What does the lion symbol mean? A lion has been dubbed as the “King of the Jungle”, so this regal animal is often associated with strength, leadership, and dignity. Lions appear in literature, myths, and legends. We see the lion symbol used in many different ways in the real world. Diving into the history of lion symbols is helpful if you want to know more about lions as dream symbols.

What does it mean to see a lion in dreams? Depending on the context, it usually means you are contending with something powerful. The lion could represent an authority figure or a daunting challenge. For other dreamers, the lion takes on a more metaphysical message. What is the spiritual meaning of lions? In various religions, a lion is the symbol of a Messiah or a Savior. Christianity, for example, sometimes uses a lion to symbolize Jesus.

It also matters to note the environment where you see a lion in your dream. You may have seen a lion in a forest or safari or at a circus. If you have gone on a safari and spotted the lion on this trip, it suggests a need to break free from whatever is constraining you and finding the courage to follow your passion.

The many iterations of a lion, portrayed in arts and culture, contribute many layers and subtleties to the symbolic meaning of a lion. For example, what is the meaning of the lion head? In Buddhism, a bust of a lion or a statue of a lion is believed to bring peace and prosperity. Meanwhile, the lion in tarot cards signifies worldly desires and passion.

Due to the powerful imagery of a lion, many famous icons have lions on them. Asian culture has adopted its own lion symbolism. Recognizable lion icons and references throughout history include Leo, The MGM Lion, Tsavo Maneaters, Nemean Lion, and The man-eater of Njombe. Other lion dream symbols are Christian the lion, Cecil, Bibi the Marsh Lion, Chauvet Cave lions, and Leo Constellation.

If you take note of the appearance of the lion in your dream, you will notice nuances which convey important meanings. A dream about different colors of lions, for instance, can mean different things. What does a white lion or white cub mean in the dream? These symbols, along with a lion cub or young baby lion, refer to your potential to lead. You need to acknowledge and harness the power within you. The lion’s color can vary, it could be a black lion or a green lion. While a red lion could be a warning about losing your temper, a golden lion alludes to greatness.

The gender of the lion is also worth noting. Male lion does not necessarily mean the opposite of a lioness female lion. Both indicate strength and dignity, but there are certain differences. What does dreaming of a lioness mean? This could allude to a maternal presence in your life or your tendency to be protective of vulnerable people in your life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a lion will let you know if the dream message is positive or negative. You can also get a good gauge about the symbol’s message based on the lion’s actions. You may ask yourself, what is the dream meaning of sleeping lion or lion eating in a dream? How to interpret lion fighting dream? What does dreaming about lions roaring mean? And what does it mean to dream about caged lions?

In those instances, it is helpful to remember how lions live, interact and hunt. For example, the dream meaning of being eaten whole by lion means you feel like a prey. Just like of a dream of a lion hunting in a dream could reveal feelings of helplessness with a powerful personality as your rival.

Another good barometer for interpreting this symbol is the lion’s behavior. You may dream of aggressive lions, like a lion hunting and chasing you, lion biting, or a lion attacking. A lion on attack symbolizes your need to dominate others. Of course, a lion is not always threatening. What does it mean to dream about lion protecting you? It means you have a formidable ally or your ability to defend yourself from your detractors.

What does it mean to dream of a lion crossing your path? How you interact with the lion will reveal your attitude and how you react to high-pressure situations. What does it mean if you built a friendship with a lion in the dream? Taming a lion or a friendly lion means you perform well under pressure. You are not easily intimidated, so you manage to thrive in high-stress occupations.

Other common dreams about your actions towards lions are about riding lions or to feed lions in the dream. In some cases, you might dream of fighting a lion or hunting lion. These dream scenarios could turn bloody where you kill a lion in a dream. Though this can be quite graphic, in reality, this means you have complete authority in your workplace. Perhaps your colleagues are even afraid of your ruthless attitude.

Conversely, the meaning of dying lion in the dream signifies a lack of drive and motivation. Failed projects or rejections could sap you of the will to keep chasing your dreams. Meanwhile, if you envision yourself eating a lion, it means you have resolved to be more assertive and decisive. If you have been attacked by a lion or chased by a lion in the dreamscape, then maybe you are easily intimidated by people in authority.

In some cases, the lion appears in whimsical and fantastical ways. Perhaps you turned into a lion in the course of your dream or you encountered a lion talking. These fantasy scenarios may be pulled from movies you have seen or something you have read, such as The Lion King. What does it mean to dream about flying lions? It means you find freedom and fulfillment in finding the courage to be your authentic self.



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