A car accident caused by a bicyclist In my dream I am with my child and we almost collide with a guy on a bicycle which makes us fall onto the road and almost get hit by two passing cars, one is red about to hit us head on but goes around us and one is blue from behind which just passes us. I am lying in the middle of the road protecting my child with the feeling of passing out and thinking that was close. A dream wherein you have a close encounter with a stranger during a road accident portends a period of difficulties in your life. You may have to face a series of challenges. The colors of the cars you noticed in this dream are quite telling, pointing to the issues which could involve rage (the red car) and passivity or indifference (the blue car). At the same time, the notion of you trying to save your child is a manifestation of your protective feelings for the ones you love. Try and remain strong, your willpower and fortitude will help you overcome any misfortunes coming your way.
Wife losing face in a car accident I was in a car accident, couldn't get to my wife, the car caught fire, she was burning. When I got her out, her face was burnt, then it fell away and she was faceless. A car accident in dreams typically refers to destructive thoughts with a possibility of inflicting self-harm. In that context, the burning car could mean that your self-destructive habits or thoughtless ways may cause conflict in your family. You may even mess up your own standing because of your lack of foresight and self-control. Similarly, a burning person or a person on fire usually refers to suffering and destruction. This vision means that your mistakes could have adverse effects on your wife and family, so her faceless appearance at the end of the dream may refer to losing face. Your actions may bring shame and humiliation to your loved ones.
Hitting the ground and being injured Two dreams. Both about hanging on to something and falling. In the first dream I hit the ground and am hurt. In another, I'm able to save myself and get down safely, but a lady friend falls and is injured. When you dream about falling and hurting yourself, it could predict an onset of some bad things happening in your life, such as being abandoned by the people closest to you, suffering great losses or losing hope. The second dream of being able to save yourself could mean you have the courage and resources to escape this situation, but you could harbor concerns that your friend is going to go through the same ordeal and you are worried about her walking down the same path.
Elevated in the air because of lake waves Standing at a lake with my husband and a boat went by. The waves propelled me straight into the air in my chair, it was small like a small boat seat on a peg leg, and I kept going up and up and I only felt terrified and wanted desperately to find a way to survive the fall to the water. But all I kept doing was going higher and higher and higher. It was horrible. The situation you describe is akin to the feeling of dying in a shipwreck, since you experienced a life-threatening scenario involving a boat that could cause you to drown. This is, unfortunately, a rather negative symbol, which could mean you may find yourself facing an equally dangerous scenario in real life and maybe are on the verge of suffering some kind of misfortune which could be detrimental either to you personally or to those close to you. However, since you mentioned your husband being in the same dream, perhaps he is the person whom you should have to reach out for help when you feel any actual threats appearing in your real life.
A plane missing the airport I was on a plane preparing for landing. Suddenly, the plane started to go up as it was flying too low. The pilot somehow started to save the plane from hitting trees, still one wing hit the tree, nothing happened. I jumped off the plane and started running to avoid any explosion from the plane. Finally the plane landed in a small street. Everything was ok. I thought I can collect my bags from the airport as they will take it there. I was also thinking how will they take this plane to the airport. Your dream could mean that you are experiencing a rather difficult period related to work and are struggling to balance your career and family or social life. While you are working hard to achieve your goals, it could result in exhaustion which is dangerous to your physical health and social relations. This threat is symbolized by the plane almost crashing. However, the notion that the plane did not indeed crash in the end could mean that you would be able to re-prioritize your tasks and become much healthier and happier, capable of separating the important things in your life from those that are less critical.
Electrocuting a bartender in a pool I'm female. I was at an outside circular bar located inside a pool. Meaning the bartender was in the water also. I was moving around the bar when I accidentally knocked an electric griddle into the water near the bartender and he was electrocuted. I realize immediately the impact and scream for help, but others around the bar don't seem to realize what's happening until it's to late. The combination of electricity and water in dreams, especially with lethal outcomes such as the one you had caused to the bartender, is usually a manifestation of some episode of anger, mistreatment or humiliation you may have recently experienced in a social setting. These visions could be subconscious projections of your regrets about how you had acted or how different the situation would have been if you could go through it again. Alternatively, you may have witnessed similar scenarios taking place among others, as a side observer, and could now be feeling guilty for not being able to help and prevent them from happening when they occurred.
A girl being hit by a transport truck I dreamed about a girl being hit by a transport truck, I tried saving her by calling her, but the truck drives its way to her in a slow motion. I could see every detail on how she was being hit. Her head was crashed. She tried to run, but she wasn't able to make it. Dreaming about someone being killed in such a horrific way could mean that you suspect there is someone in your social circle going through a difficult time and you would like to help, but at the moment you feel powerless to do so. A transport truck is a massive vehicle with a lot of power, but it also has a driver who can be the cause of accidents on the road. This could mean there is someone whom you consider responsible for causing pain to a loved one, but you are not able to confront that person for reasons known to you.
A man causing a road accident I am a 24 year old female and I just woke up from a dream where I was driving on the highway talking to my mother-in-law and a man walked into the highway and later down he caused a Toyota Tacoma truck, maybe dark blue or dark grey, to roll over. There was blood everywhere. I pulled over and was screaming that I had to call 911 then I woke up terrified. Dreaming of being involved in or witnessing a car accident is usually a warning about experiencing a rough road ahead. There could be obstacles which you would need to overcome in order to achieve your professional or personal goals. In addition, the truck represents too many responsibilities and burdens in your daily existence. Perhaps you are taking on too may tasks which you are no longer able to handle. If you do not learn to seek help from others or prioritize your tasks, you may end up sabotaging your potential to the detriment of your mental and physical well-being.
Someone hitting a car A person hit my car twice. Watching someone hit your car twice in your dream vision suggests that you have an extreme obsession with someone from reality. To see your car being broken by someone means that bad news related to that influential person may come your way soon. In some cases, this could refer to the injury or death of someone you care about, but it is more commonly associated with being conned or taken advantage of by said individual.
Being in a hit-and-run I'm 16 from the UK and I don't have my license yet. I was driving my parents' car and I hit someone on a bike. They died and I ran away to this man's house who I tried to get a fake provisional from, I was going to try to make up a story. Someone knocked on the door and I ran up a very long winding flight of stairs. I then went to turn myself in and I woke up. The main theme of this dream is connected to your position as the driver of the car. This symbol, in a dream vision, is often associated with movement in your life. It can either refer to physical traveling or mental growth and development. In either case, hitting someone on a bike may mean there is some roadblock or impediment to your progress, potentially in the form of a relationship problem. Your initial reaction to tell a lie could suggest having a guilty conscious about your interactions with said individual, which may be the cause of your inability to get over the trouble. Running up the stairs at the end of the vision, however, is a positive symbol predicting a swift and happy conclusion to this minor setback.
A gas leak in the car I dreamt of a gas leak and I smelled it. I knew it will blow up, so I put it in the middle of the road. That road is my husband's hometown and I saw his Mother's name written then I saw his Mother's picture. Gas perceived in a dream is a symbol often associated with keeping the peace or maintaining stable relations, so envisioning a gas leak, especially to the extent that you smelled it, could be an indication that tensions are at a peak or may soon bubble over into something ugly. The source of your conflict may indeed be your mother-in-law, considering both her name and likeness appeared in your dream. You may have bumped heads with her in the past, and all the past conflict may soon become impossible to ignore. If you aim to keep things calm and peaceful, you may need to make a special effort to keep your cool in the face of rising emotions.
A decapitated body during bungee jumping I am a female. My dream began in NYC. I was with a good friend of mine who is like a maternal figure to me. We went to the Empire State Building, because my friend had heard that people were going to be jumping down on bungee cords from the center of the building. There was a cylinder cut through the middle of the building, so people could jump from top to bottom year round without going outdoors. There was a reputable company hooking people up in harnesses. My friend and I watched one person attach his harness, ascend to the top of the building, out of site. I climbed a few stairs to get a better look of the cylinder and to watch him jump down. Suddenly a lifeless and headless body landed by my feet. "He's decapitated! Someone call 911!" I screamed, and blacked out. When I came to, my friend was urging me to grab the headless man and take him to the hospital ourselves because the ambulance wasn't coming fast enough. In the time it took for me to come to, someone else had stitched his head poorly back on and he was a little conscious. She put the man in the back of her SUV, I sat in front and she drove furiously. We got to the hospital and I screamed that we needed a stretcher so a nurse calmly helped us bring him inside. He was taken into an ICU, so my friend and I waited in the waiting room. She was doing word puzzles and I was feeling sleepy so I laid my head on her shoulder and composed a note to her on a chalkboard in my mind that said "I thank my lucky stars that you're in my life." She got up to go to the bathroom or get some food so I worked on the word puzzles. I was surprised she hadn't finished one, because it seemed so easy. It required me to find the words "higher" and "end" in a block of text like a word search. When she came back I asked how the man had been decapitated. She said that the harness was so tight that it constricted his vessels. He threw up in the air and then his head popped clean off. I said that I was glad we hadn't tried to go jumping there. Note: I am a student who just returned to school for nursing. Skyscrapers, like the Empire State Building in your dream vision, usually refers to ambition. You likely have big dreams and big plans for your professional advancement which is why you went back to school. Pursuing your passions can sometimes push you to take a leap of faith and this is represented by the bungee jumping scenario which symbolizes taking risks and being resilient. You would have to face your fears and be placed in situations when you have to act fast using your stock knowledge. You would make mistakes, but the challenge is to bounce back and learn from those mistakes instead of giving up. Perhaps this also reveals your fears about messing up, especially in your chosen field of healthcare industry when you are placed in situations when your actions can either extend or further endanger a person's life. This fear is further illustrated by the headless or decapitated body. It signifies negative consequences of poor judgment. So while risk-taking can pay off, it can also backfire if you are too reckless or too hasty. As such, your subconscious may be telling you to take calculated risks, weigh the pros and cons before making crucial decisions. Your ability to make level-headed decisions under pressure could propel you to success. Finally, the presence of your good friend likely reveals your implicit trust in her. She may be short-sighted sometimes or you may have some disagreements, but at the end of the day whenever you need someone to lean on, she gives you the support and enables you to believe in yourself when the going gets tough. The part about the puzzles could indicate your different point of views and personalities. You may be the more ambitious one and she is the more cautious between the two of you. You balance each other out especially when one of you becomes irrational or is not thinking straight.
A car accident while driving diligently Today I woke up with a dream that I was driving on a freeway smoothly and easily within speed limit, and then suddenly realized the car in front of me was stopped. I put a hard break instantly and woke up. Whether I hit the car in front of me or not is unclear. From the time I woke up I am feeling scared. It's like everything going smoothly and then you have to stop a sudden. Please interpret for me. Driving in dreams often represents the path you are taking and how well you are navigating life's ups and downs. So driving safely and smoothly means you are on the right track, with little to no obstacles in your way. In addition, the freeway represents freedom or independence. It also suggests that you are on the fast track to reaching your goals and ambition, though your driving implies that you prefer a steady approach to achieving your aspirations. However, the stopped car in front of you presents a setback. It is possible that a loved one may stop or stall your momentum because of a personal crisis or an emergency. Maybe you need to extend a helping hand and set aside your personal ambitions for a while. There is also a likelihood that you would meet someone new who would cause a disturbance in your existence. It does not have to be a negative development, although it would certainly catch you off guard. Perhaps you would fall in love and your priorities would change.
A playhouse on fire A child's playhouse catches fire from my friend's blanket and is burning it down. I pulled a child off the top just before the slide to safety and the palms of her hands were burnt from the fire. I fought hard to put out the fire with the extinguisher but had trouble, eventually putting it out. My best friend's blanket he gave me was burnt to nothing as was my umbrella that was somehow there too. The fire was caused by a burning barrel several feet away that raged out of control. The playhouse in your dream refers to your inner child, innocence or your youth. Meanwhile, the child you saved represents an aspect of yourself that is child-like, such as curiosity and a carefree nature. When combined with the fire, those two dream symbols point to an inevitable and major shift in your way of life. Fire can mean transformation and passion, but it can also signify destruction. So it looks like in your quest to pursue your passions and chase after your dreams, a part of you has to be quashed or contained. In your case, it seems a happy-go-lucky attitude and perhaps some immaturity would have to be tempered, if not entirely extinguished, so you can have a fighting chance at achieving your goals. Finally, both the blanket and umbrella refer to security and comfort. You need to stop being dependent on others and get out of your comfort zone to be fully committed to the next chapter of your life which is filled with adult responsibilities. Your parents or sources of financial support could cut you off and you would be forced to learn how to support yourself.
Car window being smashed I had a dream someone was smashing my rear car window out!! I was in a car accident in 2014 and went through my rear window I don't know if it's related - the only thing in the dream state was revenge is what I was yelling. This vision seems to have more to do with how you perceive the influence of others in your day to day life rather than a reaction to past trauma. In the realm of dreams, cars tend to represent our lives and our personal spaces, so having your space violated by someone smashing in the windows could mean you perceive a threat to your person in reality. This could be interpreted as a warning from your subconscious to be wary of those around you. Some people may come into your life and try to subtly sabotage your work, while others would come in and obviously try to make your life more difficult. If you are just starting to deal with a new group of individuals, it may be best to exercise caution until you know their true intentions.
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