Movement is a part of life, whether in a literal or metaphorical sense. The high and low points of existence will often manifest in dreams, including dreaming of falling. It can be falling into a deep hole or from a great height. This article will explore the many answers to the question: What does it mean when you dream you are falling?

Common dreams of falling off or out of something are not surprising, but it can be more specific for some people. That is where the differences in dream interpretations can happen. But, tripping and falling: two most common dreams. When you dream of falling, the first thing to ask is “What was your dream about”?

The one thing dream interpreters agree on about falling-related dreams is that it is an indication of instability. The reasons why you are falling will vary for different individuals, so you need to learn how to understand your dream by consulting a dream book or ask dream interpreters about hidden meanings in dreams.

For example, how you fall in a dream matters for its interpretation. Remembering how you are falling in your dream will provide more insight about how this symbol relates to your current reality. Is the falling endless? Do you never land? You could also envision yourself tripping or losing your balance in a dream.

In some cases, there could be a violent force prior to falling. What if you dream of being pushed? Getting pushed in a dream usually means you are being forced into doing something you do not like. What if you fell because you lost your grip? Lost grip or slipping can often signal losing control of a situation. Meanwhile, holding on can signify futility or stubbornness on your part.

The most common dreams of falling usually involve losing balance or being on the edge of a balcony or cliff and falling. These types of falling dreams are intertwined with anxiety. For specific dream scenarios like somebody falling down a staircase and landing at the bottom or falling in water, the fall marks the moment when you lose control or feeling helpless. The moments after that will reveal your coping mechanism and how you react to moments of failure or uncertainty.

Not all dreams about falling are profound or inherently negative. Reasons for falling dreams will depend on your mental as well as physical state. Some possible interpretations of what a falling dream means can simply mean you’re just falling asleep or you’re feeling vulnerable in that particular moment.

During the hypnagogic state, or the period between wakefulness and sleep, your muscles relax and you might experience the hypnagogic jerk which refers to muscle spasms just before falling asleep or when you are waking up. These spasms could contribute to the feeling of falling. Some people will be stirred into wakefulness, while others will simply incorporate this sensation along with visuals into the dreamscape.

If the spasm becomes disruptive to your sleep cycle, some ways to stop falling sensations is to cut down on caffeine hours before bedtime or sipping some relaxing caffeine-free tea before bed. Removing stimulants before bedtime will contribute to a more relaxed dream state.

If the tension is more psychological rather than physical, the falling dreams can mean you’re having control issues or you feel lost or disconnected. Losing your job, breaking up with someone or fighting with your closest friend can bring out these heightened emotions which will contribute to this dream symbol. Fear of the unknown; insecure feelings about the future are also common associations to plunging or descending into the abyss.

Other typical dream meanings of falling are disintegration, loss, depression, and needing help. However, it is not always a negative thing. Sometimes, you can be falling in your dream because you feel relieved after breaking free from a toxic relationship or dead end job. In this case, falling can mean freedom. Once you hit solid ground, you can move confidently in any direction you please.

Falling can also represent anticipatory fear. Worrying about a project, an upcoming event or occasion can bring on this feeling similar to butterflies in your stomach. Falling out or off of something may likewise reveal a yearning to escape. People who feel suffocated, limited or confined in bad situations will be looking for a way out. Unfortunately, for some dreamers this may be a sign of self-destructive tendencies. Perhaps if you are feeling mentally unfit to tackle your problems, you could consult a professional or seek help from your friends and family.

An unexpected event in your waking life is another trigger for a falling dream. When it feels like you are thrust upon an unfamiliar environment or dealing with a new issue, the adjustment period will be akin to falling. You are trying out different things until you find your footing. And what if the fall never ends? Then perhaps you need to find other people who can help you. No man is an island, after all. Ultimately, the real meaning of your dream depends on you because no one knows your personal life experiences better than you.



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