Looking for help after a snake attack I was with my daughter and a big fat long snake bit a male person we know as he was trying to catch it. I rang an ambulance, but it was taking a longtime to arrive, so l started driving around to find it... It finally arrived back at the same place where he was bitten. The snake was hiding upside down in a alley way full of vines with two other snakes, we left it there. He survived... Because you were not directly bitten by the snake in this vision, it seems that your dream is the manifestation of feelings and situations from your wake life. Snake bites are typically connected to the idea of jealousy, so seeing a snake bite someone you know may indicate watching others become envious. Perhaps you can even see the detrimental effect this strong desire has on different aspects of your life. This is a sign, then, that you should consider helping this person to see beyond their immediate wants to prevent something bad from happening.
Causing family members to fall while climbing a mountain In my dream me and my family were climbing up a mountain, we were tied together with a rope and we get to a place to stop and rest and there is a walkway. We start walking up to get to the top and when we start walking up I slip and grab the ledge of the cliff causing everyone else to fall and I couldn't hold on, my grip slipped and we fell down and it was never-ending for what seemed like eternity just falling then I wake up. Mountains and large hills normally point toward growth and prosperity in dream visions. However, falling down from the mountain strongly suggests that this is only an illusion. It means that you may think things are improving in your life, but in reality things are about to completely collapse around you. The situation may also involve your family and cause difficulties for them as well, given the fact they were "tied to you" in the vision. You may want to take a good hard look at the reality of your situation and try to make decisions based on facts rather than on wishful thinking.
Being in an elevator that is falling down I got on the elevator with other people and the elevator felt as if it started to drop uncontrollably. I fell to the floor and stayed on the bottom of the elevator when no one else on the elevator was tripping, but me. Seeing yourself trapped inside an elevator that is falling uncontrollably is a powerful sign that points to a decrease in the quality of your character and life. For reasons known only to you, troubles may start arising in the near future, and people close to you could start distancing themselves. You should try to be more careful with your words and the way you conduct yourself socially.
A plane with a lover inside about to crash I am a 22 year old girl. I saw a dream that my lover was coming from abroad to native land in a plane and I saw that plane above my house and when it was about to reach, there was some problem with it and it starts to jerk in air and it seems headed for an air crash. I looked at it a lot and I expect everyone to die with my lover along with that air crash. I see this dream from my early age. Seeing an airplane crash and burn before your eyes can have multiple meanings, but seems, in this case, to indicate the necessity of paying attention to your surroundings and taking care of your problems yourself. This implies that your natural tendency is to wait for others to step in and solve your problems for you. However, if you continue to rely on this approach, you may find things do not turn out the way you want.
Someone surviving a car accident Sitting at a stop light in right-hand lane. I was in the passenger seat. A car sped around all stopped cars and ran light. Another car on cross street hit the rear end of a car in front of it without braking. Very silent after crash. I thought the driver was dead, but he backed up and came toward my car. He hit another pole on the corner before he got to me. I could clearly see the driver's face. Felt he was going to die because of the incredible impact when he hit the other car. Car crashes are highly symbolic in dream visions and carry an ominous warning for the future. In essence, car crashes alone represent major occurrences in your life, usually ones that end badly for you. Watching other cars crash into each other suggest you see those around you acting in ways that could lead to self-destruction or at the very least cause issues later in their lives. Seeing the car come towards you and feeling the impact of the crash, however, takes this idea a step further, indicating you may be dragged down the same path through peer pressure or obligation if you are not careful.
A bride getting an electric shock before wedding I have seen attending someone's engagement ceremony and that person is getting ready for the function sitting in front of mirror and suddenly right behind her a short circuit happened. I am yelling at her to move out. But she is sitting right there wearing a white gown. And I woke up. Attending an engagement ceremony in your dream signifies the changing dynamics in your social circle. This could be a sign that someone near and dear is drifting away or showing signs of detachment. Trying to get the person out of harm's way is indicative of your suspicious nature. Maybe someone you know closely is entering a new venture or committing to something important to them and you think it is a bad idea. You may think that they are veering away from who they really are and this worries you.
An uncontrollable boat and being afraid of drowning I was on a beautiful boat with friends and family. Suddenly the boat evolved from the water and went out of control through the waterways avoiding smaller boats before it eventually crashed. No one was hurt I was worried not being able to swim if needed and asked my son to be sure he helped me out in case we were plunged in. We were not, the water was calm but the boat was ruined. A boat crashing or getting wrecked in a dream is a forewarning of bad times ahead. You could be headed into a tough period at work or even at home, as you were with friends and family in the dream. The water represents your emotional state and the boat is your way of navigating your emotions. As such, the ruined boat alludes to a tendency to let emotions get the better of you during stressful situations. You dream vision seems to convey the calm after the storm, that is, you may achieve emotional stability only after a huge emotional outburst. It is both a reminder and a warning of the consequences you could face if you let emotions overrule reason in times of trouble.
Being in a car accident and almost drowning I was driving with my husband and there was a construction hole with water in it. He drove into it and tried to steer us into a large pipe for air. The car was filling up, he said "It's ok, it's fresh salt water". The car filled up, I said to him "We gotta get out!" and I started struggling, but couldn't get out and then I woke up. Oh, and I was on the phone with my mom when it happened. Now I'm scared to go on my cruise. The car accident in your dream reflects deep-seated anxiety and fear from your waking life. Envisioning your husband behind the wheel represents his role as the person in charge and in control of important decisions. Perhaps you are placing your trust in him and allowing him to steer the course of your life. Driving into the construction hole and getting the car filling up with saltwater in the process suggest that no matter how much you plan ahead, there are always circumstances that are beyond your control. Saltwater symbolizes emotional upheavals. It is possible that mounting tensions due to anxiety in anticipation of your vacation could cause altercations or arguments resulting in hurt feelings.
Being trapped under water and trying to break through I was trapped under water and could only break through the surface when I broke the dock that was in front of me. And when I broke through the surface of the water I gasped for air really loud and woke up. Dreaming that you are struggling under water, trying to break through the surface and finally succeeding in doing so is a positive omen. It represents the strong possibility of getting a promotion at work or an enticing new job offer . This could, in turn, earn you the respect of your peers and the admiration of the people close to you.
A commercial and residential property on fire I dreamed that my former pizza shop was burning down, but not the whole building, the part or apartment where I lived was still standing. To dream that your place of business is burning down is actually an auspicious sign. This means that all your current plans or projects you have implemented will be very profitable and produce successful outcomes. For this to happen, a transformation or a new strategy may need to be put in place. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this vision reflects renewal and fresh ideas.
Driving off a cliff with children by accident and rescued I am a single mother of six with a recurring dream pattern of me driving off a cliff and drowning, but I recently had a similar dream but with a twist... I'm driving with my two daughters and I was fussing at the oldest and went over a cliff... I jumped out... The car went over and all I heard was screams... Then out of nowhere I don't know who they were, guys jumped in and rescued them. Driving off a cliff with your daughters in the car with you speaks of disagreements and possible discord between you and your children. It could be that you and one or all of them cannot find a compromise or reach an agreement in some serious matter which affects each of you. It is also possible that you always try to take control of the situation without letting them to make their input in decisions the outcomes of which would affect you all. Should you let emotions drive you to the edge, you could end up damaging your relationship with your children. This vision reminds you to remain understanding and magnanimous when your family matters are at stake.
No medical help after an accident with the son I had a dream that I was unable to get medical help for my 2-year old son after he broke his leg. It's not the first time I've had dreams like this, but the outcome is always the same in being unable to get medical help after he's had a bad accident. Accidents often refer to mistakes or injury. The injury need not be physical, it could also be psychological in nature. As such, the dream of a broken leg may be referring to your son's inability to stand up for himself or defend himself when the going gets tough. Perhaps the accident points to instances of bullying or his errors in judgment wherein you find yourself unable to help him overcome this setback. Maybe you feel helpless in your desire to make your son feel better after failures or disappointments. Or you could be feeling some guilt because of your inability to help.
Wind blowing away wedding invitations I dreamt of wind blowing away my 3 wedding lists and people were saying god knows why it happened. Dreaming that problems arise during your wedding or while preparing for someone else's wedding because of unforeseen circumstances represents a warning. You may soon encounter some problems caused by misunderstandings that could become difficult to handle. As long as you maintain a positive attitude and keep your wits about you should be able to overcome such issues in the end.
A friend getting killed in a car accident My best friend was in her car driving and a truck hit her in the rear so hard that her car compacted flat with her in it. She was flat as a pancake. If you dream that someone gets into an accident while sustaining injuries in the process, it alludes to unforeseen circumstances or the consequences of their actions they are about to go through. Despite the best efforts of your peers and loved ones to be in control of their lives, there are still unpredictable factors that can alter the course of their lives. Things that happen to them could likely affect you too and you may become affected in some way as well.
A child getting hit by a car My child and I were at a park playing and heading home. Her on her tricycle, me on a scooter. I fell and she got ahead of me. I turned the corner to find her hit by a car in the middle of the street and I could hear her screaming. The park symbolizes a place of renewal and readjustment. Perhaps playing in the park with your child in the dream is a manifestation of your desire to connect with her deeper. Both the tricycle and the scooter represent a carefree spirit and youthful attitude. In a way, you may envy her youth or maybe it is this free-spirited aspect of yourself that you have in common with her. The accident could be a projection of your fears for her well-being. You may be worried that her carefree ways could get her into trouble. Then again, the accident and her screams suggest a possible strain in your relationship. A re-connection and renewal of your bond may be necessary to ward off such fearful visions.
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