Chaos in the sky and trying to save people I dreamt of seeing a fighter jet flying in loops and waywardly in the sky as if to warn people below that something was about to happen. Suddenly, I see the pilot eject himself from the plane, and then all sorts of planes, cars, tanks and other objects begin falling on the earth below. People wanted to hide inside buildings from the objects, but I didn't because I needed to see the direction the objects were falling to best avoid getting injured. I wasn't afraid because I kept a lot of people safe from harm. The image of the sky is a reflection of your mentality and inner works of the mind. Seeing chaos and objects falling from the sky could therefore be a reflection of some strong mechanistic influences in your everyday life, feeling uncomfortable around certain environments or settings, even inside your own home, or floundering about in extraordinary situations forced upon you. The anticipation of jet crash in this dream means that you need to keep a good eye and a good grasp on your current situation to overcome it successfully or simply live through it when you cannot do much else about it.
Planets colliding with Earth and running for life Planets started appearing in the sky and crashing to earth! They were huge but not life-size planets! I needed to get my children and drove to get them and they were little again, a workmate was with me and started to walk home but I told her I'd drive her. Then my car turned into a small toy car like on a cartoon! She jumped on the back and I drove her home where she got out and left to be with her family. Not knowing if any of us would survive, I drove home with the kids whom I couldn't see, but knew they were with me and several people showed up for salvation. This dream vision you had about planets appearing in the sky and then crashing into earth means that you are about to start having long periods of time filled with senseless and useless duties and responsibilities which would take a lot of time and effort to complete. Seeing objects turning small from what they usually look like in real life in this dream could also mean that you are willingly accepting these tasks or obligations because even though they may seem small, they are very important to you and, perhaps, your family.
Schools of fish in the sky I enjoyed watching schools of fishes in the sky. Varying sizes in each group. Every group has a specific color. The sky is blue and clear. Seeing fish of different colors and sizes in your dream means aggravation of disease or illness if you have such a condition in reality. If you are not affected by such physical conditions, it can mean conflicts, quarrels or periods of unrest starting to appear in your life. The image of the blue and clear sky and the fact that you liked watching the schools of fish floating by could also indicate that you are currently making multiple encounters with new people, who seem to be interesting and engaging to you. However, be careful while dealing with them because they may become the source of issues and problems for you down the road.
Interacting with moon and sun and being saved I had a dream in which I saw a sun. Someone was telling me that the sun touches the earth on that place, so I decided to see it. Me and my brother were going to see that place.. Suddenly we slipped from a snow mountain and a huge bright white moon came and we fall on that moon. Me and my brother were standing on it. Moon saved us.. and it returned on sky. And moon said to me that it had been long time to see such pretty eyes. What is meaning of this dream, can you please tell me? This dream vision you had about celestial bodies appearing in the sky and interacting with them means that you are about to start having long periods of time filled with senseless and useless duties and responsibilities which would take a lot of time and effort to complete. Dreaming about the moon in general, for instance observing its shape, brightness and motion patterns, symbolizes an invisible power or force which holds significant control over your life. It could be your parents whose principles and values you have followed throughout your entire life or someone of great authority to you. At the same time, the vision of talking to the moon and being complimented on your appearance, indicates your strong resolve and persistence which, combined with those who stand by you, would help you overcome anything appearing in your way, big or small.
Bouncing into the sky and falling on land I dreamt of jumping from land to sky, bouncing higher and higher. I was a little nervous, somewhat a mixed feeling. I was coming down due to the gravitational pull and fell, but it was a soft fall... I fell on my face, but it didn't hurt. Despite your lack of outright fear, this vision is actually a very ominous sign predicting misfortune and disgrace. Specifically, envisioning yourself going higher and higher into the sky is similar to the story of Icarus, meaning you may see some success in your work, but overconfidence and happiness at these small successes may blind you to areas of your work which require care and concentration. The results of your folly are likely to be disastrous, with your current projects doomed to failure or reassignment to other, more cautious individuals.
Sun coming out during night time It was night time and the moon was bright as ever, my siblings and I went out when suddenly the sun came up, upon seeing this my siblings and I run back inside only to meet my mum, who we told about what just happened outside, but when she came out the sun was hidden by this dark cloud, but eventually the sun came out of the cloud, and the stars started falling. The most significant part of this dream was that you saw the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time, or very quickly one after the other. This could predict that you are about to meet a romantic partner very soon. The sun and moon represent two halves of one whole in this case. The first part of your dream, just looking at the moon, also symbolizes that you could soon receive an invitation to go on a date with someone you would find very likable and interesting as a person.
Getting sensations from a falling star There are 7 stars called Sisters stars, in my dream they are so bright, and then one of the stars blasts and falls on earth. The dust of the star falls on whole of Earth, when I watch a falling star I pray and then when the dust of star is on the ground I touch it and get an electric shock. The Pleiades or Sister Stars are so named from Greek mythology's Seven Sisters: Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia, Taygeta, Celaeno, and Alcyone. This bright cluster of stars in dream interpretation is often associated with mourning and coping with sorrow. The falling star that spreads its dust on earth suggests a birth or a blessing. Your dream implies that a blessing follows death and destruction to create balance in the world. The electric shock indicates a spiritual connection to rebirth after undergoing a period of loss.
The moon colliding with the hotel window On Monday night I dreamt that I was booked at a hotel and I had a full moon outside my bedroom window. I was excited to have such a view, as you can imagine. As I was about to put my son to bed, I noticed that the weather had changed outside, as there was a huge wind which caused the moon to shake around. The wind blew so hard that the moon bumped on my window, but the window didn't break. When I peeped through the curtain again, the moon had drifted away from the window, what does this mean? The moon which seems to have blown straight into your window might suggest an upcoming conflict between you and your partner or inside your household in general. This unusual situation is likely brought about by a surprising, unexpected event, causing those involved to act on emotion rather than rational thought when they react. While they may be hurt or in a bad mood for some time, the fact that the moon moved away from the window (and presumably back to its original position) indicates this situation is unlikely to last long or cause any permanent damage.
Flying planes in the sky and shooting someone down I was in the middle of the sky and everywhere I looked all I seen was sky. Only me and another black man, he was operating an airplane and I was operating a helicopter. I shot down his airplane and my helicopter somehow left, and we were just floating around and he said to me all I wanna know is why and I pushed him back because I was afraid not just of him, but where we were at, it looked as if we were in the middle of the universe because all I could see was the sky all around. This high-altitude dream reveals your ambitious side. The helicopter represents lofty ideals and extravagance. Flying a helicopter and then shooting down the plane with a stranger inside indicates your drive to get to the next level no matter the cost, even if it means trampling someone else's dream. While this seems like a heartless thing to do, there are also hints of regret and uncertainty in your vision. For instance, after you attack the person's plane and he confronts you about it, you push him out of fear not just of what he can do, but also of the situation you find yourself in. In real life you may be scared of the consequences of your actions and what they reveal about who you are as a person. As you push yourself to attain greater heights, you are fearful of confronting your inner demons or realizing what kind of person you have become. This is not to say that this is already happening, perhaps this is a vision of things to come, or your conscience kicking in as opportunities present themselves to you.
Falling into space while flying a plane I fell out of a plane into space. Black space dotted with stars. Panicked about leaving my children. Awareness of not being able to correct this accident. Woke up. There are two interpretations to this dream, both positive and negative. The positive interpretation is that space could mean creativity and independent thinking. You are thinking out of the box, possibly even in work-related tasks or responsibilities. The negative aspect of this vision has to do with the more unsavory connotations of space, including detaching yourself from your loved ones and spacing out or being too preoccupied with daydreams and striving to outperform. Maybe you are getting consumed by the process of producing your outputs to the point when you lose touch with your family and your other responsibilities. Perhaps you need to balance your priorities and become more grounded.
Observing a strange lightning while at a party In my dream a few friends and family were hanging out for some event (we have been having a lot of kids bday parties lately, so it felt like one of those), and I kept noticing lightning in the clouds, but the lightning was traveling sideways, between the clouds, never down to the ground. I kept remarking how odd and beautiful it was and just wanted to stand and admire the show. Attending a party, especially a birthday party, in your dream suggests coming to terms with who you are as a person. Alternatively, you could also be self-conscious and afraid of getting old. The lightning in the sky, however, seems to be a good sign of upcoming happiness and prosperity. Try not to be complacent though, as the good tidings may not last for a long time afterwards. It may take a while before lightning strikes the ground or for blessings to come your way. Other sources of dream interpretation attribute the visions of lightning in a dream as some upcoming realizations, spiritual awakenings or intellectual transformations.
Moon growing in size and slowly losing gravity on earth Hi! I was wandering what is the meaning of dreaming the moon growing in size and it touches the roof of the house. Then I saw there my father who is dead long ago and my grandma. I saw my loved ones and we are holding tight as the gravity on earth is slowly vanishing and all around us is flying into space. Gravity, as its very characteristic suggests, denotes being grounded and humble. Your quality of being rooted is largely attributed to your family. Hence, the presence of deceased loved ones seems to suggest that you are missing them or longing for the comfort and security that they once provided. Without the pull of gravity and your family, you tend to wander and get lost in space. Perhaps there is a sense that you are losing your bearings and unsure about the direction or path your are taking. The growing moon is a symbol of femininity and even mystery. There may be a side to you that you are not aware of and it is slowly manifesting itself. This characteristic or hidden desire may be what is causing the confusion within you, it may be the reason why you feel you are losing your way. Introspection may be necessary to pin down the details and motivations behind the symbols in your vision.
Multiple moons and resulting cataclysms I was with my sister and when I looked up to the sky, I have seen a normal full moon, but on top there were two red moons that collided and became multiple full red moons. I would say about six of the red moons, but the normal moon was still there. Power went out everywhere but then it turned to daylight and the sun became so bright, everything started to melt. The full moon is a fairly auspicious sign associated with strong relationships and it suggests that you have gone through a period of growth with the people you rely on most. This is opposed to the images of the multiple red moons, which represent an upcoming, large-scale conflict, such as among family members or within your social circle, that could result in the end of one of your closest, most cherished relationships. In order to determine your course of action in this difficult, trying time, the symbol of the sun implores you to look at all the facts under the sun and make a careful decision based on the evidence before your eyes.
The moon on fire I saw the moon in the night sky moving from one side of the sky to the other. I saw it on fire, then blowing up. It would reappear again in another place. I was with my husband. I was also calling my son to come see. Traditionally, the moon is associated with the female figure, usually the mother, as well as intuition. In the context of your dream, the moon may be a representation of yourself. As such, seeing the moon set ablaze and blown up could point to your inner fire and passion. You may be at a point where you want to pursue certain dreams you have. This yearning to indulge in your passion may be making you restless. It would probably take you away from your family as you search for some sort of fulfillment for unmet needs. The distance may not necessarily be physical, it could be a form of mental and emotional detachment. Search within yourself whether the benefits outweigh the sacrifices that have to be made.
Clouds forming an arch in the sky I was walking and saw pure white clouds merging above my head and they made an arch of clouds above me, an arch like a rainbow of white clouds and I looked behind and in front of me, the arch of clouds extended to the ground in front of me and behind me, no one else was in the arch. I called my sister to see it, she was a meter away from me and she saw it. Clouds which multiply and merge throughout a dream vision, especially when they form strange shapes or depictions, represent an upcoming trip you are about to take or learn about. This could be a long-awaited vacation from work, a present for a special occasion, or a study-abroad experience which gives you a new perspective on the world around you. The fluffy, white clouds suggest that, whatever the occasion, you can learn many things during your travels and would enjoy this rare opportunity to the fullest.
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