to drown and not be saved, I felt anger and fear. Being at a water park in a dream vision is the manifestation of your decision not to take a side when it comes to two people in your life arguing or disagreeing. This decision, as seen in this image of a water park, suggests you have made a good choice to let them figure out this issue by themselves. However, being moved throughout the park (through a tunnel and under a filter), represents the trouble they may give you for making such decision, perhaps by ignoring you or making passive aggressive comments about your neutrality. This is also supported by the knowledge that you were about to drown, a symbol which points to the difficult position you could place yourself in. You can rest assured though that in the end your decision to not get involved is a wise one.
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