Finding a fashionable watch I found a lost Movado watch, but there was no owner. Dreaming about coming across or accidentally finding someone's watch, for example while walking on the street or inside your house after someone's visit, could serve as a hint of not being punctual. You could be the type of person who makes others wait for your arrival, which renders them very annoyed, if not angry.
Shopping for a handbag Dreaming about buying a handbag and there was a choice of two blue handbags and my friend suggested one, the smaller one, which I tried on and wanted to buy. Buying a bag in your dream can be interpreted as a sign of falling on financially hard times. The color blue gives this meaning even more ominous undertones given that blue clothing and accessories often suggest the signs you see in dreams are even more likely to affect your waking life. You may want to prioritize your more immediate needs over less relevant expenditures for the time being.
Son stealing a purse and being shot My hand bag was stolen through a window of my bedroom that was opened. I chased the thief down and he finally let go the bag. I recovered my bag with nothing stolen. And the thief was shot twice in the back. As I looked at the thief I realized it was my son. So I wept heavily. Your handbag represents your hopes, dreams and aspirations, so having it stolen in your dream indicates a failure to achieve your goals or more likely a feeling that you have been robbed of opportunities that could have elevated your status or pushed your career forward. The revelation that the thief is in fact your son alludes to a possible belief that your son is holding you back. On the other hand, you could also be worried that he is throwing away his future and straying from the path that you have set him on. There is a need to re-examine your relationship with your son in order to tackle issues that are holding one, or both of you back.
A purse with money stolen Several dreams of me leaving my purse or wallet in my house or on a table somewhere and going back to get it realizing that someone could have stolen it, only to realize money and credit cards have been stolen. I usually find someone who knows who did it or they only know what they look like. But wake up before it is returned. Losing a purse in a dream vision is usually interpreted as a negative sign predicting owing someone a debt but being unable to repay them when asked to. This could be related to money, such as loans or credit, which means you may not be able to fulfill your obligation to the lender, or this could be related to a favor someone performed for you that you feel unable to return for some reason. In either case, your difficulty apprehending the thief in your vision suggests this situation may persist for some time.
Keeping a silver ring inside a shoe I dreamed about seeing myself keeping a silver ring in my black full shoe when I was walking. Please help interpret that kind of dream. Thanks. Taken separately, the symbols cancel each other out. Black shoes signify good luck. Having black shoes on represents improvements in your life as well as the possibility of a venture which vastly enhances your personal satisfaction and happiness. On the other hand, the silver ring conveys a negative message. Owning a silver ring is indicative of sadness or depression that you are hiding from the people close to you in an effort to prevent adding to their problems. As a result, you are battling emotional issues on your own. Overall, your vision could reveal that behind the facade of success lies personal turmoil. Perhaps you are realizing that the downside of having wealth and power is the isolation from the people who love you.
Unwilling to sell a custom-made bag Recurring dream about the reluctant sale of a white pack. The bag was made for me custom. Backpacks can be interpreted as something that is weighing you down, such as emotional baggage or unwanted responsibilities. You could be carrying too much load and feel the need to let go of a few things or relationships, whether or not you are ready to do so. However, selling the whole custom-made white pack indicates more than just unburdening yourself of some stuff, but an entire lifestyle change. Perhaps you are now entering a new phase in your life and a new pack, so to speak, is needed for a smoother journey going forward.
A purse placed on the head by an older lady I had a dream that I was with my bbf and we were sitting down in a club where we're at and an older woman put her purse on my head and I took it off. It was laid on its side on my head for a few secs. I was so upset. A woman's purse, in the context of a dream vision, often represents mystery and intrigue. To see a purse placed on your head, then, could suggest that a problem has been nagging at the back of your mind, although you may not have had the time, energy or knowledge to realize what it is exactly. Knocking that bag over can then be interpreted to mean that, upon discovering the nature of this issue, anger or confusion may make it difficult to find a way to solve it. This is further seen in your own reaction to the lady and her purse.
Acquiring leather bags I was leaving a store holding two (2) leather bags. I chose them from among several bags, though I don't remember paying for them. I remember feeling good, because I knew they were really good leather bags. Coming into possession of leather bags during the course of a dream vision suggests you may find yourself in a desperate situation in the near future, such as being unable to meet basic necessities or being far behind on a task that could have grave consequences if left unfinished. However, recognizing these bags as being high quality could be the manifestation of your creative thinking and skills which could come in handy when you are under pressure.
Finding a lost ring and giving nice clothes away I dreamt that I'm in a wedding and found my lost ring. I immediately picked it up and wore it. Same night, I have also dreamt that I was giving my very nice, ironed and well folded white clothes (with yellow embroidered flowers on it) to my friend as she was wearing tight and unreasonable clothes. Finding a lost ring during a wedding ceremony alludes to the revival of a bond or a commitment. You may have been experiencing some doubts or trust issues in relation to someone you love, but this dream contains a promise of a positive resolution which is about to happen. This test of your commitment to the person in question is destined to pass without any complications. The other part of your dream, in which you give away well-kept white clothes, reveals your generosity, not only in tangible matters, but also in giving advice and in projecting good vibes. As your emotional and spiritual well-being becomes more stable, you are more likely able to extend even more help and kindness onto others.
Embroidery rose being lost and found Red embroidery rose about 2 cm square or radius, texture of the rose was sparse rather than dense, a cobweb of red strings, for a designer black dress. I must have been wearing it, but the rose came separately - which should have been sewn on the dress. I lost the rose while eating a meal with friends, but eventually found the rose, laundry lady kept it at the hotel? No idea. Black dresses are usually considered ominous symbols in dream visions, as they tend to represent receiving sad news, such as the passing of someone you love dearly or not succeeding in some task. Because red is associated with passion and strong emotions, this vision could also predict a large outburst or some strong response from you at the time you find out when something negative happens. However, the fact that the rose was separated from the dress could suggest a disconnect at the time of receiving the news, meaning you may not react at all until some time after you have learned the truth.
Receiving handbags for a birthday It was my birthday, I was turning 17. My boyfriend gave me three beautiful handbags, they were blue, purple and black. I wore these three bags everywhere I went. Receiving handbags as gifts from your boyfriend for any reason portends financial troubles. The color blue, in particular, gives this meaning even more ominous undertones given that blue clothing and accessories often suggest that the signs you see in dreams are even more likely to affect your waking life. Alternatively, the bags could symbolize the burden you think you may be carrying as a result of being in a relationship.
Looking for a bag in a dorm room In my dream, I left my bag in my room where I lived in university. I wear a large scrub with car key in the hand, waiting for my roommate to see a director. But nobody comes out, I went into the room, they slept and I searched for my bag. My friend pointed to me my bag and my shoes were on the table. I find them and wake up. Looking for a missing bag in a dream alludes to being lost and hopeless. You may be going through a period of boredom and depression in your waking life and could be in a situation where you have lost all interest in doing anything worthwhile and you do not find any meaning in things that were once important to you. Perhaps the shoes and bag represent your purpose in life and you are currently trying to find it. This extends, for example, to not just the search for work after studies, but a deeper need to find your true calling.
Handbags given by a preacher A preacher gave me two ladies' handbags, and I was so happy as I have been looking for a nice handbag, but could not afford. Coming into possession of handbags in a dream suggests looming difficulties, it portends that you may find yourself in a desperate situation, such as being overwhelmed by deadlines at work or becoming unable to afford basic necessities. Fortunately, realizing in the dream that these handbags were of good quality could be a manifestation of your wit and skills which would come in handy when you are under pressure.
Looking for a handbag I had a dream about searching for my handbag, but all in vain. Not being able to find your handbag in a dream is an ominous sign. It suggests you would soon be admonished or receive harsh treatment from people or institutions you are indebted to but have so far been unable to repay. Your current inability to clear these debts may cause you to be afraid that your creditors would take drastic actions against you. This unnerving thought could lead to stress and anxiety.
A bag stolen while driving I disembarked from a vehicle to urinate and the driver ran away with my bag. A stolen bag in dreams usually alludes to disappointments and failures in reality. Your hopes, dreams and aspirations may have not materialized for some reason or other, forcing you to face the harsh realities of life. Perhaps in the process of trying to clean up your act, someone would take advantage of your weakness. The good news is that this could be an opportunity for you to reflect on your actions, viewing them from a more rational and completely different angle, in order to find the meaning and reason for your existence.
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