In our daily lives, fishes find their way in conversations both in literal and figurative terms. The same thing happens in dreams. A fish can appear in different scenarios as distinct symbols, which means fish dream meaning can be diverse and what it means to dream about a fish can range from positive to negative interpretations. Common symbol meanings for fish include abundance and fertility. So, fish in general is an auspicious dream symbol. Dreams about fish also relate to duality, spiritual connection, change and transformation.

When seen in their natural environment, some common symbolic meanings we can associate with fish include cleanliness, flow and movement. The fluid movement of fish can also be a metaphor for sexuality or femininity. For a deeper dream analysis, you need to account for cultural and historic influences on the meaning of a fish symbol. For example, Native Americans believe in fish as a spirit animal.

Let us delve deeper into common dreams about fish and what they mean to give you a general idea about this popular dream symbol. If you dream of fish swimming, it refers to fulfillment and joy, but to dream of a school of fish suggests brewing troubles. Meanwhile,a dream of fish jumping out of water suggests success. Whereas if you dream of fish eggs, then you still have a chance to correct mistakes.

Be detailed and specific with questions to ask to help you interpret the meaning of your fish dream. A dream journal next to your bed will help you recall specific symbols. Ask yourself: What was the size of the fish? What kind of fish was present in my dream? What is the color of the fish?

The state of the fish, appearance and other characteristics will result in a richer and more personalized dream interpretation. If you dream of dead fish, then expect to be disappointed. Similarly, dreaming of a large, threatening fish can symbolize a huge problem that is draining your time and energy. You can also dream of specific fish variety or species. Some people associate dreaming of dolphins with fish dreams even though it is a mammal.

Recalling the environment or context of your fish dream will help you understand your subconscious more fully. You could be dreaming of fish in an aquarium or in the open sea. The quality of the water can provide further insight to the dream. For instance, dreaming of fish in clear water signifies happiness and contentment, while a dream of fish in murky or muddy water suggests sexual compatibility with your current partner.

Most dreamers have specific interactions with fish. Dreaming of fishing is a common dream scenario along with a dream of catching a fish and eating fish. All of these symbols are auspicious and convey good tidings. It is also common to dream that a big fish is trying to eat you if you are feeling overwhelmed. In contrast, motivated and driven individuals are more likely dreaming of swimming with fish, or riding with fish to symbolize their ability to thrive under pressure or stressful situations. Creatives will more likely manifest whimsical scenarios like dreaming of someone or something turning into a fish. This could mean finding inspiration in the most unlikely places or making the most of the resources available to you.

In some cases, fish dreams may allude to fish-related expressions. Knowledge of these sayings and idioms will help you understand seemingly strange scenarios in your dream. Phrases like teach a man to fish, fishing for something, shooting fish in a barrel or big fish in a small pond may be spoken or referenced in abstract images as a subtle message within a dream. So, if you see a vast sea of different fishes, your subconscious could be telling you that there are plenty of fish in the sea. This is especially true if you are single or have recently broken up with someone.

Dreams are rarely straightforward, so strange imagery can be decoded as slang or colloquialism like fish tales or that someone you know seems fishy or that there are bigger fish to fry. So when decoding fish dreams, remember that there are bigger fish in a barrel.



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