Driving into a river and losing documents I am driving and suddenly can not tell where the road is due to road construction and end up driving into a strong current river. I am holding onto my truck trying to pull it out. Finally the river takes my car and I crawl out of the river. Somehow, I have a cell phone and call my mom and tell her what happened. Explained that my purse with all my id's went with the car. While I am waiting I walk to try and figure out how I ended up in the river. Dreaming about off the road under construction could represent repeated and unsuccessful attempts to start a new relationship, or to make some particular relationship work because of the other person's resistance or stubbornness (represented in this dream as strong river current). However, eventually, your heart would be broken. You would be grieving and you would feel lost, stuck or alone.That is, the dream suggests that you could experience some major disappointment because of your inability to start or maintain a relationship with someone with whom you want to be. Losing your cell phone and ID's supports the notion that you would feel alone and confused. This would partly result from difficulties in discussing your relationship issues with others. It is possible that you would be the one responsible for such misdirection. Specifically, you may engage in reproachful or undignified acts. This behavior would have the consequence of increasing the distance between you and the other person.
Sister falling off the boat while on a boat trip Me and my family were away in a city, sort of rundown area, and we went on a boat trip, when my little sister fell over board, I saved her but I think she was injured by the boat, when we got to shore, my memory of the dream blacked out, and came back, but at that point I wasn't aware she had died or where she was? In general, having a dream when you see yourself on a boat trip with your family members could be an indication of upcoming changes. Some anticipated or unexpected event or circumstance would soon occur. As a consequence, you may have the need to look for new living arrangements or restructure your life. In particular, the visions of your sister falling out of a boat into the water could serve as a warning to be careful and watchful because your relationship with her could also be affected in a significant way. The end of this dream could be predicting a possibility of rejection, abandonment, loss or separation from each other.
Being on a sinking boat and saving others I'm at what seems like a field trip and I'm with friends from school. We're on this type of big boat. I move to the back of the boat. I see that the boat is about to sink, so I try to go and warn the adults, but then it was too late. The boat goes down underneath the water. I was able to swim to a dock right next to where we were and I was able to save some people from drowning. Trips or vacations on a boat represent going through some changes in your life, similar to the way a ship goes up and down with each passing wave. Dreaming that the boat you are on is sinking, however, indicates rising pressure, possibly from the friends you see in your vision, symbolizing that this change may be in regards to something at your school. Your friends may be asking you to do something you are not comfortable with or have no time or interest participating in. Being able to save yourself, and some others, predicts finding a way to successfully avoid whatever has been proposed, possibly to the relief of some others who were not strong enough to speak their mind in such a situation.
Protecting children from a falling accident I am at the bottom of some stairs outside an apartment building looking up at the second story where there were around ten or fifteen kids running around. So I walked up and two kids were climbing over the rail and before I can stop them they jumped over the rail. When I looked down, the older kid was OK, and the younger one was dead. I looked behind me and I saw my two kids standing there. I reached out to grab them to stop them for fear they would do the same thing but they just laughed and ran off. Dreaming about looking at or watching kids on top of the stairs from the bottom could symbolize your strong desire to have a better relationship with younger people, including your own kids. The images of kids jumping over the rail indicate that you may have attempted to get closer or initiate contact with them, but unsuccessfully. It could be that you and your children have different, if not opposing interests, or cannot find common things to talk about or do together. Or it could mean that they need more freedom and independence as they grow older, and you subconsciously begin to acknowledge and accept the fact.
A derailed train and nobody around Riding on a train and it crashes. I'm walking around. There is nobody else around. A girl finds me and we begin to walk together. Trains often represent your goals and dreams, particularly ones that you are very involved with right now. The image of this train derailing, however, suggests that a wrench is about to be thrown into your plans, preventing you from meeting some important deadlines or expectations other people may have in this regard. Being alone but then finding someone to walk with predicts meeting or working with someone who is able to put this project back on track. All you have to do is keep working hard and be open to the ideas others might want to share with you.
Saving son from drowning and feeling guilty about lack of care I dreamt my son wandered outside the police station where I was waiting to file a report of my purse being stolen. I searched everywhere screaming his name and then found him face down in a pond. I pulled him out after him being in there 15 minutes and gave him CPR. He woke up and was fine just wet. I was terrified I lost my only child and then after saving him worried my mom was going to tell me what a horrible mother I was. I wouldn't let him go after he woke up and suddenly I woke up. Although somewhat dark and disturbing, this dream about helping your son who was drowning signifies your protective and nurturing traits of character. It shows that you are in a good position right now and that you feel happy and content with what you have achieved in life, both for yourself and your family members. This vision can also indicate your capacity to be the first one to respond when someone is in need of help, advice or guidance. Based on the notion of guilty feelings you had expressed toward the end of this dream, this outstanding personal quality was passed down onto you from your parents.
Swallowing a burning coal My nephew swallowed a burning coal and we knew he was going to die. It felt horrific. Visions of a burning or glowing coal are associated with favorable changes, and becoming much better off emotionally and materially. Based on the dream vision you have had, though, it could indicate that you are anxious to help someone attain these positive things in their lives (not necessarily your nephew), but you subconsciously sense you or other family members are not doing enough to help them reach this state or level of happiness. It could especially be true when you are planning for the upcoming holidays, for example shopping for Christmas or trying to get everyone together for festivities and celebrations.
Children drowning without supervision All the children were left at daycare, the workers walked out. When I went back, the children had drowned in a pool. Seeing a daycare full of kids but under no supervision is an ominous sign representing the manifestation of fears or concerns from your wake life. This is also supported by the image of these same children drowning in a pool which symbolizes being overwhelmed by work and ongoing projects. In essence, you worry about the outcome of your multiple endeavors because there are so many of them and only one of you. It may be wise to focus your attention on a few tasks that are more likely to succeed than to try and do everything simultaneously.
Getting into an accident on the bike and walking away free I have seen that I am driving my bike very fast, but suddenly I got crashed by another bike, my bike is totally broken and the guy on another bike got a heavy injury, but I am safe. I got up and took my bike and gone from that place. Nobody stopped me for that accident. What is the meaning? Going very quickly on a bike represents your impatience or desire to quickly know the results of something important to you, like a test or competition. It also suggests that there are likely to be delays in getting the information you want, though not because of anything you have or have not done, meaning it is beyond your control. Being uninjured after the crash and fleeing from the scene of the accident both indicate avoiding confrontation unscathed. This may be related to the first symbol, which means there is probably someone else interested in the same information as you are. While you may not face any difficulties as a consequence, you may be inconvenienced by the extra time needed to get the answers you seek.
Someone getting his private parts injured In my dream I was standing on the dock and a guy says his propeller for his tender got caught in a net, he immediately jumps into the water. Next thing, we are with another girl and I saw blood coming from the side of the tender. The two strongest symbols in this vision are the dock on the water and the blood as a result of injury. Water is often associated with opportunity and new experiences, so the vision of a dock by itself could be interpreted as currently being on the verge of a new adventure or path waiting to be explored. Blood in the water, in this case, is also a positive image, representing your ability to get straight down to business and manage your affairs with great efficiency. Your hard work during this new journey ahead of you is likely to garner the admiration of those around you and may be financially rewarding as well.
Daughter injured by a fishing hook In a boat with a male and my daughter. She was asleep. A fishing hook hooked her just above her eye. She put her hand to it in her sleep and ended up pushing the hook deeper and getting it stuck in her hand as well. I grabbed her but couldn't stop her from getting it deeper. I was calling to the male (unknown who this was) to help. Symbolically, seeing or handling fishing hooks in your dreams could serve as an indication that you have been trying to introduce or welcome someone new into your life and, based on the parallel visions in this dream, it could be a new male friend or even a father figure for your daughter. However, she may be reluctant or strongly opposed to your efforts to make it happen. These visions altogether could also portend worsening relationship between you and your daughter if you choose to pursue these plans further.
Catching birds with a fishing rod and getting bitten by snakes I dreamed of holding a fishing rod and I swayed it at the rooftop. Then few brown and yellow colored birds came and I got 2 of the birds. The first one I removed, it was small, so I let it go, the 2nd was big, so I kept it. When I was about to leave, a green small snake from a shrub had bitten my back right arm, so I forcefully removed it, but without knowing there is another green small snake biting me. That's the time I woke up. I hope you could help me with the meaning of my dream. Thank you. Yellow birds signify good tidings. You may soon reap the rewards you deserve from all your efforts and hard work. Yellow birds likewise denote optimism, especially towards your profession. The prize will be commensurate to the amount of effort you expend. However, be careful of green snakes. Those creatures symbolize feelings of greed and arrogance, sometimes while being drunk with quick success. Keep an eye out for detractor and rivals who may be out to undermine your capabilities. Look within yourself as well, because snakes may also manifest personal corruption due to fear or envy. Stay grounded and humble amidst your achievements to prevent things which are unwanted and potentially damaging.
Getting into a motor bike accident and no one helping Was driving motor bike, next thing it stops while I was busy checking what was happening, then I hear my niece screaming hit by a car, then all of a sudden my daughter was holding my mom by her hand, then she screamed my niece's name, then when I turn, the same car hit my mom and my daughter. Then I ran to my daughter, picked her up, then cried for help, everyone was just staring at me with no help. A vision of a motor bike or motorcycle in a dream is often associated with freedom and adventure. As such, this dream may be telling you that in your desire to break free of or escape from some responsibilities, you may be overlooking problems within your family. The lack of help from others indicates that the resolution is your responsibility. In order to deal with your family's plight, you need to take charge of the situation and avoid being distracted by flights of fancy or temptations taking your time away from your loved ones. This vision is telling you to stay on course and prioritize your family over other preoccupations.
Water flooding a house which belongs to a stranger Some stranger's home flooded because of heavy rain and I am trying to save someone in the unknown house and sometimes I try to escape too. I am going downstairs and upstairs, but water is there everywhere and it is increasing with time. Water level is in between my ankle and knee around 1 foot. But water is coming from everywhere. A house in dreams often represents who you are or your current disposition. To see a house being flooded because of heavy rain is a warning of coming troubles and sorrows within your household. Perhaps you are becoming overwhelmed by your emotions and trying to find yourself or your inner balance in the process. Feelings of being trapped by the downpour could pertain to your tendency to close yourself off. Maybe it is high time to reflect and get to the root of your troubles.
A woman drowning but surviving A lady drowned, looked dead, was revived by somebody, then I saw smoke rising to show she was breathing again. Dreaming of a drowned person is an omen of a possible unpleasant event that is transpiring soon. You could bear witness to an accident or you could commit a grievous mistake that may affect someone negatively. An error in judgment, on your part or someone close to you, could get you in trouble. On a positive note, the mistake can be remedied and someone of authority or capability, possibly a friend, may help you out of your predicament.
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