Work is a central part of adult life, so it makes sense that we often dream about our job and symbols related to our work. Oftentimes work dreams reveal current struggles or sources of stress which may be unknown to you. Although, dreams about your job or work dreams aren’t always about work. Boring work dreams may simply be reminding you to get in tune with your dreams, take note of the symbols and understand the inner workings of your mind.

There are things you can do to manifest your dreams or use the power of your mind to attract blessings. You can write a journal before bed, take five minutes to reflect before you arise or ask your subconscious for help.

If you ever struggled to succeed, needed more money, or wanted increases of money, dreams about work could be telling you to stop dreaming, start doing. It could also predict getting a part time or second job.

What do work anxiety dreams mean? Most people who are being overworked or stressed about a job will more likely dream about negative work scenarios such as running late for a meeting or showing up for work naked. Showing up late for work or showing up unprepared for a big meeting is actually a sign that you are very prepared so your work is bleeding into the dream world due to stress. Rejoice, as all your hard work will pay off.

Relationships with colleagues is another common dream symbol about work. The meaning behind dreams about coworkers, specifically your real coworkers, will depend on the type of interaction. If it is a sex dream about a co-worker, it could mean that you are flirting with the idea of starting your own business or you are looking for a business partner. Meanwhile, dreaming of coworkers who do not actually exist means your current job is not fulfilling you mentally or financially, so you are looking for other venues to use up your excess energy.

You may also dream about being the boss. If you were a boss for someone or you are a boss in waking life, it could be a projection of your self-confidence. You are feeling powerful and motivated to tackle your personal goals. Having sex with your boss also indicates empowerment. In addition, if you hired someone during your dream as the boss of a company, this suggests the possibility of an investor or partner helping you through a rough time.

The time and context of dreams about workplaces and spaces are also important for dream interpretation. For example, being back at your first job or showing up to work at an old job can either mean you left unfinished work at your former job or you are committing the same mistakes in your current occupation.

If your office in the dream is unrecognizable, meaning it is an office you’ve never been to before, you are likely going to be in charge of a project which is not your strong suit. You will need to adapt and learn as you go. The same sentiment is true if you find yourself getting lost in your office on the way to the bathroom.

Office equipment and objects can also hold significant meaning for dreamers. Dreams about office supplies like computers, desks, and desk chairs can reveal your driven nature and perfectionism.

Too much stress could lead to workplace nightmares. Typical nightmare dream scenarios involve getting fired or laid off from your job or dreams about HR violations. Perhaps you are starting a new job, taking on a bigger responsibility or facing an ethical issue and your subconscious is reminding you of the value of taking advantage of work rules or procedures.

Dissatisfaction can also trigger job-related dreams. If in your job currently, you find a better opportunity, you may envision yourself in a different workplace or different role. If you wished for a different career or needed a job, dreams about job searching or looking for a new job will be more common.

If you are feeling up for a new challenge or thinking about pursuing a romantic prospect, you might dream that you have gotten a new job or interviewed for a job. You are going to make a move and your mind is preparing you for this big step.

Similarly, if you ever aspired to be something great but you feel unprepared or you lack the skills to make your dreams come true, you may dream that you went back to school. This is your subconscious telling you to keep learning because that is the only way you can grow personally and professionally.

Remember that the feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a job will reveal any unresolved issues or problems you are not confronting. So, if you are feeling guilty about your own work production, then you could be wasting your potential and the dream is a wake up call to stop procrastinating and pursue your passions.



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