Your choice of clothes is an extension of your personality. Clothing says so much about who you are and the same is true in your dreams. Dream symbols actually carry even more meaning when processed by your subconscious. This is why dreaming of buying clothes or changing clothes are commonly asked dreams about clothes - interpretation and meaning.

A common clothing-related dream is to put clothes on or to have taken clothes off. The first one is about being ready to face the world, while the latter is about letting things go. In both cases, clothes represent your armor and a layer of protection from vulnerability. This symbolism can likewise be seen if you are dreaming of trying on new clothes or dreaming of wearing new clothes.

In contrast, to have been without clothes or being naked in the dreamscape reveals insecurities and instability in your life, especially in Muslim dream interpretation. The same goes for dreaming of underwear which can be a symbol of weakness or perhaps a reference to a lack of inhibition manifesting subconsciously (think of Carl Jung shadow work references).

Dreaming of clothes hanging on a hanger means you are ready for any challenge the world may throw your way. Additionally, dreaming of clothes in the closet means you are gearing up for battle. Perhaps you are finally ready to reveal your true self to the world and you are preparing yourself for all kinds of reception to your revelation.

Sometimes, the clothes you wear may let you blend in or stand out like being dressed inappropriately. They also highlight certain personality traits. If you are wearing formal clothes in your dream, for example, it means you have a tendency to be inflexible. Dreaming of wearing clothes inappropriate for the occasion, like the wrong kind of clothes to an event or wearing different clothes from others, means there is a big change happening in your life.

Dreaming of wearing clothes of the opposite sex means you are probably reconciling your masculine and feminine traits, while having worn strange and unusual clothes reveals creativity and thinking out of the box. On the other hand, to be dressed as a specific career choice, uniform or costume, like a clown outfit, means you are very conscious about other people’s perception of you.

There are clothes of different make and variety. If you dream of being surrounded by clothes or attacked by clothes, it means you live a very colorful and exciting life with lots of ups and downs. This is a symbol for people with lots of friends or a person who is a social butterfly. Dreaming of wearing clothes which don’t fit, whether they are loose clothes or tight clothes, is a metaphor for bad choices, either in relationships or career choice.

Since clothes are associated with self-image, the state of clothes in dreams often represents the person’s state of mind. Dreaming of wearing torn or filthy clothes means there is a trickster in your life and this could be your significant other, especially if you are dreaming of washing clothes. You are likely in a bad relationship, being deceived, or maybe that you are trying to uncover the truth.

In terms of clothing color, it may surprise you to know that wearing black clothes means difficulties and wearing white clothes symbolizes grief. White is often used to represent goodness and purity, but it also holds negative connotations in dreams. Of course, dream interpretation also depends on the person wearing the clothes and other symbols present in a particular dream scenario.

It is also important to note specific items of clothes in your dreams, such as wearing a blouse or a skirt, a tie, pants, or socks. Dreaming of a dress, or skirt, refers to a positive self-esteem, while dreaming of baby clothes reveals your child-like qualities which may come out due to an exciting opportunity. Meanwhile, dreaming of wearing an overcoat indicates stubbornness.

Any feeling that you may have encountered during a dream of clothes can change the polarity of a dream symbol. For example, if your outfit matched your emotions then the implication of the clothing generally remains the same.

Feelings can also amplify the dream analysis. To be worried about clothes underscores feelings of ineptitude, while being proud of your clothing choices implies confidence and a strong sense of self. Anytime you felt proud of your clothing choices in your dream means you are on the right track. Finally, if you did not feel overwhelmed by your clothing, it means you do not feel pressured or challenged by public opinion and probably live a well-balanced and self-sufficient life.



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