Dream interpretation and analysis of dream meanings offered by various sources (folklore and mysticism literature, psychology studies and essays, online services and reference materials) have always been a subject of a great interest by individuals trying to figure out how and to what extent a particular dreaming experience can affect their everyday life and their relationships with people important to them. This interest is amplified even more when people experience dream visions about death-related events. Many dream interpreters and dream analysis practitioners have already provided voluminous and detailed explanations of visions containing symbols of death or dying in dreams under a number of different circumstances. We would like to use a slightly different approach and "objectify" these dreams by providing seven common symbolic visions which are interpreted as portending fast-approaching and imminent death to the dreamer who happened to experience these dreams.

  • Agony with convulsions or violent contractions after being fatally wounded or injured. The vision of agony is described by dream interpretation literature as a bad omen you may be standing on death's doorstep.
  • Being inside an airplane when it is going down while dreaming is referred to as an indication of lurking suicidal thoughts or possible suicidal tendencies, but is also interpreted as a possibility that your subconsciousness may be harboring thoughts of committing an act of homicide.
  • A tree falling on the ground right in front of you, either when it was cut by someone or because of some natural events, for example a lightning or a hurricane, is considered to be an omen of death for the person who experienced this vision. As another example, seeing a tree with branches dying and falling off signifies focusing on thoughts about death or pessimistic attitude related to things happening in life, most likely stemming from feelings of depression and isolation from the rest of society.
  • Traveling to a remote unfamiliar area in a dream for individuals who may be afflicted with a serious illness or health condition is viewed by many dream interpretation sources as a sign of untimely departure from this world.
  • Eating food from unknown sources, food that looks unfamiliar or when the dreamer is aware that it might be poisoned or poisonous but consumes it, can also carry a connotation of passing away, some interpretation sources attribute similar meaning to dreams containing visions of sharing food with people who are already deceased.
  • A person who dreams about drawing or painting an icon (a painting on a wood surface depicting sacred symbols of religion) is also deemed to be facing fast-approaching death, according to some folklore-based dream interpretation reference sources.
  • Finally, having a dream about being lured by a dead person to follow him or her somewhere after agreeing to accompany this person is referred to as a bad sign of imminent danger or serious health issue looming ahead, and, as a result, passing away for the dreamer.

Dreams about death and dying can be interpreted differently by different sources, these interpretations can be characterized as having positive or negative meanings delivered to those who are interested in what their dreams may be telling them. We will leave the reader of this article with a positive and somewhat uplifting notion by citing what many dream interpretation reference sources agree on: dreaming of your own death is often suggestive of a transitional phase in life, upcoming changes affecting you personality, time for spiritual growth and revival.



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